Saturday, March 31, 2018

Slideshow: Winter 2018

This is a bit later than usual:

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Be a Happy Cross-Dresser

Here are five tips toward that goal:

1 – Accept it

This is who you are. Regardless of what anyone else might think, there is nothing wrong with wanting to dress/look like a woman. You are not a freak. You are 100% the standard, normal, wonky human being that everyone else is. There is nothing wrong with you. I’ve never heard of anyone whose urges to dress dried up completely. Trying to bury or ignore a fundamental part of your personality will only lead to depression and darkness. It took me a while to accept myself, but if I can do it, so can you :)

3 – Don’t obsess about passing

Some girls will always be prettier than you. You might be thinking “But Liz, you’re so pretty!” – and that may or may not be true, but I still have severe issues with how I look, and will always look at other girls and think to myself “I wish I was as pretty as her”. I’m pretty certain I don’t pass in real life, but you know what – that’s ok. I’m taller than most girls when I’m wearing flats, and I almost always wear high heels, which puts me way above the norm. I have somewhat wide shoulders and an indelicate jaw, and I don’t even try doing a feminine voice. But, as it turns out, most people will either not notice at all, or glance over curiously for a moment or two before they get back to their own lives.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dani at the Sissy Ball

Part  Three: Competition
As they walked away from the bar,  a familiar voice called from behind. “Lola, is that you?”

Lola and Dani turned to see their old friend Vera Demanden. “Vera, darling,” Lola said. “I had no idea you would be here as well! How are you?”

“Just fine, Lola…and I see you have Dani in fine form as well. I didn’t know you were coming to the states, let alone to this very city!” Vera exclaimed.

“When Dani told me about the Sissy Ball, I couldn’t miss the chance to show her off this way!” Lola answered. “But where is your pretty Petal?”

“My sissy nephew is busy getting ready for the talent competition,” Vera said. “She must look her frilliest and prissiest for that,” Vera said.

“There’s a talent competition?” Lola asked. She turned to Dani. “Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“Oh, Mistress,” Dani replied. “I have no special talent to display so I didn’t think it would matter!”

“Let me be the judge of that, Dani…now, I think you should go over there and consider your mistake,” she pointed to a couch in a recessed part of the ballroom. “Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yes, Mistress…nice…nice…nice…nice…nice…nice…nice….” And Dani went to sit, repeating her induction phrase. By the time she reached the couch, she was deep in trance.

“Well, now that Dani is…distracted…let’s continue our conversation, Vera, dear,” Lola said. “What sort of talents are the sissies expected to display?”

“Oh, all sorts, darling!” Vera answered. “Some quite normal like singing and dancing…others somewhat unusual—generally of the sexual sort, I’d say. Surely there’s something you’ve done with Dani in trance that would be appropriate?”

Lola thought for a moment. “Actually, there is! But what is your precious Petal going to be doing?”

“I’d prefer that to be a surprise…it’s certainly going to be a surprise for Petal!” Vera said, laughing. 
“Well, I had better go make sure she’s ready. The competition begins in half-an-hour. If you want Dani to be part of it, you better get her signed up and ready.”

“Thank you, Vera. I’ll see you later.” With that, Vera headed off to find her feminized nephew, while Lola went to sit with her entranced sissy. “Dani, you are nice and deep, so compliant, so docile, ready to obey….”

“Yes, Mistress,” Dani replied in monotone. “Obedience is pleasure….”

“Yes, it is, dear….now, do you remember what happens when I say Svengali says sing? Don’t do it now, just tell me if you remember….”

“Yes, Mistress…I sing my special song…in my most feminine voice,” Dani answered.

“Yes, exactly. Now, we’re going to enter you in the talent competition…and you are going to sing your song…but there will be a special ending to it,” Lola informed her. “Listen carefully….” And Lola outlined the special ending to the song.

Thirty minutes later, the talent competition was in full swing. Several of the sissies performed quite erotic strip teases, others sang songs with teasing lyrics. A few even demonstrated their talented mouths and tongues. Petal and Dani were the last two.

Petal was dressed in a lovely, lacy, frilly dress that ended inches above her knees. Her hair was done in curls, with a bow on top. She curtseyed, then began her act—which consisted of inviting another sissy to the stage and bringing the poor thing to orgasm without touching her sissy-cock. Petal merely teased the little pansy with her mouth, with deep kisses , and her hands roaming all over her partner’s body. When the “volunteer” finally shuddered in climax (it took all of five minutes!), the crowd roared with approval.

Now, it was Dani’s turn. She took the stage in her tiny, shiny dress, and curtseyed. Then, from the audience, Mistress Lola called, “Svengali says sing!

Dani began to sing in her breathy, Marilyn-like voice:

“When I have a brand new hairdo
With my eyelashes all in curls
I float as the clouds on air do
I enjoy being a girl

“When Mistress says I'm cute and funny
And my teeth aren't teeth but pearls
I just lap it up like honey
I enjoy being a girl

“When I hear a complementary whistle
That greets every move people see
I turn and I glower and I gristle
But I'm happy to know the whistle’s meant for me

“I'm strictly a male turned female
And my future I hope will be
In the home of a dominant female
who'll enjoy having a guy, being a girl like me!”

The crowd began to applaud, but the act wasn’t over yet. Mistress Lola spoke again: “Squirt, Sissy, Squirt!” And Dani’s sissy-cock visibly stiffened and spurted its cream.

Now, the crowd again roared its approval and the mistress of ceremonies came forward to announce that Petal had taken second place and Dani first place! Lola vowed they would return next year with an even more astonishing performance…perhaps as a duo!


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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Men We'd Love to See Feminized

Returning to this series after all those lovely outfits, Jim Phelps wasn't the disguise expert in the IMF...but what if he had been?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Poll Results: Dani's Best Look--Round 2, Week 11

Last week's entry rated 2.6 in the survey.

Here's this week's entry:

The shiny striped blouse is by Gitano found in a thrift shop in March 2014; the blue pencil skirt with buttons is by Appraisal Plus, bought at K & G in September 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Loveit" black patent pumps from Payless in May 2011. Other accessories are a blue bow and silver jewelry; I decided to go bare-legged.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

March Dressing 12--Androgyny?

This reminds me of my old friend Bobbi, one of the most successful crossdressers I've ever known personally. (You can read about how I met her here.) As I noted in that posting, Bobbi would sometimes do full makeup and wig...and then don a traditional Navy uniform, what sailors sometimes call a "cracker-jacks," after the outfit worn by the iconic character on the snack box.

This jumpsuit isn't exactly a sailor suit, and I haven't got the figure Bobbi did, but it's decidedly androgynous in some ways:

The navy jumpsuit is by Spense Woman, bought at Ross in June 2016; the shoes are A New Day "Cady" stiletto sock booties from Target in January 2018. Other accessories are a white bow, scarf, red jewelry, and a white belt.

A couple of nice portraits...and ending this run of outfits by blowing a kiss to you all:

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

On Your Knees for March

Sorry it took so long to post this one; I got caught up in posting all those pretty outfits I wore! This one is unusual, as Gwen provided a drawing instead of her usual photo.

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

March Dressing 11--Red and Blue

Bright colors say "spring," right?

The red blouse is by Lee Rider, bought at Kmart in September 2017; the blue pencil skirt is by UK2LA, bought at Annie Sez in February 2015; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Manic" blue pumps from Payless in February 2015. Other accessories are a red rosette, blue jewelry, and natural hose.

And portraits:

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Tips for Beginners

I'm going to quote from just the prologue to this site, because the advice given after that is very good and deserves to be read in full:

So, you are a male who is very attracted to the idea of dressing as a woman. Their clothes, shoes, and hairstyles play a siren’s song at you as you go through your daily routine. “Wear me” they seem to say. Why we get these feelings is a mystery. Research into why men want to crossdress isn’t high on the list of things the human race wants to figure out so we just do what we do. We can take comfort that the urge to emulate women has been around for centuries. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Oog the caveman was caught by his mate wearing her spare leopard skin loincloth.

The important thing about crossdressing is to achieve a balance in your life that gives you time and the freedom to crossdress when you need to while letting you take care of the things you must handle in male mode. Give yourself permission to be who you are. If that’s a heterosexual crossdresser who needs to “dress up” on a regular schedule then go on and do it. If you don’t you will be miserable. Suppressing your feminine urges are likely to make you an unpleasant person.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

March Dressing 10: Stripes, Leather and Legs

Having finished the outfits I had picked out for the winter season, we can now start spring...although the weather around here wouldn't make you think so....

The blue striped blouse is by Lineage, bought at K & G in September 2013; the black faux leather skirt is from Target's Xhilaration line in October 2013; the shoes are Isaac Mizrahi black mary-janes from Target in November 2007 (my oldest pair of heels!). Other accessories are a blue bow, silver jewelry, silver belt, and natural hose.

A couple of nice portraits:

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March Dressing 9--Sexy Secretary #3

This time she's in a classic office wear look....

The black pin-stripe twofer is by Worthington, a thrift shop find in January 2012; the black pencil skirt is from Fashion Bug in February 2011; the shoes are Fioni "Loveit" black patent pumps from Payless in May 2011. Other accessories are a shiny bow, silver jewelry, silver belt, and black hose.

And after a quizzical look over her glasses, the sexy secretary blows you a kiss good-bye!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

March Dressing 8--Sexy Secretary #2

This time, she's letting her curves tell the story...

The striped sweater dress is by Appraisal Woman, bought at K&G in September 2015; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Shanghai" neutral peep-toe pumps from Payless in April 2011. Other accessories are a striped bow, red jewelry,
and natural hose.

More nice portraits:

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Monday, March 19, 2018

March Dressing 7--Sexy Secretary #1

I absolutely love the way this set came out--everything works!

The red cowlneck sweater is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in March 2013; the red skirt is from Kohl's Simply Vera Wang line in April 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are a red bow, gold jewelry, gold belt, and red tights.

I love that first portrait, don't you?

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