Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Pretty Boy 2

Once again, rate this transformation in the comments, using a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Pretty Boy 1

I enjoy working from photos of boys and men and seeing what they might look like if they were feminized. Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting one of my attempts every Wednesday. I'm very interested in your reactions. In the comments, rate the success of this attempt on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being best.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Switching Teams

Over at Femulate, Stana talks about the "new etiquette" of a role-reversed workplace.

Women are taking over.

My editor was a woman. My supervisor was a woman. My manager was a woman. My Vice President is a woman.

In the not-too-distant past, men filled those positions. Now women are filling those roles and obsolescencing the men.

The women’s team is on a roll and is winning big time in the war between the sexes. If you don’t want to face the future as a second-class citizen, join the other team before it’s too late.

Crossdressing is one way to switch teams and begin fitting into the new woman’s world. And you don’t have to go full femme glam from the get-go. Instead, you can ease yourself into playing for the other team.

Start with a little makeup (lip gloss and mascara) and have your hair permed and highlighted.

Replace your T-shirt and boxers with sports bras and figure-shaping panties.

Buy a couple of pantsuits and maybe a pearl set. (While you are at the mall shopping for your new wardrobe, get your ears pierced, too.)

Knee-highs will do for now, but you must buy a pair of killer power pumps to show that you really mean business. Three-inch heels or higher will show the women that you are serious about playing on their team.

To show solidarity with your teammates, consider a name change. At a minimum, drop your “maiden name” and depending on whether you are married or single, use your wife or mother’s surname in its place. Also, again depending on whether you are married or single, start using “Mrs.” or “Ms.” as your courtesy title instead of “Mr.” You might even subtly feminize your first name, for example, change Rick to Ricki, Donald to Donni, Chris to Chrissy, etc.

Nothing will get you kicked off the team faster than bad bathroom etiquette, so be sure to put the toilet seat down after you use the lady’s room. Even better, get used to urinating in the seated position and give your feet a rest from wearing those killer pumps all day.

Those are the minimum requirements for playing successfully on women’s team. But be alert. If you see your old golfing buddy down the street going to work in a dress, then it is time to step it up, shave your legs and visit Lane Bryant for some additional wardrobe adjustments.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Hypno-Session: Public Sissy Exposure

After a few moments of panic over a chat app that wouldn't connect, Goddess Lola and I had another session in trance, this time exploring my need for public humiliation.

The trance-script is here.

Sorority Maid

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A Bubbles Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was strutting my stuff down a public street, wearing a tight-fitting flesh-toned jumpsuit, that made me look nearly naked. As I passed a window, I saw my reflection and realized I was not Dani, but Bubbles, my hypnotically induced bimbo self.

My hair was big and blonde, my tits were enormous, I was easily striding in seven-inch stiletto heels. My makeup was extreme and exotic, my lips full, red and wet.

Usually, I know what my dreams originate from--something I've seen or read, a recent experience. But this one was totally unfamiliar. Then I realized: Bubbles was rattling around in my brain and had finally found a place to seep through, if not to my conscious mind, at least to my dream world.

Oh--and I woke up with a massive hard-on!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Hypno-Session: Princess Dani Dot

In my latest hypnotic meeting with Goddess Lola, her trance changed me into my youthful persona of Little Dani Dot and we went on a trip to a very special amusement park.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Life as a Crossdresser

Hannah McKnight discusses what it's like to be a cross-dresser....

I think many of you who are reading my website (based on the comments and emails I get) are like me. We love panties and lipstick and pretty clothes but part, or even most of our lives, have a stiletto in the boy world. I know that’s how my life is. Being bi-gender means I have more than one gender identity and wardrobe. Having an identity, gender or otherwise, means that identity may come with obligations and responsibilities as well as friends and relationships.

[E}ven in my boy life I am always connected to my femme side. I am connected to Hannah’s world through clothes, whether I am awake and wearing leggings or sleeping in a nightie. When I am in boy mode (either because that’s the gender I choose to present as for the day or because I have to attend to obligations that my male life has) I am, by definition, crossdressing.

Of course, what one DOES leads to who one IS. I believe in nuances and since I separate my life and gender identity (and closet) into two halves, If you wanted to get into the weeks and get specific, I suppose the male me is a crossdresser whereas Hannah is transgender. Together “we” are bi-gender. Does that make sense? It does to me and I think many of you reading this understands and likely can relate.

Even when I am presenting as male, I am never 100% “boy”. Even now I am wearing a femme cardigan, panties, and leggings. I am also wearing a boy t-shirt and two days worth of facial stubble. I am a boy wearing women’s clothes (if we insist on genderizing clothes). As soon as I finish this cup of coffee I am off to the gym where I will wear a pair of black leggings that look like boy workout pants but I know the truth. Afterwards I will put on boy clothes (and panties, of course) for a doctor appointment. When the day is over, I will pick out a nightie and go to bed. And tomorrow the in-betweening begins all over again. Since so much of my life and day are punctuated by clothes, and since Hannah is always thinking about what outfit to wear on her next adventure, it’s easy to think that *this* is all about clothes and wearing what I want as opposed to gender identity. But I know it’s not. It’s more than that. When I am en femme I am in a different mindset and a part of me emerges that, although is there in male mode, it is more easily revealed.

Being a crossdresser isn’t easy. It’s exhausting hiding this side of us. I think on some level it’s harder to explain why a man likes to wear lingerie than it is to explain why someone’s gender identity is different than the one they were assigned to at birth. But as hard as it can be, it IS wonderful. I love having my femme life, AND I am also really happy crossdressing. I love wearing panties every day, I love wearing a nightgown every night. Clothes make me so happy. And yes, I know that this is shallow and superficial but I wouldn’t change a thing about me.