Friday, June 26, 2020

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. If all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, why is it more difficult to hypnotize some people than others?

As I may have mentioned before, the hypnotist's job is to help guide a person into trancing themselves. But like any relationship, trust is an important factor. If the subject doesn't trust the hypnotist, then naturally they will prove more resistant to allowing them access to their mind. A number of factors can affect this, of course. Whether the hypnotist looks or acts particularly trustworthy, whether the subject is open to others or remains closed until they know a person better, whether the subject is experienced in hypnosis or not, etc. Generally speaking, if a subject trusts a hypnotist then they are more likely to go into trance, though this is somewhat oversimplifying things.

2. If it is true that you can't be hypnotized to do something contrary to your nature, is it possible to change someone's nature with hypnosis?

It depends how broadly you define it. If you hypnotise someone to lose weight or to stop smoking, is that changing their nature? It's not as dramatic a change as 'buff jock to sissy bimbo', of course, but it is making them behave in a different manner than they were before. It's certainly possible to use hypnosis to influence someone in certain areas, if you're a good hypnotist, but realistically you'd need to do some persuading with the subject beforehand in order to make them more amenable to trying it. I'd say it's not possible to just give someone a 180 degree personality flip, but if you can persuade them to go 30 degrees, then it's usually easier to push them the rest of the way.

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hypno-Session: All About the Bimbos

On Tuesday, I had my weekly session with Mistress Lola. I went into in a very empty-headed bimbo-like mood, so that is the direction the trance took me in.

The trance-script is here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Let Them Stare

Hannah McKnight offers some advice on how to handle the looks you get when out en femme:

Almost anyone who falls in the transgender spectrum (which includes you), is going to be stared at. Most of us stand out. I stand out for two reasons. Number one, I am obviously trans. I am tall, I have very masculine features, and my voice doesn’t help. People will stare or at least do a double-take when they see me....

Secondly I stand out because of what I wear. Not many girls at the mall are wearing heels and a dress, but I am. So, I stand out because of that, too.

You are powerless to stop what others think of you. But you will also likely never know what people think. Sure, they might be staring at me, but are they staring at me because I’m transgender or because they love my dress? Or they giving me an evil eye because I’m transgender or because I can strut in heels better than they can?

I don’t know. I haven’t asked anyone what they think of me.

Whether you are in male mode rocking a skirt or glammed up head to toe, who we are will never be okay. Let ’em stare. You can’t stop them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. What is the thing you would most like to do with a hypnotic subject? Describe it in detail if you can.

Honestly I feel I've already done everything I've wanted to do as a hypnodomme in the past decade of being one. I've turned people into girls, dolls, robots, pets, maids, bimbos...the list goes on and on. I know I joke about being the Evil Queen of Mean who wants to feminise the planet, but honestly, my biggest desire with a hypnotic subject is to see their fantasies come true, and to know that they are happier for being able to experience them. That is why I continue to hypnotise people long after the initial thrill of being able to do so wore off.

Having said that...I suppose the only thing left would be to create the ultimate submissive for my tastes. She would be installed with all of my particular kinks, and be able to switch between them instantly. I would ring a bell and she would become a maid, happy to serve me with a smile. I hold up a remote and she becomes a robot, logical, emotionless and flawless. I wind an imaginary key and she becomes a pretty doll ready to play. I hold up a mirror and she becomes my twin. And so on. Though an alternative idea is to have the transformations tied to what she is wearing. So if she put on a maid outfit, she would disappear into her maid persona completely until she was told to switch outfits. I think that's the only hypnotic fantasy I have yet to explore, and it will likely never happen, but a girl can dream.

2. What is the thing you would most like to do with Dani specifically? Describe it in detail if you can.

There are a couple of parts to it. First I would make Dani persuade her wife to try hypnosis with me, and then I would put her in a trance. I would mould her into accepting Dani and encouraging the sissification, to the point where she wants to take an active part in her husband's crossdressing. Then I would put Dani into trance and completely wipe her of her male persona. No memories of being a man at all. I would encourage the Dani persona to become the dominant one, and put the male self into a tight box that cannot be reopened without either my or his wife's say. Then I would have Dani get made up and dressed and go outside. I would have her do all the things she has fantasised about doing as a woman. Go to a salon, go clothes shopping, go to a bar and meet someone. I would give her the freedom to be Dani without any of the guilt or worry her male self has. I would ensure that Dani is the primary persona, and the male self is only let out when his wife needs to keep up appearances. That is what I want to do most. Give Dani freedom.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hypno-Session: Secret Sissy Revealed

Monday afternoon, having spent the day with panties beneath my male attire, my trance with Mistress Lola built on that experience.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

MIstress Lola Speaks

After a one-week hiatus, more thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. What was your favorite TV show as a child? Or now? And why?

Hmm, good question. When I was a child, it was probably Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers. I used to love watching that whenever I could, and probably wore out my videotapes with repeated viewings. Nowadays, I don't tend to watch much television, but it would probably be Bojack Horseman, the only show that can make me double over with laughter and reduce me to tears within minutes of each other. A powerful show indeed.

2. If you had a month to do whatever you wanted, what would it be? Where? And with whom?

I suppose the obvious answer is 'take over the world with an army of feminised slaves', but that sounds like a lot of hassle. I would probably go on holiday to either Canada, Japan or Australia, three places I have long wished to visit. I might go alone, as I do enjoy exploring by myself, or perhaps one or two of my closest friends just for a bit of company.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hypno-Session: Cosplay at the Convention

This is a fantasy I've wanted to do with Mistress Lola for quite a while, so here I am all dolled up as Col. Wilma Deering at a sci-fi convention in my mind.

The trance-script is here.