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Poll Results: Dani's Best Look, Round 2--Week 4

After a voting extension, the last entry scored a solid 2.

This week's entry:

The black-and-white t-bar dress is from Fashion Bug, bought in January 2011; the shoes are Double Comfort "Madeline" spectator t-strap pumps, bought at Payless in January 2016. Other accessories are a white bow, red jewelry, and natural hose.

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Inspired by Lola: Playtime for Dolly

Mistress reminds me to tell you all that I am a good little hypnotized sissy!

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Why Do Men Cross-Dress?

Some interesting answers are found here:

What is my sexual preference?
All I can say is that I love women, period. I’ve always admired, been attracted to, and even jealous of beautiful women. The thought of being with a male in any romantic capacity is repulsive to me. As a tgirl, I guess I’m kind of a lipstick lesbian. As a man, I’m just another straight guy.

Do I find dressing (in women’s clothes) sexual?
It used to be very sexually arousing to wear women’s clothing. Over the years, the arousal (tied to dressing) has faded away. It has become more comfortable and natural feeling to dress up like and express a female presentation. It reduces my stress, makes life more enjoyable, and in a nutshell, simply makes me feel more alive, period.

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Poll Results Delayed

Voting on the current survey has been very light...I'm extending it another week.

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"It's Absurd...

...that a man in a dress warrants discussion - but I'm stared at every time I go out" is the headline on this essay by a New Zealand university lecturer.

I’ve wanted to dress this way for as long as I remember. But it took over forty years to pluck up the courage and dress openly in women’s clothes. The first day I did is one I’ll never forget and will never be allowed to forget.

It was on the 27 July 2015 that forces stirred inside of me and swept me off of my nylon sheathed feet, out of my front door, and dumped me into the middle of the campus, a point from which there was no return. Neither students nor colleagues were forewarned. To them and to strangers - many now will have read about me in the national press here in New Zealand, heard me talk on national radio and, probably goggle-eyed, seen pictures of me in the celebrity gossip magazine Woman’s Day - I will forever be the lecturer who dresses in women’s clothes. Good.

Her entire essay is worth reading.

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Who is this Mistress Lola anyway?

Hello lovely sissies and others that follow Dani's blog. I am Lola Venus, a.k.a Mistress Lola, and Dani has very kindly allowed me to write something for her little corner of the internet. And by allowed me, I mean 'been ordered to let me' (Joking. Or am I?).

I can see that our little hypno shenanigans have been gaining a bit of interest, so I thought this might a good time to let you all know a bit more about yourself. As you may have guessed, I am what is often referred to as 'hypnodomme', though personally I prefer just being called a hypnotist. I've been interested in hypnosis since I was a girl watching cartoons, in particular the Scooby Doo episode 'Bedlam at the Big Top', but I happily soaked up any cartoon that featured a young maiden (or even a male) becoming entranced, brainwashed or otherwise mind controlled. I'd often play games with my friends based around them being hypnotised - they soon got sick of that!

I'm sure it will surprise Dani to learn that I haven't always wanted to be the one swinging the watch. Actually, during my university years, I wanted to be the subject! After realising that a hypnosis fetish was actually a thing back in my late teens, I soon found out about the many erotic hypnosis websites out there, most of them based around buying recordings of a hypnodomme telling you to surrender to her in a sexy voice. A lot of these had chat rooms, which I started frequenting, hoping that a hypnotist would be able to put me under her spell. I became a slave to various people before becoming a maid to a wonderful woman called Mistress Melsa, and offered myself to any woman who would want me as a hypnotised pet

Sadly, aside from 1 or 2 sessions, I utterly failed to go into trance. Mostly because I couldn't keep concentrating on the session long enough to go under. I'd constantly be flipping tabs or letting my mind focus on other things, and wouldn't keep up with the many, many words the hypnotist sent me. Every so often I go undercover and try to be entranced, but the sheer length of their inductions would just bore me (ironically though, they wouldn't send me to sleep).

So clearly something had to be done for me to have my fun. That's when I realised I was better off being the one swinging the watch. So I put caps on my nickname and started trying to put people under myself. I admit, at first I wasn't very good at it. I was trying to imitate the various people who'd tried to put me under during the years, and though my subjects assured me they felt something, I knew it was just a placebo. That's when I hit on my own patented trance technique, which you have seen in Dani's trance-cripts.

I think that's long enough for a first post. Please let me know if you'd like to hear more from me, and do let me know what you'd like me to talk about. I'm happy to take on any subject...and any topic, too ;)

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On Your Knees

This month's instructions for Sissy Gwen:

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Shopping with Bubbles

[Mistress Lola requested...or perhaps "ordered" is the word...a story about my Bubbles persona....]

Dani was anxious...but also eager and aroused. His on-line Mistress, Lola Venus, was making her first in-person visit to him in the States. He had no idea what she had planned...other than to hypnotize him and play with him as her toy...but this time without the physical and psychological distance of the computer.

He sat in his living room, awaiting her arrival. Outwardly, he appeared completely male...but beneath his t-shirt and jeans, he wore a lacy pink camisole and matching panties. He hoped Mistress Lola would approve. The doorbell rang and he went to answer it.

There she stood, stunning in a black off-the-shoulder, figure-hugging dress. Her auburn hair fell in soft waves to her shoulders. Her hypnotic eyes glowed. She smiled, "Hello, my Sissified Sweetheart." Dani felt his sissy-cock twitch in his panties...that was a trigger that made him feel a surge of feminine arousal. "Why don't we sit and talk for a bit, before we get started on what I know you're waiting for?"

"Of course, Mistress," Dani said, leading the way to the couch. "She's so beautiful," he thought. "I feel like I'm drifting into trance just by her presence."

Mistress Lola noticed the tell-tale signs. "Oh, no, none of that, Dani. You're such a trance-slut! No hypnosis until I'm ready!" She settled into the couch and crossed her long legs. "Let me tell you what I'm thinking...I'm thinking it's time Dani lived somewhere outside the four walls of this house!"

He gasped. "You mean, go outside dressed in girls' clothes?"

"A bit more than that, sweetie," she replied, smiling. "Now, be a Good Girl, and say the word...say it over and over again...."

Dani took a deep breath and began:


As he repeated it, his voice became monotone, his breathing slowed, his body went limp. Soon the repeated word was just a murmur, as Mistress Lola spoke to him:

and deep
and obedient
So docile
So compliant
Ready to serve and obey
Aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress, nice," Dani answered.

"Good Girl!" Mistress Lola said. "Now, take off those awful male clothes and let me see what you're wearing underneath..."

Dani stripped to his cami and panties. "Oh, no, that will never do for what I have in mind. Go to your bedroom and come back with a strapless bra and your smallest pair of panties." Smiling in anticipation of her plan, Mistress Lola waited patiently for his return. He came back with a flesh-tone strapless bra around his chest and a pair of flesh-colored panties that barely contained his tumescent sissy-cock.

"Much better," the mistress complimented him. She reached into the bag she had brought and produced a set of falsies...a massive set. She held them out to him. "You know what these are, Dani?"

Dani nodded. "Those are Mistress' magical mammaries," he answered.

"Yes," she continued, stepping forward to slip them into the cups of his bra. "They are size 38E and they will automatically adhere to your skin, transmitting every touch, every caress to your body." Having secured them, she stepped back again. "There--the perfect set of tits for a bimbo, right, Dani?

Dani replied, "Yes, Mistress..."

"Then, Blow Bimbo Bubbles...."

That was it, the phrase that triggered a different personality in Dani...that of a bimbo male lesbian named Bubbles--air-headed, eager to please sexually. "Oh, wow, Mistress, I love these big knockers of mine!" Bubbles exclaimed, holding them up for examination.

"I know you do, Bubbles sweetie...but now I've brought some other things to help you look even sexier!" Mistress Lola explained. "Here, put on this padded will give you an hourglass figure and improve the look of your sissy ass!"

Bubbles pulled on the garment and felt it remake her body. "Like your tits, you will experience this just as if it were a part of your natural figure," Mistress Lola explained. "Now, let's find some suitable clothes for you...we're going shopping!"

Twenty minutes later, clad in a tight-fitting, low-cut dress, Bubbles wiggled and minced her way to Mistress Lola's car on her six-inch heels. "Strap in, honey...let the seatbelt define those massive boobs even more," the mistress advised as she put the car in gear and pulled into traffic.

They drove to a section of town Bubbles didn't know. "I learned about this store on line before I left England," Mistress Lola explained. "They specialize in helping bimbos like you become as sexy as they can be."

"Oh, Mistress, that will be, like, so much fun," Bubbles said, giggling.

They walked into "Be a Bimbo," and were surrounded by clothes obviously intended to make the most of a sexy figure. Mistress Lola walked up to one of the sales associates and said, "I am Mistress Lola Venus. I believe you were told I would be coming in...and this is my male lesbian bimbo, Bubbles."

The salesgirl smiled. "Male lesbian? We get many cross-dressers here, but that is the first time I have heard that description."

"Yes, Bubbles is male underneath, but she is truly a lesbian...she only makes love as a woman would with another woman," the mistress explained. "I'm looking for something really special for her--something to show off all her attributes, if you know what I mean...."

"Oh, yes, Ms. Lola, I have exactly what you're looking for, right over here." She led them to an area full of clinging bodysuits of all kinds and colors. "This rack has the ones that will fit her best, I think."

Mistress Lola started going through the outfits. "No, not black, that's for dominants; no, green would be terrible for her coloring; blue is all right, but I'm looking for something really spectacular." She stopped as she spotted precisely the proper look. "Bubbles, come here." She handed the garment to her bimbo. "Go in the fitting room and put this on."

"Gee, Mistress, it seems like it would be sort of, you know, revealing," Bubbles began.

"Of course it will, sweetie. Isn't that what a bimbo like you always wants to be?" Mistress asked.

"Oh, yes," Bubbles responded, as she took the outfit into the fitting room.

Moments later, she returned, in a nearly flesh-colored strapless body suit that clung to her every curve, showing off her new big butt and especially her 38E boobs with their prominent nipples. Even her sissy-cock was nicely outlined at the crotch.

"Oh, Mistress, this is just, like, the most beautiful thing I've ever owned!" Bubbles gasped. "I feel so sexy, so horny, so aroused..."

"I know, dear, I, Squirt, Sissy, Squirt..."

And a wet stain began to appear at Bubbles' crotch....


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Peter and Penny

A lovely story about a man who came out to his wife as a cross-dresser....

Peter's letter to Lou

"Writing this with the intention that you should read it is difficult as I know it is bound to cause you hurt and could damage the love that we have for each other and the relationship which I value above all others.

"Nevertheless, the time has come when I can no longer hold back... I still find it easier to write my thoughts instead of talking straight, so what is this all about? The simple answer is that I like dressing up. This is not a recent discovery.

"You've asked me a number of times what my fantasies are and I've been too scared to answer.

"Well for as long as I can remember I've dreamed of dressing up and making up to look and be accepted as feminine. In school plays I loved wearing tights, putting on make-up and wearing anything that was different to boring male dress."

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November Dressing 2: More Polka-Dots

I seem to pair this blouse and skirt a lot...

The navy polka-dot blouse is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in June 2012; the high-waist stretch skirt is from Kmart's Bongo line, also in June 2012; the shoes are Fioni "In the Mix" navy felt peep-toe pumps from Payless in February 2011. Other accessories are a polka-dot bow, silver jewelry, and natural hose.

And two more pretty portraits:

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Fourth Session with Mistress Lola

This session was scheduled at short notice, only about 18 hours, when I realized Tuesday might be my last opportunity to "meet" with Mistress Lola until after the New Year. She was kind enough to squeeze in an hour for me...and to do a wonderful job in supplying me with two of my fantasies, which I suggested to her in an e-mail overnight.

The first was a permanent wave, a decidedly feminine and girlish thing to do; the other was to feel my falsies as real tits...and she turned this into something very sexy indeed.

The "trance-script" is here.

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November Dressing 1: Polka-Dots and Peplum

One of my favorite dresses:

The green polka-dot belted peplum dress is by Stitch Btween, bought at Forman Mills in March 2014; the shoes are Mossimo "Viveca Blingy" green suede pumps, from Target in February 2013. Other accessories are a white bow, red jewelry, and natural hose.

And the portraits turned out perfectly:

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I Am Bubbles (explained)

The previous post was my final hypnotic command from Mistress Lola today. Later this week, I will post the trance-script of our brief, but exciting session. Suffice to say, a few more of my fantasies were explored....

I Am Bubbles

I am Bubbles.
I am a bimbo.
Mistress Lola has made me an empty-headed sexy thing.
She has given an enormous pair of breasts--38E! They are my knockers, my jugs, my boobs.
She has given me a sexy, curly hairdo, all ringlets, and permed.
I am her sissy slut...I wear a tiny pink bikini that shows off my big nipples...and my sissy-cock.
I am her male lesbian slave...I want to make love to her.
I want her to make love to touch my play with my tremendous tits!
I will be her sissy slut whenever she wants me!
I am Bubbles...
I am a bimbo, male lesbian slut for Mistress Lola.

Third Session with Mistress Lola

Yesterday afternoon, I had my third...and possibly most exciting...on-line session with Mistress Lola Venus. Why most exciting? We played with two of my most deeply held, long-time fantasies--a makeover in a beauty salon and being a "male lesbian".

The "Trance-Script" is here.

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Poll Results: Dani's Best Look, Round 2, Week 3

This outfit scored at 2.8

And here's the next outfit to vote on:

The blue blouse is by Lee Rider, bought at Wal-Mart in January 2010; the blue floral skirt is by New York Clothing Co., bought at Burlington Coat Factory in January 2016; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Manic" blue pumps, from Payless in February 2015. Other accessories are a blue bow, gold jewelry, and natural hose.

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Meeting of the Minds 2

Ms. Vera Demanden lounged in her living room, waited on hand-and-foot by her maid...who was actually her nephew, Peter, totally feminized into the lovely Petal. Petal hovered nearby, ready to fetch wine or massage her mistress, to perform whatever task her aunt required. Secretly, Vera smiled, knowing that she had planned a surprise for her prissy sissy.

The doorbell rang. "That must be the surprise," Vera thought, and said aloud, "Answer the door, Petal."

Petal hesitated. Never before had Aunt Vera made him meet anyone else while in this uniform. Yes, he had been seen as a girl many times, but never before in so submissive a capacity. "Must I, Auntie?" she asked, tentatively.

"Of course, you must, Petal," Vera replied. "Is there a problem?"

"N-no, Auntie," Petal said. "Of course not. I'll go immediately." Petal minced to the door in her heels, knowing--and fearing--that Aunt Vera could make him do this...and nearly anything else...with a simple phrase: Petal pleases. She opened the door and gasped, "Oh, it's you...."

Vera, hearing Petal's reaction, knew her expected visitor had arrived. "Who is it, Petal?"

"It is Mistress LolaVenus, whom we met in London, Auntie," Petal responded. Turning to the guest, he said, "Won't you come in, Mistress?"

"Thank you, Petal...and may I say, you look devastating in that uniform? It suits you," Lola complimented him. As ehe stepped through the door, Petal saw that another person was behind her. "Come along, Dani," Lola ordered.

Clad in a figure-hugging scarlet dress, Lola's American submissive, Pretty Sissy Dani, minced and wiggled her way over the threshold. "Thank you, Mistress," she said, breathily. "I will be a Good Girl."

"Naturally, dear," Lola said, smiling. "You're my Sissified Sweetheart!"

Vera rose to meet her dominant friend. "Lola, so good to see you again. Are you enjoying your stay in the States?"

"Very much's my first opportunity to play with Dani here in person, rather than on-line," Lola replied. "She is so very eager to please me..."

"Obedience is pleasure," Dani noted.

"Goodness! Is she in trance even now?" Vera asked.

"Oh no...but she is so completely conditioned that the thought of disobeying me never occurs to her," Lola explained.

"And you did all this originally simply through text?" Vera asked, astonished.

"Oh yes," Lola continued. "With the right subject, it's very effective. Dani had longed for a real trance experience for so long, she practically hypnotized herself, with my guidance. And now, she is truly a trance-slut--she craves hypnosis."

"Fascinating," Vera said. "Well, you know why I asked you here..."

"Yes, you want your pretty little nephew and my Dani to become...better acquainted, shall we say?" Lola answered. "Shall we begin?"

"Of course...any time," Vera said.

Lola turned to Dani. "Say the word...."

And Dani began to chant: "Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice...." And as he went on, his voice became duller and more monotone. Soon he began to slur the words as he continued: "...nice, nice, nice,...."

"Nice and deep," Lola said. "Very soft, very docile." And Dani's chant continued as she said, "Very feminine, very compliant, very obedient...." By now, Dani's chant was little more than an incoherent murmur. "Now, Dani, look at Petal. Isn't she pretty? Isn't she the prettiest sissy you ever saw?"

"Yes, pretty, nice," Dani said.

"Petal is so pretty you want to make love to her, to kiss her, to hold her tight. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, kiss, hold, love, nice," Dani said.

Meanwhile, Vera was addressing her sissy. "Petal pleases..." and Petal fell into trance. "Petal, you want Dani to make love to want her to kiss you and hold you...Do you understand?"

"Yes, Auntie...." Petal responded.

"Awake on 3," Lola said to Dani. "1--2--3!"

"Petal opens," Vera said to her nephew...and both sissies awoke from trance.

Almost instantly, Dani went to Petal and took the sissy maid in her arms, caressing her feminized body and smothering her lips in kisses. Petal responded in kind.

"Now Dani, you can do better than that," Lola advised. "Down to your knees and take off Petal's panties." Dani dropped to the floor and, reaching beneath Petal's petticoats, lowered her ruffled panties, allowing the sissy maid's member free. "Milk her, dear, give her pleasure with your hand," Lola said.

"Obedience is pleasure," Dani intoned, and began to stroke Petal's sissy-cock. Petal moaned in ecstasy as her member throbbed.

She began to spurt and Lola said, "Catch her cream in your hands, my Sissified Sweetheart." Dani obeyed, getting his hands sticky with it. "Good Girl!" Lola exclaimed.

"Now, feed her cream to her," Vera said. "Petal, you will lick up every drop!"

"Yes, Auntie," Petal said, eagerly licking and sucking her own cock-cream from Dani's hands. When that was done, Vera said, "Now, Petal, it is time for you to service Dani. Help her out of that dress."

Petal moved behind Dani and undid the zipper on the ravishing red dress, letting it fall to the floor at her feet, revealing Dani's sexy black undies. "Service her with your mouth, Petal," Vera ordered.

"Yes, Auntie," and Petal sank to her knees and took Dani's twitching sissy-cock in. Dani gasped as the warm lips encircled her, but stood still as Petal worked.

Finally, Lola said, "Squirt, sissy, squirt!" And Dani's sissy-cock erupted in Petal's mouth.

Vera took over. "Don't you swallow a drop, Petal. Stand and share it with Dani!" Petal stood and locked her lips on Dani's, using her tongue to push the cock-cream into his mouth.

"That tastes good, doesn't it, Dani?" Lola laughed. "There is nothing sweeter than a sissy's own cream!"

"Unless it's her mistress's pussy, eh, Lola?" Vera noted. She sank onto the couch, her legs open and waiting. She gestured for Lola to join her. "Now, sissies, give your mistresses their reward!"


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Most Successful

Tomorrow is another big day! My third hypno session with Mistress Lola! Please respond to the survey at the right (details here)!

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Married Crossdressing

Here's an interview with a married couple...and an interesting note: This site is not primarily about crossdressing!

“Joan is my feminine side,” Joe told me. Joe has been dressing in women's clothes since he was a young boy.

Joe and Helen have been married for 25 years. They met at a dance and dinner party, hit it off, and have been a couple ever since.

Joe is a successful, masculine, intellectual; he is mathematically and technologically oriented, a logical man. He does not describe himself as feminine from the inside out (i.e., “I don’t think like a woman,” he said, “but I like to dress like a woman.”)


When Joe was younger he was very uncomfortable with Joan. In the last 20 years as he's gotten older, he's accepting of his feminine side, and so is Helen.

I'm guessing there are other men who crossdress at times, who like to dress in pretty, feminine clothes, put on make-up, do their nails, shop and so on. And of course, there are women who look fabulous in a tux!

Being feminine, or feeling feminine don’t necessarily have anything to do with how one dresses. Yet for Joe it does. Many men have a softer, more vulnerable side, and express it in a variety of ways. It brings to mind the Chinese symbol of YinYang.

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Mistress Lola's Dolly explained

The previous post occurred because Mistress Lola put me in Dolly mode in an e-mail and told me to post those words. I did not return to normal until I had done so.

Mistress Lola's Dolly

I am in Dolly Mode
I am obeying Mistress Lola's commands
I am a good dolly for Mistress Lola
I know nothing but what she tells me
I love and obey my Mistress
I am a pretty dolly for Mistress
She is my world, my Goddess, my Owner
I am just a toy for her to play with

Tools of the Trade

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