Saturday, May 27, 2023

Hypno-Session: 1950s Retro Me

On Wednesday, Goddess Lola Venus and I met once again. In the preceding week, I had sent her several images for inspiration, and she chose this one:

A few days later, I followed it up with this one:

So, at any rate, the trance-script is here.

One more thing--Goddess Lola recommended a couple of films to me at the end of the session. If you're interested, here at the links to them with her comments:

You should at least check out the times suggested for a special treat.

Sex Kittens Go To College - (01:04:00 if nothing else)

How to be Very Very Popular - (certainly the first twenty minutes, and then 01:09:00)

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Pulling the Trigger

At the end of the trance-script to my last hypno-session with Goddess Lola, I wrote the following:

At the close of this session, Goddess Lola said she expected that now, any trigger to trance will result in my dropping to the level I experienced this time. I cannot wait to see if that is true. I may even ask her to try a trance trigger in an e-mail (with a time limit on the length of the trance, for safety’s sake) to see if that works.

Yesterday morning, I woke to an e-mail from Goddess, in which she did, indeed, include my trance trigger. And it worked. For five minutes after reading her missive, I floated in a blissful hypnotic state, as described in my later reply to her:

Dearest Goddess:

Well, that seemed to work. As soon as I read the trigger, I felt my eyes drift close and my breathing shift. I felt as though I wanted to just sit there and float. Somewhere in my head, though, something was marking time, because I came out of it just as you suggested, after five minutes.

However, I think--if we do this in the future--a warning in the subject line might be necessary. On my screen, the whole message appeared at once, so the space you put between the two sentences was not sufficient. But I enjoyed the idea of an "instant trance" on the spur of the moment!


Goddess has promised that the next time she does this, there will be a warning in the subject line.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Hypno-Session: Turning the Key

On Wednesday, I had my latest meeting with Goddess Lola Venus, one that went a little differently from any before it...but happily and succesfully so. The picture at the left may supply a visual clue to some of those differences.

The trance-script is here.