Friday, March 31, 2017

Forced Fem: Common Fantasies

Teresa Bowers looks at two oft-told fantasies of forced feminization:

As our crossdresser continues his journey he may develop a fantasy where he is caught doing the very thing he is trying so hard to keep a secret. This is known as forced feminization. Most forced feminization fantasies are based on being discovered, blackmailed, and feminized as punishment.

Now I know what you’re thinking; if he likes dressing up so much why would it be punishment? This is where it gets interesting. Without getting too deeply into the psychological reasons behind forced feminization fantasies, let’s just say that he gets a little more than he would have liked. In fact, he gets a lot more than he would have liked. He is dressed in the most feminine lingerie imaginable, teased and taunted, his hair is done in a very feminine style, his nails are painted, makeup is applied with surgeon like precision, and he is put into a very short, very tight dress. This can be done by his sister and her friends, a neighbor that walks in unexpectedly, or a group of girls that want revenge.

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Poll Results Delayed

Since responses are running very slow, I'm extending the deadline for this round of polling by a week.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

A Quick Look at Hypnotic Feminization

Continuing our weekly look at writing about our favorite kinks, here's a short piece on hypnosis and feminization:

Hypnotic Feminization is a procedure that is conducted by a hypnotherapist and participated by a patient, mostly men who wanted to be a female. It is where a man is being hypnotized and bombarded with suggestions. Hypnotic Feminization is basically reprogramming the old habits of a male to shift it to new habits that he really wanted, in this case to become a woman.

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The Psychology of Forced Feminization--part two

A continuation of the discussion I linked to here:

In part 1 of this article we talked of the logic of forced fantasies and stated that any fantasy which is dificult to attain in reality will always develop a forced version as this makes the dificult to attain fantasy… more viable – and thus more arousing (please read the article for futher explanation).

This is a great way of introducing a similar point and expanding on the central theme of these articles: that crossdreamers worry about what such fantasies mean and how these fantasies reflect on them, but such fantasies actually show nothing about the crossdreamer who has them… they are simply logical consequences of being a crossdreamer and liking (to some degree) humiliation as a tool of arousal.

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Poll Results: Dani's Best Look--Week 11

Here's the winner of the current round:

And here are the choices for the next round:

The white crochet top is from JCPenney's St. John's Bay line in August 2012; the red-and-white striped skirt is by Chances R, bought at Forman Mills in July 2015; the shoes are Mossimo "Velda" red baby-doll oxford pumps, from Target in August 2008. Other accessories are a white bow, scarf, red jewelry, petticoats, and white hose.

The yellow striped blouse is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in July 2015; the yellow pleated skirt is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line in April 2015; the shoes are Predictions Comfort Plus "Janine" yellow patent pumps from Payless in May 2015. Other accessories are a yellow bow, black-and-white jewelry, white belt and white hose.

The shiny striped blouse is by Gitano found in a thrift shop in March 2014; the blue pencil skirt with buttons is by Appraisal Plus, bought at K & G in September 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Loveit" black patent pumps from Payless in May 2011. Other accessories are a blue bow and silver jewelry; I decided to go bare-legged.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Bride Bought and Paid For

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Dressing: Red and Black

I'd intended to do two outfits this week...but limited time and difficulty get one of the dresses to work as I wanted meant only this one got photographed. It also means this will be the only dressing session this month; I plan to make up for it in April.

The red cowlneck sweater is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in March 2013; the black-and-white pencil skirt is by Soho Apparel, bought at Burlington Coat Factory in October 2014; the shoes are new (more on them below). Other accessories are a red floral headband, silver jewelry, and natural hose.

These are Brash snakeskin D'orsay pumps from Payless. bought in October 2016, never worn until now.

And a couple of blonde portraits:

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Friday, March 10, 2017

20 Steps in Feminization Hypnosis

There are a lot of grammar and spelling errors in this posting, but I thought the outline was still of interest:

In this current era, Feminization Hypnosis is gaining more popularity. This is one of the best and effective techniques to make a man into a complete feminine. Most of the transgender would like to explore their inner feeling and nature of feminine, by practicing Feminization Hypnosis anyone can be more feminine, this process is generally known as Feminization Hypnosis. There are numbers of technicalities are involved in this process. If a person practices this technique can definitely reach the inner sole and change the emotions and feelings as per the requirement. Feminization Hypnosis can make changes into female physically, behaviorally and emotionally.

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The Psychology of Forced Feminization

Another look at some aspects of our kinks:

There is nothing that a crossdreamer does in his forced feminisation fantasy that he would not want to do anyway. In reality it should be called ‘delegated feminisation’ because the dominatrix is giving him what he wants. Therefore, if the advent of a dominatrix allows him to act out his deepest fantasies, why is he being forced? Your answer maybe ‘yes, but that’s all they would be – fantasies – the advent of the dominatrix forces him to actually fulfill them.’ And I would answer, ‘yes… exactly.’

A part of forced feminisation fantasies, and all forced fantasies, is really logistical: if it’s forced then its more likely to happen, which makes the fantasy more realistic, which makes it more arousing. Almost all fantasies that carry social shame and/or are difficult to execute, will inevitable throw up a forced version. It is an intrinsic property of so called ‘dirty’ fantasies.

Being forced, therefore, is like the Pavlov’s bell of their fantasy. The second they lay eyes on the latex clad dominatrix they salivate… because they know they can not back down, they can not escape… their deepest fantasy is about to be presented on a plate.

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

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Dani in Winter

The quarterly slideshow:

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