Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Getting to Know You

Hannah McKnight talks about discovering yourself and others while en femme:

As I got to know Hannah, I was very surprised at how different she was from the male side of me. I “met” Hannah at the same time and at the same pace as my wife got to know her. Letting another gender identity and gender presentation come to the surface is an experience like no other. You feel a wide range of emotions. These emotions are usually triggered by what you may be wearing. For a very long time you were all wingtips and work boots. Neckties and facial hair. Now you could be wearing anything from a long blonde wig, to red press-on nails, to a little black dress or your first pair of pumps. You feel apprehensive, self-conscious, nervous, and a little afraid. You also feel beautiful. And happy. And calm. And…well, it feels right.

I am pretty confident in both of my genders, but Hannah has a level that surprises me. I suppose she needs that if she is going to strut through the Mall of America wearing stilettos and a bodycon dress. But that confidence is there online, too. Hannah has no qualms with reaching out to businesses like Glamour Boutique or The Breast Form Store about modeling or product review opportunities. Could I ever do something equivalent in my male life? Could I ever be so bold? I wonder.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Adjustments and Counseling, Part One

A few weeks ago, Mistress Lola asked...or maybe to write a special story--one in which I developed all my fantasies of how my marriage might be, if my hypno-mistress took control not only of me, but of my wife. It's a tale of how Mistress Lola uses her powers to turn my spouse from disinterested to a full and eager participant in my submission and feminization.

This is the first of seven parts of that story. For blog publication, I have changed the names of some of the characters, all of whom were real people in my life. In the interests of these peoples' privacy, they are given pseudonyms here.

July 2019

Susan sat before her computer, staring vacantly at the screen, as she typed over and over again:


Each time she typed the word she quietly spoke it aloud. "" It was her hypnotic induction word and Mistress Lola was leading her into a very deep trance. Now, as Susan's typing slowed down, indicating to the Mistress that she was falling into trance, the Mistress began to type:

So sexy
So sexy to be docile
to be compliant
to be obedient
So sexy to follow my words
into a new reality
Isn't it Susan?

And Susan typed back:

Yes, Mistress...very sexy…

Good girl

Susan shivered a little, feeling a wave of pleasure flow briefly through her body. It made her feel so weak, so vulnerable, yet so loved when her Mistress called her those words.

Susan, have you ever had a sexual relationship with another woman?

Yes, Mistress, I experimented with a lesbian affair in college

Did you enjoy it?

Very much

Why did you stop? 

The other girl moved away and I never had another woman I cared for

Would you like to try again?

Yes, Mistress...but how?

You could start with your husband.
Take charge of him, dear
Put him in your control
Turn him into the kind of woman you could love


He's a sissy...he already loves dressing in women's clothes, you know that

Yes, but...

He can be your lover
Your devoted male lesbian submissive
as you become his domme-dyke mistress

I could make him anything I wanted

You could make him a housewife
a maid
a bimbo
a schoolgirl
or all of those things

I'm not strong enough

Yes, yes, you are
You are Mistress Susan
The powerful,dominant woman
Susan the confident
Susan the demanding
Susan the Queen
You are the embodiment of everything your husband has been seeking all his life
Be that dominant Mistress
Make your husband, make Dani, 
into the sissy submissive 
he has always wanted to be
because he is a weak, silly sissy
and you are the powerful
the glorious
Mistress Susan
aren’t you, my good girl?


Who are you?

I am Mistress Susan


I am Mistress Susan
I am Mistress Susan
I am Mistress Susan

Let it excite you
Fulfill you
as that idea
plants itself in your mind

I am Mistress Susan
I am Mistress Susan
I am Mistress Susan

Good girl
Now, on the count of 3
wake as Mistress Susan
and tell me what you will do...

Susan shook her head to clear it and her face took on a new expression--happy, gleeful, but with a sense of power she had never known before. She typed again:

Thank you, Mistress Lola
I am ready to follow your lead
in making Dani my male lesbian submissive

What will you do first?

I will tell him he is to dress in female attire 
at all times when we are at home
Inside this house, I never want to see
another stitch of male clothing on him

Very good.
What about outside?

Outside, he is always to wear panties...
cute, lacy panties in sissy colors 
like pink, pastel blue, and yellow...
under his male clothing

That's a good beginning.
I think our time for this session is over, Mistress Susan
Go now
Make Dani happier than she has ever been before...

Susan logged off the chat room. "Dani," she called. "Come here, I have something to tell you."

Her husband heard her and came into the room, tentatively. "Dani?" he thought. "She never calls me 'Dani'." He looked at her. She was smiling like the cat who ate the canary.

"Things are changing, Dani...most especially, you!" she said, in a commanding voice. "Go to your stash of feminine attire, pick out your sexiest outfit and meet me in the bedroom. We have work to do."

Dani was surprised and worried. He knew she had been working with Mistress his suggestion...what changes had his loving Mistress wrought in his previously uncooperative wife?

Monday, July 29, 2019

Archelle: Veronica's Plaything

Sometimes, an image that was entirely innocent in its original form becomes something else...

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Men in Heels...if They Can Find Them

A piece from a relatively mainstream source about men and high heels:

Han grew up to be a graphic designer, along the way running the femme footwear line Syro with business partner Henry Bae. The Brooklyn-based company sells heels and boots in men’s sizes 5-14. The styles are chic and trendy—plaid, patent, over-the-knee—but not gaudy à la Kinky Boots.

Whether a customer is male, trans, or non-binary, the mission of Syro is to promote femininity and encourage a fluid sense of style.

“We get emails where kids are saying how grateful they are to discover us, which is really heartwarming,” Han said. “They tell us that they’re wearing them to prom, or to a wedding. Those spaces are so gender-confirming so it’s nice to provide them a way to express themselves and challenge norms.”

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Scenarios for Colleen

One of my followers on tumblr asked for some more manipulations and captions based on her photos, so here's Colleen in a couple of tight spots:

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Half-and-Half Two

My second attempt at creating a classic male/female split portrait:

Sunday, July 14, 2019

July Dressing 4: Feeling Blue?

This is the first set in a while where I thought a number of photos simply didn't come out well; perhaps my standards have gotten higher...

the blue pencil skirt with buttons is by Appraisal Plus, bought at K&G in September 2013; the blue-and-silver blouse is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line, but found in a thrift shop in July 2015; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Manic" blue pumps from Payless in February 2015. Other accessories are a shiny bow, and crystal jewelry. Bare-legged once again.

Only one portrait came out well this time:

Tomorrow, we return to art postings for a while...

Saturday, July 13, 2019

July Dressing 3: Leopard on the Prowl

One of my sexiest skirts, right?

The leopard-print skirt is by Miss Majesty, bought at Fashion Bug in November 2012; the white man-tailored blouse is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in November 2014; the shoes are Dexter "Lynx" mary-janes from Payless in February 2010. Other accessories are gold jewelry, and gold belt. This might have looked even sexier with the diamond-pattern hose I'd originally intended, but the weather dictated bare legs.

Two more nice portraits:

And still one more outfit to post....

Friday, July 12, 2019

July Dressing Two: Still More New....

This skirt and blouse were also bought last month, at the same time as the previous set...

The blue scoop neck blouse is by Ellen Tracy, bought at Burlington in June 2019; the blue floral a-line skirt is by Kasper Woman, from K&G in June 2019; the shoes are Dexflex Comfort "Kartee" navy mary-janes from Payless in March 2019. Other accessories are a floral headband, and silver jewelry. Still bare-legged because of the weather.

Another pair of nice portraits:

Next up: Some older outfits...

Thursday, July 11, 2019

July Dressing One: All new!

I bought this skirt and blouse last month; this is the first opportunity I've had to try them out.

The red lace blouse is by Emma & Olive, bought in June at Burlington; the red floral straight skirt is by New York Clothing Co., bought at K&G in June; the shoes are red suede pumps Dexflex Comfort "Karmen" red suede pumps from Payless in March 2019. Other accessories are a red floral headband, and gold jewelry. Like much of the world, we're dealing with hot, humid weather, so I'm bare-legged.

I like both of these portraits:

Another similar outfit tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What is Cross-Dressing?

Hannah McKnight answers the question.

What crossdressing does for the individual person is as unique as the person. Someone might feel beautiful, powerful, horny, calm, happy, whatever. I do not believe a crossdresser is necessarily a pervert. I do not believe everyone who identifies as a crossdresser is wearing what they want for a sexual reason. Yes, there are those that do, but not everyone.

A crossdresser may have a limited scope for what they enjoy wearing. Some crossdressers may only enjoy wearing high heels or lingerie. For some it’s all about eyeliner and that’s it. Some crossdressers will wear anything from wigs to stockings to skirts to leggings to jewelry. There’s really no right or wrong way to crossdress. So, just like my definition of transgender is pretty far-reaching, my definition of crossdressing is just as expansive. I believe that by having an expanded perspective on this word, it makes it more socially acceptable. It challenges the exhausting, inaccurate, and common ‘crossdressers are perverts” opinion.

For the record, cross-dressing is most decidedly sexual for me. But I think Hannah is right...not every CD gets a sexual thrill from doing it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Half-and-Half One

Back in the golden era of TV illustration, it was not unusual for artists like Gene Bilbrew or Eric Stanton to do a piece with a face that was half male and half female. I decided to try my hand at that, using my technique of working from an altered photograph. I've done three of them and I'll post one every Tuesday for the next few weeks. Here's the first--the base photo and two different versions of the completed illo.