Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Weekend Adventure--Day Two, 2

My afternoon outfit is the very comfortable and stylish cowlneck sweater dress from Target. For this go-round, I cinched with a black belt, instead of the tie-belt it came with.

Other accessories are the blue hair bow, pearl jewelry, taupe hose, and those killer blue spike pumps.

Here's two versions of the make-up closeup. I decided to try something more dramatic with the eyes. I used the darkest color, intended for the crease, over the whole lid, then used the lid color--a light lavendar--for the brow highlight. I also went a little heavier with the mascara. The first version is just soft-focused; the second was put through a process that smoothes out the whole image.

Additional pics on Flickr...and I may even get one more outfit on tonight, after dinner.

Update: No new outfit tonight...and tomorrow's will be done without makeup. I need the time to make sure everything's cleaned up--and getting the mascara off was a real pain today.

My Weekend Adventure--Day Two, 1

I slept late this morning, comfortably wrapped in my pink shortie nightgown. I got up and spent the first half-hour lounging that way. Then I changed in male clothes--but with panties, knee socks, and kitten heels, and went out to get breakfast at Mickey D's. I did a little shopping (I need a new pair of hose, but didn't find what I wanted), came back home and changed into my morning outfit.

Here's the polka-dot blouse from Wal-Mart, teamed with my casual denim skirt and my boots.

I really like that second shot--the expression, the pose, the gesture--it all works just as I wanted it to.

Once again, no digital trickery except for getting rid of the beard. I used the bronze blusher today and I think it gives a better look...the pink was just wrong for my coloring, I guess.

Here's a close-up for makeup critique:

Accessories are blue hair bow, silver jewelry, black hose and white belt.

Now, I'm going to sit and read the paper, eat lunch, then change into something slightly more "formal" for the afternoon and evening. More pics on Flickr.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Weekend Adventure Continues

This evening's outfit is the purple draped-collar top from Kmart paired with the polka-dot skirt from Wal-Mart. I cinched it all in with the wide black belt. Once again, the makeup is real--the only digital magic is erasing my beard.

Speaking of makeup, a question for you girls...and ask your significant other if you can: Do you put on your makeup before or after you finish dressing? I've always done it while in my lingerie only, to avoid getting makeup on the outer clothes...but I noticed my wife does it when she finishes dressing.

I really like the way the skirt is moving in that second shot.

Accessories: white hair bow, silver jewelry, nude hose, purple '20s style pumps. Actually, the whole outfit has a sort of retro '20s feel to it, doesn't it?

Here's another close shot for a makeup critique:

The makeup was completely redone from this afternoon, because I had to run errands in between. I think the eyes look better this time...but I suspect I need a less pink blusher. I have a more bronze one I originally bought for my recent theatrical appearance (as a male!) I may try that tomorrow.

More pics on Flickr. The adventure continues tomorrow!

My Weekend Adventure Begins

The wife is away until Tuesday for the next four days or so, I intend to be dressed as much as possible--certainly I will always have on at least one item of feminine apparel, even when I leave the house.

The other major part of this adventure is wearing makeup...for real. The pics you'll see this weekend will have no digital trickery, save for removing my beard. The lips and eyes will be real--I haven't done this in nearly three decades, so please be kind in your comments! (One of the interesting things is getting used to looking through mascaraed lashes!) I'd originally wanted to try using press-on nails as well, but I just couldn't get them to work satisfactorily.

So, to start, I put on my new zebra-print dress from Target. I'm wearing it with a white hair bow, black and white jewelry, a black belt, taupe hose and the black mary-janes.

And, so everyone can critique the make-up job, here's a somewhat closer look. These have all been soft-focused (OK, so I'm a little vain....)

Additional pics are on Flickr; more will be posted later tonight. In the meantime, I'll be working on a completely different project. I have no idea if this is going to work...but I had an inspiration and I want to try it out.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend Plans

I hate snow. Normally, I don't mind it...but the area's unprecedented snowfalls this season have disrupted my plans so often this month that I dread every mention of the word. And it has happened again.

The wife was supposed to be at work today, while I was home...getting in another day of dressing. Well, it's snowing...and supposed to get worse as the day progresses, so she's going to come home early. Worse--she was supposed to leave tomorrow morning for a four-day conference and I had cleared the weekend for at least three days of dressing--Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Now, she's going to likely be home all day tomorrow and not leave until Saturday morning.

Added to that, a non-weather-related change in her plans means Monday is out as a dressing day, I may only get the latter part of Saturday and all-day Sunday.

I hate snow.

Update (Friday evening):
I got Monday back! Look for the first postings about my weekend adventures and experiments Saturday night!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Stepton Retro Society

Chapter Two:

"What was all that?" Donald asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"That was the secret of Stepton," Margaret answered. "You didn't think all these beautiful sissies happened without help, did you? Carla Weathers invented the implant--it gives the women of Stepton total control of their men, control they use to feminize them. Most aren't as willing as you...."

"Wait a control? Am I going to become some kind of zombie?" This was more than Donald had bargained for.

"Not necessarily," his wife continued. "I can certainly make you robotic if I wish, but you know that's not my kick. No, the implant will just make it easier for you to adapt to being feminine...make all your movements and outer thoughts those of a woman."

"My outer thoughts....?"

"Yes, inwardly, you'll still be completely male, Donald. That's the beauty of this for me...I'll know you are truly experiencing the humiliation of being turned into a sissy. That's what I get off on, after all--the humiliation." She glanced at his crotch, where a distinct bulge was growing. "It's what you get off on, too, isn't it?"

Donald blushed and nodded silently.


At three o'clock, Donald and Margaret entered Carla's salon. "Welcome, my dears," Carla greeted them. "Come back to our transformation room...that's where we'll start changing Donald to Donellen." She led them first into an area with a wide range of feminine clothing. "There are several ways we can go about this. Some dommes prefer to start from the outside in...dressing and physically transforming their men before altering their psyches with the implant. Others like to keep their subject in an implant-induced trance until the physical metamorphosis is complete, then create the feminine persona. Others create the feminine psyche and then have the subject determine its own new look."

"Oh, I know what I expect Donellen to be like," Margaret answered, moving to a rack full of clothes in the styles of the 1940s and '50s. "I read about the Retro Society...and that's the direction Donellen and I will be taking." She pulled down a dress and held it up to her husband's body. "This will do for a start. I assume you have the appropriate undergarments?"

Donald was aghast--he was not only to be a sissy, but a sissy with a specific fetish-like appearance--the look of a glamour pin-up of the past. "Margaret, is that really....?" he began.

"Silence!" his wife commanded. "From now on, you will address me as Mistress Greta, is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Greta," he replied.

"Well, I think it's time we got started," Carla advised. "How do you want to proceed, Greta?"

"I think we'd best have Donellen here for this, not Donald." She looked her abashed spouse in the eye and said, "Sex appeal..." Instantly, the implant began downloading programs from Stepton's central computer, feeding them to Donald's mind. He froze for a moment, then--in a breathy feminine voice and with a swish to his hands--he said, "Oh, Mistress, is that dress for me? It's gorgeous!"

"Yes, Donellen...but first we need to get you looking pretty...."


One hour later, a much-changed Donellen was standing before a mirror in the transformation room. She wore a dark pageboy wig with a red bow. Her newly lush body was clad in a tight fitting polka-dot dress with a hobble skirt that ended in a ruffled hem. Her legs were sheathed in sheer nylons and perched on sandals with six-inch spike heels. The skirt was tight enough to reveal her engorged sissy-cock.

"Where is Mistress Greta?" she asked.

"Your mistress went next door to find suitable new clothing for herself," Carla asked. "We also gave her a makeover to match." There was a knock on the door. "Ahhh--here she is now. Come in, Greta--your little sissy is ready!"

Greta entered...almost as changed as Donellen. Her hair was swept in a 1940s style, her makeup redone to match the look of a movie star of the era. She wore a period hat and a fur stole over her fitted suit, complete with leather gloves. Donellen felt her sissy-cock twitch at the sight.

"Mistress Greta, you are beautiful!" she cried.

"You're not so bad yourself, honey," Greta said, grinning. "Carla, I understand the Retro Society meets tonight?"

"Yes, I've already gotten you an invitation. They are always ready to meet new potential members."

More to come

The Stepton Retro Society

Chapter One:

Unlike most of the couples who arrive in Stepton, both Margaret and Donald Cooper knew what they were getting into. Donald had been his wife's submissive plaything for most of the ten years of their marriage, and he had agreed to Margaret's desire to "take it up a notch." He knew he would become a feminized sissy upon their move to this town, but he didn't know how completely he would be changed.

Donald watched out the passenger window as his wife drove down the main street of town, noting that there wasn't a single male-appearing figure in sight. He'd read the brochure for the town, and knew that the most feminine-looking of the passersby were the men..."or the once-men, I guess," he realized. Some of these transformed creatures were on their own, but most were accompanied by leather- or latex-clad women who were clearly in charge. A few were even being led around on leashes...and a handful appeared to be in even stricter bondage.

He couldn't decide which were the oddest--the grown men dressed as little girls or the ones who appeared to be costumed in the fashions of the past. There weren't many, but the handful dressed in the clothes of the 1940s and '50s were an erotic sight to Donald's eyes. He loved the styles of those eras...and even on people he knew to be male they caused a twitch in his sissy-cock.

Donald himself had never cross-dressed before. It had never been a part of his sexual makeup...but he was devoted to Margaret and had pledged to follow her lead in their continuing journey into a kinky life. "If Margaret wants me to be feminized," he thought, "that's what I'll do. She is my whole reason for being."

Aware of his thoughts, Margaret reached over and stroked the back of his neck. "Soon, I'll have to reach under your gorgeous curls to do this, Donald," she said, smiling. "And we must think of a new name for you...Donna? No, too common. Your full name is Donald Allen...hmmm...Don Allen....What do you think of Donellen for your new name, dear?"

Donald smiled. "Whatever you think best, dear."

Margaret pulled into a residential district and into a driveway for a small townhouse. "Here we are, love...get the bags." Donald struggled to gather all the luggage as Margaret strode to the door and unlocked their new home. "Take my things to the master...that is, the mistress bedroom," she commanded. "Your own stuff goes in the smaller bedroom." Not that they had brought much for Donald...he'd only need male clothes for a few more hours. All his new attire would be bought in Stepton.

Before they could even begin to settle in, however, there was a call from the still-open doorway. "Hello, dears," came the voice. They turned to see a tall beautiful brunette on the steps, dressed in a tight-fitting black leather suit. "Welcome to Stepton, Margaret," the woman said, walking in and kissing Margaret on the cheek. "I'm Carla Weathers, head of the women's association." She turned to Donald. "And this must be our newest Stepton sissy-to-be....what fine features! She's going to be a knockout, my dear."

Then her demeanor turned commanding. "Well, don't just stand there, you little thing! Get some refreshments for your mistress and me. You'll find we've stocked the fridge for you!" So Donald retreated to the kitchen, leaving Margaret and the mysterious Carla to talk privately. A short while later, he returned to the living room with soft drinks and snacks.

"Excellent, darling," Carla said, clearly taking charge. She circled him, taking stock of his soon-to-be gone maleness. She stopped behind him and then he felt a sudden pressure against the back of his neck, and heard a soft whoosh of air.

"There, it's done!" Carla explained. "Donald's implant is in place. You can activate it at your leisure with the trigger I gave you, Margaret. I recommend doing it when you bring him to my salon for his's the most humiliating moment for these sissies!"

"We have an appointment for three this afternoon, Carla," Margaret replied.

"Very good, I look forward to seeing you there," Carla said. "Goodbye, Donald...goodbye for good," she laughed and exited.

More to come

Am I Hot 5

My last attempt at seeing how I rate at Hot or Not...this time using one of my 30-year-old shots taken at Lee's Mardi Gras Boutique:

Hotter than 86 percent of the real women? Gotta be the legs, right?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of February Dressing 2

My afternoon outfit was my green sweater dress...wrapped in the wide red belt for effect. I've always been amazed that this dress--size 14!--fits me so well.

I attempted something different for this photo session...and, for the most part, I'm pleased with the results. Usually, I set the timer on the camera for ten seconds and then move into a pose, holding it until the shutter and flash go off. This time, for some shots--notably the last one here--I moved around as the timer blinked its way through and just let the shutter catch me in motion. I had to discard some of the shots (final pose was just too awkward), but many came out quite well.

Other accessories are new silver hoop earrings (actually visible in some shots), red headband, black and white jewelry, taupe hose, and red suede moccasin pumps. Additional pics on Flickr, next session on Thursday...and huge plans for the weekend. More on that later.

End of February Dressing 1

I went with a classic look this morning--a crisp white blouse paired with a knee-length straight skirt. I jazzed it up with the scarf.

Other accessories are the blue hair bow, gold jewelry (including big new earrings, not really visible), taupe hose, and black mary-jane pumps. Additional pics on Flickr; another outfit this afternoon.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Men We'd Love to See Feminized--Round 2, Week 13

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

Post-Blizzard Dressing 4

Here, at last, are the final pics from last Friday. As I noted, I went in a completely opposite direction from the elegance of the new little black a schoolgirl look. This is the layered top from Burlington, bought long ago, paired with the purple/gray tartan skirt from Target.

Accessories are white hair bow, narrow scarf, gold and black jewelry, white hose, and gray fabric pumps.

More pics on Flickr.

This week will be very busy--I'm shopping today in prep for next weekend, when I should be able to be dressed for nearly three days straight. I'm picking up some new jewelry (Kmart had some fabulous clip-on earrings!), makeup (yes, I'm going to try wearing real cosmetics again), and false nails! I also plan to start on another new story...set in everybody's favorite town of Stepton.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Post-Blizzard Dressing 2

Thursday I went to Target and picked up a dress I'd been eyeing for weeks. It's a lovely "little black dress", the first I've ever owned. (Previously, I've faked one together by combining tops and skirts and belts.) This one has all the flowing comfort I like, a hem length that manages to be both ladylike and sexy, and--very important--long sleeves. (Most LBDs tend to be sleeveless or cap sleeved.)

I also found a new set of pearls to go with this at Kmart; other accessories are black hose and the faux-croc spike heels. Kmart had some terrific new clip-on earrings, too; I'll be going back for those this week.

The other outfit I wore yesterday was 180 degrees from this one; I hope to post some of it later today or tomorrow. More pics on Flickr.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post-Blizzard Dressing

I was finally able to get a few hours to dress today. I pulled out an outfit that usually gets compliments...the two-piece from Target with the flowing kimono-like sleeves.

I didn't have a lot of time for I didn't hang a backdrop or even cover the window in the door. That created an interesting "halo" effect in many of these shots.

Accessories are red hairband, silver jewelry, taupe hose and red t-strap pumps. A few more pics on Flickr...and I hope to have a more extensive dressing and photo session on Friday.

Am I Hot 4

So, I posted an older pic of myself--from 'way back in my 20s--to see what reaction that would get on Hot or Not...and, as I suspected, it came out pretty well:

"Hotter than 62% of the women on this site..." and I'm not female!

I may do one more of these...probably the old one of me in the corset.

Update: Hot or Not rejected the shot of me in the corset; reason is unclear--they may have considered it inappropriate or it may be that it's too fuzzy. I'm going to try again with the maid's uniform.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Men We'd Love to See Feminized--Round 2, Week 12

Haley Joel Osment

Stephanie Stay-Hard

Chapter Six

Moments later, Stephanie minced back to the table, her skirt no longer tented, carefully carrying the little silver cup. She sat and looked at her wife-mistress. Susan nodded, and Stephanie lapped up the cock cream from the cup, licking it clean. As soon as she did, she was surprised by Tiffany leaning into her, and pressing her lips against Stephanie's, thrusting her tongue into Stephanie's mouth and taking a portion of the wad of cream into her own mouth. She drew away and a bit of the cream dribbled out of each boy-girl's mouth.

"How lovely, how sexy," Vera noted. "So delightful to see cock cream on a sissy's face!" She turned to her sister. "So, what's next for your little sissy hubby?"

"Why, I'm not sure..." Sue began...

"Isn't your anniversary next month?" Vera asked.

"Yes, on the 12th," Sue answered.

"Have you considered a ceremony to renew your vows...a very special ceremony?"

"Oh, my...yes, I'd love to see Stephie as a bride, come to think of it!" Sue exclaimed.

"There will be a lot of work involved...and, of course, Tiffany and I will be happy to help. I can be your 'best man'...and Tiffany can be Stephanie's maid of honor!"

Stephanie felt her face turn red. "Susan, no! You'd have to invite all our friends and family to an event like that!" she cried.

"Why, of course, dear--don't you think it's time for them all to finally meet Stephanie? I'd think the sheer humiliation of it all would have you stiff as a board!" She laughed...and, instantly, Stephanie's sissy-cock was again hard and erect in her panties.

Vera and Susan quickly put the plan in motion. They found a hall and booked a date three months in advance...found a clergywoman who would happily perform the ceremony (even after being told the unusual circumstances)...and began making appointments for their sissies at various places.

One of the first was a bridal shop, where Stephanie and Tiffany were made to try on virtually every bridal gown and bridesmaid gown in the place. Susan was unhappy with most of the choices for Stephanie. "They make her look too sophisticated, too truly womanly." Then she spotted a prom dress--it was tea-length and had a circle skirt floating over a petticoat. She gave it to Stephanie to try on and it was everything she wanted...except, of course, for the color. Susan turned to the shop manager. "Can you order this in white satin?" she asked.

"Well, it's outside the usual color range and may take a bit longer...and there will be a custom-order price addition...." the manager said.

"Not a problem," Sue responded. "You can have it ready by this date?" She handed the manager a note.

"Yes, indeed."

Stephanie turned to Susan. "If I'm wearing the bridal gown," she asked, "what are you wearing, Susan?"

"Why, a suit, of course!"

The day of the big event, Susan brought Stephanie back to Vera's salon for her bridal makeover. The two women gathered in a corner, conspiratorially planning
Stephanie's look. Susan giggled with delight when Vera outlined her plan. They returned to Stephanie, and Susan handed her a lipstick. "Touch up your lips before we start, honey," she ordered. And as the lipstick touched Stephanie's mouth, she dropped into trance.

Now Vera began her work. First she cut Stephanie's hair into a very short bowl-like bob, shaving the nape of the neck as well. The result was an extreme hairstyle, one most women would never wear, one that clearly said here is a male being feminized! But that was not the end--Vera shampooed the hair and worked in a strong bleach, and after an hour, Stephanie's hair was white. Now Vera began to tone it...not with blonde, as might have been expected, but with pink! As her hair color set in, Vera redid Stephanie's makeup, in more pink tones to match her hair.

Finally, she spun the chair around so that the newly rose-colored Stephanie faced the mirror. "This is the new you, Stephanie Stay-Hard! Pink is the color of a sissified male, a submissive servant to your wife. Pink is the color that arouses you, that makes you long to serve, that makes you want to be a sissy! Do you understand?"

"Yes," Stephanie murmured, "pink...want to be sissy...."

"Excellent! Wake up now, sweetie, it's time to get dressed...."

An hour later, the bridal party--Stephanie in her short white gown, Tiffany in a yellow prom dress, and Susan and Vera in suits with extreme mini-skirts and high heels--stood before the minister. The clergywoman addressed the congregation--made up of friends and neighbors, all of whom were astonished to discover that Stephen had become Stephanie: "Now, Susan and Stephanie will recite the vows they have written for their renewal."

Susan spoke first. "Stephanie, I promise I will be a loving wife-mistress, giving you the discipline you desire and continuing the transformation you are undergoing. You are my sissy, my husband, my male lesbian lover." She placed a large diamond ring on Stephanie's finger.

Then Stephanie dropped to her knees before Susan. "Susan, I promise I will be a devoted sissy husband. I willingly undergo the transformation you desire, becoming the male lesbian lover you wish me to be."

The minister smiled and, as Susan and Stephanie turned to face the crowd, announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Susan and Stephanie Stay-Hard!"