Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poll thoughts

I haven't posted with this title in quite a while, but I thought it worth noting the neck-and-neck race being run in this week's poll among Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek, and Alyssa Milano, with only two votes separating #1 and #3.

Dark Lady

A week or so back, I discussed the possibility of getting a new blonde wig (the curly one is getting rather ratty looking), and regular correspondent Karen suggested an alternative. "We've seen you as a redhead and a blonde, why not brunette?" she asked.

Well, I didn't want to go with brown--that's my natural color (now sprinkled with gray)--and I like to have my femme self have a distinctly different look. So I found a black wig. It's shoulder-length and straight...the manufacturer calls it "Cleopatra" (but I always thought of her hair as longer than this).

You saw it briefly in the final shots of the "In My Closet" series posted earlier today. Now, here are some portraits of the new "dark" me:

Additional portraits are on Flickr.

In My Closet--Pink Blouse/Charcoal Pinstripe Pants

The final set of clothes in my wardrobe. I saved these until now because I wanted something comfortable to hang around in for the last day. Both pieces came from Burlington. I like these pants better than the others because the very wide leg seems so very feminine!

Pink scarf and pumps, of course...and the new black wig. More on that in the next posting.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid...

I went out this morning, in femme pants, shoes and blouse, to pick up the paper at the convenience store and get breakfast at the Mickey D's drivethrough. I had with me only my wallet and the car keys. I closed the door behind me and then gasped. "Is it locked?" I thought. I checked. It was! I'd locked myself out!

What could I do? Call a locksmith...well, yeah, but could I face him dressed like this? I have a casement windows...no way I'm crawling through one of them. OK...break the glass in the backdoor. So, I did. Then I immediately called a glazier. He's promised to be here within the hour.

Hopefully, I can change back into femme mode and do some photography once he leaves!

Monday, March 30, 2009

In My Closet--French Maid Dani

More pure fetish fantasy. I bought this from a place called Bliss Avenue. It's a new chain run by the same folks who run the seasonal Halloween Adventures stores. It carries not only the sexy costumes, but also lots of lingerie and the like. (Unfortunately, not in my sizes!) This is the largest size of the maid's uniform...and it barely fits!

I added a set of crinolines (also from Bliss), fishnet hose and the white sandals.

That's it, save for a single outfit I'm saving for tomorrow, when I'll also be doing some portrait shots in my new black wig.

In My Closet--Schoolgirl Dani

Pure fetish fantasy here. Although both parts of this outfit...top and micro-skirt...were purchased at Burlington, of all places! The crinolines were bought to go with the maid uniform (see that later), but I tried them out with this for the first time here and I love the look!

Sorry if some are offended by the rear view, but, well....

Two slight variations, because I wasn't sure which set of leg- and footwear would be best. In the first, it's bare legs and frilly socks with mary-janes. In the second, kneesocks and baby-doll pumps. Same jewelry with both.

In My Closet--White Blouse/Pink Stretch Miniskirt

Again, nothing we haven't seen before in this series...but I'd done a variation of this outfit a few months ago, and the result was just so sexy I had to include it in this catalogue.

Fishnet hose, white sandals, silver jewelry.

In My Closet--Brown T-Shirt/Red Stretch Miniskirt

All the main elements of this outfit have been seen before, but since they were initially bought to go together, I figured I'd show them that way as well. Both shirt and skirt are from the Wal-Mart Seed Supply line. The scarf and belt were last-minute additions to the idea.

Black hose, red t-strap pumps, gold jewelry.

In My Closet--Black Top with Crystals/Black Skirt

The other "party" top from the Kmart Jaclyn Smith line I bought last December. Combined with the black skirt, it creates the "little black dress" I otherwise don't have. I'd like to find an even shorter black skirt to go with it, actually.

Black hose, black pumps, silver jewelry.

In My Closet--Blue Shiny Top/Black Skirt

Bought before Christmas 2008, when I was looking for "party" attire, this lovely blue top shot through with silver threads in a stripe pattern is part of Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line. And isn't it amazing how that one straight black skirt goes with so many things!

Shoes are those incredibly sexy blue patent pumps, worn with black hose and silver jewelry.

We Interrupt this Catalogue....

...for a brief mini-adventure.

Needed to get breakfast this morning, but didn't want to get out of the femme mindset too much. So, I put on my blue striped blouse, the black pants, knee-socks and kitten heel shoes and drove to pick up the papers and breakfast at McDonald's. Let me point out that I had to get out of the car to get the papers at the local convenience store, walking in with my heels clearly clicking on the pavement and flooring.

I've also discovered why women carry a purse even when they have pockets in their clothes: Women's pockets aren't deep enough to keep change from sliding out onto the car seat!

In My Closet--Long Nightgown

This is actually the second nightgown I bought. The first suffered a broken strap and had to be replaced. This one came from Sears, as I recall.

Though I just left a comment to Karen on the previous post that I hadn't been doing any digital editing on my figure, that's not true on this one. There's obviously no way to wear a padded bra with this, so I went without and created the boobs on the computer.

Shoes are the white sandals. I keep looking for a pair of sexy bedroom slippers, but nobody carries them in size 11!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In My Closet--Blue Sweater/Black Pants

My third sweater, from Target's Merona line, bought late this winter. I like the short sleeves, which mean I can comfortable wear it through the spring. The pants are one of two pair I bought at Burlington midway through 2008 when I realized that most women wore pants at least some of the time and I wanted to see if I could maintain a feminine image in them. These have a built-in belt and cuffs. Oddly, I never found any of the quintessentially femme side- or back-zippered pants. Have women stopped wearing those?

Black hose, black mary-janes, silver jewelry.

In My Closet--Red Paisley Blouse/Black Skirt

This blouse was bought at the same time as the blue-striped one seen earlier, as part of a set of accessories for my several suits. Like the suits, it came from Burlington. And here, again, is that wonderful straight black skirt.

With it, I'm wearing black hose, red baby-doll pumps, and an assortment of jewelry, including the multi-strand pearl necklace.

In My Closet--Pink Print T-Shirt/Pink Stretch Miniskirt

I don't remember which of these items came first last spring. I know I was looking for a casual "teen" look when I shopped for the t-shirt, finding it at Kmart. The pink miniskirt...from the Seed Supply Co. line at Wal-Mart...was bought because I decided I could go a size smaller than the red one seen previously. I only wear it when I want to be a sexpot.

Lots of bracelets and the silver choker seem to work with this, as do the white hose and pink pumps (of course!).

A digital makeup note: I decided to do the pink lips and blue eyes (though with pink eyeliner) that I usually save for the blonde wig.

In My Closet--White Man-Tailored Blouse/Black Skirt

I call this my "office girl" look. The blouse is by Ryder Jeans, purchased at Kmart, but available in many places. The black skirt we've seen previously.

I wore lots of jewelry here to dress up an otherwise rather simple look...and give the impression of a girl trying to look like champagne on a beer budget. Also worn with natural hose and black mary-jane pumps.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be--Quarter-Finals, Week 7

Sarah Michelle had 29 votes out of 64 (a somewhat slow week in voting) or 46%. That moves her into first place.

In My Closet--Blue Striped Blouse/Red Miniskirt

I had an inkling this combination was going to be successful, but not this successful! The blouse was bought 'way back in early '08 to go with some of those suits from Burlington (it's also from there). The miniskirt is from Wal-Mart's Seed Supply line, bought last spring.

The shoes are the new blue pumps, with natural hose and lots of silver jewelry. Isn't it amazing what a short skirt and very high heels will do for your legs?

That's it until Sunday...I should have at least three straight days to finish this project then.

In My Closet--Red Turtleneck/Black Skirt

The red turtleneck was bought this winter at Kohl's, again by Croft & Barrow. The black skirt is from spring 2008, from Target's Merona line. Amazing how such a simple, classic straight skirt can be so sexy, isn't it?

The accessories are natural hose, red suede pumps, and silver jewelry.

In My Closet--Brown T-Shirt/Denim Skirt

Everything's the same as in the previous posting, except for the top. This is a brown, three-quarter sleeve t-shirt from Wal-Mart's Seed Supply Co. line. I originally bought it last spring to go with the red miniskirt from the same line (you'll see that later), but I really like it paired with the denim skirt. I threw on the scarf at the last moment for a flare of color.

Natural hose, boots, gold jewelry round it all out.

In My Closet--Cowlneck Sweater/Denim Skirt

Who'd have thought such a casual outfit could look so classic? I bought the denim skirt last summer from Target, wanting something that looked younger and less "officey" than much of what I'd acquired so far. (It's part of their Merona line.) The cowlneck sweater came in the fall, as I looked for something appropriate for the season. It was bought at Kohl's and is made by Croft & Barrow. Together, especially with the belt, they make a perfect combination.

By the way, if you have a Kohl's near you, I highly recommend them for name brands at affordable prices.

The outfit is worn here with natural hose, boots, and gold jewelry.

In My Closet--New Arrival: Black Stretch Top/Multi-color Print Skirt

The other new outfit from Kmart...this is from their Attention line. I saw the skirt first and loved it, then found the top to go with it. Another flirty, floating skirt, with a terrific hemline length.

I chose the new purple pumps to lend some additional color (do they work?), plain hose, and silver jewelry.

Here's an additional shot. The cleavage is digitally enhanced.

All My Footwear--Addendum 2

Here's the other pair of new shoes. Payless describes these as having a 1920s feel...and I can see it. I just love this color...now I just have to figure out how much I have the will go with them. Perhaps I can pick up a purple scarf to wear with some of my black or white clothes to make it work.

In My Closet--New Arrival: Red Embroidered Sweater/Floral Skirt

One of the three outfits I spotted and picked up at Kmart earlier this week. Both part of the Jaclyn Smith line, the sweater has a pretty yellow embroidery on the v-neckline, and the crepon skirt floats beautifully.

Worn with the new green pumps (a nice match to the green in the skirt, yes?), natural hose, and silver jewelry.

And since this is a new outfit, one more shot of it.

All My Footwear--Addendum 1

Bought at Payless earlier this week, these lovely shoes (Payless calls the color "mushroom") feature a Pilgrim-style buckle on the toe and a blocky three-inch heel. They're comfortable and fashionable.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In My Closet--New Arrival: Crepon Dress

Damn! I knew I was going to look good in this when I saw it in Kmart on Monday...but I had no idea I'd look this good! It's from the Jaclyn Smith line, and it fits me just perfectly...I love the hem length on this!

I'm wearing it with natural hose, red t-strap pumps, and gold jewelry.

And because this is the first posting with this outfit, here are a few more shots:

In My Closet--Sweater Dress

I would never have believed I could fit into a size 14 until I tried on this sweater dress from Burlington! It clings in all the right places and the hemline falls exactly where it should. It is soooo sexy and comfortable!

The accessories are fishnet hose, white patent sandals, a multi-colored scarf and silver jewelry. (And how I wish I could learn to walk in those magnificent sandals for more than a few minutes at a time!)

In My Closet--T-Shirt Dress

I bought this in January, when I was thinking I wanted to start looking a little less matronly. (Though, I suppose, at 57 with two adult kids, that's exactly what I am!) It's from Kmart, by Converse One Star. I like the form-fitting shape and the short, but not too short, hemline.

A lingerie note: I'm wearing a camisole with this, as the last time I took photos in it, I discovered the bra showed through a lot. That got a complimentary comment on Flickr, but it's not really a look I want to have too often. I also discovered I had to switch to a different pair of panties...there was a decided bulge when I first put this on. That's an indication, I guess, of both the fit of the dress and the fact that dressing so much is turning me on!

The other accessories are white hose, red baby-doll pumps, and gold jewelry.

In My Closet--First Purchase

Yes, this was the very first full outfit I bought on my return to dressing, just before Christmas of 2007. It's from Wal-Mart, and consists of a red jersey v-neck top and a black chiffon skirt with a ruffled hemline that falls just below the knee.

I was still experimenting with sizes then (these are both 2X), and while the top is a good fit (especially over my 44C boobs), the skirt was far too loose in the waist. I eventually had it taken in.

It's worn here with natural hose, classic black patent court pumps, and silver jewelry.

In My Closet--Blue Floral Dress

I bought this just about a year ago, at Burlington. I liked the sheer fabric over the blue sheath slip and the ruffled hem. It's light, flirty, femme, and very comfortable. It just seems to float when I wear it.

It's seen here with natural hose, blue patent pumps, and gold jewelry.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Bit Silly, But...

...here I am, in the midst of cataloguing my wardrobe, and I go out this morning and add to it!

Here's the story: I was in Kmart yesterday, picking up something else and decided to browse the women's department. (Almost always do, if I'm by myself!) Turns out they had just gotten in all their spring stuff...and were having a week-long 25% off sale to boot! Well, I couldn't pass that up!

I won't be doing a photo session with these before Friday at the earliest, so here's a quick rundown on what I got:

Jaclyn Smith crepon dress

The link shows this in green and white; mine is in black and red.

Jaclyn Smith crepon floral print skirt

How could I let this get away? And here's the top to go with it:

Jaclyn Smith embroidered v-neck sweater

Next I found a great flirty short skirt:

Attention pleat waistband skirt

And a black top to go with it:

Attention stretch tee

But that wasn't the end of my shopping spree. Remember I said I had a 20% coupon for Payless? Here's what I got there:

This charming designer pump by Stacey Bendet has a Roaring '20s vibe. It features an elegant V-shaped topline, a softly pointed toe and a bold mary jane strap with elastic for a good fit. Padded insole for comfort. 3" heel. Manmade upper. Leather outsole.

An updated classic for the modern pioneer, this Dexter pilgrim pump features a sleek patent upper, roomy square toe and bold buckle detail. Padded insole for comfort. 3.5" heel. Manmade materials.


Monday, March 23, 2009

In My Closet--Jersey Knit Dress

This jersey knit dress from Kmart's Attention line is one of my favorites. It's incredibly comfortable and yet amazingly feminine. It has a polo collar and buttoned three-quarter length sleeves and a hemline that is just perfect! I often wear it with a white leather belt, but I wanted to show it here with its original cloth tie belt.

Accessories are silver earrings and bracelets and a pink striped scarf, natural hose and pink pumps.

In My Closet--Red Two-Piece

I bought this at Kmart (part of their Jaclyn Smith collection) last spring. At the time, I thought it looked pretty good. Now, I'm not so sure. I like the flowing line of the skirt, especially when I team it with other tops, but I wonder if the effect of the whole ensemble is just a little hausfrau, if you know what I mean. I suspect that could be solved by shortening the skirt, but I hesitate....

It's worn here with black hose and red suede pumps, and gold jewelry.

In My Closet--Formal Outfit

I think of this as my New Year's Eve outfit...I bought it with that in mind at Burlington. And if I ever have the courage to actually go out en femme at New Year's, this is what I will wear.

I love how the stretch fabric of the glittery top emphasizes the bustline (especially when I remember to "stick out and suck in" as here), and hemline of the skirt is just too cute for words!

It's worn here with black hose and the pumps I bought just to go with this. Jewelry is pearl earrings and necklace and as many bracelets as I could manage!

In My Closet--Red Ruffled Party Dress

I bought this--at Wal-Mart--during the 2008 holidays, thinking I wanted to at least pretend I was going out to a party as Dani. I liked the color, the ruffle at the neckline, and the length...ladylike, but not matronly.

I'm wearing it here with black hose, red peep-toe pumps, pearl earrings and necklace, and rather heavy bracelets. I suspect it needs something more on the upper arms--an arm-band, perhaps? And would it look better with higher heels? (I know--everything looks better with higher heels, but seriously....)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Plans for the Week

Normally, I'd be upset that I'm only working three days next week...but I've been so eager to get back to my visual catalogue of my wardrobe that the extra opportunities to continue are very welcome.

In the first run, I did mostly my "two-piece" outfits that were bought as a set. In the coming days, I'll be focusing on the remainder of those and on my actual dresses. I've planned out eight outfits to start with. After that, I'll be working on skirts and blouses bought separately...still not sure how I'm going to go about those.

I also just got a coupon for 20 percent off at Payless...so I guess I'll be doing some more shoe shopping. I'm considering a new blonde wig, as well...the big curly one was inexpensive, but it's getting a little "ratty," so I'm looking for a new one, probably longer than my red one, but straight.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be, Quarter-Finals, Week 6

Yet another older icon takes the lead. Olivia had 41 out of 99 votes (41%), putting her (for now) in second seed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rules of This Place

In my other life, I have just been banned from a message board I've been an active participant in for more than a decade. Why? I expressed an opinion the board owner didn't agree with. First, he cut off all discussion regarding my point in the relevant thread...and when I took the discussion to e-mail, to try to explain myself and better understand him, he called that an "unwarranted intrusion on his time" and banned me from the board.

I just want everyone who regularly reads this blog to know that will never happen here. All relevant comments are welcome. (Spam is not.) It's why I don't moderate comments before posting.

In case you can't tell, I'm pissed off by this.

On a happier note, I will return to cataloging my wardrobe sometime next week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be, Quarter-Finals, Week 5

For the second week in a row, an older icon wins out over a group of young starlets. Catherine had 35 out of 95 votes or 36%.

We're halfway through the quarter-finals now and here's the "seeding" so far (first number is votes received, second is percentage of total vote; seeding is by percentage):

Drew Barrymore-37/42%
Jessica Alba-37/39%
Diana Rigg-33/38%
Catherine Deneuve-35/36%
Alicia Silverstone-26/28%

Thursday, March 12, 2009

In My Closet--Floral Two-Piece

The first outfit not bought at Burlington. This is from the Merona line at Target. I liked the flow of the kimono-like sleeves, the band under the bustline that emphasizes the boobs, and the flattering, but not matronly, hem length.

It's worn here with white hose and the red t-strap pumps, along with pearl earrings, pearl necklace and a variety of gold and silver bracelets.

This'll be the last outfit for today. I'll continue this tour of my wardrobe no later than March 29 (possibly earlier).

In My Closet--Tunic Two-Piece

Another Burlington purchase, early in my return to dressing. I liked the belted tunic top (anything to help create a waistline!) and the flowing nature of the below-the-knee skirt (very femme!). I've since worn the skirt with other tops, though I haven't tried the top with other skirts--there's a future photo session!

Worn here with black hose, black pumps, gold earrings, chain, and bracelets.

In My Closet--the Blue Pinstripe Suit

The third suit I bought at Burlington, this time in a more fitting size. I love the short straight skirt on this one. The jacket originally had some strange set of ties on the front...but I could never figure out how they were supposed to work, so I cut them off and now just wear it open.

It's worn here with the white blouse (by Rider, bought at Kmart), black hose and those great blue patent pumps. Still getting used to walking in those...not as tough as the white sandals, though. Love how my legs look in them! Additional accessories are silver earrings, silver choker, silver chain, crystal bracelet and pearl ankle bracelet.

In My Closet--the Blue Suit

A second suit from Burlington--actually the first thing I bought there. I liked the detail of the chain on the jacket and the kick pleat on the front of the skirt. It's also a women's size, but the skirt has been taken in at the waist and shortened considerably. The blue-striped blouse is also from Burlington.

Accessories are black-and-silver earrings, light silver necklace, silver choker, cocktail ring, heavy silver bracelet and silver bead bracelets. Also added pearl ankle bracelet. Shoes are the black mary-janes.

In My Closet--the Gray Suit

Beginning my visual catalogue of what's in my wardrobe:

This was one of my earliest purchases, from Burlington Coat Factory, back when I was certain my size relegated me to the "women's sizes" (those ending with a "W"). I now know I was wrong (I can wear the larger misses sizes pretty easily).

Anyway, I chose this at the time because I thought the pleated hem was sort of cute and kicky. Now--even with the skirt taken in and shortened, and worn with a youthful pair of baby-doll pumps, it still seems frumpy and matronly. Of all my outfits, this is the only one I'm considering giving away to Goodwill.

FTR, worn with red-and-black paisley blouse (also from Burlington), gold earrings and chain, and red baby-doll pumps.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alice Awaits

[I'm preparing for a dressing/photo session tomorrow--the beginning of my visual catalogue of all my clothes--but, in the meantime, thought I should post another piece of art.]

Alice is only beginning her transformation, of course...