Monday, November 27, 2023

Petal Pansy

A week or so back in an email, sissy annie's Mommy, Ms.Holly, used the phrase "never grow up". Naturally, this reminded me of a famous book and play, so I came up with a gender-jumbled version of James M. Barrie's work:

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Hypno-Session: Sissy Showgirl

In our latest meeting, Goddess Lola used her mesmeric power to place me on stage as a scantily clad showgirl.

Here's the result.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Annie and Mommy at the Mall

This slightly fictionalized tale is based on what annie's Mommy, Ms. Holly, told me of their most recent visit to the mall.


Annie’s Mommy sat before her pretty sissy and looked into her blank, glazed eyes. Annie was deep in trance and Mommy was giving her new instructions. “When you hear the words Is Sissy Happy? you will sing your song to the tune of  ‘I'm a little teapot’ and then curtsy! After all, sissy annie loves to show everyone what a sissy she is, doesn’t she?” 

“Yes, Mommy, I understand,” annie responded in a monotone.

 “When you introduce yourself you will say ‘I am Mommy's little sissy darling,’ do a deep curtsy, and produce your sissy ID card,” Mommy continued. “because you are proud to be my little sissy, aren’t you, dear?”


“Yes, Mommy, I understand,” annie replied.


“When you hear the words annie's panties you will lift your skirt and show them off,” Mommy went on. “If you are wearing diapers you will show off your frilly diaper cover. And you will get a great thrill of pleasure from doing so.”


“Yes, Mommy, I understand,” annie answered again.


“The trigger word infantile is a sub-conscious reminder that you must cry like a baby to have your diaper changed, to be fed when you are hungry and for attention and comfort. You are an infantile sissy baby,” Mommy added.


“Yes, Mommy, I understand.”


“Good sissy,” Mommy said and then woke her little darling from trance. “Now, annie, we are going to the mall. Won’t that be fun? To be where everyone can see what an obedient, pretty little thing you are?”


“Oh, goodie, Mommy! Will we buy new things for me?” annie asked, eagerly.


“We will see, perhaps if you are a good girl,” Mommy replied.


With that, Mommy bundled her sweet sissy into the car and drove to the mall. They walked hand-in-hand through the parking lot, getting a lot of attention—both curious stares and admiring glances. Annie, after all, was in her pink Frozen dress, and Mommy wore a tight skirt with a silk top and four-inch heels. They entered the mall and began to stroll, gazing at the window displays. A number of women paused to smile at annie’s very sissy-ish look. When they reached the center court, Mommy stopped and asked, “Is Sissy happy?” Immediately, annie softly began her song:


“I’m a little sissy

Short and sweet

Here is my curtsey

Here is my pout


“When I get all pretty

I just shout

Little Miss Sissy

All about!”


“No, no, sweetie, louder,” Mommy scolded. “We want everybody to know how much you like being a sissy, don’t we?” And so, annie repeated, in a full but girlish tone:


“I’m a little sissy

Short and sweet

Here is my curtsey

Here is my pout


“When I get all pretty

I just shout

Litle Miss Sissy

All about!”


It didn’t take long before a crowd gathered around…nearly all of them female. Some young teen “mall-rats” laughed; others, ladies in their 30s and 40s, smiled knowingly, as if recognizing a submissive male when they saw one; still others, clearly grandmothers or older aunts, looked wistfully on, imagining having such a sweet thing to look after. One of the women in her 30s—very attractive and smartly dressed in slacks and heels--stepped forward to introduce herself. “Hello, little one,” she said. “I’m Gloria. Can I be your friend?”


Annie stopped singing, smiled and said “I am Mommy's little sissy darling,” then dropped a curtsy.


“You certainly are, dear,” Gloria responded, suppressing a laugh.


“Annie, give the nice lady your card, honey,” Mommy directed, and annie produced one from her little purse.


Gloria read it and turned to Mommy. “Is she--?” she began to ask.


Mommy smiled and said, “Yes. The website on the card will tell you all about her. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me.” Mommy took annie’s hand and said, “Come, sweetheart, it’s time for lunch,” and led her to the food court. Mommy chose a table in the center of the court so everyone could see how pretty and childlike her sissy was. She took out a carton of special apple juice and poured it into annie’s bottle. “Here you are, sweety,” she said, “finish it all up like a good little infantile sissy.”


Annie sucked hard at the nipple and soon emptied the bottle. Then Mommy took some baby food from her bag—apples and peas—tied a babyish bib around annie’s neck and began to feed her. “Oh, you are so infantile when I feed you this way, sweetheart! Mommy just loves you like this!” After a few minutes, annie began to wiggle her bottom in the chair. Mommy ignored her for the moment. Annie’s discomfort increased and she began to whimper. Mommy waited. Finally, real wails and tears erupted. “Does my infantile sweety need a change?” she asked as she lifted annie out of the chair and led her to the family-designated restroom.


There, she helped the poor sissy onto the big changing table, lay her on her back and undid her diaper. “Oh, yes, lots of baby wetties and mess!” she laughed, as she took out wipes and cleaned carefully all around annie’s locked-up nubbin and made sure her bottom was clean and dry. Then she powdered the dear thing and put her in a fresh diaper. They left the restroom with annie happy once more.


As they walked to the mall exit, Mommy asked “Are annie’s panties comfortable now?” Annie suddenly stopped, grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up, to show off her frilly undies. People all around stopped and smiled and lsughed. Mommy pretended to be angry. “Now, annie, you are much too old to be doing that!”


But one of the women looking on commented, “It’s all right…those panties are so pretty, I’m sure she just wanted to show them off!”


Mommy turned to annie and said, “What do we say to the nice lady?”


Annie, of course, replied, I am Mommy's little sissy darling,” and curtsied. The woman gushed with praise and handed Mommy her card. “You must bring her round to my home! My little girl will love having such a big dolly to play with!”


It was time to leave. Mommy placed a binky in annie’s mouth as a reward for her good behavior and they returned to the car and home.













Thursday, November 16, 2023

Sissy Princess Quarterly

I prepared this as a gift to Ms. Holly and sissy annie for their friendship and support of the blog. I thought it only fitting to share it with all of you.

Monday, November 13, 2023

A Talk with Sissy Princess Annie

 Ms. Holly graciously allowed me to "interview" sissy annie via e-mail. Here is the result:

What’s an average day like for you? How does it start? Tell me about how Mommy gets you ready for the day.

When is your bedtime…and what do you and Mommy do to get ready for it?

Mommy usually wakes me up about 7:30. It depends on her plans. But not past 8.  She makes breakfast for me. After that she bathes and dresses me. She does my makeup and hair too.

From 9 until noon i do school work. I go to  I am at K5 level. It's learning letters/numbers and lots of reading. About noon mommy feeds me lunch and then I take a nap. After my nap I go to my playroom and spend time with my dollies.

I usually have time for some of my favorite TV shows like Alice's Wonderland Bakery, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock , Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, the Muppets and more.

I also, with mommy's help, work on my blog posts. Mommy feeds me dinner about 8 or so and then she gets me ready for bed. She always diapers me for bed so I don't have an accident. When she puts me in my bed she turns on my baby mobile. I love the pretty music and she gives me my binky to suck on. I need that.


Do you have favorite dresses to wear?

I love my Toy Parade dresses. I have one in pink and one in light green. My other favorites are my four pink party dresses. But I wear them if we are going places like to meet people, playdates, birthday parties and like that. I have lots and lots of pretty dresses. It's hard to choose. But that's not my problem since mommy decides for me. Mommy told me that I am her dolly just like my dollies are to me.   I decide what my dollies wear and she decides what I wear.

 What’s your favorite place to go on an outing? The zoo? The playground? Shopping? 

How often do you get visits from your friends? And what do you do together? Do you ever visit them at their homes?

I love my girlfriends visiting me on a playdate. I also go to their homes. My best girlfriends are Amy who is 6, Julie who is 7 and Chrissy who is 6 and a half. We all love to play dollies together and. watch TV and movies. I love playing games. My favorites are Pretty, Pretty Princess, Candyland, making jewelry and coloring! I see my girlfriends at least once a week. Mostly just weekends 'cause they go to school. I have school at home,

Mommy said to add that they are not sissies like me. But they like me and their mommies like me too.

I love going shopping with mommy. to the theater, to the puppet museum for puppet shows, the playground and museums!

.I know Mommy has taken you on trips. Do you ever ride in a plane or on a train when you do?

Mommy has taken me on plane trips, bus trips and even on a train once. She always brings snacks and drinks for me. She always has me wear a pretty dress for traveling. I don't mind!!  Did she tell you that I almost never wear slacks or pants?

 Do you take a nap every day?

I always have a nap after lunch and sometimes a nap later in the afternoon. Mommy says she knows when I need another nap because I get overtired. That happens when I have a playdate with my girlfriends. Mommy says I get over excited. I know that she is right. I just love playtime with them.

Dr Dotson says that having girlfriends my age is so good for me

 How often do you visit Dr. Dotson? Can you tell me about those visits?

Mommy takes me to meet her every other week. She is very kind to me and listens to me and asks me questions. She always has me bring a dolly with me. So I bring a different one with me. I have 12 so it will be a while before the same girl visits again.

Dr Dotson talks to my dolly. Sometimes she just wants to watch me play with my dolly. She says that helps her understand me better. She always asks me how I am feeling and how I am getting along with everyone. She helps me be a better girlfriend with my best girlfriends.

There are times she puts me to sleep. Most times I do not remember what I said or what happens when I am sleeping. But I always wake up with the same thought. That I love mommy and need to show her that I am grateful to be her little girl!


Saturday, November 11, 2023

Hypno-Session: When Dani Met Bubbles

If that title doesn't give away the store on what happened in my latest session with Goddess Lola, then read the trance-script.

Friday, November 10, 2023

My New Friend: Sissy Princess Annie, part two

See part one, posted yesterday

I asked about the level of acceptance Annie seems to have when in public:

Annie has always been a brave little sissy, not wanting to hide in the closet like most other sissies. She took a great deal of risks to be out in public before we met. I had to explain to her that girls, especially sissies, need to be extremely careful. The first time I took her out in public, she clung to me like any scared little sissy would. (Annie has never exhibited any desire for independence, like most children, since we have been together) She has experienced being called a "sissy" and other hurtful names. I have taught her to love those names and thank the person for the compliments. No one has ever objected to her presence in any public setting. That is because she has been taught proper manners. She also knows that all females are superior. When we are in a setting where there are lots of other little girls (like the American Girl stores or Puppetry Center, etc.) she is to always defer to the other girls. I love that I have taken a male and regressed him into a sweet sissy princess!

During the first year together I was having some serious behavioral issues with Annie. I will not tolerate boy behaviors. I cut off her long hair and put her in wigs. I punished her by taking her out in a crew cut and all dolled up in makeup and a lovely pink dress. The humiliation was very, very intense. Not only were the boy behaviors a problem but she developed an attitude that she was cuter and prettier that all girls. The wig is a constant reminder that she is a sissy. I do take her to the salon for her nails and other beauty treatments, Dr Dotson has been working with Sissy Annie on her narcissism.

Dr Dotson has been incredible, She is an expert in "deviant" behavior. I do not consider "deviant" to be negative, Just different from the "norm". Annie is a child. Legally, emotionally, intellectually and socially. She has girlfriends her age. I need to be very careful about that because many people would reach the wrong conclusions. It’s another reason that I keep her locked in chastity.

There is one special trigger that I love the most. When someone calls her "Precious" it reinforces her entire self-image as a sissy princess! She tingles all over--a reminder of what a blessed girl she is. I give her a warm hug and tell her how much I love her. Then I tell her we are going to make a plan to go to the American Girl store to shop for her dollies and make a plan to have lunch there with other girls. A very special reward. So Sissy Annie knows about the connection with "precious" and the reward. She tries very hard to show women how femme, delicate, dainty, girly, etc. she us. She must not ever hint at the word or she is paddled for narcissism. All little girls love the attention they get for being little princesses. Annie is the same. Annie's need for my approval is over-the-top! I love our mornings when I bathe, dress, feed, etc. and get her ready for the day.

She is physically a male but she has been on female hormones for many years. That means physical and emotional changes. I am not in favor of SRS. If she cannot get pregnant then what is the point. Annie has never, in her life, had intimate sex with a girl. I love that about her. I know she has some arousal. That only heightens her need to be the sissy princess! She gets emotional release. She is milked monthly for prostate health but that is not sexual release. Her blog is also an excellent forum for her to show off. She loves all the comments, from the ladies, on her posts. Very reinforcing! Sometimes when I bathe her I play a bit with her nubbin. I rub it and even kiss it. Sissy Annie just purrs! So cute! I like to remind her that the only way she can please a woman is to be the perfect sissy princess!

As you now know I subscribe to the FISH approach for transforming males into sissies. This is something I explained to Sissy Annie during her transformation.

"You are locked in chastity. You little nubbin is locked away so you cannot self-pleasure like a bad sissy. The male's privates are a source of his strength but also the point of his greatest weakness. It requires release on a regular basis. Once the sissy gets release he is ashamed and loses the desire to exhibit his sissiness until the next time he needs release. It is much better for the sissy to be on edge and live with his need for feminization, sissification and more. Instead of a physical release the sissy is able to attain an emotional release without losing that edge. "

In Sissy Annie's blog posts she is displaying and sharing what a sissy princess she is. . She loves the humiliation. But it's not really a humiliation in the common sense. The real meaning of humiliation is a painful loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity. That's not what Sissy Annie feels. She feels the happiness and joy of being a sissy princess. She loves being shown off to women and girls for the sissy princess that she is.

For more about annie, visit her blog.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

My New Friend: Sissy Princess Annie

Sissy Annie sent me an e-mail to compliment the blog and tell me something about her unusual life. Of course, I was intrigued. I visited her blog and that only deepened. We began a correspondence that eventually included Sissy Annie's guardian and Mommy. For the most part, this was written by Annie’s Mommy, Ms. Holly. I have done some light editing and interpolated some material she sent me at other times.

When Annie was about 12 years old her parents sent her to therapy. She was diagnosed as a "little". She had the persona of a five-year-old girl.

Her parents wondered why she was so childish and immature. Plus she was very femme and completely scared of boys. When I met her she was working in a cute children's boutique and living by herself. Dr Dotson was recommended to me by a friend as an expert in these issues.

I told her my plan for Annie. She approved and said that it would be the best possible life for Annie. I have a trust fund for her and other plans if needed.

I adore Annie.

So what, exactly, is a “little”? Here’s a short explanation from Dr. Dotson:

A little is someone who likes to act younger than they really are. It's kind of having an alter ego that's much younger than yourself. Most littles don't act little 24/7 but when they do they slip into their younger persona. It's called slipping into head space.

When a little is in head space that is when they are at their most submissive and most vulnerable. They are most prone to emotional outbursts like throwing a tantrum or getting excited about something. They are also the neediest in this state as they are not thinking like a grown-up, but as a child and need a bit more guidance and reassurance. Some littles are shyer in headspace while others may be more outgoing. Every little is different and has her own special headspace.

The age range for a little is very broad and can range from newborn baby, to toddler and young child. One to eight is mostly the agreed range. It could be a fixed age like three or a range like two-to-six.

Littles tend to enjoy more childish, babyish like items like pacifiers, sippy cups/bottles, stuffed animals, dollies, picture books, toys, games, younger looking clothing, diapers, etc.

Little space is a mindset in which a person relaxes in a state of carefree, responsibility-free safety. It may be a designated time when a person relieves childhood memories, scenarios or desires that were unachievable when younger.

And a message she sent to Annie:

A typical five-year-old is comfortable with a little more independence, which means she enjoys being around other family members and friends more. Most children your age begin testing boundaries and demand to do things on their own. You are much more complex. You still have an infantile nature. You love being nurtured and cared for as a baby. That is just barely below the surface of your five-year-old juvenile self. Your need, as a little girl, to be treated as a little princess is very natural for you--what you refer to as your "sissy self". Do you realize what it means that mommy has made a playroom for you and your dolls? She is reinforcing your status as a five-year-old little girl and expects you to behave appropriately. I expect that once your playroom is finished you will be there nearly all the time"

And, now, back to Ms. Holly’s story:

I was shopping at a local mall when I spotted this cute little sissy. He was wearing a Disney princess top and cute matching skirt with lots of pretty pastels and a Minnie Mouse backpack. I can spot a sissy from a mile away. So juvenile and adorable. I didn't want to scare him. I waited until he sat down at the food court. I approached him and gave him a sweet compliment and then asked if I could join him. No surprise that he was thrilled that a beautiful woman took an interest in him. He loved sharing his interests and talking about himself. Such a sweet baby. He enjoyed Disney Princesses, unicorns, pretty dresses and all things girly. He told me all about his home. I asked him if he would be comfortable with me visiting him next Saturday. He gave me his phone, email, and address. I gave him a warm hug and told him what a remarkable and darling princess he is.

I texted him over four or five days before Saturday. His excitement was over-the-top. I instructed him to serve me a small continental breakfast and just be in his pajamas.

When I arrived that morning he was so nervous. I gave him a big hug and told him we would have the best day of his life. I had brought a lovely wrapped present for him. I explained to him that it would be his if he was a good little girl. By then I was relating to him as a child. He was so sweet, serving me orange juice, coffee, eggs, toast, etc. like I had requested. He never assumed that he would be eating with me. Such a good girl. I told him to go into the kitchen and make himself breakfast. I told him to stay there until I called for him. I went exploring. What a cute place with lots of cute childish and girly things including pretty dresses.

His male things were few and in the back of the closet and in one drawer. I drew a bubble bath and called for him to come to the bathroom. He was nervous when I told him to get undressed. To get to the point, I bathed and dressed him in a cute pink dress, pink panties, training bra, frilly socks and black patent leather shoes.

I did his makeup and then we had a chat about whether I should let him wear a wig or not. He didn't seem worried about that until I explained that we were going out for the day. Then he cried and begged me to let him wear the girly wig. We had a lovely day going out for afternoon tea, to a movie and shopping, all the time taking the opportunity to show him off as a darling little girl sissy. When we got home I let him open the present. It was an American Girl doll. He literally cried. I gave him a big hug and asked him if he would like to have another girly outing with me. You know the answer. He was helpless to resist. We got together again in a few weeks. The rule was set that he always carried his dolly with him.

After a couple of months we agreed to sign a contract where she would live with me as my five-year-old little girl. In time I became his guardian. That was important for him because I have serious obligations to keep him safe, happy, healthy and cared for. We have been together for 15 years or so.

I believe in the FISH philosophy--Feminization, Infantilization, Sissification and Humiliation. The FISH Academy is an idea of mine. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to devote myself to this.

Once Annie started living with me, I discovered some very disturbing behavior. He would touch his privates daily and masturbated often. I could tell by his emotional state both before and after. I am certain you understand these disgusting male behaviors. Chastity was the solution. He cried and cried for release. Infantilization also was a significant part of his regression and acceptance. Humiliation plays a significant role.

The first year was very difficult for him. I took him, one-at-a-time to visit friends and family and introduce him as my little sissy princess. I had him curtsy, introduce his dolly and share how much he loved his dresses and being a girl. He cried and cried at the humiliation. Eventually he admitted that he craved it. But, of course, no more "release. I send him to his therapist every month. Her insights are very helpful. Plus she uses hypnosis to get into his subconscious.

Ms. Holly also explained a bit about herself:

I dislike men. I find most of them obnoxious and despicable. I have always found sissies cute and fascinating. I get sexually aroused by little girl sissies. They are no threat to women. Just the opposite.They are weak, extremely submissive and can be used for women's pleasure. I adore seeing men humiliated as sissies. When I first met Sissy Annie my intentions were to use her to get my satisfaction concerning men by humiliating her.

It makes me feel awful to consider how mean I was. But over time I fell in love with her and became extremely protective. I adore her joie de vivre. She loves being a little girl and I adore reinforcing that, I am sure I have spoiled her rotten.But she deserves it! There are times I wonder if she is the one in charge. This is a trite statement. But paddling her hurts me more than her. I know that's silly. But I am a complex woman.

More tomorrow

Monday, November 6, 2023

On Your Knees for November #3

So, finally, here's the one Gwen actually meant to send for this month. As you can see, it approaches the theme from a very different direction:

Sunday, November 5, 2023

On Your Knees for November #2

Neither of us realized that Gwen had sent me this image before, so I did a new version of it:

Saturday, November 4, 2023

On Your Knees November #1

There will be three of these this month. The first is one Gwen sent me some time ago but somehow never got posted here.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Being a Sissy

A new friend and "protege" (I have been helping her find ways to express her feminine side) wrote this little essay at my request.

Is it a choice? Somewhat--but you know after a while that the lack of tools to be a real man in a man's world, so to speak, slowly  and deliberately takes you to a more compliant stance and a realization that women are to be adored and worshiped as the true center of power.  

So it starts with panties , ohh so so wonderful, then perhaps a bra or cami, hmmm, then body hair has to go. And then hosiery,  then toys to explore your new sexuality, then you must find a Mistress to mentor you and for you to serve, until you finally forego your man's way and succumb to your total effort in unquestionably pleasing her. For being a sissy means having no forethought, no mind of your own, just OBEY

Sissy Michelle 

I'll have more about Sissy Michelle in the near future.