Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Has Sprung 7

The final outfit from Wednesday...polka-dot blouse from Wal-Mart paired with black pencil skirt from Fashion Bug, made into "cute" by the "Minnie-Mouse" bow in the hair.

Other accessories are red-black-white jewelry, black belt, dark hose and two-tone black pumps.

And one more portrait:

Additional pics on Flickr. Next dressing and photo session early next week...featuring some more new purchases.

In the meantime, more romance comics covers over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Has Sprung 6

The second outfit today consists of the red twofer top from Kmart and my straight black skirt (also Kmart).

Accessories are silver jewelry, white belt, dark stockings, and red plaid peep-toe pumps.

Here's a portrait with a different, sort of "smoky" look to the eyes.

More pics on Flickr. I probably won't have the final outfit posted until Friday.

Spring Has Sprung 5

Having missed yesterday, I got out three outfits today. This is the first...I'll probably get the other two edited and published tomorrow.

The lovely white blouse with the pleated front was a Goodwill find; the pink plaid skirt is from Kmart. The hat is a new acquisition from Target.

Other accessories are gold jewelry, dark hose and the white sandals with the very high heels.

I love this portrait with the hat--I think I just found a new profile pic.

More pics on Flickr.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Crossdressing Romance Comics 1

Well, I promised this...but even I didn't think I'd have ten of these ready for posting at once.

A bit of background on procedure and technique:

1. I searched the Grand Comics Database for romance titles (using the words "love", "romance", and "heart" as search terms). I then went through the cover gallery for each title, looking for usable images. Most of these will come from titles published by DC Comics, which always seemed to have the best covers...but some are from other publishers.

2. I carefully edited out the logos and other text from the covers, doing my best to recreate the art hidden behind logos and word balloons. Some are easier--and thus more sueccessful--than others.

3. I discovered a way to create a bunch of logos I can use and reuse, thus coming up with a "line" of crossdressing romance titles.

4. Then I start by writing new dialogue for the scenes depicted, coming up with titles for the new stories, and then choosing a suitable logo for the publication it would be part of.

Anyway--all of these ten are based on covers from DC's long-running Falling in Love title...some as old as the early '50s, others from the 1960s and '70s. (I think the clothes and hairstyles will tell you approximate dates for most.)


...nothing works out right.

I had intended to dress today...but last night we had a furnace fiasco (nothing dangerous, just ran out of fuel), so today I have to wait for the technicians to restart the system--plus it's way too chilly in the house to go flouncing around in skirts!

So, instead of some nice new pics of me, you'll be seeing some new romance comics covers later today! With any luck, dressing will resume tomorrow!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Poll Results

7. How often do you dress (in full or just a few items)?
Never--1 (1%)
Two or three times a year--8 (10%)
Monthly--14 (18%)
Weekly--17 (22%)
Several times a week--16 (21%)
Daily--7 (9%)
All the time--11 (14%)

8. Does your significant other know about your dressing?
N/A--6 (12%)
Yes--22 (56%)
No--15 (31%)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crossdressing Romance Comics 2

Crossdressing Romance Comics

Many years back, on my old website, I first offered these images. Inspired by John Lustig's Last Kiss, I decided to take some romance comics covers, wipe out the logos and other text, and offer them to my readers to rewrite with a crossdressing/transvestite theme.

I recently pulled them out of the files to look at and decided that, since my skills at working with art on the computer had improved quite a bit in the ensuing years, I would redo them--same text, but doing a better job of cleaning up the art. (In some cases, I was even able to come up with better scans of the originals to work from--thanks to the Grand Comics Database).

Here are the first four--click through for full-size images:

I'll post more of these later this week.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP: Elizabeth Taylor, 1932-2011

The seemingly immortal "La Liz" died earlier today of congestive heart failure, after a six-week hospital stay. She was 79. I will always remember the three-time Oscar winner in her ingenue days of Father of the Bride and her sultry mid-period of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (has anyone ever looked better in a satin slip?)

My favorite line describing her was spoken by a character in Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury: "Violet eyes to die for...."

A more complete obituary can be found here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung 4

Another Fashion Bug dress, perhaps my fave of all the ones I've found there. I combined it this time with a new belt from there as that seems to be absolutely made to go with this dress.

Other accessories: black headband, silver jewelry, dark hose, black pumps with bows.

And another portrait attempt:

More pics on Flickr.

Not sure if I'll dress tomorrow...I have business to attend to in the afternoon.

Spring Has Sprung 3

An all-Fashion Bug collection today, starting with the items I received yesterday. I like the white belted jacket because it will work with a number of outfits; I got the pink cami to replace an older one that was damaged; the black swing skirt is fun and femme. Even the lingerie is new and from FB...I must get more bras from there--the pink one I bought to go with this camisole is absolutely gorgeous and so comfortable! And the shoes--although not new--are also from Fashion Bug.

Other accessories are gold jewelry and dark hose.

I really like this portrait...everything seems to work.

More pics on Flickr; another FB-purchased outfit to follow.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Has Sprung 2

Now this I know is spring-appropriate--it's colorful, filmy, and short. The dress (which includes an underslip) is from Target's Mossimo line, purchased two summers ago, as I recall.

Accessories: Yellow hair bow, gold jewelry, chain belt, dark hose, yellow sling-back peep-toe pumps.

And another portrait:

More pics on Flickr.

I picked up a new set of clothes ordered from Fashion Bug earlier today. Look for them in tomorrow's pictures.