Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video: Being Pretty Sissy Dani

Here's the video I mentioned earlier. Comments welcome, of course.

Pre-Easter Dressing 4

Not too many shots from this afternoon, either...but for a different reason. At the urging of a regular correspondent, I did a video of this outfit--and the prep and editing of it took longer than I expected. It's also the reason I'm wearing the mask in these shots.

This is the "party top" from Kmart paired with a skirt from Burlington, along with silver jewelry, natural hose and those killer white sandals.

A few more pics on Flickr...and I may post the video later, after my e-mail friend critiques it.

Next dressing not until next week.

Pre-Easter Dressing 3

I'm disappointed in this photo session...too many awkward poses and expressions for some reason--so I wound up with only five postable pictures. This was intended to be my Easter frock...if I ever had the courage to go out on Easter! It looks good; too bad I couldn't get it together for a better set of images.

The dress is one of my oldest, bought back in the spring of '08. Accessories are blue hair bow, silver jewelry, natural hose, and floral print pumps.

With any luck, this afternoon's session will come out better.

Reform and Transform

Chapter Two:

Dismissing Brittany, I buzzed for security. In good time, my security chief, Vera deManden, arrived. Many of my colleagues have questioned why I keep my guards dressed in their tight latex uniforms, and my instructors in classic fetish gear as well. The answer is simple--I have discovered that nothing keeps a boy off-balance more than finding that he is constantly aroused by the women who control him.

At any rate, Vera smartly saluted, and asked, "What can I do for you, Madame?"

"Rodney here is ready for his initiation session with Dr. Madchenmacher. Please escort him to her lab," I replied.

"Certainly, Madame." She took the boy by the shoulders and directed him to the door. "Come along, you miserable little thing. The doctor will know exactly how to make you fit in!" Cowed, Rodney obeyed...but I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his trousers.

[The following is Dr. Madchenmacher's report on her first session with Rodney.]

Chief deManden brought me Number 175216 (Rodney) at 11:00 AM. "Put him in the transformation chair," I ordered. The chief did so, using the straps to secure him tightly into the seat, saluted and left.

I paced in front of the boy, letting him drink in my tight satin blouse stretched over my bullet bra, my ass-hugging hobble skirt, and my ankle boots with their six-inch spike heels. I could see he was enthralled by my appearance already...this one would be easy.

"Do you know what will happen to you here, Rodney?" I asked.

"I...I think...I think you're going to make me just like Brian...er, Brittany..." he stammered.

"Not quite...based on her background, Brittany was pre-disposed to the life of an over-sexed little girl. What you become will be based on what I learn about you today." I spun his chair to face the screen on the wall. "Watch the screen, Rodney. Do not look away."

I lowered the lights in the room and the screen began to show a swirling mix of colors, as soft music began to play through the speakers in Rodney's seat. As usual, mixed into the images and the music were subliminal messages designed to lull the boy into a hypnotic trance....Rodney was already significantly aroused (always a good start toward trance), and he had followed my mild hypnotic movements avidly. It took only a few moments to have him deep in trance.

"Now, Rodney, I'm going to show you a series of pictures. You don't have to do anything except look at them."

"Yes, ma'am..." he replied.

The screen began to flash a set of pictures of various types of girls...some, like Brittany, were teen-agers dressed as little girls, others were in highly sexualized school-girl outfits, still others in maid uniforms, or latex catsuits. The sensors in the chair recorded Rodney's reaction to each of these images. While all of them increased his arousal to some extent, it was clear the school-girl images were the most attractive to him.

I altered the program to concentrate on those images alone while I spoke to him. "Rodney, do you like to see girls dressed like this?"


"Does your little cock get hard thinking about girls like these?"

"Yes...." he squirmed in his seat.

"Have you ever thought about dressing like this yourself?"

"Huh? No...."

"Really? If it's so good to look at these clothes, imagine what it must be like to wear them...go on, imagine yourself in a bra and panties, and sheer hose, and heels, and a flippy little skirt..." Now, I altered the chair; it no longer monitored Rodney's arousal, but sent signals to increase it.

"Think how nice it would be to be that pretty and sexy...it feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yesssss..." the boy answered, his cock growing under the ministrations of the chair.

Now, the final image...the screen faded to a picture of a beautiful girl in the sexiest of schoolgirl uniforms, her back to the camera. Suddenly, she whirled and we saw her face--feminized, made up, but clearly Rodney's face.

Simultaneously, the chair delivered its final stimulus to the boy and Rodney came, spurting his cream, as he pictured himself as the sexy schoolgirl he would soon beg to become....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Men We'd Love to See Feminized--Quarter-Finals, Week 3

Hayden Christiansen--with 50% of the vote (7 out of 14)

This week's contestants:

Macauley Culkin

Keanu Reeves

Dwayne Johnson--the Rock

Pre-Easter Dressing 2

Here's a true early spring ensemble: blue Rider blouse, pullover sweater, long red skirt:

Accessories are gold jewelry, black belt, white hose and red baby-doll pumps.

Tomorrow's sessions will include what I'd wear to church on Easter...if I ever went en femme (as if!).

More pics on Flickr, as usual.

Pre-Easter Dressing 1

Since I was wearing an all black-and-white outfit, I decided to go monochrome for the pictures as well. I think this whole session turned out well, but these are the top four poses, in my opinion (and it's my blog, so that's what counts, right?):

The zebra-print dress is from Target, worn with a white hair bow, black-and-white jewelry, black belt, natural hose and black pumps with metal spike heels.

More pics on Flickr and another--more colorful--outfit this afternoon.

Reform and Transform

Chapter One:

I stood at my window, watching as the black van rolled up the drive and stopped before the front door. One of my guards--in her skin-tight latex uniform--stepped forward and took custody of the boy who was deposited on the pavement. I touched the PA control: "Bring the lad to my office immediately," I announced.

Moments later, there was a polite knock at the door and the guard arrived with her charge in tow. "Madame Fabricantfille, here is the new student," she said.

"Very good." I walked around my desk, giving the boy a good look at my figure and legs, well displayed in my trim, tailored suit. "Well, Rodney, welcome to the Fabricantfille Transformatory. As you probably guessed, I am Madame Fabricantfille...you may simply call me 'Madame'."

The boy exploded with rage. "What the hell am I doing here?" he yelled. "I was sentenced to the juvenile detention center. What is this place?"

"This is the new detention center...but more than that, a place where boys like you are reformed--actually, transformed--into more productive members of society. Haven't you wondered how you were finally caught and sentenced for your series of robberies?" I saw a questioning look pass his face. "Your accomplice was brought here six months ago and, after undergoing our training, he was very cooperative. Would you like to see him?"

Rodney nodded, now silent, undoubtedly wondering how we had turned his life-long friend against him.

I touched the intercom. "Send number 135769 to my office, please." I gestured for Rodney to take a seat as I sat at my desk. He sprawled in the chair. Well, let him have his comfort for now...in time, he'll learn proper deportment.

Another knock at the door. "Come in," I called, and a lovely vision opened the door. She was blonde and dressed in the manner of a little girl, though she was clearly in her mid-teens. She even carried a little stuffed rabbit with her. And her eyes had a slightly glassy, dazed look....

"Well, Brittany, say hello to your old friend," I said.

She turned to see Rodney and curtseyed. "Hello, Rod, nice to see you again."

Rod was confused. "Do I know you?" He stared a little longer and a light dawned. "Brian? What are you doing in that outfit? I haven't seen you since we hit that gas station...."

"It's Brittany, now," I advised him. "Your friend, Brian, was captured by the police just two days after you robbed that station. He foolishly tried to spend some of the money a bit too soon. He was sentenced to my care...you can see the result."

Rodney was on his feet again. "What did you do to him? Is he a girl now?"

"No--just a silly little sissy boy," I replied, smiling. "My task is to turn boys such as Brian and yourself into such prissy little things, so that you can never be a menace to polite society again." I watched his face set itself into a tight scowl. "Oh, I know, I could never do that to you! Brittany, tell Rod a little about yourself."

"I am devoted to women, I love to serve them. I have a little hard-on in my sissy-cock all the time, because I love my pretty clothes! I can't wait until I am allowed big-girl clothes! I'd love to su--"

"Brittany--deep sleep." Instantly, her eyes closed and her whole body slumped.

"Now what did you do?" Rod asked.

"I put her back in trance. You see, that is the major way we transform you little ruffians into such sweet darlings...through hypnosis," I explained.

"You can't hypnotize me," Rod insisted. "I'm not some little weakling like Brian was!"

"We'll see, Rodney, we'll see...."

More to come

Friday, March 26, 2010

Springing Forward 5

Something of a schoolgirl look this time--white blouse, jumper, even the scarf arranged like a tie.

Other accessories are a blue hair bow, white belt, silver jewelry, natural hose, and black pumps.

More pics on Flickr...and I hope to get in at least one dressing day next week before Easter.

Springing Forward 4

This is the outfit I intended to wear on Wednesday afternoon when other plans took priority. I think of it as something I could wear to a "classy/casual" kind of party. It's the red satin blouse from Wal-Mart paired with the straight black skirt from Target.

I'm intensely pleased with that last shot...it is the most natural, pleasing, feminine smile I've ever captured in a photo, IMO. I continue to use real makeup for everything except my eyes.

Other accessories: red hair band, pearl jewelry, red belt, natural hose, red spike pumps.

More pics on Flickr and, with any luck, one more outfit this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Springing Forward 3

Long-time visitors will recognize this as one of my favorite dresses. Nothing new or unusual in this photo session...except perhaps that I didn't wear gold jewelry with it this time.

Other accessories are white hair bow, taupe hose and red t-strap pumps. Same makeup deal as yesterday.

No afternoon dressing session today; errands took longer than usual. I hope maybe to squeeze in a session on Friday morning instead.

More pics on Flickr, as usual.

Springing Forward 2

Here's the second outfit from yesterday--a far cry from the business look of the morning. Not sure where I'd wear this to if I ever went out...but it sure looks good, doesn't it? It's the pink and gray dress (sort of tunic style) from Target (the Converse line is actually available in several places). For this session, I replaced the skinny belt that came with it with a wider black belt.

Other accessories are the pink scarf, silver jewelry, black opaque tights and fuchsia pink pumps. As with the previous posting--real foundation, blush, lipstick; eyes digitally made-up.

More pics on Flickr; two more dressing/photo sessions today.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Springing Forward

It's the first week of spring and--hurray!--I can dress again!

This morning's outfit was the blue pin-striped suit combined with the lacy black camisole. I also belted the jacket. I think the whole thing looks scrumptious!

Tried something different with the makeup this time. I'm wearing actual foundation, blush, and lipstick. But I was very unhappy with the eye makeup last time, so this time that is all digital. Comments are welcome.

Accessories are blue hair bow, gold jewelry, black hose and blue patent pumps with the killer spike heels.

More pics on Flickr; I'll try to post pics from this afternoon's session later today.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Men We'd Love to See Feminized--Quarter-Finals, Week 2

Justin Timberlake--with 64% of the vote (11 out of 17)

This week's contestants:

Hayden Christiansen

George Clooney

Charlie Sheen

Coming this week

Tomorrow, I'll finally get to dress again and probably Wednesday, too. Friday is a possibility, but less likely. I've already planned out the outfits for those sessions.

As you will have noticed, I finished "Perfect Bimbo" earlier today. I have another story percolating as well, based around a reformatory. Doing that one Stepton story seems to have broken the wall in my block.

Poll results later today.

Perfect Bimbo

Chapter Three:

Later that evening, Teresa proudly walked back into the bar where it all began, with a sissy on one arm and a bimbo on the other. Geri was wide awake, so used to her condition as a boy-girl that she no longer needed to be in trance to play the role properly. She was also still in her maid's uniform. "Go see if Molly needs help serving," Teresa told her. "I'll summon you if I need you."

Boobsie, on the other hand, was in a light trance...seemingly wide awake but completely under the control of her transforming mistress. Now clad in a skin-tight latex dress, every curve of her body--including her erect nipples and cock--was visible. "Sit," Teresa told her, and Boobsie complied, sitting so that her impressive tits were displayed almost like a meal at the table. "You will flirt with anyone, male or female, who approaches you," Teresa continued. "You will offer yourself, but always look to me for approval before final commitment."

"Yes, mistress..." Boobsie replied.

And, in the course of the evening, many men (both cross-dressed and not) attempted to take Boobsie into the dark private rooms at the back of the bar, but Teresa shook her head at them all. Many dommes tried to control the bimbo, but Teresa's hypnosis was strong, and Boobsie remained loyal to her.

Finally, Teresa noted a shy young man in the corner, who seemed to be utterly fascinated by Boobsie, in particular her tits. Teresa sidled up to him. "She is beautiful, isn't she?"

"Ummmm, yes," the boy answered, still staring.

"You like her boobs?"

"....uh, yeah, I guess..."

"Oh, come now, they are magnificent, aren't they?"

"Oh, yes...."

Her voice dropping into her hypnotic mode, Teresa asked, "What would you like to do with them?"

The boy, flustered but falling into the trap, replied, "I...I'd love to stick my cock between them...."

"You mean you want a titty-fuck?" Teresa countered, blatantly.

Now aroused, the boy could only reply, "Yes, yes!"

"Come with me," Teresa said, taking the boy by the hand.

"Boobsie, this young man desires a titty-fuck--take him into room four and give him what he wants."

"Yes, mistress...."

And the boy, half-entranced, could only follow docilely. The door closed behind them and Teresa smiled...with any luck, she would not only give Boobsie her first real experience as a bimbo, but she would have a new recruit when it was all done. Fifteen minutes later, the door opened and the boy stumbled out, practically falling into Teresa's arms. "Sleep," she said, depositing the now-hypnotized young man in a nearby chair.

She walked into the room and saw Boobsie leaning against the wall, her tits smeared with cock-cream and her lips dripping with it, too.

"He wanted a blow-job, too...." she grinned.


Friday, March 19, 2010

More Glamour Pinups

There are a couple of these I'm really happy with: