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Office Girl Dani, Part Three

Lola's male lesbian lover

That very night, Dani moved into Lola's apartment. As bedtime approached, Lola appeared before her new lover clad in an elegant satin nightgown. She beckoned to Dani. "Come, my love slave, it's time you learned exactly why I hired you...."

Once in the bedroom, she stripped Dani to her panties and began to caress and arouse the hapless sissy. Once Dani's sissy-cock was hard and erect, Lola lay sensuously on the bed, and spread her legs to reveal her naked sex. "Service me, Dani. Worship my womanhood...obey!"

Dani crawled onto the bed and buried her face in her mistress/boss's crotch. As she began to lick and suck the juices there, she felt her own arousal increase. At the same time, Lola's passion grew and she pressed Dani's head more tightly to her pussy. "Oooh, yes, my programming has definitely made a wonderful muff-diver out of you!" This compliment only stirred Dani on, as she found Lola's clit and began to lick and suck at it, feeling it grow as stiff and erect as Dani's own member.

In no time at all, Lola shuddered with an orgasm...but that climax was not the end. She held Dani in place as she experienced three more such orgasms. Finally, she pushed Dani off her and said, "Lay down on your back, sweetie." As Dani complied, Lola ripped off the sissy's delicate panties and her sissy-cock sprang into full life. Lola lowered herself over Dani's crotch and said, "Freeze, Dani! I am going to ride you to another orgasm...for myself, but not for you. You do not come until I allow it!"

With that, Lola began riding Dani like a living dildo, letting the sissy's member slide deep into her pussy and then raising herself until it almost slid out. She increased the tempo of her movements, rocking in a primitive rhythm, all while Dani lay absolutely still, frozen by her mistress's command...but all the while feeling arousal and frustration grow.

Lola stiffened and shook as yet another climax washed over her and she collapsed onto her male lesbian lover. "Unfreeze, Dani," she said, and Dani found she could move once more. Her hands moved to her crotch, but Lola seized them instead. "No, no, darling...not tonight. Tonight you will go to sleep, feeling nice, nice, nice, nice....."

Dani began to repeat those words--"nice, nice, nice..."--as she drifted into trance.

"This was the most erotic experience of your life, Dani," Lola told her. "You will want to experience it again and again...and always falling into trance when we are done. You are my little tranceslut...wanting to be seduced and entranced by me over and over again..."

Lola repeated that to her hypnotized lover until Dani fell into real sleep. Satisfied, she kissed the transformed male gently and rolled over for her own night of passionate dreams.

Such was the routine for the rest of the week. By Friday, Dani was aching for sexual release, but also knew that was entirely in the hands of the mistress she adored. Little did she know how literal that would be.

Friday evening, as they prepared for bed, Lola called Dani to her side. "Sit, my Sissified Sweetheart," she said. "Tonight we have something different to do...different and nice. Different and  nice....different...nice....different ...nice...nice...nice...nice...."

Dani began repeating that special word with Lola and soon she was deep in trance. "Lay back, Dani, and let me help you," Lola said. Dani lay on her back and Lola sensuously removed Dani's panties, letting her sissy-cock again rise to its full glory. Lola wrapped her hand around it and began to slowly stroke it, intoning "nice" with every stroke. In trance, Dani murmured the word along with her. Lola increased the tempo of the strokes and the word, and Dani reached the brink of climax...but Lola slowed again and then began the build-up once more. Twice more she brought Dani to the edge of orgasm before finally letting her sissy-cock spurt its cream, which Lola caught in the glass on the bedside table.

As Dani came down from her passion, Lola raised the glass to Dani's mouth. "Sweet cream for my sweetie," she said, letting it drip over Dani's panting lips. "Whenever I milk you, Dani darling, this will be your reward. Savor it, let it sit on your tongue..." Dani moaned with desire as she tasted her cock-cream and finally swallowed it.

"Very good, my darling," Lola said. "Now, sleep...our romance is just beginning."

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Happy Christmas to All....

[My annual Christmas greeting, first posted in 2007.]

...and to all a Good Night!"...as Clement Clark Moore wrote. (And, yes, he did write "Happy Christmas," not "Merry....")

This is my chance to talk about how I feel about Christmas. I'm with Charles Dickens, who put these words into the mouth of Scrooge's nephew, Fred: "I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round -- apart from the veneration due to its sacred name and origin, if anything belonging to it can be apart from that -- as a good time: a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys. And therefore, uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!"

There is practically no version of A Christmas Carol that I cannot stand to watch at least once, although I have a favorite--the 1984 TV version starring George C. Scott, which I consider closest to both the spirit and the letter of Dickens' work. I will confess a soft spot for The Muppet Christmas Carol, in part because my kids love it so (despite their being college graduates now).

So I will close this post with the immortal words of Tiny Tim:

God bless us, everyone!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Office Girl Dani, Part Two

One month later

Summoned to Ms. Lola Venus's office, Daniel minced on his five-inch heels to her door. He knocked and heard her lovely British-accented voice call, "Enter!" He obeyed and was struck speechless and stock-still by the vision before him. Unlike her usual business-like power suits, today Ms. Lola was in a white man-tailored blouse, open to the waist, revealing her massive breasts and their impressive cleavage. Below it, she wore a tight, knee-length black eather skirt. Her legs were in dark hose and her feet in black peep-toe pumps."Well, Dani, don't I look nice?" she asked.

"Nice..." Daniel murmured in response, even while thinking Why does everyone insist on calling me Dani?

Ms. Lola smoothed her hands over her tits and down over her leather-clad thighs. "Yes, very nice, isn't it?"

"Nice..." Daniel repeated.

"Nice, nice, nice, nice," she began to intone and soon Daniel was saying it with her, swaying to the rhythm of the words:

"Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice...."

He fell into trance, as he had been programmed to do. "Yes, so nice and docile, compliant and obedient, submissive to my every wish and desire. Aren't you, Dani?"

"Yes, Mistress," he replied. "Nice...."

"It is time to take your training to a new level, Dani," she explained. "I want you to report to the cosmetic studio and follow the instructions you are given there."

"Yes, Mistress," Daniel answered. He turned and left, heading for the cosmetics studio. When he arrived, Ms. Puffpouder, the cosmetician was waiting. "Ah, Dani, I've been waiting for my chance at you. Such a sweet face to have as my canvas," she purred. "Remove everything down to your underwear, please," she directed. Entranced, Daniel complied, stripping to his camisole, panties and hose. She guided him to a salon chair and strapped him in. "Just in case," she said, smiling.

She wiped his face of the minimal cosmetics he had been wearing every day since he began employment at Lola Venus. Then she moisturized him, before beginning with foundation, to even his skintone. Then she carefully shaved, plucked and shaped his eyebrows to a feminine curve. Next was eyeshadow--a light tone under his brow and a darker brown on his lids. Then finally, a very dark streak in the crease.

Stepping back, she observed her work. "Yes, we're getting there, Dani." She took a set of false eyelashes out and began carefully applying them to him. They were thick and heavy and Daniel could feel their weight. After applying the lower lashes as well, she carefully did his eyes with eyeliner. "Oh, yes, a lovely pair of orbs, dear," she said, adding, "No, don't you look yet, dear...not until I'm completely done."

Next came blush, lavishly applied to the apples of his cheeks, giving him not only a girlish glow, but a look of feminine embarrassment. The final touch was a wig--"Just until your own hair grows, sweetie"--done in an upswept late 1940s couiffeur. Now, she swung the chair around to face the mirror. "There you are, darling...now you are truly a Lola Venus beauty!"

Daniel stared at his transformed reflection. "Nice...nice...nice..." he murmured, further mesmerized by his own new appearance.

"Yes, very nice," Ms. Puffpouder, agreed, grinning. "Now, up you go," she said, undoing his straps. "I have instructions to send you to the wardrobe department. I'm told you know the way." Daniel began to pick up his pantsuit, to put it back on. "Oh, no, Dani, you are to go just as you are." Even hypnotized, this surprised him. But I'm barely decent like this!

Ms. Puffpouder escorted him to the door. "Go on, dear. We're all used to seeing pretty things in their pretty underthings around here!"

Daniel carefully minced his way along the corridors to his next destination. He'd last visited the wardrobe department on his first day, when he'd been transformed into the androgynous editorial assistant he had been until now. He was greeted again by the wardrobe mistress, who he now knew to be Madame Femcouture. "Ah, Dani, welcome back, ma petite! I have everything ready for you!"

She led him to a posing platform in the middle of the room, and directed her assistants to strip him of all that was left of his attire. When his panties were removed, revealing his smooth crotch, they all oohed and aahed at his erect cock. "Now, ladies, that is enough of that," Madame admonished them. "Bring out the foundation garments we have chosen for Dani!"

There it is, again...Dani! Am I Dani now? Still entranced, those thoughts whirled in his mind, as the wardrobe staff garbed him in a bra with pointed cups, carefully padded to the proper size and shape. This was followed by satin tap panties with lacy edging and a matching garter belt. They directed him to sit as the drew sheer seamed stockings up his shaven legs, attaching them tautly to the clips of his garters.

He watched as Madame Femcouture produced his new outerwear, a figure-hugging suit with a knee-length pencil skirt, the jacket trimmed in leopard-print fur. The suit made his figure look not only feminine but decidedly exotic. Seated again, they put a pair of 1940s-style peep-toe pumps on his feet; as he stood, he felt the new balance of their six-inch heels.

Madame wheeled over a full-length mirror so that Daniel could see his new look. He gasped and whispered, "Nice...."

"Yes, nice," Madame agreed. "Exactly the style Ms. Lola Venus desired for her new personal assistant." She settled a veiled hat on his head. "There--no proper lady would go anywhere without a hat!" She walked him to the door. "Ms. Lola is expecting you at her office."

Daniel minced and wiggled on his new heels and in his tight skirt back to the publisher's office. Once again, he knocked and was bidden to enter. "Oh, yes, Dani, that is much better!" Ms. Lola complimented. "Now, for your new instructions at your new assignment. You are my personal assistant...and, I assure you, your assistance to me will be very personal! To explain that, go to your new desk outside my door, and activate the program PAduties on your computer."

Daniel went immediately to follow those directions, mincing back to his computer and launching the Virtual Venus program. The relaxing music came pouring through his headphones as soon as he put them on, that oh so soothing melody that seemed to play every so often throughout the building. Sometimes Ms Lola would summon him to her office where the music would be playing, and he’d just surrender to the tones and...well, he wasn’t sure what happened next, it always seemed such a blur, but he always found himself back at his desk feeling much happier.

The virtual avatar of Ms Lola appears on screen. “Hello sweetie, and welcome back to the Virtual Venus program. You have been granted permission to access the PA duties video, so just sit back, relax, feel nice and compliant, and enjoy your training.”

The vision of Ms Lola’s smile faded into a video of the redheaded magazine owner behind her desk. Sat in a chair in front of her was a perky office girl wearing an outfit identical to the one Daniel had been put into. As he watched, the office girl giggled and purred as Ms Lola crawled her way onto the desk, opening her legs to expose her glorious womanhood beneath her skirt.
“I am a good girl for Ms Lola,” said a soft, dark, feminine voice through the headphones, in a tone that stood out so clearly from the music and the reinforcing ‘Nice, Nice, Nice’ that faded in and out of the background. “I am Ms Lola’s personal assistant. I am completely at Ms Lola’s disposal. I am happy to serve Ms Lola in any way.”

The video showed the office girl eagerly sticking her mouth between Ms Lola’s legs, her tongue going ten to the dozen in oral pleasure. If Daniel hadn’t been so deeply entranced, he’d have been aroused. Instead he just watched and accepted what he was seeing, the words settling strongly and firmly into his brain. 

“I am devoted to Lola Venus,” the voice continued, as the office girl moaned and lapped at her manager...no, her owner’s pussy. “I am her submissive lover and slave. My duty is to perform for her however she wants me. Her thoughts are my thoughts, her will is my will.”

“Her will is my will,” Daniel mumbled as the music and the constant Nice, Nice, Nice lulled him deeper and deeper into a blissful trance.

“Ms Lola is my boss and my Mistress. Ms Lola decides and dictates my life. I’m her toy, her doll, her plaything. I will be whatever Ms Lola wants me to be, look however Ms Lola wants me to look, think whatever Ms Lola tells me to think. Ms Lola is my world. Ms Lola is my Goddess. Ms Lola is my all.”

“Ms Lola is my all,” Daniel mumbled, finding it so hard to stay awake, but unable to stop watching.

The video cut to the office girl’s point of view, tiling upwards to see Ms Lola’s face, who was clearly enjoying the oral sensation. Ms Lola was looking directly at the camera, as if starting directly at Dani.

“That’s right, Dani. That’s who you are now. Dani, my personal assistant. No longer a man, never to be a man again. Now a male lesbian, a woman in all ways but one, a girl with a natural strap-on. Forget whatever pathetic life you had before me. Now you are only my personal assistant.”

The video changed shots to show the office girl lying on the desk, a thick black strap-on protruding from her waist. Ms Lola was using it like a dildo, almost ignoring the woman beneath her as she jiggled up and down on the seven-inch beauty. The office girl was staring into space, doing little more than breathing as she allowed Ms Lola to use her.

“I am a sextoy for my Mistress,” the girl’s voice came again. “I don’t have to think. I don’t have to feel. I just have to obey. I just have to let my Mistress play.”

It seemed to Daniel (was that his name? It didn’t seem right) that there were two voices playing, almost as if one was playing over the other. Then he realised. There was the girl’s voice, and there was his voice as he repeated each sentence out loud. And it was becoming harder and harder to tell which voice was which. Were there really two? Was it only one? Was this his voice being so soft and sweet and feminine?

“I’m a toy, I’m a doll, I’m a dildo on legs. Mistress’ pleasure is all I live for. I must serve Mistress Lola. Obedience is pleasure. I must serve Mistress Lola. Obedience is pleasure. I must serve Mistress Lola. Obedience is pleasure. I must serve Mistress Lola. Obedience is pleasure.”
And so it continued, Dani (I am Dani now and forever) chanting those words until they were the only thing she could think, the only thing she could remember. On the screen, the video cut to Mistress Lola’s upper body, still jiggling up and down as she pleasured herself on her toy.

“And now Dani, your personal assistant training is complete. Now when I snap my fingers,” she lifted her hand, fingers at the ready, “You will return to my office and show me what you’ve learnt. Obey!” 

She snapped her fingers, causing the screen to turn black, the headphones to go silent. Dani removed the headphones, stood up, went back to Mistress Lola's desk, kneeled before her, and said, "Command me, Mistress Lola...."

“Oh I intend to, sweetie,” Mistress Lola purred in delight. “But first, tell me what you are.”

“I am Dani, your male lesbian personal assistant. I am at your disposal, your will is my will. I must serve Mistress Lola. Obedience is pleasure.”

“It certainly is. Now it’s time to put your training to the test…”

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Who Am I?

Hannah McKnight muses on how being trans affects self-image.

There’s no question that clothes transform me. I move differently in heels than I do in boy shoes, not only because, well, I have to, but there’s something about a stiletto, and a dress, and… anything else in my closet that creates a change in me. I zip up my dress and I wiggle my hips a little. I apply my lipstick and smile.

I feel happy, I glow. I feel the tension of my boy life fade away. I transition into Hannah’s world.

This is not to say that it’s a relief to leave my male life behind for a while. I am happy in both of my gender identities and I would miss either of them if I was ever required to chose one gender to present as for the rest of my life.

As we enter the real word and interact with others, we begin to get to know our femme selves. Perhaps we are shy in our male lives, but become social butterflies when we are in a skirt.

I do a lot of introspection about who I am and what I do and what I want. This is something I have done all my life. This self-analysis, and often over-analysis, has helped me come to terms with who I am and where I am on my “journey”. I don’t want to transition, I love who I am, I love all my genders. All both of them.

I sometimes feel that these two sides are in such contrast to each other that they might as well be different people. It’s not unrealistic to think that, I mean, I have two different genders after all.

As someone who lives their life in two genders, I understand how complex we can be. Those in my life who I have come out to couldn’t be more surprised at who I am.

[This is the last link I have to any discussion of cross-dressing or female domination or hypnosis right now. If you know of any site where I might find suitable material for this weekly spot, e-mail me: prettysissydani@gmail.com]

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

New Story: Office Girl Dani

Another new collaboration with Mistress Lola:

Daniel's first day

Daniel was overjoyed to get the call. "Hello, this is Lola Venus, publisher of the magazine that bears my name," the soft British-accented voice said. "We've accepted your application to be an associate editor."

"Thank you, ma'am," Daniel answered. "When do I start?"

"Immediately, dear. Tomorrow," was the reply.

And so, the next day, Daniel arrived at the offices of Lola Venus, one of the most respected high-fashion magazines in the world--second only to Vogue in reputation. He went to the human resources department and met the vice president, a good-looking middle-aged woman. After a quick orientation, she escorted him to his desk...and, on the way, Daniel realized he didn't see a single male.

"Am I the only man in the company?" he asked, half-expecting a laughing negative.

But, instead, he was told, "Oh, yes, you are the first male Ms. Venus has ever approved in any position." The HR head showed him how to log on to his computer and then said, "There's a further orientation for editorial personnel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read anything. It’s just a short video followed by a little game. You’ll love it. Just make sure you put on the headphones." With that, she left.

Daniel looked around. All the women seemed engrossed in their duties...and all of them seemed quite attractive, capable of being models for the magazine themselves. Oh, well, might as well see what this editorial orientation is all about. He clicked the icon and the screen filled with the logo of the magazine. As he put the headphones on, he heard the music coming through loud and clear. It was new-age music, the sort of thing you’d hear in a spa or a meditation center. It was pleasant, rather soothing really. 

The logo of the magazine faded into an image of the company owner, Lola Venus. Daniel recognized her straight away - she’d been on enough magazines and TV shows recently that her image was almost burnt into his mind. She smiled a dazzling smile and started speaking.

“Hello, and welcome to Lola Venus. Congratulations on beginning the first step in your new career with our magazine. This Virtual Venus program is designed to help ease you into your new position and show you how to be the perfect employee. We hope you’ll find it a nice place to work.”

The word ‘Nice’ hissed its way through the headphones, like a seductive whisper in Daniel’s ear. It gave him a bit of a chill, but in a good way. 

“In order to ensure you fit in, we’re going to show you a series of scenarios that might come up during your employment, and you’ll be asked to choose the appropriate response. Don’t worry, we’ve made it very clear what the right answer is meant to be, so you won’t have to think about it at all. Isn’t that nice?”

The whisper came again, filling Daniel’s ears with that hushed, husky voice. It seemed a little unprofessional to hear something like this at work, but the music was proving very relaxing...it made it hard to criticize anything that was happening.

“The correct response to each scenario will be highlighted in pink. The incorrect response will be highlighted in blue. Remember, pink is right, and blue is wrong. It’s easy to remember because pink looks so much nicer than blue. Ready to begin?”

Once again the word ‘Nice’ came through the headphones as Daniel saw the words ‘Yes Ma’am’ and ‘No thanks’ came up in pink and blue respectively. Well, might as well give it a go, Daniel thought as he clicked on the pink option. That generated another whisper. It really was starting to make him tingle.

The video transitioned to a beautiful admin assistant typing away at her computer, the clacking of her fingernails on the keys coming through crystal clear against the relaxing music. As the video played, Daniel watched as Lola Venus approached the secretary holding several sheets of paper.

“Joanne, how busy are you right now?” Ms Venus asked.

“Oh, quite busy indeed Ms Venus,” replied Joanne. “I’ve got the GWC report to complete, and then I need to contact the modelling agency to sort out who’s available for next week’s shoot…”

“Well I’m sorry to add more work to your plate,” interrupted Ms Venus. “But I really need these letters copied in triplicate, scanned and sent to the department heads, and I need it done now. You will do it for me.”

The video froze on Joanne’s face as the words ‘Do what Ms Venus says’ in pink and ‘Complain about your workload’ in blue appeared on the screen. Daniel clicked the pink command, and the word ‘Nice’ once again filled his senses. The video started up again as Joanne, flashing a winning smile, said “Yes Ms Venus, I will do as you say” and took the letters away to be copied.

The next scenario played. Two women, one black and dark haired, the other pale and blonde, both stunningly gorgeous, were having a conversation.

“I was in a meeting with Ms Venus today,” the black woman was saying. “She gave me some tips on my beauty regime. Apparently keeping cucumbers on the eyes for 15 minutes can really help with hydration, as well as relaxation.”

“Are you sure, Makosi?” said the pale woman. “I heard that 15 minutes is too long, and you’re only supposed to put them on for 5 minutes at a time.”

The video once again froze, with two options becoming available. ‘Ms Venus is always right’ in pink, and ‘Ms Venus might be wrong’ in blue. It seemed to Daniel that the pink command seemed a bit bigger than the blue one. Not by much, but just a bit. Shrugging, he clicked the pink command, knowing that was the right one. Once again that wonderful whisper of ‘Nice’ cut through the soothing music, filling his head with such a lovely buzz. The video continued to show Makosi smiling.

“Don’t be silly, Hilda. It has to be 15 minutes. You know Ms Venus is always right.”

The training continued in that vein, each scenario showing another aspect of office life, each one with a pink and blue option. Daniel continued to pick the pink options, finding it easier to do so each time, no matter how strange they might seem (‘I’m devoted to Lola Venus’...‘Lola Venus knows what’s best for me’...‘Lola Venus is a goddess’...), each time being rewarded with that whispered ‘Nice’, that tingly sensation, that fuzzy-headed feeling. Each time the pink commands got bigger and bigger, until he wasn’t even sure there was a blue option anymore. Not that it mattered. It was so easy to just go for the right option. It was almost as if he wasn’t even acknowledging what was being said anymore. It was just a matter of waiting to click the pink and hear that reward of Nice. Pink. Click. Nice. Pink. Click. Nice. Pink. Click. Nice. And more and more his head felt heavier and heavier, as if filling with something he couldn’t quite explain.

Finally, after what might have been ten minutes or ten hours (he really had no idea at this point), the video switched back to Lola Venus’s smiling face.

“Congratulations, you’ve completed your employee orientation. Isn’t that nice? You will now report to my office to begin your new life as my entranced employee. Obey.”

Daniel rose from his desk and, following directions implanted by the program, soon found himself outside the publisher's door. He knocked. "Enter, dear..." came the the lovely voice he knew had to be obeyed. He did as he was told.

"Yes, yes, you will do very nicely," Lola Venus said as she saw him. "I knew from your photo you were the perfect first test of our new program." She stood and circled around him. "But these clothes will not do. When you leave my office, you will awake from trance, and go to the wardrobe department. They have instructions. From now on, whenever I say Nice to you, you will repeat it with me until you fall into trance. And if you see any orders in pink, you know they must be obeyed. Go now..."

Daniel exited the office and went to the wardrobe department. "Ah, Dani," said the French-accented woman who met him there. "Ms. Venus has sent instructions for your new wardrobe. Please strip."

"Strip?" Daniel asked. But already his body was obeying, as he removed his tie, his jacket, his shirt, and pants.

"All the way, darling," the wardrobe mistress admonished. Blushing, Daniel removed his undershirt, underpants, and socks. "Much better...and so good to see you are nearly hairless! Ms. Venus did choose well." She handed him a pair of pink satin panties and a matching camisole. "Start with these." Fumbling a bit with the unaccustomed garments, Daniel got them on. Then came a pair of knee-high, sheer nylon socks. "These will do for now," she said, as he sat and pulled them on.

She handed him a white satin blouse, cut in a man-tailored style...though the buttons were on the wrong side and the collar seemed a bit long and pointed. She helped Daniel slip it on. Next were a pair of tight, straight-leg pants; the cuffs ended above his ankles and the zipper was on the side. Next was a matching jacket...tight at the waist.

"Sit down for the final touch, darling," she said. She produced a pair of stiletto-heeled pumps and slid them on his nylon-covered feet. "Stand, walk a bit so you get used to them. Can't have you turning an ankle, can we?"

Daniel stood and discovered the shoes were surprisingly easy to walk in, as though he had somehow been taught the proper movement without knowing it. The wardrobe mistress touched up his face with a bit of blush, pink lip gloss and a little mascara. "There, all set to go back to work. We'll have a full set of similar outfits delivered to your home. Welcome to Lola Venus, Dani!"

Daniel blushed. "It's Daniel," he said.

"We'll see," she replied, "we'll see...."

Monday, December 16, 2019

Hypno-session: Humiliation and Punishment

My latest session with Mistress Lola involved a trance experience that turned into something of an experiment for both of us.

The trance-script is here.

Archelle's Choice

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

In Her Shoes

Hannah McKnight, with some excellent thoughts on the differences between going out as a male and a female...

When I go anywhere presenting as male, I never look over my shoulder. I never worry about my safety. I walk downtown, in a parking ramp, across an entire mall, and never think about whether or not I am in any danger. I never worry if someone will harass me.

But Hannah is always aware of her surroundings. I can tell you who is around, who I am wary of, where the nearest exit is, if it came to that. My comfort level drops significantly when I am not presenting as male. This is something that many transgender people can relate to.

It’s not that I am not confident en femme. Anyone who visits this blog will likely be able to tell within a few minutes I am very confident and comfortable with who I am. Perhaps even obnoxiously so. After my makeup appointment the other day I strutted through the mall in my four inch stilettos and my tight dress and my $65 makeover. I felt bulletproof, I felt like a goddess.

But it was such contrast to how I felt two hours before. I arrived at the mall before most stores opened, so I killed time by sitting on a bench, trying not to be noticed and looking at my phone. As brave as it is to leave the house en femme, it’s ever harder to leave without my makeup being finished. Normally when I get a makeover I will do my foundation and leave the rest to the artist, so sitting and waiting for Ulta to open, and looking for very male, was really uncomfortable. I felt insecure with how I looked. I felt ugly. I know I don’t pass, but in moments like these I feel more clocked than normal.

...even when I feel and look amazing, I am also on guard. My confidence is genuine, but it’s also prone to collapsing at the same time. This is such a big difference compared to when I am presenting as male. Whenever I am en femme and feeling… unsafe, paranoid, watched, I am reminded about how I never feel these things in male mode. Walking in Hannah’s shoes reminds me that this is how many women feel all the time.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Dani: Teen Fantasy, Part Eight

April 1969, the day after the dance

Susan arranged to meet Dani in the food court of the local mall. Dressed in a shockingly short mini-skirt and boots, she waited at the designated table for her soon-to-be sissy lover to arrive. She spotted Dani at distance, mincing her way past the stores on four-inch heels.

Dani curtseyed when she arrived at the table and waited for Susan to invite her to sit. Instead, Susan rose and circled the sissy, inspecting every aspect of her new conquest. "Quite good, quite good, indeed. Your mother and sister have done a nice job...but I intend to take you a few steps further into submissive feminization, my Sissified Sweetheart!" She gestured for Dani to sit. She knows all my triggers...I feel that lovely sense of feminine obedience pass through me....

Susan produced a small penlight and shone it in Dani's eyes. "Look at the light, Dani...feel the light penetrate your consciousness...feel it bore into your mind...and with it, feel my mind come in contact with yours..."

Dani blinked as the bright light caught her attention. "That's right, the light is all you see," Susan continued, as she moved it around, watching as Dani's eyes followed it. "My voice is all you hear. There are no other distractions, nothing to intrude as my mind meets yours and guides you into trance..."

Dani realized this was something new...but still much like the sensation she felt when Mistress Lola hypnotized her. Her mind drifted on a cloud, aware of only the light and Mistress Susan's voice. "You are feeling docile, compliant and obedient, as a Good Girl should be. The more obedient you are, the more feminine you are. A Good Girl is obedient and feminine, isn't she, Dani?"

"Yes, Mistress, obedient and feminine...."

"Good Girl! And while you obey all women--especially your Mistress-Mommy, Mistress Eileen, and Mistress Lola--from now on you have a special obedience to me. I am your Master Mistress, the one chosen to control you completely. Who am I, Dani?"

"You are my Master Mistress..."

"Good Girl! Now, awaken when I count to three...1--2--3!"

Dani blinked and smiled, gazing at his Master Mistress. "I am yours to command, Mistress Susan. What is your desire?"

Susan smiled back and pointed to the floor. "On your knees and kiss the toes of my boots." And, then, in the middle of the food court, with everyone watching, Dani fell to her knees and placed her lips on the shiny tips of Mistress Susan's feet. I am her submissive sissy, this is where I belong.

"Good Girl!" Susan commended her sissy. "Now, rise and join me for a walk through the mall." The thrill of that compliment coursing through her, Dani stood and began to mince beside her Master Mistress through the crowded shopping center. They stopped in front of a shoe store, one that specialized in extreme styles. "What do you think of those shoes, Dani?" Susan asked, pointing to a pair in the middle of the window.

"They...they are very sexy, Mistress," Dani answered. "The six-inch stiletto heels are very high and thin, the open toe is revealing, the big bow on the instep is cute...but I don't think black is the proper color for a sissy like me."

"Naturally not, dear," Susan agreed. "Let's go in and see if they have them in your size and a more suitable color." She led the way to the seating area and had Dani sit while she spoke to the clerk, who nodded and went away to the backroom. He returned moments later with three boxes.

"These are all size 11," the clerk explained. He opened the top box and brought out a pair in pastel blue. Susan shook her head. He opened the next and brought out a pair in bright red patent. Susan looked them over and shook her head once more. The final box held a pair in deep fuchsia. Susan smiled.

"Have her try them on," she directed. The clerk assisted Dani in putting on the incredibly sexy pumps and offered his hand to help her to her feet. "Walk around in them, Dani," Susan said. "Let me see your pretty mince and wiggle." Dani obeyed, sashaying along the carpeted area, stopping to observe her newly shod feet in the mirror. My sissy-cock is getting hard...I can feel it bulging my panties.

Susan saw the evidence of Dani's arousal as well. "Pay the man for the pretty shoes, dear," she directed. Once the transaction was complete, Susan took Dani by the hand to the ladies' restroom. They entered the handicap stall and Susan directed the sissy to sit on the toilet. "I think you need a milking, darling."

Milking? What does that mean? Dani was confused when her Mistress reached under her skirts and removed Dani's panties. Her sissy-cock sprang to full life. Mistress Susan took Dani's member in her gloved hand and began to stroke it. Dani gasped at the tender feel and the erotic touch. In very little time, her sissy-cock spurted.

Dani started to rise, but Susan pushed her back to her seat. "We're not done, my Sissified Sweetheart. Why, look, your little thing is already rising again." It was true, Dani's sissy-cock was getting hard again. And again, Mistress Susan stroked her to orgasm. And still her arousal was not over...and, finally, after a third stroking, her sissy-cock collapsed into a flaccid state.

"You will not touch your sissy-cock for another week. I will be giving you a milking once a week from now on. It will keep you nice and docile and prissy and girly!" Mistress Susan explained. "Now, pull yourself together! When we get home, I will teach you about pegging, as well!"