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Men We'd Love to See Feminized ~ Round 1, Week 11

As usual, choose the man you'd prefer to see feminized in the poll to the right:

Shia Labeouf

Jack Lemmon

Men We'd Love to See Feminized ~ Round 1, Week 10 Results

For unknown reasons, Blogger won't properly upload and display the animated version, so here are the start and end images instead.

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June Busts Out 11

The second outfit from Wednesday evening:

The red belted dress is by Lennie for Nina Leonard, bought at K&G in September 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps, from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are a red rosette headband and pearls. Once again, bare legs rule in hot weather.

A cute portrait:

More pics on Flickr; not at all sure when I can dress again ~ hoping for at least one session during July; and don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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June Busts Out 10

As I hoped, I was able to squeeze in a dressing and photo session this evening, beginning with a chance to wear this new blouse:

The blouse is from Target's Merona line, purchased earlier this month; the skirt is by Kate Hill Woman, a thrift shop find in March 2014; the shoes are Dollhouse "Margaretta" black pumps with metal heels, from Shoe Dept. in January 2010. Other accessories are a floral headband, and blue jewelry. It's hot and muggy, so I'm bare-legged.

A nice portrait:

More pics on Flickr; I'll post the other outfit tomorrow or Friday; and don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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The Ransom of Redhead

A big thank you to Lisa Lawhead, who found the images for this story!]

A sequel to "Hypnotized Hostage"

Chapter One:

Conrad Cooper had disappeared. Just as his son had been kidnapped a few years back, this time it was the president and CEO of Cooper Enterprises who was missing. Mark Alan Cooper had been returned as Mary Ellen, a bizarrely transformed figure who thought of herself as a lesbian girl...a transformation that had never been reversed.

Within days of his disappearance, the three members of Cooper's board of directors received a package. It contained some photographs, an envelope, and a note:

Here is your sweet delicious Connie. We have nicknamed her "Redhead". Your instructions for her continued safety and eventual return are in the accompanying envelope.

The picture showed what the board members recognized as their missing head. His hair had been dyed a coppery red, styled in a chin-length pageboy. He was dressed in a pale blue sweater, checked miniskirt and black pumps with five inch heels. A close-up shot revealed full red lips, a slightly blushing complexion, and a blank gaze and an odd violet glow to his eyes.

Barnard McReynolds tore open the enclosed envelope, which was addressed to him.

Tomorrow morning, you will visit Transformations, a fascinating little shop in the Bohemian section of town. You have an appointment at 9:30 AM. Don't be late...and don't skip the appointment if you expect to see Redhead again.


McReynolds and his peers valued Conrad Cooper's business acumen. Promptly at 9:30 the next morning, he stood before the somewhat seedy entrance to Transformations. The door was locked and the interior was only dimly lit. A sign said "Buzz for entry." He pressed the button.

A moment later, the door was opened by an attractive young woman dressed all in black--black rubber, McReynolds realized with a start. She was dark-haired and dark-eyed, and seemed strangely familiar.

"Uncle Barney! How sweet of you to come when asked!" she gushed, gesturing him to precede her. My god! McReynolds thought. It's Cooper's, daughter--Mary Ellen who used to be Mark Allen! "What's this all about, girl?" he demanded.

She laughed. "You'll soon know, Uncle Barney. Just go through that door ahead." He followed her instructions and as he pushed open the door, his eyes and mind were flooded with the pulsing violet light behind them.

"That's it, Bonnie--let the light fill your soul, let it control your thoughts, your very being," came another familiar voice from behind the blinding light. "Your new life has begun!"


The other two board members heard nothing from McReynolds for another 24 hours. Then, as they gathered for a mid-week meeting, a secretary told them. "There's a--young lady--here to see you. She insists on joining the meeting."

"We'll just see about that!" exclaimed Aubrey Gordon. He and his fellow board member, Gerald Stewart, stormed into the conference room and saw her:

She wore a halter-necked sundress with a pink print. Her legs were sleek in sheer nylons and perched on red sandals with an ankle strap and thin four-inch heels. Her hair was big--a teased volume of blonde that floated around her beautiful face and bounced on her shoulders. Around her right wrist was a heavy silver bracelet with a strangely glowing violet jewel.

"Hello, Aubrey, hello, Gerry," she said, sweetly. The voice was breathy, sexy and they both realized it belonged to Barney McReynolds.

"Barney, what's going on? What is this?" Stewart asked.

"Please, my name is Bonnie," the blonde insisted. "I'm instructed to bring you the next step in the ransom process." She picked up a large envelope from the conference table and walked to them. They both noticed how her eyes reflected the glow of the jewel at her wrist.

She left the package in their hands and sashayed out of the room, her girlish hips swaying with every step of her teetering heels.

Gordon and Stewart tore open the package.

Chapter Two:

Inside was yet another set of pictures of Connie, with a note:

As you can see, our darling little Redhead is certainly filling out beautifully! She has learned to love her silky lingerie and can't wait for the other changes we have planned for her...and for you!

The former chairman of Cooper Enterprises was clad only in black lingerie--a lace teddy with attached garters, matching panties, sheer black stockings, and black mules with five-inch heels. Again her smiling face stared out at them, her eyes still glowing as Bonnie's had done in person just moments ago.

Also in the package was an envelope, this time addressed to Aubrey Gordon. Nervously, he opened it.

One-fourth of Redhead's ransom has now been paid. Bonnie is mine to use as I see fit, as soon you will be! Tonight you will be in your home; you will have visitors at 8:15. Admit them and do not fail to do as they say. You might even enjoy it!

Gordon was livid. "Gerry, this is ridiculous!" he shouted. "How can we keep giving into these demands, these changes in ourselves? I'm not going to do this--I'll call the police! We'll see how these kidnappers, whoever they are, react to having the boys in blue surround them!"

Stewart agreed. "Absolutely--I always thought Conrad made a mistake when he didn't involve the authorities in Mark Alan's kidnapping." He picked up the phone. "Here--make the call."


Aubrey Gordon sat comfortably in his living room that evening. He'd persuaded the police to station two officers in hiding outside his door. When his "visitors" arrived, they'd discover their little jig was up.

At exactly 8:15, the doorbell rang. Must be the cops, letting me know the kidnappers got scared off or something, he thought. He opened the door. To his surprise, there stood Mary Ellen Cooper and her stepmother, Selena. One of the officers was behind them. "Mr. Gordon," the officer said, "these two ladies say they know you."

"Of course, Officer." Gordon turned to his guests. "Come in. I know you must be worried sick about Conrad." He escorted the two lovelies into his home.

He took their coats, and then gaped at their clothing. Mary Ellen was dressed in a tight-fitting leather mini-skirt and jacket over knee-high patent-leather boots with six-inch heels. Selena was in a gown of some shiny material that looked as if it had been painted onto her ample curves. She too wore shoes with stilt-like heels.

"You've been a naughty boy, Uncle Aubrey," Mary Ellen said, grinning. "Calling the police like that!" She turned to the older woman. "What shall we do about that, Mistress?"

Suddenly, it all dawned on Gordon. He made a move for the door, but Selena Cooper was between him and that escape. She produced a pulsating violet light and aimed it at his eyes. "When I transformed Mary Ellen, it took weeks of hypnosis and training, as you recall. But your own company has made it so much easier for me. This is a product of your R&D department, ordered by me."

The violet light had penetrated Gordon's psyche; he was now open to any suggestion from its wielder. "Go to the door and dismiss the police, Aubrey. Tell them the danger has passed," Selena ordered. He obeyed.

When he returned, Selena took up Mary Ellen's question. "Yes, I think we need to do something very special to Aubrey for his disobedience, darling." She turned to the bag she carried. "Ahhh--I have it!" She began pulling out a specific set of clothing.

"Your name is Little Audrey. While you have the looks and desires of a grown woman, you prefer to simper and mince like a little girl. Your new life has begun!


The next morning, Gerald Stewart was alone in the office when a knock came at the door. He opened it and knew immediately that their plan had failed. Despite knowing what would happen, despite alerting the authorities, the kidnappers had succeeded in the next step in their plans.

There stood his fellow board member, now completely altered. He was dressed in a school-girl's sailor-like outfit, with a short pleated skirt riding high on his bare thighs. His feet were covered in frilly white socks and black shoes with three-inch heels. His hair was a mass of curls that hung to his shoulders. Around his neck was a necklace with the telltale violet jewel, reflecting its light into his eyes.

"Hello, Mr. Gerry," the transformed vision spoke in a sing-song lilt. "I'm Little Audrey! I have a package for you!" She cheerfully held out another of those fateful packages.

"Aubrey--er, Audrey--how did they do this to you?" Stewart asked. "You were protected!"

"There is no protection from the glories of my Mistress and her powers," Little Audrey replied. "You will soon learn that as well." She handed him the package and minced back to the elevator.

Chapter Three:

With trepidation, Stewart opened the package. Oddly enough, there were no photographs this time, only a note and a small box. He read the note:

Rest assured that our little Redhead remains well, and is becoming more beautiful, more compliant, more feminine, more sissified with every day. You have already seen the results of the first two ransom payments. Now it is your turn to follow instructions. Open the box.

Shaking, he complied. As he lifted the lid, a pulsing violet light was revealed. He discovered he couldn't take his eyes from it. It riveted his gaze. Soon he forgot all about his and his companions' dilemma; the light had filled his mind. Now a familiar voice seemed to come from the box as well:

"Welcome, Glamorous Geri--your new life has begun!"


He awoke in a strange room, one that looked like the kind of lounge a hotel might keep for important guests outside a rented ballroom. He realized he was naked except for a set of feminine lingerie. There was a knock at the door and two women entered.

After a moment of shock, he realized he knew the woman in front, despite her coppery hair and the blank violet glow in her eyes, that matched the opulent earrings she wore. It was Conrad--Connie--"Redhead"!

She wore a skintight gown of blue sequins and a pair of clear plastic sandals with six-inch heels. Her walk was a sexy mincing shimmer, as the heels and the tightness of her skirt caused her to take short steps that emphasized the wiggle of her hips.

Behind was another woman, a dark brunette in a red satin sheathlike gown. "Hello, Geri," she said...and Stewart recognized the voice from the box. Another recognition then came to him.

"You're Selena--Conrad's wife!" he cried.

"Yes, Geri, darling," she admitted. "I am the instigator of these events, the transformation of my stepson, my husband and all his associates into the simpering feminine servants I needed them to be.

"You see, Geri, I set my sights on Connie not because of his looks or his wealth--although they were of great assistance--but because of the research and development your company was doing in electronic mind alteration and control. Through some carefully forged memos, I was able to get that R&D directed toward my goals. But more on that later--we have to get you ready for your debut!"

She reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of dangling earrings, each with one of those violet jewels that matched the color of her pulsating light show. Instantly, Stewart's eyes were again riveted. He felt his mind and body slacken into trance, as his eyes took on the tell-tale glowing gaze.

A short time later, a much-changed Gerald Stewart, now Glamorous Geri, entered the ballroom with Connie and Selena. The all-important earrings now hung from her ears. She wore a fuschia ballgown with diaphanous cap sleeves and a ruffled skirt that ended in mid-calf above her matching sandals with six-inch heels. Her hands and arms were sheathed in matching gloves.

The room was filled with women in formal attire. Not a single male figure was visible. Selena led her charges to the dais, where Mary Ellen, Bonnie and Audrey, similarly attired, awaited them. As Selena strode to the microphone, the room roared with applause. She raised her hands to quiet them and then spoke:

"My friends, you have seen here the beginnings of our plan--the demonstration of our ability to control the men who control business. Tomorrow, I will exact the final 'ransom payment' and our triumph will be complete!"

Chapter Four:

It was the annual electronics industry showcase, where the biggest names in the computer, entertainment and software businesses displayed their forthcoming products to the world.

At the Cooper Enterprises' display, Selena and Mary Ellen Cooper greeted visitors, dressed in enticing black leather business suits, with extremely short skirts, six-inch heels, and just lacy camisoles under their jackets. As they smiled at the various male visitors, they handed out special lapel pins and touted a big announcement at two o'clock.

At two o'clock, a new figure took the stage at Cooper Enterprises. Her coppery red hair was set off by the large glowing earrings she wore, and her makeup was dark, dramatic, and almost fetishistic in its intensity. That was fitting, since Connie "Redhead" Cooper's outfit was decidedly in the kinky tradition--a form-fitting blue latex mini-dress that hugged her every curve and ended a full seven inches above her knees. Her arms were covered in matching elbow-length gloves. Her legs were sheathed in dark nylons and were perched on pumps in matching blue with two-inch platforms and eight-inch heels. As usual, her eyes glowed with the same violet as her earrings.

She stood next to a console that resembled a cross between a computer keyboard and a wireless network connector. As she smiled and strode around the stage, many of the men in the audience felt a surge in their arousal.

Selena's voice came from offstage: "Ladies and gentlemen, today Cooper Enterprises enters the brave new world of complete computer control. Our lovely model, Connie, is completely enthralled to the control of our new system, so completely under its spell that she now responds to voice commands.

"Connie Redhead, lick your lips." Her pink tongue moved sensuously over her dark red mouth.

"Connie Redhead, sit and cross your legs." She sat at the chair by the console and sexily moved her left leg over her right. Most of the men craned their necks for a better view.

"Connie Redhead, flash your panties!" The crowd laughed--men and women both--as she pulled up her skirt to show off her matching latex panties. Only a few noticed the unusual bulge.

"Very good. Now, Connie Redhead, go to the console and summon your assistants." She turned to the keyboard and typed a few short words. The lights on the console glowed and then footsteps could be heard from stage left.

They walked in in a straight line: Bonnie, Geri, and Audrey. Dressed identically, they wore white midriff-baring tops with the Cooper logo over the left breast, white and gold wraparound skirts that very nearly exposed their crotches, and gold pumps with six-inch heels. Each had jewels like Connie Redhead's in their outfits--Bonnie's on a bracelet, Geri's in her earrings, Audrey's on an ankle bracelet. Like Connie, their makeup was dark and dramatic, and their eyes matched their glowing jewels.

"Connie Redhead, have them dance for us." Some more typing, and then the three lovelies began to bump and grind to a rhythm only they could hear.

"Perhaps something a little kinkier--let's see Bonnie and Geri make out while Audrey gets excited watching." In a moment, Bonnie and Geri were locked in a deep, sensuous kiss, hands roaming over each other's bodies, while Audrey rubbed her own crotch in arousal. Most of the men in the audience were smiling; the women were either puzzled or annoyed.

"Enough of that. Time for the final demonstration. Connie Redhead, full control!" Connie pushed a single button, and the jewels on the trio's outfits grew white-bright, as they froze into an upright position.

Simultaneously, tiny jewels in the lapel pins worn by the male audience members also glowed, their eyes glazed in a violet haze, and they also froze into position. The women in the audience gaped in awe.

Now, Selena stepped out onto the stage. "Ladies, this is the beginning of a revolution. Any woman who wants to control the men in her life now has that ability...provided she can deal with a simpering, submissive sissy for a mate." The smiles on the faces of most of the women indicated that was something they could handle.

Selena grinned. The ransom was fully paid.


[Don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!]

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June Busts Out 9

The second outfit from Friday...the peplum dress:

The green polka-dot belted peplum dress is by Stitch Btween, bought at Forman Mills in March 2014; the shoes are Mossimo "Viveca Blingy" green suede pumps, from Target in February 2013. Other accessories are black-and-white jewelry and natural hose.

And a portrait:

More pics on Flickr; if all goes well, I may have a dressing session Wednesday evening; and don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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Men We'd Love to See Feminized ~ Round 1, Week 10

Once again, pick the man you'd prefer to see feminized in the poll to the right:

Gene Kelly:

Ashton Kutcher:

Men We'd Love to See Feminized ~ Round 1, Week 9 Results

Young Angus was the unanimous choice...and a good thing, too, because he makes a surprisingly pretty girl:

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June Busts Out 8

Here's some new all-pink outfit...

The sweater is from Kmart's Basic Editions line, the pleated mini-skirt from their Attention line, both bought earlier this month; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" poppy patent pumps, from Payless in June 2009. Other accessories are black-and-white jewelry and natural hose. I was amazed to find how close the two new items were in color...and even more amazed at how well they matched the shoes! (The skirt is just a touch tight, however....)

A nice portrait:

More pics on Flickr; another outfit to be posted over the weekend...and I've made progress on replacing those lost files, so some artwork will be coming soon; and don't forget to choose the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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Light Posting

Posting will be light around here for the next few weeks...except for the dressing session I plan to get in on Friday...because of a computer problem.

The flash drive I keep all of my "Dani" material on--finished art ready for posting and the elements for new stuff--was broken over the weekend. So now I am spending most of my free time re-assembling those elements and getting ready to do new art. I had had enough material on that drive for a couple months worth of postings!

The "new old" stories are still intact, though, so I'll be trying to post one of those next week, if not this week.

In the meantime, don't forget to choose the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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June Busts Out 7

The second outfit from last Thursday:

The red twofer top is by Basic Editions, bought at Kmart in January 2011; the blue print miniskirt is from Target's Xhileration line in January 2012; the shoes are Mossimo "Velda" red baby-doll oxford pumps, from Target in August 2008. Other accessories are a pastel bow, gold jewelry, and natural hose.

I think this is one of the best portraits I've ever done:

More pics on Flickr; I expect to dress again next Friday; and don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!