Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Strangeness on a Train, Conclusion

Final meeting

Lola wondered what effect her last set of hypnotic suggestions would have on Dani. Would she really become a Bimbo Doll? A mindless sex-object for her mistress, Vera Demanden? She waited as the train rolled into the center city stop where Dani normally boarded, her eyes locked on the door.

She was not surprised when Ms. Demanden entered first, clad in a form-fitting red leather suit. Behind her came another figure, tall and blonde, with massive knockers barely covered by the low-cut bodice of her dress, with a hem that ended ten inches above her knees. But the oddest thing about the figure was a soft sheen of her skin, as though it were sheathed in a plastic coating. Its eyes were blank and staring. Lola realized this was Dani!

She motioned for Vera to sit with her and the dominant boss guided her new plaything to the seat as well. Lola raised her eyebrows in a question. "Were my changes in Dani's psyche successful?"

"Ask her yourself," Vera replied.

"Dani, tell me about yourself," Lola said.

"I am Bimbo Doll Dani. I have no thoughts of my own. I have no will of my own. My body and mind are the property of my Mistress Vera. I am her toy, her plaything," Dani replied, in a monotone.

"You've had some work done on her, I see," Lola observed.

"Yes," Vera said. "Fortunately, my company has a very advanced research-and-development  division. When I found out they were developing an artificial plastic-based skin, I realized it was the perfect finishing touch for my little sex-doll. They also created these lovely orbs on her chest," Vera continued, caressing Dani's boobs. "They are permanently adhered now, so she can wear very revealing attire."

"You didn't remove her....?" Lola asked.

"Heavens, no!" Vera exclaimed. "If anything, it now gets harder and bigger than ever. It's like riding a living dildo!"

Lola took a moment to contemplate. "Do you have any future plans?" she asked, eventually.

"Oh, yes," Vera gushed. "I intend to feminize every male in my company. I was hoping you would join the firm, as a sort of Human Resources trainer….

 Two months later

A group of half-feminized, androgynous young men waited outside the door marked Employee Wellness. A sultry British-accented voice called, “Martin, you may enter…”

The first figure in the line minced to the door in his one-inch Mary-Jane pumps and entered. Twenty minutes later, he re-emerged, now balanced on three-inch stiletto heels and in a short, tight skirt. “Oh, Ms. Lola,” he gushed in a breathy contralto, “thank you so much for your assistance. I will report to HR immediately for my new uniform and assignment!” As he left, the others could hear him murmuring, “I am a pretty sissy…obedience is pleasure…I am a pretty sissy...obedience is pleasure.”

And the voice came again from inside the office: “Ellery, you are next….”

Hypno-Session: Sleep-Over Aftermath

For our second trance on Sunday, Mistress Lola returned me to a previous session, when I became my teenage self, in the thrall of a girl I really did have a huge crush on in high school.

The trance-script is here.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Archelle: Sexy Submissive Sissy

Hypno-Session: My Fair Sissy

In the first of two trances yesterday, Mistress Lola brought me on stage, to be transformed from male to sissy in a revised production of a famed musical.

The trance-script is here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Dresses....

The always inspiring Hannah McKnight teaches us about accepting who we are:

The majority of emails I receive ask me “how do I crossdress?”.


By my personal definition of what crossdressing is, crossdressing is probably one of the easiest things in the world. Put on a pair of panties and you, you gorgeous creature, you are crossdressing.

But I know it’s more complex than that.

In my opinion, the first step in crossdressing is getting over the thinking that some clothes are for boys and some clothes are for girls. I know some of us wear certain clothes BECAUSE they are “girl clothes”, but I don’t wear a dress or a bra because I want to BE a girl. Yes, I want to be a “her” when I am en femme, but I have no desire to transition or live full time.

If you want to learn how to crossdress, you must first think of what your goals are. But your first step is getting over the thinking that boys don’t wear ___________. Wear the leggings, wing that eyeliner, rock those heels. So much of what we want to do begins with changing our thinking.

They are just clothes. But at the same time, they are more than clothes.

If you know what I mean.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Strangeness on a Train, Part Five

Fifth meeting

Lola waited for Dani's appearance on the train with excitement. How firmly did my bimbo suggestions take hold? What will be her boss's reaction? The doors opened at the center city station and a sexy vision came through. Lola watched as every male eye in the car followed the jiggling knockers and swiveling hips. Dani was a sheathed in a skin-tight pink dress with a bare midriff that also exposed a good deal of her big round jugs. The skirt ended a full eight inches above her knees and her long sleek legs were perched on pink platform sandals with six-inch spike heels. Her hair--bleached and obviously enhanced with extensions--fell to her waist in waves.

An equally attractive--if more sedate--figure entered behind her. Dressed in a figure-hugging black leather suit, this was obviously Ms. Demanden. As they approached and Dani saw Lola, she automatically made her way to sit next to her as programmed. Ms Demanden, raising an immaculately trimmed eyebrow and giving a hint of a smirk, followed her. 

The mesmeric mistress slid to permit both of them to sit beside her. She smiled and nodded slightly as Ms. Demanden, who returned the smile. Dani seemed oblivious to her surroundings, happily giggling and looking around the train. With some exaggeration, Lola darted her eyes towards the bubbly bimbo and then back to Ms Demanden. The leather-bound boss half-turned her head and raised her eyebrows, a silent gesture of granting permission whilst not being quite sure what was being requested. Lola nodded gratefully, then turned to Dani and riveted her gaze on the newly blonde sissy. "How do you like being a bimbo, Dani?" she asked. "Does it feel...nice?"

Dani's eyes glazed as she began repeating that all-important word: "Nice, nice, nice, nice." Each repetition sent her deeper into trance. Lola let her continue as she turned her attention to Dani's companion. She held out her hand, "I am Lola Venus. I presume you are Ms. Demanden?"

Ms. Demanden took her hand. "Call me Vera," she answered. "I got your note." She fished it out of her bag and read it:

Dear Ms. Demanden,

I am Lola Venus, who has been guiding your employee Dani deeper and deeper into a new life as a sissy...and now I am hoping to add "bimbo" to her personality as well. If you wish to learn more, please come with Dani on his trip home next Wednesday.

She folded the letter and put it back in her purse. "As you can see, I am here and quite intrigued." She nodded to Dani. "What exactly is happening right now?"

Are you familiar with hypnosis, Vera?” Lola asked, interested to see her reaction. To her credit, Vera did not seem to respond with any immediate signs of ridicule. Had she, perhaps there would be two brainwashed bimbos leaving the train today.

I’m somewhat familiar with the concept,” Vera answered. “Though I didn’t realise it was possible to do so with a single word, as you appear to have done.”

When done properly, anything can prove an effective hypnotic trigger,” Lola explained. “I happen to find mantras quite useful in helping subjects to take themselves deeper into a hypnotic state, as Dani is now doing to herself. In a few moments, when she is quite deep, I will take control and guide her trance. The first thing I will do is ask her to describe her activities in the past seven days."

Vera nodded. "I see...well, this is fascinating. Please continue."

Lola turned her attention to Dani. "Nice and deep now...deeper than ever before. So deep you hear only my words, my words become your thoughts. What did you do when you left me last week?"

Dani blinked and her voice became soft and dreamlike. "I went to the beauty salon near my home. I went in and asked for an appointment the next day, telling them I wanted to become a blonde. The receptionist seemed to recognize that I was a sissy and said, 'Hoping to have more fun?'

"I smiled and blushed, saying, 'Something like that.' She gave me an appointment for 5:30 the next evening. I went home and began to contemplate what it would be like to be a beautiful blonde...all sorts of strange thoughts and images filled my mind. I saw myself as Marilyn Monroe, as Jayne Mansfield, as Madonna, as Debbie Harry. I became quite aroused and spurted my cock-cream without even touching myself. As you taught me, Mistress Lola, I immediately sucked the tasty cream from my panties. I changed into my babydolls and fell to sleep, dreaming of myself as a blonde."

Vera touched Lola's arm. "I noticed Dani was quite distracted that next day...now I realize she was daydreaming about her new look."

"I arrived for the appointment on time,” Dani continued, “and the stylist began her work. I was excited and aroused by the whole process...and when she turned me to the mirror and I saw my new look, something happened. My mind became fuzzy and soft, my ability to concentrate faded. I smiled and, giggling, I said, 'I look, like, sexy, don't I?'

"'Yes, sweetie, you do,' the stylist answered. 'Very sexy...you're a real sex-bomb now!'

"'A sex-bomb!' I repeated. 'Yeah...that's what I am! I'm just a big, busty, blonde bomb of sex!' And I giggled again.”

Lola turned to Vera, not wishing to interrupt but clearly amused at the idea of Dani calling herself a sex-bomb so eagerly. In response, Vera pointed to Dani’s growing bulge as the sissy bimbo remembered the exciting event. It was all Lola could do to stop herself from bursting out laughing and potentially breaking the trance. “What did you do next, Dani?” asked Vera in a purring tone, trying to imitate the seductive voice Ms Venus put on when being hypnotic.

I got out of the chair, and gazed at myself in the mirror. 'Oh, but this outfit is, like, all wrong! It covers too much for a sexy thing like me!' I pouted.

"'I know just the place to find the kind of clothes you need now,' the sylist said. She handed me a card. 'I get all my clothes there.' I looked at what she was wearing--a figure-hugging red dress that ended eight inches above her knees. Yes, that's the kind of clothes I need!

"I paid the bill and wiggle-walked to the sidewalk. I could feel men's eyes ogling me--even in this unsexy suit--and women's eyes viewing me with combined envy and scorn. The recommended shop was on just the next block. I went in and was greeted by a clerk in an even sexier outfit than the stylist wore. 'Can I help you, hon?' she asked, popping her gum.

"'I need a whole new wardrobe...sexy, revealing, suitable for what I am now,' I answered.

"'And what are you?' she said, smiling. 'A bimbo?'

"That stopped me for a moment and I realized that, yes, that's exactly what I am. 'Yes, I'm a bimbo,' I giggled, 'and proud of it!'

"Half-an-hour later, I left the shop in a new, pink, body-conscious dress with a very low bodice, six-inch heels in the same color, and several bags of similar clothes. I went home and slept again, dreaming of myself strutting the streets in my sexy stuff. Monday morning I went to work for the first time as a bimbo!"

Vera smiled. "I was quite shocked when Dani arrived that morning," she said. "And even more surprised when she spoke. Her formerly quiet intelligent voice was now a bubbling, giggling prattle...but it was somehow very appealing. I invited her to my office and we had a very entertaining morning as I acquainted myself with her new bimbo enthusiasm for sex of all kinds!"

Lola grinned. "I expected something like this. That's why I wanted to meet you. Now that you know what my powers are capable of, is there anything you'd like me to add to Dani's persona?"

Vera grew quiet and looked over her bimbo lover-employee. After a moment, she said, "Yes...I've always wanted a perfect love-doll! A sexy object to treat as a toy. Is that possible?"

"Of course it is," Lola answered. She turned to Dani. "Dani, when you awaken, Ms. Demanden will begin a new regimen of changes in you. With each day, you will find your mind becoming more blank and empty, more ready to be filled with Ms. Demanden's desires and wishes. Each day that passes, you will find it easier and more satisfying to allow yourself to be filled, to soak up all of Ms. Demanden’s orders and demands like a sponge.”

As she spoke, Lola pulled out a business card and pen, scribbling something onto the card. “You will find that, as each day passes, it will become harder and harder to think for yourself. Making decisions will seem so much trickier, so much more difficult. You will find it so much more appealing, so much easier, to allow yourself to follow others, to allow others to make your decisions for you. Each day your own thoughts will be harder and harder to access, while those of Ms. Demanden will fill your mind more and more.” 

She passed the card to Vera, who looked at what was written on it. Next the printed phone number, Lola had scribbled ‘For when you fancy a real woman’. Vera raised a surprised eyebrow and looked back at Lola, who playfully winked as she wrapped up her instructions. “You will enjoy having a head free of thoughts, and focus only on what Ms. Demanden wants of you. When you return next week, you will no longer be just a bimbo...you will be a Bimbo Doll--a living plaything devoted to pleasing your Mistress. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Lola..." Dani murmured.

"Very good, then arise and follow Ms. Demanden from the train. When you step onto the platform, you will awaken, unaware of being hypnotized, but ready to follow my suggestions. Go now." Lola nodded to Vera and gestured for them to go. Ms. Demanden placed the card in her purse, winked back at Lola, and then lead Dani off the train.

Lola watched them leave and overheard as the doors closed, "Oh, Ms. Demanden, a doll? Like, really ? When can we start?"

Monday, February 17, 2020

Archelle and Forsythia

[Forsythia because Jughead's real name is Forsythe P. Jones.]

Hypno-Session: Deep and Blank

This past Saturday I had my 25th hypno-session with Mistress Lola....and it was a very special one, in which we experimented with exactly how deep into trance I can go. Turns out, it's pretty deep.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hypno-Session: Ladies' Maid

Yesterday I had yet another session with Mistress Lola. Deep in trance, I became Satin Maid Dani, her lady-in-waiting. It was a thrilling experience.

The trance-script is here.

Strangeness on a Train, Part Four

Fourth meeting

Lola was enjoying these weekly encounters; it was intriguing to see how Dani's mind interpreted and acted out her hypnotic suggestions. She sat in her usual place as the train entered the center city station, her eyes on the doors. When they opened, a tall vision in a red-and-white gingham frock entered. The skirt floated over what seemed to be acres of petticoats and crinolines. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. 

Could it be...? Lola thought, but then she noticed the telltale signs. They’d been covered as best they could in makeup, but if you knew where to look they were quite apparent. Yes, it is Dani! And wearing a dress nicer than any I own. She didn’t know whether to be proud or jealous.

The lovely crossdresser sashayed down the aisle, her gaze locked on the seat beside Lola. As she slid in, Lola turned to her, focusing her own gaze on Dani's eyes. "Hello, sweetie," she purred. "That's a beautiful retro look you're wearing.”

Thank you, Miss,” said Dani. Lola almost laughed when she heard her speak. She used a much lighter tone than before, not quite a falsetto but certainly approaching it. It wasn’t actually that far off being convincing. 

Yes, such a pretty, feminine dress. Tell me, does it make you feel...nice?"

"Yes...nice," Dani responded, and then began repeating, "nice, nice, nice, nice...."

Lola let Dani go on, her repetition sending her deeper and deeper into trance. "Nice and deep," she finally said. "Nice and relaxed. Nice and calm. Nice and obedient. So obedient. So compliant, so submissive, so powerless to resist. So ready to listen and follow my words. Aren’t you, Dani?”

Yes Mistress…” Dani replied in a whisper. Fully relaxed, her voice had returned to its former lower tone. 

Good girl. Tell me about the past week, darling."

Dani blinked and her eyes glazed over, as she followed Lola's suggestion and drifted back into her memory. "The day after our last meeting, I went to work, still thinking about your order to find suitable clothing for entertaining. It was not something I had considered before, so I sought advice...from Ms. Demanden.

"'Oh, darling,' she responded. 'I know just where to go to find you the perfect outfits for playing hostess. Meet me at lunchtime and we'll go.' And so, at noon, I met Ms. Demanden outside her office and we headed to the nearby shopping district. She led me to a little boutique on a side street called Perfect for Pansies.

"'They specialize in retro and vintage styles,' Ms. Demanden explained. 'All designed for and sized to fit sweet little sissies like you.'”

Where abouts is this boutique, Dani darling?” Lola interrupted. She took out her phone and texted herself the address as Dani gave it to her. Definitely something to keep in mind for other clients, going by what Dani was wearing now. Hell, she might even pick up something for herself. “Continue, sweetie,” Lola nodded.

Ms. Demanden took me by the arm and escorted me into the place,” Dani continued. “We were met by a cute sissy in a very retro shopgirl dress. 'My...friend...Dani is in need of clothes suitable for entertaining in her home,' Ms. Demanden said.

"The clerk looked me up and down. 'Oh, yes, I'm quite sure we have some things that will work wonderfully!' She began going through the racks, pulling out all manner of dresses--each of them with a wide, bouffant style skirt and tight fitting bodice. Choosing four of them, she directed me to a fitting room. 'Strip all the way to your panties, honey...for these dresses, you'll need very special underwear!'

I did as she instructed, with Ms. Demanden's assistance. The girl brought in a waist-cinch, a bra with pointed cups, and several layers of petticoats. They soon had me trussed up in the cinch and the bra, padded with appropriately shaped inserts. I slipped into two layers of the petticoats and they lowered the first of the dresses--the one I'm wearing today--over my head, adjusting it so the skirt fit correctly over the pettis.

"'Oh, yes--that is most delightful,' Ms. Demanden exclaimed. 'If the others are as lovely, you will have quite the wardrobe, Dani.' Each of the other dresses also met her approval and we left the shop loaded with four dresses, my new foundation garments, and three different petticoats. When we returned to the office, Ms. Demanden said, 'Dani, I want you to begin wearing these outfits to work every other day, so you get used to moving in them. Oh, and one more thing, I think you should go blonde...'

"So, I have dressed as you see, alternately with my business suits," Dani concluded.

"And what about going blonde?" Lola asked.

"I'm frightened of that," Dani replied. "It seems so drastic..."

"You will make yourself a blonde," Lola said. 

I will make myself a blonde,” Dani repeated in a monotone.

Yes you will,” Lola nodded approvingly. Then she smiled her wicked smile as a naughty idea popped into her head. “And when you do, you will find that other things change as well. You will find it hard to think about anything other than looking beautiful and sexy. Thoughts of work will be difficult...but thoughts of sex will come easy. Doing sums will feel so hard...but giggling will be natural. You won’t know a thing about science or academia...but you’ll always know how to look your best.”

Lola watched as Dani began to smile, a silly, sexy smile that filled her face, and the Mistress knew the sissy was already starting to melt her mind away. “Your brain will feel like it’s wrapped in cotton candy, sweet sticky fluff that makes those big, heavy thoughts so hard to come together. Only nice, light, airy thoughts will be able to get free. You will become a blonde bimbo. You will seek out suitable clothes for your new role--tight-fitting, flesh-revealing outfits. Your favourite colour will be pink, your favourite task will be shopping, your favourite subject will be sex. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Dani answered.

"Good bimbo,” Lola smiled as she heard Dani giggle, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Your station is next. When you exit the train, you will go immediately to a beauty salon and make an appointment for a change in your hair color--the blonder the better. Once you have done that, you will awaken from trance, with no memory of having been hypnotized, but ready to follow all instructions." Lola paused to write out a note. "Give this to Ms. Demanden tomorrow."

The train slowed to a stop and Dani rose and exited. Well, I wonder what her new boss will think of having a totally brainless bimbo on staff! I’m sure she’ll be able to find a...suitable position for her.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

You'll Be a Woman Soon

Hannah McKnight talks about our early inspirations and aspirations:

I attended Catholic school from kindergarten all the way through my senior year....one of my clearest memories of this time was how badly I wanted to wear the same plaid jumper uniform that the girls in my class wore.

As I got older, I continued to notice (and grow envious) of what girls my age were wearing. I loved the combination of flirty dresses and Doc Martens boots girls wore when I was in high school. When I had my first office job I was really drawn to the professional attire the women I worked with wore.

[A]s I got more comfortable with accepting and embracing who I am, I would think more about the clothes I wanted to wear, and about the clothes that I wanted to wear as I was growing up.

One of the first things I remember wanting to wear was the Catholic school uniform when I was in grade school. This uniform has becomes incredibly sexualized and become a common fetish, but I didn’t want to wear the uniform for anything erotic. I wanted to wear it in my twenties because it had such an impact on me when I was young.

Accepting, acknowledging, and embracing your gender identity is a rebirth in a way. What was hidden and denied what was a part of us that is now who we are. We are learning who we are. We are learning who SHE is. And for some of us, we have some catching up to do.

For lack of a better word, many of us go through an accelerated and abbreviated form of adolescence or puberty.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Strangeness on a Train, Part Three

The third meeting

Lola had begun to look forward to her weekly trysts with Dani. She took her usual seat and waited for the train to arrive at the center city station Dani used. The doors opened and she was momentarily disappointed when she didn't see him. And then she realized that the tall woman in the classy business suit was her hypnotized sissy after all.

Though his hair was still short and slicked back, Dani was in full makeup now--smoky eyeshadow and heavy mascara, eyebrows trimmed and arched, lips a bright, wet red. The gray suit fit him perfectly, the jacket open to reveal the silk camisole beneath. His bra was clearly padded with what seemed like B-cups. The skirt fell to just above his knees, its straight lines keeping his stride to a ladylike distance, helped by the five-inch heels on his classic pointed-toe pumps.

As before, he looked around and, despite numerous other empty spots, slid into the seat beside Lola. He gave no sign of recognition, but nodded to her as he took his place. She turned and smiled, capturing his eyes once again with her hypnotic gaze. "I must tell you how much I like what you're wearing," Lola began. "You look very....nice...."

Her eyes and that word were all it took. "Nice, nice, nice, nice...." Dani began to intone, quickly falling again into trance.

“Yes, such a nice, pretty outfit you have on. Perfect for a good girl. And you are my good girl, aren't you sweetie? Though you may not always remember that. Allow your memories to unlock now, dear. To remember who I am, what I am to you, and how utterly devoted you are to me. Let those memories unlock as my voice turns the key in your mind. Remember me in 3...2...1…”

“Hello Mistress Lola,” Dani stirred from his tranced state.

"Hello, my Sissified Sweetheart," Lola said. "You look as though you must have had an interesting week. Tell me about it."

Dani's eyes went out of focus as he remembered the past seven days. "The day after we last met, I went again to that same store and asked for appropriate office attire. I purchased several suits like this one. But the really interesting things happened the next day, in the office.

"My employer, Ms. Vera Demanden, saw me in my new clothes and summoned me to her office. 'Well, Daniel, what's all this?' she asked, smiling. 'Are you becoming a sissy?'

"'I've always been a sissy, Ms. Demanden,' I told her. 'Now I am letting it show. Is that a problem?'

"'Not in the least,' she replied. 'I think you look quite attractive...perhaps even a little sexy.' She smiled again. 'Go on about your work, but meet me here at closing time.'

"I returned to my desk, but noticed that all the women in the company began strolling past my cubicle, peeking in and grinning. Some of them made comments: 'Nice legs, Daniel'...'You should let your hair grow out'...'You must tell me where you get your clothes....' At lunch, several other women joined me in the cafeteria and oohed and aahed over my appearance.

"Finally, five o'clock came and I reported to Ms. Demanden's office. She locked the door and lowered the blinds. 'Come here, sissy,' she ordered. She grabbed me tightly and pressed her lips to mine. I'd never been kissed wearing lipstick before...the sensation thrilled me. She thrust her tongue deep into my mouth and rubbed her hands all over my body--my boobs, my ass, even my crotch. 'Well, I'm getting a reaction,' she cooed. 'Lower your skirt and let me see.'

"I did as ordered, letting my boss see the bulge in my satin panties. She sat and beckoned me to her. She reached out and started stroking my sissy-cock through the satin. 'Yes, a very nice reaction,' she said. 'Let's see how far we can go...' In time, she brought me to climax and I spurted my cream into my panties.

"'Put your skirt back on and go home, sissy...just as you are,' she ordered. 'You will report to me at lunch time and at close of business each day for a proper milking,' she said. 'Consider this your most important duty.' I pulled my skirt on and minced out of the office, feeling the wet stickiness of my cream in my panties.

"This has continued every day since...I am both humiliated and aroused by it."

"Are your panties filled with cream even now?" Lola asked. Dani nodded, blushing. "Let me see." Surreptitiously, Dani allowed Lola to reach under his skirt. "Oh, yes, they are quite soaked, aren't they?" Her fingers came out from under the skirt sticky with his cream. She wiped them across his red lips. "Open and taste, darling," Lola said, and Dani complied.

She surveyed her little submissive. "Office attire is all well and good, Dani...but you need clothes for other occasions as well. In the next week, find suitable dresses for entertaining at home. Be prepared to show me one of them when we meet again.

"Now, we are approaching your station. As always, when you exit the train, you will awaken from trance, unaware you have been hypnotized, remembering nothing of our time together. But you will remember and follow my instructions. Good night, Sissified Sweetheart."

Dani stood and got off the train. As Lola watched him walk down the platform she wondered What kind of clothes will Pretty Sissy Dani think are appropriate for entertaining? And what else does this Ms. Demanden have in store for him?


Hypno-Session: Bubbles Dances

Yesterday afternoon, I had another hypno-session with Mistress Lola...one in which I spend most of the time as my alter ego, Bubbles the bimbo. It appears from the trance-script, Bubbles put on quite a show.