Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Little Girl Forever--Part Two


“You really do look scrumptious, dear,” Vera said. “Now, have a seat.”

Aaron unceremoniously plopped down on the couch. “Oh no, that will never do!” Vera scolded. “You must sit like a lady. Stand up!” He complied. “Smooth your skirt under you as you slowly lower yourself to the cushions, dear. That’s it! Now, cross your legs at the ankles and fold your hands in your lap.”

He complied again. “Good Girl! You will seat yourself this way from now on.” Vera moved another chair close to him and stared into his eyes. “Repeat after me: Younger and girlier….”

“Younger and girlier,” Aaron murmured.

“Very nice…now, keep repeating that.”

“Younger and girlier….younger and girlier…. younger and girlier…. younger and girlier…. younger and girlier….”

“And each time, you repeat it, you feel it becoming true…losing a few months in your age, getting more feminine and less masculine. Keep repeating until you feel just like a 12-year-old girl, until you are a 12-year-old girl. When your reach that point, stop repeating, close your eyes and drift deeper into trance,” she instructed him.

“Younger and girlier…. younger and girlier…. younger and girlier…. younger and girlier…. younger and girlier….” Aaron went on with that mantra for another ten minutes and then his eyelids fluttered and closed and his head drooped.

“Aaron, how old are you?” Vera asked.

“I am 12 years old,” he replied, in a soft breathy contralto.

“And what are you?”

“I am a pretty girl,” he answered, in the same tone.

Good Girl!” Vera exclaimed. “Now, remain in trance, visualizing your new self, your young, girlish self, while I prepare the next stage in your development.” She picked up the phone. ‘Colleen, please ask Ms. Jucypusy to call me at her convenience.”

A few moments later, the phone rang and Vera answered. “Jucypusy! Thanks for getting back to me. Do you have a room for another student in your course for pre-teen sissies? The one aimed at the stepsons and nephews we keep getting from stepmothers and aunts? You do? Wonderful! I’ll be sending him with Colleen.

“Now, I want him well-schooled in the sexuality course—all the usual stuff, milking, pegging, muff-diving. Oh, and his sexual focus should be….me! Yes, that’s right, I’m keeping this little sweetie for my own. Lovely—he’ll be ready for the afternoon session.” Vera hung up and buzzed for Colleen. “Escort Aaron to Ms. Jucypusy’s classroom.”

Thirty minutes later, Aaron sat among 15 other young men, all clad in the same manner as himself—lace, petticoats, heels, and lots of pink. The difference was that the others were all physically and chronologically under 14, while he was still a man in his 20s who had been hypnotized to believe himself to be 12. Also like Aaron, the other sissies were all in trance, the better to properly absorb their lessons.

Ms. Jucypusy, a voluptuous woman in her 40s, entered and posed wantonly. “Good afternoon, sissies! Today’s lesson is in anal arousal.” She produced a large dildo and affixed it to a chair. “Now, who wants to be first to experience this delightful sensation?” None of the students moved. She spotted Aaron and said, “Very well, our new addition will be the volunteer. Aaron, please come forward.”

Unable to refuse, Aaron rose and minced to the front of the room. “Reach beneath those lovely skirts and pettis and remove your panties, darling,” Ms. Jucypusy ordered.

“I obey,” he replied, and soon his frilly pink knickers were around his ankles.

“Sit,” she continued, “and make sure that nice hard shaft slides into your ass-pussy. Don’t worry, it’s already been well lubricated.”

Aaron complied and felt the dildo enter him. A little groan and then a pleasant moan escaped his lips. “Feels good, doesn’t it, dear? So filling, so feminine to have that nice hard thing deep inside you.” She picked up a remote and pressed a button. The dildo began to hum and vibrate. “And that feels even better, doesn’t it? Of course, it does. You love this, you crave this, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Aaron answered, between sighs and moans.

Ms. Jucypusy turned to the rest of the class. “You will all find identical dildos in your desks. Place them on your seats and follow Aaron’s example.” A chorus of moans soon filled the room as the 15 sissies felt their ass-pussies filled. She pressed the button that sent the same vibrating signal to all the dildos.

“Very good, my darlings…now, I will keep raising the power levels until you all have a nice sissy-spurt! And the one who does so first will have the reward of being the first to experience our next lesson: muff-diving!”


Vera Demanden was awakened by the gentle ministrations of her sissy Erin’s tongue on her pussy. It had been one year since Aaron had completed his training and been re-christened as Erin. Vera had long ago decided that this voluntary sissy would never return to life outside the walls of the school and would be her personal assistant and lover.

“Mmmmm….very nice, Erin,” she purred. “Do you think you can bring me to three orgasms before the alarm clock rings in 15 minutes?”

“Oh, yes, Ma’am,” Erin said, eagerly. “There is nothing I would like more!” And set back to work on Vera’s sex.

“Oh, I think there are things you would like at least as much,” Vera chuckled as she spread her legs a bit more. “For instance, if you succeed in providing me those three climaxes, I will reward you with a sissy spurt—and you will get to choose the manner in which you receive it.” She stopped and gasped. “Oh, that’s one, dear….just two to go….

“Now, you can get a nice milking from me when we’re done, or….well, how would you like to meet with Nancy Nockers and have her give you a titty-fuck with those 48D jugs of hers?” That seemed to spur Erin to greater effort and shortly Vera moaned with her second orgasm. “Just one more, sweetie and you’ll have to make up your mind what you want.”

Vera reached her third climax just 30 seconds before the alarm sounded. “Well, you did that wonderfully, my little sissy. Help me dress for the day, then dress yourself, and we can discuss your decision over breakfast.”

Twenty minutes later, Vera was dressed in her usual office attire of fitted suit with a mini-length pencil skirt and satin blouse. Erin was in her best school-girl look—pleated tartan skirt, white blouse, and red patent mary-janes with three-inch heels. They sat at the kitchen table in Vera’s suite and conversed. “All right, Erin honey, which will it be? Shall I meet you here at lunch time for a sensuous, seductive milking? Or shall I call Nancy to set up a meeting for you later this morning?”

Erin pondered the question. “If I see Nancy, will I be permitted to lick my cream from her tits when I am done?”

“Of course, dear—how else would a pretty 12-year-old sissy clean up after being shown such a nice time by her big sister sissy?” Vera answered, smiling.

“Then I think I will choose to meet with Nancy Nockers,” Erin said. “I hope that does not disappoint you, Ma’am?”

“Not at all, sweetheart—after all, I have access to you whenever I wish it,” Vera replied. “In fact, I may milk or peg you this evening no matter what!” She stood and beckoned her little sissy. “That reminds me, like any sissy meeting another one in private, we must make sure no illicit activity occurs. Lower your panties and let me insert your butt plug. Nancy does not get access to your ass-pussy.”

Erin complied, and shortly thereafter, Vera left for her office, while Erin tidied up from breakfast. Mid-morning, the bell rang and Erin answered the door, to find Nancy Nockers waiting. Her huge boobs were fully on display in the scoopneck top and her nipples poked through the thin, clingy fabric. She smiled lasciviously and said, “Hellooooo, Erin. Ms. Demanden ordered me to give you a titty-fuck.”

Erin gasped. Nancy’s tits were the largest she had ever seen and they bounced and jiggled with every move she made on her stiletto heels. She stepped into the room and leaned over to show them to the prissy sissy girl, squeezing them together sensuously. “You ready, sweetcheeks? ‘Cause I am.”

Erin nodded and led her guest to the “playroom,” the spare room she and Vera used for their sexual encounters with others. Nancy looked around and approved. “That soft chair over there looks like the perfect spot.” She sat down and pulled off her top, revealing the perfect orbs of her enormous boobs. She watched Erin’s eyes go wide. “You like?” Nancy played with her nipples, making them even bigger and harder. “Well, let’s get going.”

Erin removed her skirt and panties and her own well-formed sissy-cock sprang to life. Nancy beckoned her closer. “That looks like a lovely toy,” she purred. She pulled her tits apart and said, “Just put it here, darling.” Erin stepped closer and let her shaft fall into the space between Nancy’s jugs. Nancy pressed them closer and began to caress Erin’s cock, making it bigger, harder, and Erin more aroused. “Go ahead—fuck my tits, honey!” Nancy said.

Erin began to thrust her cock in and out of the space between those enormous globes, as Nancy pressed them tighter and tighter against her. It didn’t take long—Erin’s cock erupted, spreading cock-cream all over those big round tits. “Your turn, pretty one,” Nancy said as she presented her cream-splashed boobs to Erin.

Erin leaned in and began to eagerly lick the thick cream from Nancy’s jugs. She used her fingers to be sure she got every drop. At the end, she collapsed to the floor in sexual exhaustion. Nancy rose and pulled her top back on. “Don’t bother getting up, sweetie. I’ll see myself out.”

Two hours later, Vera returned to the suite, to find Erin still collapsed on the floor. “Well, that must have been quite the session you had with Nancy Nockers, if you’re still recovering,” she said, then added, “Erin obeys….”

Erin instantly dropped deep into trance. “Stand up. Go to the bedroom and change into a babydoll. Lie down on the bed and fall even deeper into trance. With every breath, surrender more of your will to me. With every breath, give up more of your mind to me. Become the empty-headed sissy you know you want to be.”

Erin rose and went to the bedroom. She picked out a nightie, lay on the bed and soon was so deep in trance, she didn’t notice when Vera removed the butt plug from her ass-pussy and replaced it with a vibrating dildo. “Feel the power invade you,” Vera said. “Feel it fill you with sexual desire, feel it turn you into a ravening, sex-obsessed plaything. Sleep with all that conquering your mind and will. I will awaken you in a few hours.”

Later that evening, Vera entered the bedroom again and snapped her fingers. SNAP!! Immediately, Erin awoke from trance…but thanks to the deep suggestions implanted earlier, she awoke with a totally empty mind, her eyes wide and vacant. “Your mind controls and I obey,” she murmured.

Good Girl!” Vera said and smiled as she watched the wave of sexual excitement wash over her sissy. “It’s time for the second half of your reward, Erin. I’m going to milk you—not once but many times over and over. With each stroke of my hand on your sissy-cock, you will fall back into trance. With each time you spurt, more of your memory of ever being an adult male will disappear. When we are done tonight, you will be my little sissy lover…and will always have been my little sissy lover. Now, remove those pretty panties so I can have access to your cute little sissy-cock!”

Erin complied and adjusted herself on the bed. Vera wrapped her hand gently around the shaft and began to slowly stroke. “One…dropping into trance…two…dropping deeper…three…every stroke sends you deeper into trance…” She continued speaking and counting as Erin’s sissy-cock grew longer and harder and her breathing slowed. By the fifteenth stroke, Erin was completely hypnotized and on the verge of climax. “Not yet, dear,” Vera admonished her. “It will take more strokes to eliminate your maleness….” Five more strokes and Vera said, “Now, Erin, release all that nasty masculinity.” And Erin spurted her cock-cream.

“Very good….now, again,” Vera said, beginning the stroking once more. Three more times she milked Erin, until at last there was no cream left within her. “Sleep, Erin, and dream of being my little girl forever….”


Vera was at her desk, interviewing a new candidate for the school, and the candidate’s sponsor, his fiancé. “Now, I understand you wish to have Miles here remade into a prissy sissy who thinks of himself as a pre-teen girl?” Vera asked.

“Yes,” said the woman, as her intended husband hung his head and blushed. “He’s such a meek and mild creature, no other solution is possible if we’re to have a happy marriage.”

“Would you like to see what kind of results we can achieve?” Vera asked, as she pressed a buzzer. “Erin is my personal sissy. She came here two years ago as a young man named Aaron, about Miles’ age. He gave himself completely to my control.” The door opened and Erin entered. She curtseyed and then stood with her head bowed. Her outfit was classic little-girl sissy, all lace and frills, bows and petticoats. There was not a trace of adult masculinity in the image.

“Erin, tell my guests who and what you are,” Vera said.

“I am Erin Evergirley. I am a prissy sissy who obeys Ms. Demanden in all things and is happy to be her submissive little girl,” Erin replied in a lilting, breathy tone.

“Oh, wonderful!” Vera’s prospective client said, clapping her hands. “How soon can we begin turning Miles into my little Millie?”


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Teen Dani

Mistress Lola has two ages to regreess me to...this is the older one, my image of myself as a girl of 17 or so...cute and kicky and flirty.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Hypno-Session: Dani on the Runway

This week, Mistress Lola took me on an hypnotic adventure to a fashion show, where I wound up being the reluctant model. The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Little Girl Forever Part One


Aaron looked at the return address on the envelope and frantically tore it open. He quickly read the contents and grinned. “Yes!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been accepted!”

Two hundred miles away, Vera Demanden sat in her office and looked through the computer records for the incoming students at her Tranny Training School. “Well, this looks like one I’ll take a personal interest in.” She pulled up the details on Aaron Barrymore. “He’s actually coming here of his own accord, eager to learn how to be feminine and beautiful.” She smiled. “Well, Aaron, I think I’ll teach you a great deal more than that!”

Four weeks later, the new class of cross-dressers, nancy-boys and sissies were gathered in the school auditorium, along with their sponsors. Aaron was the only one who sat alone. Vera spotted him right away and called her chief assistant, Colleen Cuntrol, to her side. She pointed him out. “When the others go to orientation, bring him to my office, instead.” Colleen nodded, knowing that meant Aaron would receive very special attention from the school’s founder and headmistress.

Thirty minutes later, as the other new students were led to their first experience at forced feminization, Aaron was escorted to Vera’s office. Colleen knocked and a voice from within called, “Enter”. She did so, with Aaron at her heels. Vera rose from her desk and walked around the young man, surveying him carefully. “Well, Aaron, we certainly have some nice material to work with here,” she said. “You’ve clearly worked hard already at preparing for your time here.”

“Thank you, Ms. Demanden,” Aaron replied, blushing. “I’ve been dieting and exercising for several years, and I can now wear a size 8 dress.” He ran a hand over his head. “I’ve let my hair grow for all that time as well, and gotten professional treatments for it.”

“I see,” Vera nodded. “You actually want to be a girl, then.”

“Not a girl,” Aaron protested. “A woman…a beautiful example of adult femininity.”

We’ll see about that, Vera mused. “Yes, well, then we’d best get started. Come sit on the couch with me and we’ll talk about the program I’ve devised for you.” Aaron joined her on the couch and she moved close to him. “You see, Aaron, you’re not here to become what you wish to be. You’re here to become what I wish you to be.”

“What? I thought it was clear that I wasn’t interested in being a submissive sissy,” Aaron said, shocked.

“And why should any of that matter?” Vera replied, smiling. “In short order, you’ll find it doesn’t matter at all.” She leaned in closer to him. “Look deep into my eyes.” He tried to turn his head, but she held it steady. “Look deep into my eyes….” Unable to look away, Aaron found he could not escape her gaze.

“Look into my eyes, Aaron…look deep into my eyes…sink into them, fall into them,” Vera continued. “You cannot resist the power of my eyes, you cannot resist the power of my words. You are drawn to my eyes and my words. Surrender to them. Surrender.

“My will is stronger than yours. My will is a feminine will, and a feminine will is always more powerful than yours. Surrender your masculine will to my feminine will. Submit to my all-powerful feminine will, and let my mind control you. My mind controls and you obey.

“My mind controls and you obey. My mind controls and you obey.”

Her will was indeed too strong for him to resist. “Your mind controls and I obey,” he said, in a dull monotone. “Your mind controls and I obey.”

“Very good,” she said. “You are deeply submissive to me, you are my toy, my plaything. And with every moment in my power, your submission grows, your will weakens, you lose all ability to disobey. You cannot disobey.”

“I cannot disobey,” he murmured.

Vera smiled. The resistant ones always seem to be the easiest. “Aaron, get out of those clothes. No male clothes allowed on campus,” she ordered. Aaron stripped himself of his shirt and pants, revealing a training bra and panties. “So, you were actually all set to be feminized, weren’t you? And in such cute girlish things!” She used a button on her desk to signal Colleen.

A moment later, Colleen arrived and smiled at the scene. “Yes, Ma’am?”

“Aaron, you will go with Ms. Cuntrol and obey her as you would me,” Vera said. “Take this little cutie to the salon and have him fixed up appropriately.” Then she whispered further instructions to her assistant.

“Oh, Ms. Demanden, that will be so delicious!” Colleen said, adding, “Come with me, Aaron.”

In the salon, Aaron was handed over to the beauticians and tecbnicians. Since his hair was already sufficiently feminine, they concentrated on his face. His eyebrows were waxed into girlish arches first, and then they set to work on his eyes—brightening his underbrow, then coloring his lids with a lavender shade, blended into the lighter shade above, with a dark line accented the crease. Eyeliner and mascara followed, and then came a massive set of lush false eyelashes.

His cheeks were highlighted with blush, creating a look of constant embarrassment. The final touch was his mouth, reshaped into a pouting cupid’s bow, with a lavender lipstick and gloss.

Now they placed him on the mani-pedi throne, and made his hands elegant and long-nailed, and his feet soft and delicate, with cute lavender-painted toes. Finished, they turned Aaron back over to Colleen. “Come with me back to Ms. Demanden,” she said.

“Your mind controls and I obey,” Aaron murmured.


As Aaron and Colleen entered the office, Vera smiled. “Yes, exactly the look I wanted for him!” she exclaimed. “Colleen, you may go; I will send for you later.”

She walked around the mesmerized man and examined him. “Take off the bra and panties, Aaron. I have new undies for you.” “Your mind controls and I obey,” he responded, immediately stripping off the lingerie.

Vera went to a dressing table and opened a drawer. She pulled out a matching set of bra and panties and handed them to him. “Put these on.” He instantly complied, covering his little titties and his sissy-cock with the lavender frillies. “Definitely your color, darling!” Next came a pair of sheer stay-up thigh-high hose, which he carefully drew up his hairless legs. “How nice that you keep yourself girlishly smooth, Aaron,” Vera remarked. “It will make all this so much simpler.”

She beckoned him to the full-length mirror. “Look at yourself. Don’t you look cute and girly?” she said. “So pretty and prissy.” She caressed his body. “Feel your arousal grow…you like looking this way. Your nipples grow stiff on your tiny titties and rub sexily on the satin of your bra. Your male thingie gets hard and expands, as the satin panties cling to it. Your ass feels warm and soft in the satin, too. The longer you look at yourself, the more exciting it becomes…and the deeper you surrender to my will, the more you become submissive to my control.”

Aaron wriggled in response and said, “Your mind controls and I obey.”

“That’s right, dear,’ Vera continued. “And even when I wake you from trance, that will be true. You will be submissive and girly, your will surrendered to mine. Now, when I snap my fingers, all this will be true and you will awaken from trance. But when I say Aaron obeys, you will return to trance. And each time you return to trance, you will be even more submissive, more completely in my control. Do you understand?”

“I understand; your mind controls and I obey.”

“Good Girl! And every time I say that, you will feel an intense sexual pleasure go through you, as if I had tweaked your nipples, stroked your cock, and kissed you all at once. Understand?”

“I understand; your mind controls and I obey.”

Good Girl! And now, awaken!” SNAP!!

Aaron immediately awoke and said, “I obey, Ma’am. What is your desire?”

Vera looked at the abject adoration in his eyes and smiled. “I desire you to be dressed appropriately for your new role in life.” She pressed the buzzer and moments later, Colleen entered. “Take Aaron to the dressing room and find something suitable for his new life.”

“Yes, Ma’am….I know exactly how Aaron should be dressed from now on,” Colleen replied. She took him by the hand. “Come along, sweetie, it’s time you dressed the part.”

A few moments later, they were in the school’s wardrobe department. Colleen headed directly for the section labeled “Prissy Sissy” and began searching the racks for the perfect outfit. “You must look little girlish and yet a bit sexy,” she said to Aaron, who merely stood mute and mesmerized. “I want something full of frills but still revealing….”

She pulled out several dresses and held each up to Aaron’s body. “No……no…..maybe…..” she said as she displayed each one and then cried, “Yes! Exactly the right look for you, dear! Put this on!”

The pink dress fitted closely in the bodice but then exploded into a mass of ruffles with a multi-tiered skirt that ended eight inches above Aaron’s nylon-sheathed knees. It came with a pair of elbow-length gloves and low-heeled pumps. “We’ll train you in higher heels a little later, darling,” Colleen advised.

After making sure everything fit, she took him back to Vera’s office. “Oh my!” Vera exclaimed. “You’ve done a wonderful job with him, Colleen! He’s the very epitome of the little-girl fetish! Now, all we have to do is make the mind match the image!”

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dani in the Office

I play many roles in my hypnotic fantasy life with Mistress Lola, one of them is as her "sex-retary" at LolaVenus Enterprises, whicn includes LolaVenus Magazine.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Hypno-Session: Dani's Birthday Gift

Yes, today is my birthday--my real, chronological birthday, not the anniversary of my being "Dani" that I celebrate in December. Knowing that, Mistress Lola decided our session this week should include a "gift"--a response to a request I made a few weeks ago...and something of a surprise as well. The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

In and Out of Comfort

Hannah McKnight discusses a cross-dresser's comfort zones:

Let’s face it, for many of us “girl clothes” make us happy. We (and yes, I know I am generalizing and not speaking for all non-cis people) love panties, heels, skirts, dresses, nail polish, eyeliner…The first time we wear anything that isn’t purchased in the boy’s section of a department store is a thrilling, frightening, experience. The first time (and possibly the fiftieth time) is a terrifying event. All of the normal thoughts and fears run through our head. What if someone sees us? What if the cashier laughs at us? When I am shopping for MAN clothes in MAN mode, I never worry about seeing someone I know. I don’t consider what the cashier might think for even a second. But buying foundation or a skirt in male mode? That’s a different story.

Going out of your comfort zone, for the most part, is a good thing. It expands your world, opens up new adventures, and enriches your life. I mean, it’s as scary as it can be, but it’s usually worth it. I can’t think of a time I regretted going out of my comfort zone, regardless of whether it is in regards to this part of my life, or in work, or in my boy life. Even though I am happy and content, I still think about new adventures that are a step into a new comfort zone. It could be flying pretty, it could be something else.

Why do we do this? Why do we go out of our comfort zones when we know we will likely have a humbling experience when we do so? Simply put, because we don’t have a choice. Once we acknowledge and accept this part of us we begin the next step of our (ugh) journey of gender identity. Every new part of this adventure will determine if where we are is where we’ll stay or if there’s another road ahead. At one point I thought I was going to underdress for the rest of my life. Then I moved into “real clothes”. This was a new comfort zone. Soon I realized that staying home en femme wasn’t where my journey ended. I started going out en femme, started a social/support group, started modeling (modeling is a generous term here) and so on. Everything was a new comfort zone. Everything was a humbling experience.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Dani Dolly

Occasionally, Mistress Lola triggers my playtoy persona, known only as "Dolly". Dolly is a Barbie-style toy, with an empty head, who wants nothing more than to be played with.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Her Feminine Will -- Part Two


One month after she enrolled Darren into Vera Demanden’s school, Elaine Winchester received a package. It arrived by private messenger, with only her name as an address. She opened it to find a series of photos of her fiancé undergoing his continuing transformation, and a letter:

My dear Ms. Winchester:

Enclosed you will find photos of the progress your dear Darren is making toward being the sweet, submissive sissy spouse you desire. As you can see, he is already physically quite feminine, and I can assure you his mind and personality are developing along similar lines.

However, we have reached the stage in the process where you must make some decisions. Until now, all Darren’s girlish shape has been the result of appliances and padding. If you wish, we can make his new figure quite permanent with a visit to our in-house surgeon, Dr. Madchenmacher. Do you desire that he receive breast and butt implants, and what size? As you can see, we have had him model different sizes over the past month, so that you can determine what you find most appealing.

In addition, we can offer training in woman-to-woman sexual relations, everything from cunnilingus to anal stimulation. We can alter his psyche so that these practices arouse him and even bring him to orgasm, so that he never wishes to have so-called ordinary sex again. In preparation for that, I suggest you send us several pairs of your used panties with your reply.


Vera Demanden

Elaine closed the letter and smiled, once again looking over the photos. She pulled out a page of her personal stationery and began a letter:

My Dear Ms. Demanden:

I am quite pleased and thrilled with Darren’s progress; clearly I made the right choice in turning him over to your care.

Yes, I do want his new figure to be permanent. I would suggest a set of 38C breasts and an expansion of his hips and derriere to 38 inches as well. And proper training in all submissive lesbian practices is definitely in order—including making them his only form of arousal and satisfaction. I am including a selection of my most fragrant used undies for that purpose.

I assume he will be ready for me to pick up at the end of the month?


Elaine Winchester

The next day, having received Elaine’s response, Vera went to wake Darren in his pretty pink room. As usual, he had spent the night listening to his hypnotic induction, deepening his submission to all the dominant women who surrounded him. Vera leaned over the bed and snapped her fingers. SNAP!!

Darren awoke and murmured, “I obey.” He sat up, resplendent in his pink baby-doll nightie. He smiled at Vera and said, “Good morning, Ma’am!”

“Good morning, my Good Girl! Today will be a special one for you—you are going to get a permanent pair of terrific tits,” she told him.

His eyes went wide in shock. “But that would mean….”

“Yes, dear, you will never be able to pretend to be a man, again,” Vera said. “Not that you really want to, do you?” Darren hesitated. Did he want to? Might there not be times and places where he would want to at least look like an ordinary male? Vera saw the hesitation and knew what was required. “Darren obeys,” she said….and he fell back into trance. “Stand and get ready for the day,” she continued.

Darren removed his nightie and went to the shower, where he washed his hair, now a shoulder-length blonde mane, all his own. He then sat at the vanity, dried and brushed his hair, and did his makeup. While this was happening, Vera picked out his wardrobe for the visit to Dr. Madchenmacher. She picked out a form-fitting polka-dot retro frock and the appropriate lingerie. Darren dressed and then curtseyed to her. “Good Girl!” And he nearly collapsed at the wave of pleasure that ran through him.

After breakfast, Vera escorted him to a section of the facility he had never visited. The sign at the entrance read “Clinic,” and she led him through those doors and to an office. She directed him to sit in the waiting room while she spoke to the doctor.

Dr. Margrit Madchenmacher, clad in her usual fitted black suit, rose from behind her desk and greeted Vera warmly with a passionate kiss. “Vera, love, how nice to see you. This must be a special case if you are personally bringing her to me.”

“Yes, Margrit—I made the initial contact with the sponsor and I have taken a personal interest in the client’s progress, in part because I had to resort to my mesmeric abilities to bring him to consent,” Vera explained. “He is waiting outside, in trance, for your examination.”

“Well, let’s not waste any further time. Bring him in.”

Vera went to the door and spoke to Darren. “Come in and let the doctor have a look at you,” she said. Darren rose, minced into the inner office and curtseyed.

“How sweet!” Dr. Madchenmacher exclaimed. “Now, my dear, would you remove your clothing, so I can take some measurements?” Darren immediately complied and the doctor used her measuring tape on his chest, waist and hips. “What measurements did you say he was to get?” she asked.

“38C for the boobs,” Vera replied. “His natural waist, and 38 inch hips, with a nice round ass.”

“Yes, I can certainly do a satisfactory job,” the doctor nodded. “The usual large, sensitive nipples, of course?”

“Oh, yes,” Vera said. “Can you increase the sensitivity of the ass, as well? It will be good If that is also an erogenous zone.”

“Naturally,” Dr. Madchenmacher answered. “When do you want to schedule the procedure?”

“As soon as possible,” Vera replied.

“I have an opening this morning,” the doctor said, checking her calendar. “He’ll need two days for recovery, you know. I’ll call my nurse and we’ll get him into the operating room.”

“Excellent!” Vera turned to Darren. “Be a good girl and obey the doctor and her staff as you would me or Colleen. I’ll see you this afternoon.”


Two days later, Vera looked in on Darren in the recovery room. He had remained in trance through the operation and recovery and it was time to let him become aware of his new appearance. She held her hand before his face and snapped her fingers. SNAP!!

Darren’s eyes flew open and he said, “I obey.” He sat up and immediately felt the weight of his breasts. He reached up to touch them and as his fingers brushed the nipples, he sighed. He looked wonderingly at Vera. “Ma’am, where did these come from?”

Vera smiled. “Do you like them?”

Darren thought for a moment and then said, “Yes, Ma’am, my new breasts are very nice.”

“Oh, no, dear, that won’t do. Sissy sluts do not refer to their bodies in such clinical terms,” Vera admonished. “Now, look me in the eyes and Darren obeys….” He immediately fell back into trance and Vera continued. “Touch your breasts,” she said and he complied. “Except they are not your breasts—they are your tits, your boobs, your jugs, your knockers, your tatas, or whatever lewd or lascivious terminology appeals to you.

“Touch your genitals. That is your sissy-cock. It has no other name…and it is entirely in the control of the dominant women in your life. It cannot get hard or spurt without their permission. And when it spurts, the lovely stuff that emerges is cock-cream.

“Touch your bottom. That is your ass. Now, finger the orifice back there. That is your ass-pussy. It is a major erogenous zone for you…you will learn to love having It penetrated by devices operated by a woman.

“Now, touch each part and tell me its name.”

Darren held his breasts in his hands and said, “These are my boobs, Ma’am.” He cradled his genitals and said, “This is my sissy-cock.” He reached behind and stroked his bottom. “This is my ass, Ma’am,” and as he poked a finger into his rectum, he said, “This is my ass-pussy.”

Good Girl!” Vera said, and Darren felt his newly christened sissy-cock swell with arousal and the nipples on his knockers stiffen as well. “Now, get out of that bed, get dressed in some appropriate lingerie, and report to my office when you’ve eaten. There is still some training to do!”

One hour later, Darren reported at Vera’s office, in a dazzling set of virginal white bra and panties and white stockings with lace tops. He curtseyed and said, “I obey, Ms. Demanden.”

Good girl!” And Vera could see the visible effect of that trigger on him, as his newly enlarged nipples grew stiff and his sissy-cock bulged in his panties. “Come join me on the couch, dear.” He minced over on his bedroom mules and sat seductively beside her. “Elaine wants you to be a fully trained male lesbian lover,” Vera explained, “and so we must deepen your desire for the same thing.” She looked him deeply in the eyes. “Darren obeys.” His eyes glazed over as he fell back into trance.

Vera took out the package she had received from Elaine and removed a pair of pink silk panties. “Your wife-to-be wore these for a full day. They are filled with her scent and her juices.” She passed them under his nose. “Breathe in deeply.” And he did. “This is the most erotic, most attractive perfume you can imagine. It is the aroma of your fiancé at the height of arousal. It brings you to that same height. You will desire to experience it at all times.”

She balled the panties up and said, “Open your mouth,” and when he complied, she pushed them in. “This is the taste of your fiance’s arousal. It is nectar of the gods, the tastiest, sweetest, most addictive flavor in the world. You crave it. And to get it, you willingly service your fiance’s pussy whenever she desires. In fact, you will beg to be given that indulgence.

“Do you understand all this?” He nodded his head vigorously. “Good Girl!” Now, Vera went to her closet and brought out a dildo and a harness. She put them on over the latex catsuit she was wearing and posed before Darren. “Do you find this arousing, Darren?”

He stared at her, speechless. “I…I don’t know, Ma’am.”

She walked closer to him, stroking her faux cock sensuously. “But you do, Darren, you do, because this will be your other great source of erotic enjoyment. Your fiancé has a device just like this one and she will use it to bring you arousal, by penetrating that delightful ass-pussy of yours. This is called pegging, dear Darren, and it will make you feel filled and feminine. You will want to feel that way all the time—in fact, from now on, you will! Turn around.”

Darren obeyed and she lowered his panties. Vera inserted a butt-plug deep into his ass-pussy. “Feel that, Darren? Doesn’t it feel wonderful? Of course, it does. And it is there not only to bring you constant pleasure, but also to ensure that no one else has access to your ass-pussy. From this point forward, it belongs only to your fiancé, Elaine.”

Darren smiled. “I understand and obey, Ma’am,” he said, as his sissy-cock swelled in his panties.

Good Girl!” She handed him a box. “In here are a dozen of Elaine’s panties. You will sleep with them in your pillow for your remaining time here, becoming more and more addicted to the scent. You will never be without the butt-plug, so that you associate constant arousal with that feeling and that scent.” She kissed him gently, and added, “Now, go to bed. By the way, Elaine has chosen a new name for you….you will be christened with it at your wedding ceremony.”


The couple, both in gleaming white satin gowns, stood at the front of the ballroom and took each other’s hands. The tall curvy blonde gazed into her partner’s eyes and said, “I am Darlene Rose. I pledge to be your submissive male lesbian slave and spouse, devoted to you and no one else. Your mind controls and I obey…..”

Good Girl!” Elaine Winchester said, as her slave-spouse shivered with her first wedded orgasm.


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

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