Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blue Suit and Boots

This is the final set of photos for today, showing the boots with the blue suit.

Couple of things before I close up for the day. I got daring at lunch time. While I changed into jeans and t-shirt over my panties and hose, I wore the boots--pointed toes and heels and all--with them...and when I went to get lunch, I didn't just go through the drive-through, I walked in to order. Every time I heard my heels click on the floor, I thought "Doesn't everyone hear that?" But if anyone did, no one seemed to think it out of the ordinary.

And a final question:

Should I try out the boots with this outfit?

[pic no longer available]

Western Chic?

Even as soon as I put this outfit on...before I even looked at the photos...I thought to myself--"Barbara Stanwyck in The Big Valley?"

On the other hand, I always thought those riding outfits of hers--especially the black one--were might attractive and just a little kinky, so....

What do you think?

More pics here.

Office Girl Goes Kinky...

...by wearing boots.

The biggest thing I'm concerned about here is color. Do the brown boots look OK with the black skirt? Or is the old fashion rule about not combining black and brown just a shibboleth that nobody pays attention to anymore? Same question will come up later when I try them with the blue suit and the grey suit.

More pics here.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Are These Boots Made for Walkin'?

So, here are a couple of shots of the new boots with the denim skirt, pink t-shirt, and fishnets.

I'm really interested in comments on these. I think the boots--though not the ones I wanted--are still sexy as all hell. (I just wish the heels were a touch higher.)

More pix are here.

You Can't Always Get What You Want....

...or, if you can, it doesn't fit!

Though they had those beautiful boots in my size at Target this morning, my size doesn't fit! Well, the foot fits, but the zipper won't go up over my calf! Now, there was a comment on Target's website from another shopper about this...but I thought "My legs aren't really heavy, so...."

I guess they're heavier than an average size 11 girl's legs, though. I tried another similar pair, but they only had those in 10s. Couldn't even get them on over my ankles.

So I turned to my third choice. Only problem with these is that they only come in brown:

...so I'm not sure how well they'll go with everything I had in mind. I bought them anyway. They should still look great with the denim skirt. I'll have pics of that later today.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Going Shopping, to Boot...

I was browsing in Target today, while the wife was off shopping elsewhere...and I guess I'm going shopping for real on Monday...because I saw these:

Aren't they just gorgeous? I think they'll go great with my denim skirt, my black mini-skirt, even possibly with the grey and blue suits, too.

More details on them are here.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mesmerized Model, Part One

[Many years ago, there was a website for an attractive crossdresser who went by the name of LowlaTV. I entered into a correspondence with her and eventually asked permission to use her vast collection of images of herself as the model for a "heroine" in a story. She agreed. What follows is the story that resulted. All the images are of Lowla.]

"Goddamit, Lyle!" Nancy exclaimed. "Will you stop standing there with your tongue hanging out and help me move this setup?"

It happened every time Lyle offered to help Nancy with a fashion photo shoot. One of the models would come out in her lingerie (or less) and Lyle--ostensibly Nancy's fiance--would stare as if such beauty had never been seen by man before. It not only delayed the activities Lyle was supposed to be helping with, it made the models uncomfortable.

Lyle gulped and grabbed one side of the backdrop and helped his photographer girlfriend move it to a new location in the studio.

Later that afternoon, after Lyle had left, Nancy sat drinking coffee with one of the models, a stunning blonde named Sheila. "You know, if you want to really handle Lyle, I have a friend I know could help you," she said.

"Handle him? How? What do you mean?" Nancy asked.

"Watch," the model replied. She picked up her cellphone and dialed a number. "Caroline, come up here immediately!" she ordered, then hung up.

Moments later, there was a knock at the door. Nancy answered it and a tall, broad-shouldered brunette was outside. "Caroline?" she asked.

"Get in here, girl!" Sheila ordered again, and the brunette minced over on her six-inch spikes that peeked out from under her tight, black, pegged pants, topped by a shimmering white satin blouse and a sort of chauffeur's cap. "Stand there!"

Nancy looked over the "chauffeur" carefully. There was something odd, and oddly familiar about her. Sheila smiled. "Yes, that's Carl--my so-called husband," she explained. "I got tired of his running around on me while I was away on assignments, so I turned him over to my friend, Jennifer. She specializes in using hypnosis to transform troublesome men into effeminate playthings."

"You're kidding? He's hypnotized?" Nancy was incredulous.

"Oh, no, not now. He's just operating under the long-term post-hypnotic suggestion that he must act like a girl and obey me." She turned to the servant and said, "Carl's home."

Instantly, there was a shift in the stance and attitude of the cross-dressed man. He stumbled on the heels he had previously managed with ease and, when he spoke, it was with a male tone. "Sheila? You promised never to reveal this in front of anyone else!" he protested.

"And what are promises to a promise-breaker worth, exactly?" Sheila challenged. "Relax, honey-lamb, Nancy's not going to tell anyone your secret. In fact, if I'm right, she's going to have one of her own before long."

Nancy grinned in anticipation of what was in store for the ogling Lyle.


Nancy spent the evening at her computer, manipulating scanned-in images of her fiance. Satisfied with what she'd accomplished, she joined Sheila the next day to visit Jennifer.

Jennifer's door was answered by a somewhat petite little blonde named Dani, who escorted them to Jennifer's office. "If you thought Caroline was remarkable," Sheila commented, "that scrumptious little morsel is Jennifer's boyfriend, Daniel. Or was, anyway."

Jennifer greeted them warmly and inquired about the relationship between Nancy and Lyle. "How exactly do you hope to change Lyle?" she asked Nancy.

"I thought the best thing would be to make him as much an object of desire and attention as the models he stares at so much," Nancy answered. She pulled out a portfolio and pulled out some of the images she'd been playing with the night before. "I think he's a very good candidate."

"Yes, indeed, he is," Jennifer replied. "How soon can you arrange for me to meet him?"

"Is this afternoon too soon?" Nancy asked.

"Not at all."


Lyle entered the local bar where Nancy had asked to meet him. He looked around the place and then spotted his fiancee in a booth with an attractive older woman dressed in skintight black leather. Nancy waved and called him over.

"Lyle, this is Jennifer," she said, as Lyle shook her companion's hand. "I've already ordered," she continued, indicating the beer sitting in front of him. Lyle sat, took a few sips and settled in. Nancy and Jennifer continued their conversation for a few moments, and Lyle strangely found it difficult to concentrate on their words after a while.

"Lyle, look at me," Jennifer commanded, and Lyle found himself to compelled to stare into her deep brown eyes. "Lyle, you can feel your mind going blank, losing all comprehension of where you are and why. You only know you can hear my voice and you must obey it."

"I hear your voice and obey it," he said, quietly.

"You will also obey Nancy as you would me," she continued.

"I will obey Nancy," he repeated.

"In a few moments, Nancy and I will leave the bar. You will follow us. You will not protest anything we do to you; in fact, you will be sexually aroused by the control we have over you. Now, I'm going to wake you from your trance, but I or Nancy can bring you back to this condition at any time by saying, 'Sleep little sissy.' Do you understand?"

"I understand."

"Very good. Now when I reach "one," you'll be completely awake, but you will still do anything we tell you. Five--you're starting to notice your surroundings. Four--you're waking up, but Nancy and I remain in control of your every move. Three--you will love anything we do to you. Two--almost completely awake now. One."

Lyle shook his head for a moment. When the women announced they were leaving, Lyle paid the bill and obediently followed them out the door.


"Oh, that's it, Lowla, honey, purse those lips, let me see that pretty pout." Nancy directed the lingerie-clad girl with the long blonde ringlets. "Now smile for me--that's it."

Why am I letting her do this to me? Lyle thought. How did she manage to make me want this so badly? Every time she gives me an order my cock twitches again. And who is this Jennifer? Why do I want to obey her as well?

"All right, Lowla, that's enough for now. Sleep little sissy," Nancy said. And Lowla/Lyle slumped in his seat, completely passive and ready for new commands.

"My god, my pussy is actually drenched," Nancy announced. "I had no idea it could be so arousing to control a man that way."

"And that's not the end," Jennifer explained.

More to come

Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 6

This may be my last post for a couple of days; taking the weekend off.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More of Lori

In the midst of "Leg Day" and its aftermath, I've been remiss in posting more of the work I've done on digitally feminizing my friend Lori.

Here's a pure fetish Lori...with a kewpie doll makeup job and much-expanded boobs.

Lori has a great love for old-time lingerie, so I knew she'd enjoy being seen in this classic "bullet bra". The face is the Liz Taylor homage seen earlier.

Speaking of homages, here's one to a classic feminine icon: the Barbie doll. The idea was to see how much I could alter Lori's face and to still maintain a resemblance to the real thing. In this, I enlarged her eyes for that wide-eyed look the modern Barbie has, and enlarged her lips as well. I also narrowed and lengthened her nose. Lori's reaction on seeing this one: "HOT!"

Having successfully done the modern Barbie, I wondered if I could do the classic original look as well.

I think this was pretty successful--your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!--followup

I rented a self-storage space (a small one, about the size of a walk-in closet) for my girly stuff. I've kept a few things in a safe place here in the house (panties, girly socks, two pairs of shoes) for the times I want to be a little bit sissy in a hurry.

This means I really have to keep my dressing to only the times when wife will be away for a full day or more. I'll have to drive to the storage place, pick out what I want to wear, and return it before she comes home. It's a pain, but safer (and more conducive to domestic harmony) than having the stuff around the house.

I also rescued the clothes wife believes I tossed out.

This means fewer photo sessions to post here, but them's the breaks.

Mesmer's Mirror

[Way back when I had my website, I occasionally ran "contests" for readers to pick illustrations and/or captions that I would then turn into short stories. This is the result of one of those contests.]

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the final illusion!" Jensen the Magnificent gestured to the wings and a tall, bronze-framed mirror was wheeled into center stage.

"Behold, Mesmer's Mirror!" he exclaimed. "This ancient glass produces a deep and remarkable trance when used by those who know its secrets," he continued, as he took his beautiful assistant by the hand and led her before the shining surface. She posed prettily in her showgirl's outfit as he made some passes with his hands around her.

The audience gasped as the mirror seemed to glow in response to his movements. He leaned forward and whispered something to the girl, and the crowd watched in awe as her eyes slowly closed and her body seemed to stiffen.

After a few moments, Jensen had the mirror moved to the side and he turned his entranced assistant to face the audience fully. Her lovely face was tranquil and serene above a body that seemed as rigid as an iron bar. He gestured to stage right, and a padded sawhorse about 40 inches high was wheeled in. He pushed lightly on the girl's forehead, and she tipped backward, until the back of her head touched the top of the horse. A motion to stage left, and an identical horse appeared from that side of the stage. Jensen lifted the girl's feet and rested them atop it. She was now balanced precariously, ramrod straight, between the two.

Gracefully, Jensen demonstrated that there were no hidden supports beneath the girl's body, and no wires holding her from above. Then, he dramatically kicked over the horse on the left, and the audience gasped, then applauded, as her feet remained suspended above the stage. Then he turned toward her head and, more gently, removed the horse supporting it. More applause--as her head, too, remained floating above the stage.

Following another demonstration of her apparent anti-gravity state, he gently lowered her until her feet again touched the ground. He snapped his fingers and the girl awoke from her trance. They bowed together and the curtain closed.

Moments later, in the dressing room, Jensen looked the girl, Astrid, in the eyes and said, "Mirror mirror on the wall..." She dropped back into trance.... ....And thirty minutes later, she awakened. Her clothes were disheveled, her body sore, her boss long gone. "Damn it! He did it again, after promising he wouldn't!" she cried. "Well, I told him what would happen." She picked up her purse and pulled out the directory of stage illusionists. "Carol--yeah, it's Astrid. That favor I asked you for? Can you be here before rehearsal tomorrow morning?"

The next morning, Jensen the Magnificent strode confidently into his dressing room, and was confronted not only by the lovely Astrid, but by Carol the Conjuror, one of his most illustrious competitors.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he demanded.

"Just helping out one of your victims," she replied, as she stepped aside, revealing Mesmer's Mirror behind her, its hidden trance-inducing lights already in motion. Startled, Jensen didn't have time to close his eyes--he was caught.

The girls quickly stripped the illusionist of his male clothes and pulled out the sexiest of Astrid's and Carol's lingerie--black lacy panties, bra (well-padded for this case), garter belt, sheer silk stockings. Atop it all they dressed him in the French maid's outfit Carol had borrowed from the burlesque comedy team also playing the theater, and a pair of black patent-leather pumps with six-inch heels.

Then they pulled the make-up table in front of the "magic mirror". Jensen stared unseeing into it, as they feminized his face with dramatic mascara, eyeliner, and shadow, deep blush and dark red lipstick. The final touch was a blonde pageboy wig.

Now Astrid leaned in close as she dusted his face with powder. "When I count to five, you will awaken, and your foul, male self will be gone. You will be Jenni, my horny little she-male maid," she told him. "One, two, three, four, five...."

Jenni blinked several times, then came to consciousness. She turned to her once-assistant. "How may I assist you, Mistress?" she asked.

"Help me into this new stage costume," Astrid demanded, indicating a skin-tight black latex catsuit. "Then teach me everything Jensen the Magnificent knows about magic, hypnosis and illusions. I'm taking over the act--and you're my new assistant!"

The End

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

Apparently, back on "leg day," I did something really stupid--I left one of the tags from the new clothes tangled in the bed sheets...and wife found it.

She confronted me last night, saying she suspected I'd been dressing when she was away for trips. Fortunately, she thinks there was only the one outfit (the denim skirt and t-shirt) and made me throw them in the trash while she watched. (OTOH, they're in a bag all by themselves, so I may be able to "rescue" them later.)

I'm in a quandary...I don't want to have a fight with her about this, but she really doesn't understand that there's no infidelity involved here. I've never had sex with anyone else of any kind. (I mean that quite literally--I was a virgin when I met her.) All my sexual activity involving dressing is masturbation.

But she sees this as a kind of cheating, a view I could never take.

I'm now looking into the option of renting a storage space for my girl clothes, so the stuff isn't in the house at all, except when I pull something out for dressing.

Any thoughts?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Don't I Just Wish...Leg Day

"Come up and see me sometime...."

"Of course, they're real...why would you think otherwise?"

"The mistress calls this pose 'sitting pretty'...."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 6

With only two points separating the top three vote-getters in this week's poll, I'm declaring a tie and holding a run-off. To the left is the run-off poll among Nikki Cox, Geena Davis, and Dana Delaney.

This will, of course, extend Round Two by a week.

Karen's Story

My friend Karen has taken my advice and returned to writing. She's posted the first part of a story on her blog. Go read it!


In order to keep my sissy program going for the full 36 hours I have to me, I'm doing something I haven't done since my single days...I'm wearing panties to work!

Oh--and the photos of the nightgown last night didn't come out well, so I won't be posting them after all.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Leg Day"--photo session six

I switched to the bone alligator pumps for this, thinking they'd contrast well with the black hose. This was a tough shoot, as the skirt is so tight it was tough to find a pose that didn't reveal panties!

That's it until I change into the nightgown for bed. I'll take pics of that, too, but probably won't post them until tomorrow.

G'night all!

"Leg Day"--photo session five

This is the blue pinstripe suit I bought a month or so back...the one I couldn't figure out how the belt was supposed to work on. Well, I solved that problem! I cut off all those ridiculous strings and I just wear the jacket open, or the skirt without a jacket.

With it, I'm wearing my red paisley blouse, black hose, and once again those very sexy sandals. Since this is a somewhat dressier outfit than the first two, I'm wearing a necklace as well.

And one more shot of my legs:

"Leg Day"--photo session four

Same ensemble as before, with two changes--I'm wearing the black Mary Jane pumps...and I switched to the black bra, to see if what I hinted at in the last post works. Doesn't seem as if it shows as much as I thought it would.

Those shoes are probably my favorite pair of heels--they're stylish, yet sissyish (thanks to the MJ styling), the heels are high enough to show off my legs, but not so high as to be uncomfortable.

I've taken a longish break right now...I went out to run an errand I thought of. I got a wig stand to try to keep my wig in better shape. I picked up dinner. And I bought--believe it or not--a copy of High School Musical on DVD. Why?, you may ask. Well, I work with the local high school on their shows...and they're doing the stage version of this in a couple of months. I wanted to see how truly bad it really is (my younger son, the actor, says it's awful). I can say that, in just the first 15 minutes, I have seen some of the most over-the-top acting I can recall.

I'll be getting dressed again in my final outfit (save for the nightgown) in a little while. More pics then.

"Leg Day"--photo session three

This is what I called the "office girl" outfit last time--white man-tailored blouse; straight short black skirt; taupe hose. The one difference this time is the "fuck-me" shoes. One thing I noticed about the blouse this time--there's a hint of bra that shows through. Note it especially in the rear shot and the one where I'm leaning over to touch my knees.

Hmmm--maybe I should play a little naughty and wear my black bra with this? Or get a red or pink one for it?

Oh--and here's another look at my legs in those sandals.

"Leg Day"--photo session two

Same outfit, but I switched to the red shoes for this series of seated poses. I love these shoes, too...so pretty, such a wonderful combination of school-girl MaryJanes, spectator pump, and '40s fuck-me shoes.

One other note--I decided to blur the face on these rather than try to cover the beard. The closer the camera gets, the harder that is to do.