Friday, July 31, 2020

Hypno-Session: All Wigged Out

Wednesday I had another hypnotic session with Mistress Lola, this one based on a fantasy of shopping for the perfect wig.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. Have you ever hypnotized someone on the spur of the moment? Just a normal encounter that turned erotic and hypnotic without prior planning?

Only with people I've already hypnotised, and even then it's usually just to tease them about it later on. Usually it'll start with a 'Good Girl' to praise them for doing something worthy in real life, which will then lead to deepening with some hypnotic imagery before bringing them back out of it. I don't really have the inclination for random hypnosis anymore - I think you get to the point where it just becomes common-place to be able to hypnotise someone when wanted. Nowadays I prefer to enhance situations with hypnosis when I think it appropriate. So no, I've not done a full induction with someone spur of the moment, but yes, I have put people under without planning to beforehand.

2. Have you ever had sex with someone while they were under your hypnotic control?

No, and I don't think I'd want to, really. That's a rather grey area in terms of consent. I have used hypnosis to enhance the pleasure of sex though - multiplying erotic feelings, making people see themselves a certain way beforehand, that sort of thing. But that was all done pre-coitus, as post-hypnotic triggers. Even without the moral issues, I like to get a reaction from my sexual partners so putting them in trance during sex...I might as well just play with myself :P

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Hypno-Session: A Dream of Marilyn

In my latest session with Mistress Lola, I became one of the great sexual icons of the 20th Century.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. Have you ever been able to get a subject to the point where they are compelled to obey you even when not in trance? Not just "triggers," but normal orders? 

All the time. I know I at least once have actually said 'Did you notice that you did that without even being tranced?' and the subject has responded with 'oh...;, but I can't remember which subject that was. After a while people get used to the idea that you have control over them and that they should do as they're told, as you could always put them in trance to do it anyway, so why bother resisting? Certainly those who are already interested in a submissive role and see hypnosis as a means to a dominant/submissive relationship are easy enough to control. However, I think most find the pleasure of obedience to be enhanced by the trance, so I usually try and give them a mixture of commands when entranced and awake.

2. Have you ever desired to have a full-time, live-in hypnotic companion? 

Naturally! I don't think there are any erotic hypnotists who haven't at least speculated about the idea of a hypnotised housemate, a live-in slave at their beck and call. There have been plenty of people I've met in real life who I would absolutely have loved to entrance and enslave and have live with me. I've had ideas of opening my cupboard under the stairs and finding a happy entranced maid there, ready to start cleaning, just another tool in the cupboard. I've had fantasies of a rotating crew of footstools, remote controls and feeders in my front room, cycling through each function so they all get a turn. And naturally I've wanted a harem of obedient mind-controlled slaves at my beck and call in the bedroom. Now obviously the logistics and the implications of all this would be horrifying, but again, it's natural to want such a thing I think.

Friday, July 17, 2020

LolaVenus, the magazine

A few months back, in this collaborative story, Mistress Lola and I suggested the existence of a magazine named for, edited and published by the Mistress herself.

As a new monthly feature, I present the cover of the current issue of LolaVenus:

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. Have you ever "sissified" a subject who didn't start out with an interest in being feminine? How does that differ from working with someone like Dani?

I wouldn't say I've 'sissified' anyone like that, not in the same way that say Dani is a sissy. The only example I can think of is having someone come to me under a female username asking to be hypnotised. They wanted to be dull, which was interesting - not super dumb or anything, just plain and ordinary with all that nasty independence and creativity taken out of them. We did a few sessions (including a few phone calls) before they finally admitted that they were a man, but by then it was too late. They'd been caught entirely in my spell. I did at that point make them buy a dress and continued to treat them like a girl, but it wasn't in a sissy kind of way. More a sort-of awakening of their feminine side, buying women's magazines and watching trashy reality shows on the E! Network, that sort of thing. That was a few years ago though, and they stopped contacting me, so I can only assume they're back to normal now. Still, it was an interesting case.

That would be the only example though. I'm very much like a genie in a bottle - I will grant you what you wish for, and nothing more. If I'm sissifying someone, it will be because they specifically requested it. There's plenty of them around that I don't need to resort to converting the unwilling.

2. Have you ever gotten a sissy to the point where they are feminine 24/7?

No. I can't force someone into being feminine forever, even with hypnosis. They will either make that decision themselves, or more likely move on as they become more comfortable expressing their femininity in chunks of time. Sissies I think are different from transgender people. They don't want to be a woman, they want to be able to dress as one and be humiliated for doing so (that's my impression anyway), so I imagine most of them would not want to be feminine all the time else it will lessen the effect. In any case, I have not done so.

I feel a need to stick my two cents in here. I think Mistress may be wrong about sissies wanting to dress full time. I suspect many would find submitting that completely to a woman's control to be quite arousing--particularly if it involved other humiliating prospects such as regular pegging and milking sessions or trips to the beauty salon where the staff are aware of the sissy's true gender.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

After a one-week hiatus, more thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

This first question is from Sissy Gwen, who has a fascination with bondage:

Is there a relationship between feminizing someone using careful instruction and bondage to produce an increasingly guided and personal journey? Could bondage be used as a guiding tool toward whatever level of feminization is desired?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, I don't personally see there being a relationship between feminizing and bondage, as it's quite possible to do one without the other (for example, I have never included bondage in my feminization work). However, if a person is interested in both then naturally the combination of the two will yield better results. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive, and would liken it to two favourite flavours of ice cream. Having one is delicious, but having two is so much better. So while I don't think there's a relationship as such, it is certainly possible that bondage could be used as a guiding tool in feminization, as long as bondage was something that both parties enjoyed.

The others are from me:

In our last chat, you mentioned having several other current hypnotic subjects (besides Dani). How many others? How often do you meet?

I'm part of several Discord servers that, while not hypnosis-specific (though there are plenty of those to choose from), are shall we say hypno-adjacent. A few friends I've made on there are interested in hypnosis, but have either never been hypnotised or have only listened to hypnosis files online. I offer them a chance for a trance, though it's only every so often and I've not really done much other than give them a Good Girl trigger. The most I've really done was help someone with a housewife fantasy, which was fun. We meet together every day, though it's usually just to chat and roleplay rather than for hypnosis specifically - that's more a bonus when it happens.

You said you had just had a session that was a disappointment. Without violating confidences, can you describe it?

So because my friends on the Discord servers are very nice and like to thank me and compliment me for my hypnotic skills, it does lead to others who I am less familiar with requesting trances too. Usually I fob them off because I only really want to hypnotise those who are worth it, but I was feeling generous so I said I'd give it a try. That was a mistake. First it was pretty clear that they weren't interested in hypnosis, more that they saw it as an means to an end (to have their brain drained). Which is fine, but does make it harder. Secondly, when I was doing the induction, we had got to the point where I ask them to say and type their special word. They said that they'd rather just say it aloud, as typing was "a bit tedious to me". I was quick to tell her that that was rather the point. We started again, though I had lost all interest at this point and could tell that they were faking their reactions. Then, when we got to the part where I double the niceness they're feeling, they asked if they may get up to pee first. At which point I just gave up. Pretending to be entranced is one thing, but not even having the courtesy to pretend properly just annoys me. Which is why I was feeling disappointed when we spoke that day.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Fourth!

Given the political turmoil in our country of late, I wanted to be sure I didn't neglect this day, so here's a posting from back in 2011:

Last week I got into a somewhat heated discussion with my wife about the story of NBC Sports "editing" the Pledge of Allegiance in a patriotic montage they used in their coverage of the US Open. (They took out the part where the class of kids said "under God".) I argued that we had made a fetish of this piece of much-edited 19th Century doggerel ("under God" was added in the 1950s, "indivisible" sometime before that) and that I would much rather our schoolkids memorized something with real meaning to our nation's values. Asked what that should be, I responded, "How about the Preamble to the Constitution?" I think that is something schoolkids should recite every morning, rather than an oath of allegiance to a piece of cloth.

Well, we're coming up on Independence Day, so I went looking for something to celebrate with here. I'd have loved to find the musical version of the Preamble I sang in Junior High School chorus (but all I could find was the Schoolhouse Rock song--it's cute, but doesn't have the drama of the one we sang). Instead, here's a little kitsch...William Shatner as James Kirk, from the Star Trek episode "The Omega Glory". Like anything Shatner does, it's a touch over the top, but....

Happy Fourth to you all!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Hypno-Session: Deep and Blank

In my session with Mistress Lola earlier this week, there was no real cross-dressing content; instead, it was an experiment in how deep into trance I can actually go.

The trance-script is here.

Thursday, July 2, 2020