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Dolls 'R' Us--Part Two


Are you obsessed with dolls? Do you think sex with a doll would be amazing? Do you think being a doll is sexy? We can help.

Call 1-800-PLASTIC to live your fantasy.


"I've loved dolls all my life," Tom told Dr. Madchenmacher. "Even as a little boy--my sister had this talking doll who was so pretty...I wanted to be just like that doll. I still do."

"You want to be a doll?" asked Madame Fabricantfille. "A female doll?"

"Oh, yes!" Tom exclaimed. "But one that can talk and walk and move on its own."

"And think for itself?" the madame asked.

"Oh no," Tom insisted. "Dolls never think for themselves...dolls are empty-headed things, meant only to be pretty and be loved by their owners."

The doctor looked to her partner and smiled. "I think we can help you."

Shortly later, Tom was sitting in a chair in the center of an otherwise empty room. "This is our mental transformation chamber," Madame Fab's voice came from the walls. "Here we will make you into an empty-minded vessel for your dolly persona. You are certain you want this?"

"Oh, yes!" Tom cried. With that, the walls began to glow and the sound from the speakers turned into a low drone. But behind that glow and under that drone, messages reached deep into Tom's mind...messages that called on him to forget who and what he was, to become empty and blank and willing to accept whatever he was told. After six hours of treatment, he sat staring blindly, no longer truly human in his psyche.

Now Dr. Madchenmacher and her team went into action. They rolled Tom into the operating suite, where they performed a series of him a lovely feminine form, but preserving his male equipment. They remade his face, enlarging his eyes and inserting lenses with wide staring pupils in china blue. They altered his larynx, giving him the high-pitched tinny sound of a talking doll. The final step was the application of the doctor's secret plasticizing coating...his skin would breathe through it, but it would appear to be the smooth, shiny plastic of a new doll. They even molded false joints that would look like those of a poseable figure.

Tom was moved into a costuming room, where the technicians chose a little girl's Alice-in-Wonderland look for him, complete with a big stuffed white rabbit. They walked him back to the madame and the doctor.

"Now, who are you?" the doctor asked.

I don't know he replied in his new doll's voice.

"You are Talking Tammy, a pretty little dolly," Madame Fab explained. "Now, what is your name?"

I am Talking Tammy he repeated.

"Very good. What do you do?"

I don't know he replied again.

"You will do whatever your owner asks," the madame said. "Now, tell us again who you are and what you do."

I am Talking Tammy and I will do whatever my owner asks....

"She's ready," Madame Fab decided. "Put her on the schedule to satisfy the fetishists who want to have sex with a doll!"


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Dolls 'R' Us--Part One


Are you obsessed with dolls? Do you think sex with a doll would be amazing? Do you think being a doll is sexy? We can help.

Call 1-800-PLASTIC to live your fantasy.


"Welcome, Mr. Roberts," the beautiful receptionist greeted the newcomer. "Welcome to Dolls 'R' Us."

"Thank you," he replied, a nervous stammer in his voice. "I...I'm not really sure what to expect...."

"Relax," she said, in a calming voice. "Our therapists and technicians will know exactly how to help you live the fantasy of your choice." She pressed a button on her desk. "I'm contacting them now."

A few moments later, two equally beautiful women came out of a door on the far side of the waiting room. Both wore white lab coats. "Mr. Roberts," said the first of the two, a stunning brunette. "I am Dr. Madchenmacher. This is Madame Fabricantfille," she said, indicating the redhead who accompanied her. "Please follow us and we'll begin...."

They led him to a well-appointed office. The doctor took a seat at the desk, indicating that Mr. Roberts should sit in the chair in front of it. Madame Fabricantfille lounged on a couch to the side. "Now, Mr. Roberts, what kind of doll do you fantasize about?"

"Well, you see," he started, with a gulp, "I...I..."

"Come now, Mr. Roberts, no need to be nervous," the redhead advised. "Dr. Madchenmacher and I have heard all kinds of kinks..."

"I...well, I simply can't walk past the display of sex dolls in a porn shop without getting a hard-on," he admitted.

"And you've never actually purchased one?" the doctor asked.

"Oh, yes, I have...but the sex never seemed really fulfilling."

"What was missing?"

"The doll doesn't respond," he answered. "It was like having a sex with a balloon."

"I see..." The doctor turned to her associate. "Madame, do you think we can help this poor man?"

"Oh, yes," Madame Fabricantfille replied. "I could create a hypnotic trigger that would make him believe the sex doll was alive."

Mr. Roberts smiled. "You could?"

She grinned, devilishly. "Of course...."

Six hours later, a new sex doll sat in the chair. Anyone looking closely would see that her chest rose and fell with breathing; they would also see that she closely resembled Mr. Roberts.

"A wonderful job with the physical transformation, Doctor," Madame Fab said.

"Thank you, Madame," the doctor replied. "It only matches the job you did with the mind. Of course, we didn't tell Mr. Roberts that the sex doll he would believe is alive is him! Or, rather, her...."

"Yes..." Madame Fab said. "She will make a wonderful addition to our collection of living dolls for our customers. It's the payment we demand for our services. After six months, she'll be given the choice to return to her male self and a life of sex with our other dolls, or continue as a doll."

"It's amazing how many of them decide to remain as dolls," Doctor Madchenmacher noted. "I guess that hypnotic trigger for an orgasm with every client is stronger than we expected!"


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Slideshow: Fall 2015

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November Dressing--Sweaters and Sweater Dresses 4

This is the last dressing session for November, the last for Year 8 of Dani, and probably the last for the year of 2015 as well (barring an unforeseen opportunity sometime in December).

The red cowlneck sweater is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in March 2013; the tweed pencil skirt is also from Kmart, this time part of the Jaclyn Smith line in March 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps, from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are a red bow, black-and-white jewelry, and natural hose.

A couple of portraits, including a rare profile shot:

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

November Dressing--Sweaters and Sweater Dresses 3

This is the first sweater dress I bought...a surprise that it fit, actually.

The green sweater dress is by Connected Apparel, bought at Burlington Coat Factory way back in January 2009; the boots are Jaclyn Smith "Tiana" black suede boots, from Kmart in October 2013. Other accessories are the red fedora, scarf, red jewelry, red belt, and natural hose.

I always like portraits in hats:

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Language Lesson

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Bimbo Harness

More "lost" captions:

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Anatomically Correct

Another of the "lost" captions:

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Blondes Have More...?

Going through my files a few months ago, I came across a bunch of photomanipulation captions I did years ago but have never been posted here or on DeviantArt. So I decided to begin putting them up, a few at a time.

Here's the first of the bunch:

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The Marriage of Belle Bottom


The reception was in full swing. At the head table, the groom's attendants, in their pretty pink dresses, were bound and blind-folded, and being fed like children by the bridesmaids. At the Demanden family table, Maid Madelyne was waiting on Vera. Heather sat calmly, her eyes glazed and unfocused, murmuring her mantra to herself. And Sissy Stuart was fussed over by all the ladies, clad as he was in a feminized parody of a man's tuxedo...with a short, waist-nipped jacket and pants that ended above his ankles, exposing his nylons and black patent pumps with two-inch heels.

The bride rose and called for attention. "Friends and family," Athena began, "normally at this time at a wedding reception, we would begin the traditional maneuvers with the bride's bouquet and garter. But this is not a traditional wedding. We have a different ceremony to perform to climax the celebration."

She turned to her new husband. "Belle, please stand and join my bridesmaids at the center of the floor." Obediently, the groom in his white gown followed her instruction. "Ladies," she continued, "prepare my spouse for the ceremony while I retire to prepare myself." She went into an adjoining room.

The bridesmaids bent Belle over the back of a chair, her lovely ass high in the air and tied her there. Then they detached her long gown from its bodice, exposing her ruffled panties. Then those too were removed. Her round, ample cheeks glowed in the light; her sissy-cock was hard from the humiliation of her position.

And now, Athena re-appeared. Now longer in white, like her spouse, she was in a gleaming black leather leotard, stockings, and black heels. Most surprising of all was the massive faux cock strapped to her loins. She strode confidently and stood behind her bound and exposed spouse.

The bridesmaids lubed the shaft and she positioned it at the opening to Belle's ass-pussy. "Open wide," she said, and plunged the strap-on into that opening. She began a leisurely rhythm and the crowd took up the chant: ""

They watched as Athena's and Belle's arousals both grew and the pace of the thrusts increased: "In, out, in, out, in, out..." It was clear Belle was on the verge of orgasm.

"You do not come until I do," Athena warned, her breath ragged with arousal.

"Inoutinoutinout..." the crowd chanted in time with her thrusts.

"Now," she cried in lust, and Belle's sissy-cock exploded, the cock-cream caught in a wine glass by one of the pink-clad groom's attendants. Belle was released from her bondage and offered the glass. As she drank and licked it clean, Athena smiled.

"Belle Bottom is mine!" she declared and the crowd clinked its glasses in approval.


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November Dressing--Sweaters and Sweater Dresses 2

I have four sweater dresses...this is by far my favorite.

The blue cowlneck sweater dress is from Target's Mossimo line in January 2010; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Kate" turquoise/white platform peeptoe pumps from Payless in May 2015. Other accessories are a blue bow, silver jewelry, black belt, and dark natural hose.

A couple of portraits:

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November Dressing--Sweaters and Sweater Dresses 1

What dressing I can manage over the next eight weeks or so will all be sweaters or sweater dresses, starting here:

The white cowlneck sweater with gold trim is by Say What?, bought at Forman Mills in May 2014; the purple/gray tartan skirt is from Target's Merona line in November 2009; the shoes are "Janine" houndstooth pumps from Payless in September 2014. Other accessories are a white bow, gold jewelry, gold belt, and dark natural hose.

Some portraits:

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