Friday, January 30, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 22

[One week to go and then we move into the quarter-finals.]

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sublime Control, Part One

Joe Roberts became aware that he was a transvestite when he was about 16. From that time forward, he took every opportunity to dress as a woman from the skin out. He quickly learned that certain kinds of clothes were special turn-ons, including satin blouses, garter belts, corsets, miniskirts, and very high heels.

But he also learned that looking like a woman and successfully acting like one--to the point that he could fool someone on the street--were two very different things. And, despite repeated practice, he still found that he hadn't quite managed it. But it was a special dream to be able to "pass"--not that he wanted to attract male attention, especially. He was firmly was just that, somehow, without a complete ability to "be" a woman, he felt unfulfilled.

He had nearly resigned himself to the situation when he discovered an interesting advertisement in the local TV/SM newspaper:

Let SUBLIME CONTROL help you become
the woman you want to be!
We specialize in the "intangibles,"
the things that make you "think and feel" like a girl!

For a free consultation, call 555-SBTV.

That sounds like exactly the kind of help I need he thought. He quickly called the number. It was answered by a woman with a soft, seductive voice.

"Sublime Control, may I help you?"

"Yes," Joe responded, nervously. "I'm a transvestite trying to make my 'image' as feminine as possible. Your ad made it sound like you could help."

"Oh, yes--Sublime Control uses the latest, most advanced techniques in psychological conditioning to help you experience full femininity. Can I schedule you for a free consultation?"

Joe quickly agreed to an appointment the following Saturday.


"You must be Joe Roberts," the attractive blonde said, smiling. "I'm Caroline--we spoke on the phone."

"Hi! I'm just a little apprehensive about this," Joe answered. "I've never really told anyone about my cross-dressing before."

"No problem, Joe. This is our field, after all," Caroline reassured him. "Have a seat. I'll get the boss."

Joe settled himself on a comfortable couch and began thumbing through the collection of TV and SM magazines in the waiting room. He never suspected that Caroline and "the boss" were secretly observing him through a hidden camera.

"Are we getting a good signal from the sensors in the chair, Caroline?"

The blonde turned from the bank of monitors to face her employer, a tall black-haired woman dressed in a red business suit, her tight skirt six inches above her nyloned knees, her feet elegant in their matching red patent-leather pumps with five-inch heels. "Absolutely clear, Mistress Annette," Caroline answered. "We should know all his secrets in a few moments."

"Look, Caroline," Mistress Annette said, pointing to a monitor, "his arousal line went nearly off the scale when he saw that shot of the TV in little girl drag!"

"Yes," the blonde noted, "And see there! The letter about a woman feminizing her boyfriend also turned him on quite a bit!"

"Did he mention anything about being submissive in your phone discussion?"

"Not a thing, Mistress," Caroline replied. "It seems even he is unaware of just how good a candidate he is for our secret purpose."

"Excellent, Caroline," Mistress Annette pronounced. "I'll go meet him now."

The door across the room from Joe opened and he looked up with a start. Standing in the doorway was one of the most beautiful, most imposing women he had ever seen...or even imagined. He quickly put down the magazine he was reading and stood, surprised to find that he was nearly half-a-head shorter than this raven-haired beauty in the five-inch heels.

"Hello, Joe--I'm Annette Ward, the proprietor of Sublime Control...or, as Caroline calls me, 'the boss.'" She extended her hand and Joe took it for a polite handshake. She gripped his hand firmly and took him by the elbow with her other hand. "Come in with me and we'll discuss your problem--and our solution."

Once again, Joe blushed as he told this attractive woman of his desire to pass as a woman himself. It seemed to him that her frank gaze read his every gesture and appraised it. At her request, he brought out photos of himself in female attire.

"Well, Joe, I think we can help you," she finally announced. "Certainly, the raw material is there. When dressed, you give a good appearance and you're well on your way to learning the basics of makeup and hair-styling.

"But, you're right," she continued. "Without very specific training, your body language and movements are absolute giveaways to your true gender."

She turned to a cabinet and took out a set of videocassettes. "That's where our program comes in. These tapes, when played on a VCR, look and sound like ordinary videos. But each contains a special program of subliminal commands and messages, both visual and oral, designed to aid in creating a feminine image for the aspiring transvestite.

"This tape," she explained, holding up the first cassette, "will make you more comfortable with yourself in female clothing, so that your inherent nervousness at being discovered ceases to be a problem. The second tape will begin impressing female movements and gestures onto your psyche--"

"But, Miss Ward--" Joe interrupted.

"Call me Annette..."

"Annette," he continued. "I don't want to be a woman full-time. I just want to be able to play the part."

"Naturally, Joe. And the changes these tapes will make will be completely under your control," she reassured him. "Just be sure to watch them every night for at least two hours for the next two weeks. We'll schedule your next appointment for two weeks from today."

With that, Joe paid the rental fee for the two cassettes and headed for home.

"Under his control?" Caroline asked with a smile.

"Call it a little white lie," Annette replied. "The changes will be under control, after all--MY control."


Joe followed Annette's instructions explicitly. Finally, the morning came, two weeks after his first consultation. He awoke with a strange compulsion. I'll dress in my best female attire for the appointment. Let Annette and Caroline see how far I've come with just the first two cassettes.

Starting from the skin out, Joe laced himself into his tightest corset, pulling his waist in to 24 inches. Next came a 35C bra with the proper breast forms, a matching pair of panties and sheer nude stockings hooked tightly to the garters of the corset.

Over it all, he pulled on a deep purple knit dress that clung to his artificial curves and slid his feet into a matching pair of purple kid pumps with four-inch heels.

He sat before the make-up mirror he normally kept tucked away in his closet and carefully applied foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, rouge and lipstick. Then he glued on office-length fingernails and polished them to match his lips. The finishing touches were an auburn wig in a flattering pageboy, gold button earrings and a matching gold necklace.

He was ready--and just in time! The appointment was in 30 minutes.

This time when Joe arrived, he discovered he was not the only client waiting. Ahead of him were an attractive middle-aged woman and a child of about 13. After a moment, Joe realized the child, though dressed in girl's clothes, was in reality a boy. Amazing--that mother must really love her son to indulge him this way.

But those thoughts soon went away as he overheard their conversation. "Mom--I feel like an idiot dressed like this! Why are you making me do this?" the boy complained.

"Quiet, Marilyn," the mother insisted. "I know what's best for you."

"I don't know why I even let you dress me this way," the boy went on. "I almost swear it was something in those tapes you made me watch. Somehow, I just couldn't tear myself away from them.

"And my name's not Marilyn!" he added.

That's odd. I felt the same way about the tapes Annette gave me.

At that moment, Caroline opened the door to the inner office. "Mrs. Carson, the boss is ready for you and little Marilyn." The woman dragged her cross-dressed son to his feet and pulled him toward the door. Now Joe got a really good look at the embarrassing outfit the child was wearing: white satin blouse with short, puffed sleeves; pink, flaring skirt, settled on a taffeta petticoat; sleek nylons on his surprisingly shapely legs; white ankle socks with lacy cuffs; pink patent-leather pumps with three-inch heels. His training bra had been padded to simulate an attractive pair of budding breasts, and his face had been lightly touched with cosmetics to soften his features.

As his mother propelled him toward the inner sanctum of Sublime Control, he stumbled and wobbled on the unfamiliar heels, his movements those of an awkward boy in clothes he hated.

Caroline started to close the door, then noticed Joe. "We'll be right with you, miss--Why, Joe!" she exclaimed. "Don't you look fabulous! The Carsons' appointment will only take a few minutes."

She closed the door...and even through its thick oak, Joe could hear the boy's continued protests. But then, after a few moments, all was silent from within Annette's office. Wow! I don't know what's going on in there--but that kid sure shut up fast.

Ten minutes later, the door opened again, and Caroline escorted the Carsons out. The change in "Marilyn" was astounding. Now she minced delicately on her heels, balanced perfectly with her head high. Her arms were held in an exaggeratedly feminine manner, elbows at right angles, hands dangling limply from the wrist. Her little pink purse hung from the crook of her left arm.

"Oh, Mother--I'm so glad you brought me to Miss Annette to explain why I'm a girl now! Thank you so much!" the newly docile child said. "Are we really going now to get my ears pierced?"

"Yes, we are, Marilyn," her mother answered. And they closed the outer door behind them.

Joe turned back to the inner office, and saw Caroline smiling in their wake. "Well, Joe, the boss is ready for you now. C'mon in."

Joe walked with practiced confidence (but still with a male stride) behind the stunning blonde. He was brought up short by the clothes Sublime Control's owner had chosen for today's session: She was completely in black leather--a business suit, to be sure, but a business suit any dominatrix would be comfortable in.

"Well, Joe, you have made progress!" she said, on seeing the feminine image he portrayed. Joe smiled and blushed in return. "But isn't it time we let Jodi come out and play?"

Suddenly, Joe's whole demeanor shifted. His left hand shifted to his hip; his feet moved into a classic pose with the right toe pointed outward and the left slightly to one side; his right arm bent at the elbow, with his hand near his chin.

"I'm here, Mistress Annette," he answered, his voice low and sultry. "I'm ready to serve you."

More to come

Monday, January 26, 2009


More mixing and matching of elements from older outfits. This is the top from the two-piece Jaclyn Smith outfit I bought last summer and the black straight skirt, combined with the new red t-straps.

I was really happy with the shot on the left...the gesture, the expression, the hair movement all work to say "Oh my God...when did you come in?"

More pics on Flickr.

Blonde Maid

This isn't how I planned to spend today. I had a date for a first meeting with a new Flickr friend, but she had to cancel at the last moment. I'd planned to dress tomorrow and Wednesday...but weather may cause the wife to spend those days at home, so dressing today seemed like a good idea.

I realized I have no pics of myself as a blonde in the maid's outfit. So, that was photo shoot number one for today:

Those are not my knockers in the left-hand shot. The neckline of the maid's outfit is such that bra straps (and sometimes more) show a I digitally edit them out--and in the leaning over shot, create a nice pair of tits in the bargain. In fact, it's the reason I did that pose!

More pics are at Flickr and more (of other outfits) will be posted later.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

CD Comics?

I started playing around with one of those photos from Friday's post...and eventually came up with this:

Comments welcome.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 21

Alicia is one of that group of young talents from the '90s who became "teen dream" icons...including Melissa Joan Hart, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Lindsay Lohan. I've always thought of her as the "perfect pout". Since most of us "girls" have something of a shopping fetish, her iconic role in Clueless is undoubtedly the reason she's a woman we'd love to be.

Sweater and Boots

In my continuing phase of mixing and matching existing clothes, here's my fave cowl-neck sweater with the red stretch mini and boots.

With this pic, I did a lot of work on the background, trying to create an old-time serial "damsel-in-distress" effect. Did I pull it off?

My original plan for today was to also take some shots in the maid's uniform...but it turns out I have a bunch of work to do around the house--and, ironically, the maid's uniform is not well-suited to such, so that may be delayed until next week. We'll see how it goes.

More pics are on Flickr.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I thought it was time to try a few more close-up portraits...including using a hat as a prop of sorts.

These are the four I thought came out best:

Business Attire

I wanted to get a sense of the mature, attractive business woman here, so I paired my pinstripe slacks with the short jacket from one of my blue suits. The one "sissy" touch is the frilly white socks.

There will, hopefully, be more pics later today...and more of these are on Flickr.

In the Pink

OK--this is the special photo shoot I talked about last week. I wanted to do something really outrageous, something that was pure sissy fantasy. I decided to go all pink...from head to toe. I'd been thinking about this for about two months, but I everytime I looked for pink shoes, the ones I wanted were sold out in my size. Until two weeks ago, when I finally found these lovely pumps at Payless.

Once I had those, I went looking for two other necessary elements: pink hose and a pink wig. The hose I found at Bliss Avenue last week--I'd have preferred full-length ones, but the over-the-knee version just adds to the sissy-ness, don't you think? The wig I had to order special, but the local costume shop got it in in just two days!

The seated shot was a serendipitous accident. I wasn't completely in the position I wanted, still brushing the hair from my face, when the camera flashed. But the result is incredibly feminine and exactly the look I wanted!

I've already changed out of this outfit...quite frankly, even in a heated house, it's just too chilly to wear in mid-20s weather! There will be more pics today of other outfits, including some new portraits, I hope!

More pics are at the Flickr site, as always.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 20

[I'm declaring a tie for this week; more on how that affects the remainder of this round below.]

Not a classic beauty, Christina somehow still manages to exude sex appeal. One of the teen stars who grew into an adult on screen, she represents a person we wanted to emulate as kids and now long to look like as grown-ups.

Diana, on the other hand, for those of us "of a certain age", was a sexual icon of our youth. As Emma Peel, her combination of take-charge attitude and flirtation gave us an appealing melding of male and female roles in one. And, if you've never seen her in The Assassination Bureau, you're missing something.

[In order to come out with the right number of entries for the next round, the quarter finals, I'm increasing the number of choices in each of the next three polls to six.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Good News, Bad News

Good news: I got a few more hours at work today, bringing me close to my usual average for the week.

Bad news: Meant I didn't get my fourth day of dressing in, so plans I had for that will have to wait until I see what kind of time I have next week.

More good news: The final piece I need for a very special outfit arrived I should be able to use that for a photo session next week as well!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

T-Shirt Dress

This dress is from the Converse line that Target sells. I saw it on a rack and thought, "Gee, that's cute..." and was surprised to find it came in a large enough size for me! (One more indication that we bigger girls don't have to settle for mid-calf skirts and shapeless tops!) The shoes are one of the two new pair from Payless (see previous post).

No blonde pics this time; I thought the red wig looked best.

And, as usual, more pics are at the Flickr site.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dani the Sexy Schoolgirl

This is, undoubtedly, the most outrageous outfit I have ever owned, going all the way back to my pre-marriage days. It is useful only for posing...I could never wear it anywhere--except, maybe, a costume party! In fact, the skirt is so small, I thought I had ripped it putting it on. I heard some stitches pull and thought sure it was a goner. But it stayed together and came off OK.

In the blonde pics, I'm wearing the layered top, tartan micro-skirt, and white hose with the red baby-doll pumps.

In the redhead shots, I changed to knee socks (they were bought as over-the-knees, but aren't long enough on me!) and the white sandals. My bare thighs look surprisingly good!

More pics from this set are on the Flickr site.

My Daring Sissy Adventure

I went shopping this morning at Target and Bliss Avenue (the place that specializes in sort-of sexy outfits). This is what I wore:

Yes, that's my man-tailored blouse, feminine slacks, black hose, and black patent kitten heels. This is the most sissy I've ever gone when leaving the house. (I've worn hose and the kitten heels often, but never anything more before now.) No one seemed to notice, despite my heels clicking quite loudly on the linoleum floors of Target!

I think the salesgirl at Bliss suspected something, though. I was looking for a new pair of black hose (the ones I'm wearing are having problems staying up) and she quite pointedly asked if "she" (the person I was buying for) was plus-size. At any rate, they didn't have what I wanted...but they did have the pink hose I wanted for an outfit you'll hopefully see later this week.

One more note: the shoe department at Target has been entirely re-arranged and there's still an obvious lack of new stuff for women. Anybody else with a Target near them notice this? It's tough for me to go and ask "Hey, what's happening with all those attractive women's shoes you used to have?"

Sweater Dress

To be honest, when I bought this I was half-certain it would be too's only a 14! I'm discovering that I am decidedly not limited to the rather frumpy stuff designed for plus-size women--I can fit into the larger end of the misses category without too much trouble. The problem is that some of the cutest stuff either sells out very quickly in those sizes or is simply unavailable. Once again, the manufacturers seem to think big girls (or big boy-girls) don't want to look sexy.

Anyway--the first set of pics were I always do with any short those fantastic white sandals. Then I switched to the beige pumps which are a better match to the outfit.

This one was done in an attempt to match the effect of the old one I use in the header to this blog. You tell me...did I catch the mood the same way?

More pics are at the Flickr site.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Formal

This is the formal outfit I bought at Burlington last week. Skirt's a tad shorter than I thought, but it all works, I think. I imagine this as something I'd wear to a wedding reception.

We got a new chair in the house over Christmas, and I realized it was a great new place for posing. As for the pic to the right, well, I've tried several times to do the "blow a kiss" pose and this is the first time I think I got it right!

More pics from this session are at the Flickr page (see link to the right); and I took a bunch more of another outfit, but I don't think I'll get those posted until later tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be Returns....

...a bit late.

I promised to post the first poll of the New Year this past Friday...but events of real life got in the way--and I forgot all about it until this morning. Mea culpa.

Anyway, there it is over on the right-hand side, like always. Polls are open until Friday, Jan. 16.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bad News, Good News

First the bad news...they've cut back hours at my job.

Now the good news...that means I have four days off next week, four days to dress almost all day. Actually, I'll probably dress on Monday, do some additional shopping on Tuesday (more on that in a minute), and dress again on Wednesday and Thursday. Expect a lot of new pictures.

Now for the shopping. Browsing at Target earlier this week, I saw this dress and thought it would be great for me.

And, today, browsing at Payless, I saw these shoes:

I may not get both...but I may not be able to resist.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me! (addendum)

I found the shoes to go with the formal outfit at Target today...and I was very lucky...the store seemed to be clearing out last season's footwear and had very little in the way of dressy shoes right now. They're black satin peep-toes with a little crystal decoration on the instep and about three-and-a-half inch heels.

Changes in Store, Part Three


"Hillary! And the lovely Guinevere! How nice to see you again!" Mistress Lillian--as usual, dressed in a wasp-waisted business suit and an elegant hat--greeted her protege and Hillary's erstwhile husband, once Gordon now the simpering Guinevere.

Hillary leaned in and kissed the store-owner full on the lips. "I think Guinevere is ready for her final processing," she said.

"Excellent! And you've blonded her--she looks so youthful and innocent that way! Is she entranced right now?" Lillian asked.

"Oh no--you're so much better at this than I am, or could ever be!" Hillary replied. "She's still operating on the post-hypnotic suggestions you gave her last visit. She acts the perfect sissy, but knows she's male."

"Very good--we won't be changing any of that, of course...just deepening it and making her respond to some very special triggers." Lillian whispered in Hillary's ear.

"Oh, that's priceless...yes, do that!" Hillary responded, enthusiastically.

"Guinevere," Lillian said, turning to the boy-girl. "Take this outfit to the changing room." With that trigger, Guinevere sank deep into a hypnotic thrall, taking the clothes from her Mistress and entering the room to try them on.

While she did that, Lillian sat at the console of the video programming system and input the latest--and final--set of commands and changes to Guinevere's psyche. "Now, you're certain of this, Hillary? Remember--the triggers will operate no matter who says them or where. It could be quite humiliating for the little dear."

"Guinevere could do with a little humiliation," Hillary noted. "As Gordon, she was an absolute boor. My friends will love her in this incarnation."

"I'm sure they will," Lillian agreed. "Ahh--here's the darling now."

Guinevere minced out of the changing room in a dark jacket over a dalmatian-spotted miniskirt, her feet and legs in knee-length boots with six-inch heels. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony-tail. And on her jacket was the all-important identification: "Sissy".

"Pose for me, Guinevere love," Lillian commanded. And Guinevere took on a model's stance, thrusting her hips forward. "Wonderful--but don't make too much of that crotch of yours, dear. The bulge is already noticeable."

That reminder of her true male status only increased Guinevere's arousal, making the tell-tale bulge even more prominent. Lillian smiled. It was exactly the reaction she wanted. "Come over here to the screen, Guinevere," she beckoned. "Time for another fashion lesson!"

Once she was settled before the monitor, Guinevere's eyes and ears were filled with the final transformations her wife and Mistress Lillian wanted:

You are a sissy! Look at the word on your jacket! Every repetition of that word, every time you see it, your arousal will grow, knowing it refers to you! But you will not know relief or orgasm without a final trigger. Turn now to your mistresses.

Guinevere obediently turned away from the screen toward Lillian and Hillary. "Do you understand now, sissy?" Hillary asked. "You will be my sissy from now on." Hillary felt her own pussy grow wet as she watched her transformed husband shudder in arousal every time she repeated that all-important word.

"Yes, sissy," Lillian continued the mantra. "Like all of your kind, you are just a slave to your little clitty-cock. Every sissy has this reaction!" Lillian watched both her clients become more and more aroused--Hillary by the change in her spouse, Guinevere by the magic of the trigger word.

"Back to the screen, now," she commanded. And the orgasm-desperate Guinevere returned to her programming.

Ready to come now, Guinevere? I'm sure you are. The final trigger that will permit you to orgasm is a kiss from a beautiful woman. Only a woman's deep, soulful, lesbian kiss will release you. No other kiss will work. The screen faded to black and the sound from the earphones became only a soft hiss.

"Guinevere?" Hillary walked up behind her sissy slave. "Stand." Obediently, Guinevere arose and turned to face her wife. Hillary put her hands on the sides of the boy-girl's head and drew her close, planting her red lips upon the sissy's own painted ones. She had to catch the little darling in her arms as she collapsed from the power of her orgasm!


One month later, Satin and Silk Sissy was arrayed in white and pink flowers as Mistress Lillian officiated in a strange marriage-like ceremony for Hillary and Guinevere.

Hillary was in an elegant black column gown, and Guinevere was in a perfect parody of a wedding gown--with a short skirt over a mass of petticoats, a veil on her head, flowers in her hands, and satin ballet-like slippers (with six-inch heels) on her feet.

As the ceremony ended, Lillian said, "Now, little sissy, as the final emblem of your sissy status, your wife-mistress has a token of her love and dominance of you." With every repetition of the trigger word, Guinevere shuddered in anticipation.

Hillary was handed a small box and from it she withdrew a thin gold necklace. She clasped it around Guinevere's neck, revealing the symbol that hung from it, a circle with an arrow at the upper right and a cross below...a strange amalgamation of the traditional emblems of male and female. "With this token, I take you as my sissy, Guinevere," Hillary said, "and I ask those here assembled to assist me in making your formal ascension to sissy-hood memorable."

With that, the congregation began to chant "sissy, sissy, sissy" over and over, as they watched Guinevere's arousal build to a crescendo. Hillary raised her mate's veil and let her tongue plunge deeply into Guinevere's mouth, her lipstick merging with the sissy's, as the gathered friends and members of the city's kinky lesbian community applauded Guinevere's first orgasm as a full-fledged sissy, thanks to the auspices of IGR: The Institute for Gender Realignment!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me!

Did my first post-holiday shopping trip today, and essentially bought Dani some Christmas presents. Most prominently, got a two-piece formal outfit. Would have loved to get a real evening gown, but couldn't find anything suitable in my size. Now, I have to get a really dressy pair of pumps or sandals to wear with it.

Also got a sweater dress...should be very slinky.

And a scandalously (probably obscenely) short school-girl's tartan skirt and a turtle-neck and sweater to wear with it.

Trying it all on and pics will have to wait until next week when second son returns to college. I can't wait!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dani On Flickr

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that I had opened a Flickr account. Well, it's been far more successful than I would have imagined it could be, with more than 11,000 views since December 6. if you'd like to see it, here's a link:

Pretty Sissy Dani on Flickr

And I've started a group there, too--Male Lesbian Crossdressers--which has grown to nearly one hundred members in under a week! If you're interested, and you have a Flickr account...or would like on...come on over and join up!

And just to test how the Flickr photo embedding works, let's try this:


I'll also add links to both places in the list at the right.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Changes in Store, Part Two


Two days later, Gordon returned to "Satin and Silk Sissy," this time with his wife Hillary along. Once again, Lillian was there to greet him, this time in a tan suit cut along the same lines, with a leopard skin pillbox hat pinned to her upswept curls. Hillary noted the bulge that filled her husband's trousers at the sight...and grinned.

"Mr. Conover!" Lillian said, feigning surprise. "And your lovely wife. How nice to see you again!" Hillary took the shop manager's extended hand, and Gordon completely missed the knowing look that passed between them.

Lillian turned to Gordon. "Come back for more presents for your darling spouse?" she asked. "I've been anticipating that." She went to the counter and pulled out a package from below it. "I took the liberty of preparing some possibilities for you. Perhaps you'd like to use the changing room?"

Hillary gasped with combined amusement and excitement when she saw how that trigger phrase affected her husband. Gordon's eyes glazed over and he fell into a totally obedient trance state, following the post-hypnotic suggestions imposed upon him during his last visit. "Thank you, Mistress Lillian," he responded. "I'll be with you shortly."

Even in his male clothes and shoes, Gordon seemed to mince into the room with the curtain across the doorway. Once he was out of earshot, Lillian turned to Hillary. "So, what were things like the other night when he got home?"

"At first, he seemed perfectly normal," Hillary explained. "But then, as he got ready for bed, he discovered the lingerie beneath his suit. He seemed totally perplexed by it--but once he saw it, he began acting like a perfect sissy! Without realizing that's what he was doing, of course!"

"That's the programming," Lillian noted. "Right now, the mere knowledge of wearing feminine garb will have him mincing and simpering like a submissive little bimbo--but if you point the activity out to him, he'll absolutely deny that he's doing anything out of the ordinary." She pointed to the other changing room. "But we can't have him see you in that dowdy outfit once the Guinevere personality is working within him. You'll find more appropriate attire in there!"

Minutes later, Hillary returned from her own changing room and settled herself to await the next transformation of her husband. She mused on the last few weeks. Has it really been just a month since I discovered the ad for IGR's services in that woman's magazine? It seemed impossible that so much could have happened in so short a time. And then to discover IGR had this outlet in my own little town! Lillian has been such a supporter in my goal--even suggesting the way to get Gordon into the shop. Birthday present, indeed! Yes, this is my birthday present, Guinevere--getting the kind of lover I've always wanted!

At that moment, the curtains parted and a transformed Gordon stepped out...but stopped short upon seeing the transformation Hillary had undergone. Her ash-blonde hair fell softly to her shoulders. She wore a pantsuit...but it was the sexiest pantsuit he'd ever imagined: Made of pink silk, the jacket hung open over her vest...which she wore with no blouse, so that her cleavage was displayed to her navel. The pants flowed softly to her ankles, and her shoes were in a matching color, with five-inch heels and extreme pointed toes.

It is my new mistress! he thought. This image of his wife had been implanted deeply into his mind at his last visit to the boutique, and now seeing it in the flesh impressed his slavish devotion to her upon his psyche. He kneeled before her. "May I worship you, my mistress?"

Hillary extended her shoe. "Kiss my pointed toe, little sissy," she demanded. And Gordon, now Guinevere, knelt to do so.

Lillian laughed at the sight. "I so love to see them be so obedient," she declared. "But we can't have Guinevere parade around in her undies all the time. Time for some serious shopping, dears."

With that, Lillian began pulling out all the clothes she had chosen for Guinevere in the last few days. All of the outfits featured short, tight skirts and high heels, the elements that Hillary knew turned Gordon on the most...and that she also desired in her male lesbian lover. Blouses, dresses, skirts, suits, all of them in every color imaginable...and none of them intended to make Guinevere less than a stand-out.

For the final outfit, Lillian handed Gordon a bright red suit with matching hat to put on over his white lingerie, including the constricting girdle Hillary had insisted on. "Let him know the discomfort we as women go through. In fact..." She leaned in to whisper to the store manager.

"Excellent!" Lillian exclaimed. "I'll input that little addition to her programming before you leave!"

Moments later, Guinevere stepped out from the changing room in her new shopping suit. After she had sat for a make-up session, Lillian had Guinevere pose for a series of photographs. "These will become part of our promotional campaign, I'm sure," she told Hillary.

Then the two emasculators led their submissive subject back to the video terminal. In minutes, Guinevere was deep in her trance state, receiving her latest instructions, as more images of her own transformed self flashed before her eyes. Many of the images involved girdles and corsets and waist-cinchers. You cannot be happy unless you are female. You cannot be female unless you are constricted in a girdle, corset or waist-cincher. Nothing is more emasculating than a well-defined waist. Nothing is more arousing than a well-defined waist.

The programming ended and Guinevere slowly came out of her trance. Hillary was pleased to note the little sissy's crotch bulge was even more pronounced now.

"She'll need one more session, I think," Lillian noted. "See you in two days." She turned and looked Guinevere deep in the eyes. "All sales are final."

Hillary strode out of the store, followed by Guinevere mincing with all the packages. Once the door closed behind them, Gordon's male persona returned, this time with full knowledge of the changes wrought in him. I'm male, I'm a man, I don't want to be a sissy...but I can't stop myself from acting like a perfect little doll!

Hillary smiled. "Come along, Guinevere. You can come back in a few days to enjoy yourself some more!"

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