Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't I Just Wish...variation

As I usually do, here are some manipulations of the photos from my last dressing session. But this time, I created a "scenario" for each picture and did one of my comic-book style illustrations, as I do for A Bimbo's Sanctuary (link at the right). In fact, I'll probably upload these there as well, later this week.

Putting Your Best Parts Forward

Bending to the Effort

Top and Bottom Display

The Pause That Refreshes


Highlighting Your Assets

Debutante with a Difference


I've never done this in all my years on the web, but...

It's a week until election day and I'm urging every single one of you to go out and vote. I don't care who you're supporting (personally, I'm supporting Obama), just go out and vote. Don't tell me you're in a non-battleground state like California and it won't matter...there are Congressional and Senate and local elections and state and local referenda, propositions and initiatives. They're all important.

Oh--if you are in California--there's one position I urge you to take: Vote No on Prop 8, the anti-gay marriage proposition. I'm pretty sure most of you are in favor of gay marriage, but don't skip voting on this one. That's just what the bigots want you to do...they're counting on lots of people who will only go into the booth to hit their choice on the top of the ticket and look no further...because they've energized their base not to do that.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 11

"You don't tug on Superman's cape...." but wouldn't you have loved to? Since her career-jolting stint as Lois Lane, Teri Hatcher has become one of the chief sexual icons of our generation. Now, on Desperate Housewives, she has come to virtually define "cougar". With so many of us also approaching our middle years, no wonder she's a woman we'd love to be!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seduced into Satin

[This story uses the same set of images as the previously posted "Mom's Model Son". I forget why I did that...]

It's arrived at last! Sarah thought as she tore open the package. If this works, it'll be worth every penny I spent in ordering it. She sat down with the brochure immediately and began scanning it, checking the contents of the package against the instructions for use.

That night, Sarah appeared in the bedroom clad in the sexiest satin nightgown she could find at Victoria's Secret. "Wow!" her husband James exclaimed.

"You like?" she asked, innocently. He nodded. Sarah got into bed next to him and snuggled close, letting the smooth, soft satin of the gown caress James's bare chest. She gathered part of the gown in her hand and reached inside his shorts with it, softly stroking his privates with the fabric. She felt his cock grow and heard him moan.

"That's it, James," she said. "Feel the soft, smooth satin. It feels good against your skin, doesn't it? You like the way it makes your nipples feel, don't you? You like the way it makes your cock grow." Her voice became softer, yet more insistent, and she continuously repeated the words. "Soft, smooth satin," she said, over and over.

After some 20 minutes of this teasing and lulling, Sarah suddenly pulled away, leaving a frustrated James in arousal. He reached for the satin gown, tried to continue the erotic caress on his own--but Sarah pulled the sensuous fabric from his hands. "Uh-uh," she denied him. "This is my gown."

"Please, Sarah..." James implored.

"You want the soft, smooth satin?" she asked.

"Yes," he pleaded.

Sarah got up and went to her dresser; she pulled out another gown, identical to the one she was wearing, but several sizes larger. "This is for you, James," she said. She held it up, let its full length fall to the floor. James reached for it, managed to grasp the hem and stroke his cock with it again.

"Would you like to wear the soft, smooth satin?" Sarah asked.

"Only girls wear satin nightgowns," James answered.

"Do you want to wear it?" Sarah repeated.

James hung his head. "Yes," he answered quietly.

"Then you will have to become a girl, won't you?" Sarah asked, triumphantly. "Or else you can never feel the soft, smooth satin again, can you?" James nodded, completely lost in the spell of satin Sarah had created. Sarah instructed him to remove his shorts, then helped him put on the shimmering nightgown. As soon as the satin touched his cock, it sprang to full life, creating an enormous bulge in the front of the gown.

"That will never do," Sarah chided. "Girls do not have such unsightly lumps in their nightgowns." She turned back to the dresser and came up with a pair of satin panties in the same color as the gown. "Put these on," she demanded.

James meekly took the panties from her and, reaching under the hem of the gown, pulled them up over his loins. "They are the same soft, smooth satin as the gown," Sarah told him. "Don't they feel delicious?"

Now Sarah lay back with James on the bed, caressing his cock and his nipples through the satin, bringing him closer and closer to release, repeating "Soft, smooth satin" over and over as he came closer and closer to orgasm. "Say it with me, Jami," she commanded.

And James began to repeat the mantra with her, until it became a cry of delight as he came in his soft, smooth satin panties.


One month later, James had not spent an hour since that first night without some piece of satin clothing on his body. Moreover, Sarah merely had to say to him, "Soft, smooth satin," to create an instant erection and a passionate need to act and dress as femininely as possible, in the manner Sarah directed.

Naturally, Sarah's friends didn't believe her tales of such absolute control of her feminized husband, so she invited them to a party to show off her new slave/lover.

The women were gathered in the living room as Sarah entered from the hallway. "I can't tell how I've been dying to show my little Jami to you all," she announced. She turned to the stairway and called, "Jami, the ladies are ready for you."

Moments later, a much-changed Jami minced into the living room. Her dark hair curled softly at her shoulders. Her makeup was impeccably done, making her look like a teenage model. She wore a cropped turtleneck sweater; a shiny silver miniskirt, nylons, ankle socks and silver pumps with five-inch heels.

The women applauded wildly. Jami blushed.

"Sarah, I thought you said that a fetish for satin was the trigger for changing and controlling Jami," one neighbor asked. "Where's the satin?"

Sarah turned to Jami: "Dear, would you please show everyone your lovely satin bra?" Still blushing, Jami shook her head no. Sarah scowled. "Jami, please show everyone your soft, smooth satin bra."

Now unable to resist as her arousal grew along with her need to obey, Jami pulled up the hem of her sweater, revealing the shiny pink satin bra that lifted and held her tits so proudly.

"Are those boobs real?" one of the visitors asked.

"Of course," Sarah replied. "I've had Jami on hormones ever since I first placed him under the satin spell. Next week, she has an appointment for implants."

"And she'll obey you in anything, even sex?"

"Especially in sex," Sarah answered, smiling. She turned back to her once-husband. "Jami, these ladies would like to see how you react to
soft, smooth satin." She handed him a satin scarf. "Please sit down here on this stool and use this scarf to make yourself come."

The guests watched in fascination as the fetish-mesmerized TV reached under her short skirt and took her already engorged cock in hand, wrapping the satin scarf around it and stroking it gently, but with increasing intensity.

As her climax approached, Jami began to gasp and then, as she filled the scarf with her come, she cried, "I am Mistress Sarah's slave to soft, smooth satin!"


Another month went by, with Jami now living full-time in feminine guise. She was completely aware of all the changes Sarah had made in her, both mind and body: She now preferred giving her wife oral sex to regular intercourse; she was more likely to come herself through stimulation of her nipples or ass than her cock (always with satin involved, of course); she felt naked without makeup on and she could not abide the feel of anything except satin on her breasts or privates. Her breasts were now a firm round 36C; her hips had also been filled out; months of walking in high heels had firmed her calves and thighs into shapely curves--in fact, her legs hurt if she wore anything less than a three-inch heel.

Jami and Sarah were on a trip downtown, combining shopping with a visit to a location Sarah would not reveal. Jami wore an elegant white day dress with fingerless gloves and a matching hat (all with satin undergarments, of course). She stopped for a moment to adjust the strap on her white sandals with the four-inch heels. A full-length mirror was to her left.

"Look at yourself, Jami dearest." Sarah advised. Still leaning to fix her shoe, Jami looked in the mirror. "Aren't you lovely? Aren't you glad I feminized you with soft, smooth satin?"

Unable to object once those words were spoken, Jami smiled and answered, "Yes, Mistress, I'm very happy."

A few moments later, they approached a building on a side street. "This is our destination, Jami," Sarah said. "I just had to let my instructors see how beautifully you turned out."

As they entered the building, they passed a reception desk with a nameplate labeled "Mitzi". As they walked by, they heard the receptionist say, giggling, "IGR--Institute for Gender Realignment. How may I help you?"


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

48 Hours of Girlhood, final session

For my last photo shoot, I decided to do a series of portraits, just waist up. These are more heavily edited than the others, as I was trying to come up with something really attractive.

More pics are here.

FTR, even after I get everything back to the storage space, I think I'll keep that cowl-neck sweater and denim skirt combo here, for sudden dressing urges.

48 Hours of Girlhood, seventh session

Here it is, at last! The pink stretch miniskirt...and, my god, do I love how it looks on me!

I'm wearing the fishnets and the white sandals with it, of course.

Why do I love this so? Well take a gander at those gams:

And what about that ass, huh?

I think of this whole thing as "office girl goes sex-bomb".

More pics can be found here.

Poll Thoughts

Interrupting the photo shoot postings for a quick note:

Looks like we may have another tie on our hands for this week's woman we'd love to be. Teri and Melissa are running neck and neck...a race between a cougar and a nymph, I guess.

48 Hours of Girlhood, sixth session

This was my last session Monday night. I combined the white blouse with the red skirt from the Jaclyn Smith outfit, along with black hose and the white sandals. I was trying--somewhat unsuccessfully--for a number of "sexy" reclining poses. The problem is that ten seconds doesn't allow a lot of time for getting into the right position.

More pics are here.

I'm already dressed for this morning's photo shoot. More later.

Monday, October 20, 2008

48 Hours of Girlhood, fifth session

First of all--remember what I said earlier today about the blonde wig and being more ditzy? It struck again. There was one more picture in this batch I wanted to use...but I accidentally deleted it when removing others I didn't want to use. (I keep these pics on a flash drive, and when they're deleted, they don't go to the recycle bin...so anything gone is gone!)

Anyway...I went back to the cowl neck sweater (with the black skirt, taupe hose and the black pumps) for these. Couldn't do the lipstick poses--the lipstick is back in storage.

A couple more pics are here.

After dinner tonight, I ran back out to Wal-Mart and got a replacement for the miniskirt I trashed by mistake. I'm doing one more photo shoot tonight in a different outfit, then I'll do the new skirt tomorrow.

48 Hours of Girlhood, fourth session

Seated poses this time, in the black miniskirt and red paisley blouse, with white hose and classic black patent pumps.

I want to work with some props later today, but I'm having a hard time thinking of any. Lipstick, perhaps? A glass of some kind? Brushing the hair?

More pics from this session are here.

48 Hours of Girlhood, third session

To start with, a confession...wearing a blonde wig must be affecting my ditz quotient. Last night, I began gathering up the various pieces of trash from my shopping trips, since trash went out this morning and I didn't want to accidentally leave any evidence behind when wife comes home on Tuesday. Well, I picked up a Wal-Mart bag, thinking it just contained packaging, etc.--and it must have still had the new miniskirt in it...because both bag and skirt are gone...and the trash has already been collected!

I got a late start this morning...I had to run some important errands. So, although I was still wearing panties and camisole, over them I wore a male shirt and jeans. I didn't go full girl-mode until about 11 AM.

As I worked on the photos this morning, I wanted to do some different things. I tried getting a "Veronica Lake" peek-a-boo look with the blonde wig, but I couldn't get the expression right. I think I'll try again this afternoon with some seated poses. So, this is all I have from the blonde pics. This is the Kmart Jaclyn Smith ensemble, with white hose and the very sexy red Mary Janes from Target:

And then I changed to the red wig. First pose was an attempt at getting something natural, adjusting the bracelet. Second one I'm really happy with...all the attitude I wanted to express is there:

While these photos have been put in my album at Photobucket, there are no others. I'm hoping this afternoon's session is more productive.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

48 Hours of Girlhood, second session

This is the red-black-and-white tunic outfit I bought ages ago (from Burlington, I think). I'm wearing it with black hose and the red peep-toe pumps.

I decided to play with some props for this session. That bag is my wife's, not mine.

More pics from this session are here.

48 Hours of Girlhood, first session

Well, I'm actually glad I got the new camera--it takes far better pictures. I have to a lot less adjusting for light and color on these.

These pics show my purchase this morning. I saw an ad with a girl wearing a cowl neck sweater and thought, "I bet Dani would look good in that..." so I went searching on line for them, and discovered Kohl's not only had a number of pretty ones, but all of them were on sale!

So, here's the one I chose, with my denim skirt, fishnets and those very high sandals. This is also your first chance to see my new hat and my blonde wig with a full outfit.

More pics from this session are here.

48 Hours of Girlhood, prologue

Have you ever thought the gods were posed to thwart you? That's how I felt this morning. I got the wife off on her trip and even had time to do a quick shopping trip for a sudden inspiration...more on that later.

I got home, and began to set up for the photo sessions. I picked up the camera from my desk and noted an odd rattling. Undisturbed at first, I turned on the camera...and nothing happened. I checked the batteries. Aha! One of them is in backwards. I switched it and turned the camera on again...still nothing!

Damn, damn, double damn, triple damn, hell! The camera did fall off the desk earlier this week, but it's had shocks like that before without incident so I thought nothing of it. Well, I made a quick trip to find a new camera. There was just one consideration--I wanted it to be as close as possible to the old one, for two reasons:

1. Always easiest to use a camera that works like the one you're used to.

2. I want to keep the new purchase from wife for as long as possible. If she sees a new camera, she'll ask..."Why did you feel the need to replace the old one so quickly?"

Actually, since I rarely use the camera around the house except for special occasions, I can probably keep it safe from her for a couple of weeks. By then, I'll be shooting pics of the high school show...and if the camera is busted, I can use that as an excuse!

I'm going to eat lunch, then finish setting up, dress, and begin my 48 hours of girlhood!

Addendum: Gee--now the old one is working again! I'll keep both though, since the new one is better.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 10

[Sorry this is going up so late...real life--]

Buck Rogers didn't even last two whole seasons...but it remains a fixture in the minds of those who would have loved to wear Col. Wilma Deering's uniforms.

48 Hours

Barring emergencies, I should have at least that much time over Sunday through Tuesday to spend as girly as I want to. Wife leaves for a business trip Sunday morning and comes back Tuesday evening...so I figure I have from noon Sunday to noon Tuesday--at a minimum--to dress, take pictures, and generally enjoy being a girl.

What will I wear? Well, I pulled the following from the storage space:

The red Jaclyn Smith outfit from Kmart:

The red-black-and-white tunic ensemble (from long ago):

The denim skirt with the pink t-shirt:

The black skirt and white blouse "office girl" outfit:

Two other blouses:

A new version of that stretch miniskirt from last time (this time in hot pink and a size smaller). I looked for a pic of this, but Wal-Mart doesn't feature it in their on-line store.

And, of course, shoes:

I'll be trying these all with both the red and blonde wigs and my new hat! I look forward to showing off the results.

Perfect Sissy

Gerald had never been in such a place before--a bar where men came dressed as women...or more commonly, were brought by the women who had dressed them. His friend Bob--like Gerald a casual cross-dresser--had suggested it. Gerald was unsure; it seemed like going too far...but he'd agreed to the night out.

The bar was filled with female figures--and a few male ones, like Gerald and Bob. Gerald knew that about half of those feminine creatures were really male...and it might well be the half who were most femininely dressed who were most likely to be male. Bob was clearly more comfortable with the whole idea...for he was the one who first hooked up with a patently dominant young woman who monopolized his attentions for the rest of the evening.

So Gerald was left alone at his table, his eyes playing over the varied inhabitants, when a lovely woman in clinging black leather slid into the seat opposite. "You're not sure about this, are you?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" he countered.

"You're not sure why you're here," she replied. "You clearly have an interest in transgender, but you're uncertain this is the way you want to play it." She gestured around the crowded room. "This is a meat market, but you're not interested in being just meat."

She held out her perfectly manicured hand. "I'm Teresa...most of my acquaintances call me Mistress Teresa."

Gerald took her hand, blushing. "Gerald...Gerry."

"Geri..such a pretty name," Teresa commented. "And I think you could be pretty...if you'd just relax." She pointed to the candle on the table. "I'm an expert at relaxation, among other things. If you just observe the flame, I'm sure you'll relax and find your inner beauty."

Despite himself, Gerald found himself staring at the flame, as Teresa's soft voice continued. "Inner beauty, inner relaxation," she said. "It's so much easier to find yourself as you listen to my voice and watch the flame." Gerald felt his eyes droop, trying to concentrate on the candle and Teresa's voice. "It's all right, Geri, let the flame envelope you as my voice folds around you. It's okay to fall asleep; in fact, it feels right to fall asleep and let my voice direct you."

Teresa smiled. It was always so easy--and yet so satisfying--to put one of these doubters under her trance. They were the ones who were so ambivalent about their true natures, their real selves...and it was so delightful to use her hypnotic skills to help them find themselves. "Now, tell me, Geri," she insisted. "Why are you here?"

His conscious mind relaxed and asleep, Gerald's unconscious responded: "I'm looking for a woman to command and transform me."

"And what is it you wish to be transformed into? A woman?" Gerald shook his head. "A little girl?" More adamant shaking. "Then what?"

"A sissy," he murmured.

Teresa smiled again. She so loved this kind of submissive...the ones with a very specific image of the kind of boy-girl they should be. "Would you like my help in becoming a perfect sissy?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, Mistress Teresa," he replied.

"Then, open your eyes but remain deeply in trance," she said, watching as his eyelids fluttered open, a glazed expression remaining. "Come with me to my place. Is that OK?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Very good, and every time you answer yes to one of my questions, you get closer to being a perfect sissy, isn't that right, Geri?"

"Yes, Mistress," he answered again, and she heard his voice get breathier and more feminine.

She took him by the arm and led him to the door and then down the street, all the while asking him questions, getting affirmative responses, and watching his own mind use her suggestions to make him act more feminine. His stride became a mince, his hips began to swivel, his entire body posture was girlish by the time they reached the door to her home.

Once inside, she ordered him to strip and she surveyed his naked form."This has possibilities," she thought. "He'll never look completely feminine...but he can be made to believe he does." She pulled out a pair of panties she thought would fit him and said, "Put these on, Geri."

Gerald pulled the silken garment over his hips and straining cock. "Now, look at yourself in the mirror, Geri. Do you see a sissy?"

"Yes, Mistress, I do," he answered, and his sissyhood grew, as did his cock.

"But not a perfect sissy?"

"No, Mistress."

She studied him again. "What would start to make a perfect sissy?"

"Smooth body, hairless body," he replied.

"Very well," she said. He was right, of course--a perfect sissy would have a girl's smooth, silken skin. So, with clippers and then hair-remover she took off every strand of hair from his body below his neck, save for a neatly trimmed little triangle at his crotch. Then she replaced his panties and posed him before the mirror again.

"Is that a perfect sissy?" she asked.

"Not yet, Mistress," he admitted.

"What do we need, Geri?"

"Make-up," he said. "A sissy always wears make-up, even in male clothes."

"Oh, this one really is into the humiliation of being exposed for the little nancy he wants to be," Teresa mused. "And until tonight, he probably never even realized it!" She passed her hand over his eyes, saying "Sleep," and he dropped back into deepest trance.


Half-an-hour later, Gerald's eyes were again open as he gazed into the mirror. Teresa had carefully feminized his features with eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, plucked brows, blush, and lipstick. She had topped it all with a long brunette wig.

"Look at yourself, Geri, see the sissy you have become," she told him. "But it's not over yet." She picked up the bra that matched his panties and clasped it around his chest. "This is a special bra, Geri darling; it will enhance your femininity. See how your tits grow once it surrounds you."

And, deep in trance, Geri saw his flat chest become a pair of massive boobs, a pair of jugs that would be the envy of any woman. It hadn't really happened, but he would always believe it had, as long as he wore a bra. It increased his sissyhood, impelling him to be ever more feminine.

Teresa grinned as she saw Geri's lips curl into a smile, and the bulge in his satin panties grow once again. "Now you are a perfect sissy, aren't you, Geri?"

"Yes, mistress," the mesmerized boy-girl replied. "I am a perfect sissy, ready to do as you wish."

Teresa mused. What did she wish now? How should a perfect sissy behave? Well, this had begun as an exploration of Geri's hidden self-image--why not ask her? "Geri, how does my perfect sissy serve me?"

A look of lust appeared behind the hypnotized glaze of Geri's eyes. "I would make love to her as another woman would...to prove that my maleness is subservient to my perfect sissy nature."

With one hand, Teresa lightly pushed Geri to her knees before her mistress; with the other hand, Teresa removed her own panties. "Then show me, Geri Sissy."


Teresa spent the night bringing Geri in and out of trance, deepening it each time, and teaching her the finer arts of lesbian love. By the end of the night, Geri was by far the most accomplished lover Teresa had ever had.

Moreover, Teresa used her hypnotic talents to give Geri an erotic obsession with pussy-eating, so that the mere mention of the word pussy or the smell of a woman's sex--especially Teresa's--would have the boy-girl's sissy-cock straining against her panties. And she made sure that Geri could have sexual satisfaction from all this womanly love--by hypnotically connecting his nipples and ass to his sissy-cock, she made the sissy able to come from manipulation of those more feminine parts of his anatomy, rather than the constant abuse of the male appendage itself.

In the morning, she again placed Geri in deep trance and inquired, "How does a perfect sissy dress in public?"

"In androgynous clothes that make his feminized state apparent to all who see him--or as a hyper-feminine, sexy, child-like creature," the mesmerized male responded, bringing to the fore all his past images of himself as he would have wished to be.

"Very good," Teresa answered, and--choosing the first image--dressed her new protege in a white t-shirt and shorts combination, each emblazoned with a heart in deep pink. The shirt was tight enough to display the sissy-ish breast forms she applied to his chest, complete with their stiff little nipples...and the shorts allowed the bulge of his sissy-cock to be visible at his crotch. He wore white patent leather pumps with four-inch heels (incongruous but sexy) as well.

Bringing Geri to the just the lightest trance state, so that he remained submissive but aware, Teresa drove him to the local mall. The two beauties--Teresa in her usual black leather and Geri in this most sissyish of attire--drew stares both appreciative and envious as they strolled past the stores. Teresa stopped periodically to point out some outfit to Geri in the windows--usually something in the most outrageous of the boutiques aimed at high-school and college girls--and asked if Geri thought it was clothing fit for a perfect sissy.

If Geri answered "yes," then they immediately entered the store and bought it, after first having the humiliated boy-girl try it on. This was always accompanied by an admission: "My name is Geri, I am Mistress Teresa's perfect sissy, command me in any way you wish." At one boutique, the giggly salesgirl insisted that Geri prove her hidden maleness...and then took the sissy to the backroom to try out her pussy-eating abilities, at Teresa's insistence.

They returned from the mall laden with packages--all carried by Geri, of course--filled with an entire new wardrobe for the boy-girl, a wardrobe made up entirely of Geri's visions of the perfect sissy ensembles.


A week after that first visit to the TG bar, Bob returned. He hadn't heard from Gerald in all that time and he was concerned that, perhaps, the whole thing had simply frightened his friend off. Maybe Gerald hadn't really been ready for such a plunge into the fetish world.

He scanned the bar, looking for anyone who had been there the week before, hoping they had some knowledge of Gerald. Then he saw Teresa.

"Excuse me," he began, "but I'm quite sure I saw you speaking with my friend Gerald when we were here last week. Have you heard from him since then?"

Teresa smiled--a knowing smile. She looked around the room. "Gerald?" she asked. "I don't recall talking to anyone named Gerald." Bob was confused--he was sure this was the woman Gerald had been with as Bob left with his own "date".

"You're certain?" he asked.

"Well..." Teresa mused. "Perhaps my little sissy friend could help you." She gestured to the other side of the room and a tall, leggy thing in school-girl attire minced over in her white pumps. "Why don't you ask Geri?"

Geri? Bob gazed at the incredibly sissy-ish figure that stood before him. She had light brown hair done up in two pigtails tied with pink ribbon. Her sheer white blouse strained against her C-cup tits, allowing the lacy bra beneath to show through, as well as her dark nipples. Her waist was cinched in tightly, both by her undergarments and the broad waistband of her incredibly short, pleated skirt with its girlish straps that went over her shoulders and further emphasized her tits.

Her long slender legs were sheathed in white thigh-high stockings with lacy tops that revealed gleaming rhinestones as well. And her white pumps had six-inch heels on which she balanced perfectly, although they restricted her stride to a hip-wiggling mince.

The school-girl vision smiled and giggled as she toyed with pigtails and cocked her head. "Don't I know you?" she purred. "Bob!" she exclaimed. "It's wonderful to see you again!"

Bob's eyes widened with a combination of recognition. shock and--yes--fear. "Gerald?" he asked.

"It's Geri, now," Teresa corrected him. "Your friend seemed quite eager to pursue his goal of being a perfect sissy, once my hypnotic abilities allowed him to see that was what he really wanted," she explained. She passed her hand over Geri's eyes and said, "Sleep". He fell into deepest trance, unaware of anything until she brought him round again.

Teresa turned her gaze to Bob. "But you're no sissy, are you, Bob?"

"Umm, no...."

"No, mistress," she corrected him. She drew his attention to the candle on the table. "it was the flame that drew Geri in, just like a moth." She saw Bob's eyes gaze at the candle...and he fell into her trap even more quickly than Geri had. "Now what is your image of perfection?"

"B-b-bimbo...." Bob stuttered, as he felt his new life begin.