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A Different Kind of "Lost" Story


Female vigilante captures supermarket thief

The black-clad woman known as "Femdom" has been declared responsible for the apprehension of the seven-time supermarket thief identified as Stephen Harrison, a West Side resident.

Police report they found Harrison, with the loot from his latest hold-up, bound to a lamp=post about a block from the scene of the robbery. Like Femdom's previous captures, Harrison was dressed in women's clothes, including a good deal of lace and satin, and shoes with extremely high heels. He wore a blonde wig and his face was covered in cosmetics.

Though police will not confirm, witnesses say Harrison spoke in a girlish voice, identified himself as "Stephanie," and gave a full account of all his crimes. This matches eye-witness accounts of Femdom's other captures, all of whom have continued to identify themselves as female, often claiming to be the "sissy-slaves" of their masked apprehender.

"How does she do that?" Police cadet Wayne Grayson threw the paper down on the table in a fit of pique! "The cops have been looking for that guy for weeks...and she walks in and not only finds him, but pulls that 'sissy' transformation, too--and makes him confess, to boot!"

He looked around the coffee shop. No one had paid any real attention to his little tirade. He sighed. Maybe that was just as well.

But someone had paid attention. Out of his sight, a tall redhead had watched the entire scene, first with amusement, then with interest. She rose and approached his table.

Wayne was surprised when the leggy vision appeared before him. She held out a hand, "How do you do?" she began. "I couldn't help overhearing your comments about Femdom. My name is Robyn Bruce." Wayne stared at her. She was dressed in a black, one-shouldered bodysuit, with a miniscule black leather miniskirt. She had on fishnet stockings and black pumps with five-inch heels. Her red hair fell to her shoulders in soft waves. She wore a turquoise pendant in the shape of the ancient symbol for "woman."

"Wayne Grayson. Sorry, I didn't mean to be so loud," Wayne apologized.

"No need. You see, I'm quite a 'fan' of Femdom, and I'd be interested in why a police cadet objects to some help in stopping crime," Robyn said.

"I don't object, actually," Wayne replied. "I'm just fascinated by her methods."

"Really?" Robyn said, as she began toying with the pendant. "So am I. That's why I wear this." She unhooked it in the back and held the blue symbol dangling in the air, over the table. "Isn't it lovely?"

Wayne found that he couldn't take his eyes off the pendant, that it seemed to begin to glow, to hold his attention, as Robyn's voice softly cooed to him. "That's right, Wayne, just watch the emblem of female power and persuasion and listen to my voice. I'm going to give you a set of instructions. You will follow them to the letter. When you have completed them, you will report to this address." She slipped a note to him. "At that time, I will awaken you from this trance with the words, Sissy the Boy-Girl Wonder. At any time, you will return to this trance when I say your real name. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Robyn," he replied.

"Very good," she said. "Now go!"

Wayne stood and left, heading for the shopping district. Robyn watched and smiled.


The sun had just gone down when Wayne arrived at the address Robyn had given him. He was loaded down with packages. He rang the bell, and the door was opened by a figure in a French maid's uniform. She was tall and leggy in her black-and-white outfit. "Ah, you must be Master Wayne," she said, in a breathily husky voice. "I am Fredrica, Mistress Robyn's maid-servant. I will escort you to her."

Fredrica led the still-mesmerized police cadet to a hidden stairway, that led to a cavern below the house, the secret lair of Femdom! Robyn was already there, dressed in her black-satin costume with the symbol-shaped cutout over her luscious breasts, but unmasked. "Thank you, Frederica," she said. "That will be all for now. You have permission to jack off in reward for your excellent service today," she told the maid, noting the growing bulge beneath her petticoats.

"Thank you, Mistress," the maid replied, curtseying. She turned on her spike heels and left.

"Now, let's see how well you have done, my little sidekick-to-be!" Robyn took the packages from Wayne, ordered him to strip, and began to dress him in the results of his shopping trip, from a severely laced corset to nude stockings, breast forms, panties, garter belt, and white, rustling pettis. She forced his feet into the extremely pointed black-patent pumps with the five-inch heels.

Then she made up his face, turning his youthful good looks into feminine loveliness, topping it all with a long straight wig that closely matched his own blond locks.

Then, from a closet, she produced the finishing touch--his new costume. She put it on him, then adjusted her own mask. "Turn and face the mirror, Sissy the Boy-Girl Wonder!" The newly named assistant to the dominant feminizing crimebuster looked at the image before her--and knew instantly that this was what she had longed for. She would join her senior partner in eliminating crime by sissifying the criminal element.

"Criminals are a weak and cowardly lot," Femdom told the pink-clad boy-girl. "We will prey on that weakness and cowardice by turning them into the overly-feminine slaves they deserve to be!

"Now--to the Femmobile!" She raced to the big lavender Cadillac, while Sissy minced behind in his stiletto heels.

"We're looking for a guy who's been stalking, harrassing and raping pretty young girls, Sissy," Femdom explained to her protégé. "In fact, you'd probably make a damned good piece of bait." She pulled the car over and said, "Wayne Grayson."

Instantly, the pink-clad crimefighter dropped into trance. "Yes, Mistress?" she asked.

"I want you to put on the outfit you'll find in the utility compartment," Femdom ordered. "Once dressed, you will get out of the Femmobile and strut your stuff down the main drag. When I see that you've gotten the attention of our prey, I'll give you the trigger to return you to the Boy-Girl Wonder. The trigger is kick up your heels, Sissy!"

Moments later, Sissy swiveled down the street in a dress suitable for clubbing. Sure enough, as Femdom tracked her with a hidden transceiver, the suspect--one Joker Dent--began to follow the petite blonde. He began to pass obscene comments: "Hey, little baby! Betchu got some sweet candy in that package." Femdom bided her time, waiting for a stronger case. In time it came, as Joker became more aggressive and finally trapped Sissy against a wall.

"Kick up your heels, Sissy!" came the word. And Sissy complied, sending her pointed toe directly into Joker's crotch. He dropped to the pavement, as Femdom drove up. She hopped from the Femmobile and showed the cringing criminal her pendant.

Half-an-hour later, a much different Joker walked into the local precinct. He was dressed in the white leather halter dress, hip-slung belt, fish-net stockings and white pumps Sissy had worn in her role as bait. His face had been prettied with cosmetics, he wore jewelry and a long brunette wig.

When the desk sergeant looked him over, he curtsied and announced: "My Mistress Femdom has commanded I report to you. I was once Joker, a harasser and rapist, but now I am Harlequin, a pathetic sissy slave. Lock me up."

From the rooftop across the street, Femdom and Sissy watched in triumph as the cops led the skirted perpetrator to the lock-up. Femdom glanced down at Sissy's crotch. "Seems you've gotten excited by all this, little one. No problem--I have the solution to that as well," she said, as she caressed the Boy-Girl Wonder's privates.

"Oooh--thank you, Mistress Femdom!" Sissy sighed.

"Just a reward for a job well-done," Femdom replied.


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Special for Suzanne

One of my Flickr friends asked me to do a cartoon using her name, so here it is:

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February Frolics: The Video

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On the Couch, Part Four


That completed, I put them in matching bondage--white leather bondage glove, locking their arms together behind their backs (and thus further displaying their boobs) and silver chains locking their ankles together, restricting their strides to a mere six inches. The resulting mincing walk caused a most delicious jiggle all over their bodies. The final touch was a locking ball gag in each mouth--they would speak, if at all, when I wished.

"All right, ladies--and there's a misstatement, if I ever heard one--it's off to Mistress Angela's party."


At 8 pm, we arrived at Mistress Angela's door. I had attached satin ribbons to chokers around my Bimbos' throats, and by these leads I brought them up the stairs and rang the bell.

I was momentarily startled when the door was opened by a pair of nearly identical maid-slaves, until I recalled the party's theme--twins. Like me, Angela had chosen to create a pairing by putting one each of her male and female slaves into matching outfits. I recognized one of the maids as Angela's regular live-in lover, Jackie, but the other was unknown to me--I thought.

Then the cross-dressed servant spoke to me in greeting, "Good evening, Mistress Verna. I hope you and your slaves are well." His voice was unmistakable--it was Angela's chauvinist pig of a boss, Steven, now obviously Stephanie. So she had finally succeeded in dominating and petticoating him! I would have to get the details out of her later. (For the story of Angela and Stephanie, see Petticoating the Boss.)

I let Stephanie take my hand and aid me over the threshold, tugging on the satin leashes of Bimbo Susan and Bimbo Martha. Spotting Angela on the other side of the room, I ordered my slaves to remain where they stood and went to see her. She was in a group with Mistress Jennifer, Mistress Carla and Mistress Maria. Those three had obviously chosen to take the twins theme one step further--and had all come in look-alike outfits: triplets!

Each wore a black leather business suit with power-padded shoulders and a tight, super-short skirt over sleek nyloned legs perched on six-inch-heeled black patent-leather pumps. Their TV slaves--respectively Sissy Dani, Little Miss Mandy and Busty Barbie--were also in triplet costumes, with the cue taken from Carla's Mandy, who was generally dressed in sissy-boy attire.

Tonight was no exception. All three wore blue velvet suits consisting of short, waist-length jackets and knickers that buckled (with bejewelled buckles) above the knee. Under the jackets, each wore a different color of ruffled satin blouse--Dani's was pink, Mandy's pale blue and Barbie's black. All wore seamed white nylons and seven-inch heels with T-straps in a blue leather that matched their suits. Their hair was done in sweet pageboys with satin bows that matched their blouses and matching satin chokers encircled their throats.

Only Mandy did not look completely ridiculous in this outfit--she was only 18 after all and had many months ofpractice at carrying off this kind of costume. Sissy Dani did not look too out-of-place: her still-budding breasts and narrow hips made her seem also androgynous. But Busty Barbie--as her name would indicate--attracted a good deal of ridicule. Her 38D breasts strained against the satin ruffles of her blouse, making her little girl look totally outlandish. Each time a dominant guest smirked at Barbie's predicament, Mistress Maria merely smiled, and commanded her slave to stand straighter, so her breasts would be more prominent.

I could see my two little Bimbos would have competition for the prize for best costume, as I released them from their bondage gloves and gags.

In addition to the costume contest, Angela had arranged entertainment. Knowing that many of her fellow dominants had an intense interest in hypnosis, she had hired a professional hypnotist/entertainer--without telling him about the nature of the party or those who would attend it. Our entertainment would come not only from his act, but also from his reaction to our little community.

When the hypnotist, who called himself Roberto, asked for volunteers, I led my two Bimbos to the stage. The three of us, beautiful, sexy and dressed for it, stood before him. I glanced at his crotch and could see his cock grow. He began his attempts to hypnotize us--without success; after all Susan and Martha were already in a trance and, as a practiced hypnotist myself, I knew how to resist his suggestions. The crowd roared--they were in on the secret.

Finally, Roberto gave up. Then I took over. "Roberto, I've noticed your interest in my two little friends here." He nodded, smiling somewhat lasciviously. He was bright enough to have figured just what kind of gathering this was. "Well," I continued, "this is Bimbo Susan and Bimbo Martha. Greet the nice man, dearies."

Each in her turn, the two entranced Bimbos embraced him and planted wet, open-mouthed kisses on him, while rubbing their hands over his rapidly enlarging cock. His own hands strayed to their satin-covered behinds. "I see you like the feel of satin, Roberto," I commented. He nodded. "Would you like to try on those panties?" My own voice had slipped into the tone I used when hypnotizing patients--and I could see Roberto was not the expert I was in resisting suggestion. He nodded again.

I ordered Susan to strip off her panties and hand them to Roberto. He stripped off pants and underpants and quickly slid the panties up his legs and over his loins. Now Martha was ordered to kiss him again and stroke his cock through the panties, engorging it further. Roberto was panting, eager for sexual release. He was also almost completely under my control.

The audience watched silently now, completely wrapped up in this little drama of dominance and control. I told Roberto to strip out of his jacket and shirt. He stood before me, naked except for his white satin panties, his cock causing a most pleasant bulge. I had him sit while I made up his face and rouged his nipples. The completed unisexual look was delightful.

"Now, Roberto, I want you to masturbate through your panties--and at the moment you come you will wake from your trance."

Immediately, he began stroking his cock and soon he was shuddering with his imminent orgasm. As the panties filled with his cum, his eyes flew open in shock at what he was doing, how he was dressed. The crowd laughed and applauded.

Now I didn't care if my Bimbos won the costume contest--the party was a success!


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February Frolics 15

Last outfit for my extended weekend (and for February) is a cowl-necked sweater dress....

The sweater dress is from Target's Mossimo line in January 2010; the shoes are Fioni "In the Mix" navy felt peep-toe pumps, from Payless in February 2011. Other accessories are silver jewelry, blue bow, and natural hose.

And a pensive portrait:

More pics on Flickr; dressing will resume in early March; and don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)!

February Frolics 14

Anticipating spring with this green ensemble:

The green linen blouse and leafprint crepe skirt are both by Jaclyn Smith. from Kmart in September 2012;the shoes are Mossimo "Viveca Blingy" green suede pumps, from Target in February 2013. Other accessories are gold jewelry, green scarf, white bow, and natural hose.

Looking a little sleepy-eyed (or is that "bedroom-eyed") in this portrait:

More pics on Flickr; one outfit left to present; and don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)!

February Frolics 13

Every girl needs one ~ my little black dress....

The little black dress is from Target's Mossimo line in February 2010; the shoes are Dollhouse "Margaretta" black pumps with metal heels, from Shoe Dept. in January 2010; Other accessories are a black rosette headband, pearls, gloves, and natural hose.

Gloves lend elegance, don't they?

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Tied and Terrorized

Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Frolics 12

Currently the tightest skirt I own...this high-waisted stretch number...

The navy polka-dot blouse is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in June 2012; the high-waisted stretch skirt is also from Kmart, part of their Bongo line, and also from June 2012; the shoes are Madden Girl "Karlla" polka-dot pumps, from DSW in June 2011. Other accessories are a polka-dot bow, blue jewelry, thin black belt, and natural hose.

Another smiling portrait!

More pics on Flickr; one more outfit to come today; and don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)!

February Frolics 11

Though temperatures have moderated a bit around here, it's still sweater dress season...especially when the dress is as slinky as this one:

The green sweater dress is by Connected Apparel, bought at Burlington Coat Factory in January 2009; the shoes are Mossimo "Viveca Blingy" green suede pumps, from Target in February 2013. Other accessories are red jewelry, scarf, red fedora, red belt, and natural hose.

Hey! I smiled again in this portrait!

More pics on Flickr; two more outfits to come today; and don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)!

On the Couch, Part Three


"Kiss me, Martha," I commanded once again, and I saw the shift in personality and bearing that meant my submissive lesbian lover was back in control of Martin/Martha's body. Once again, we clung to each other in deep Sapphic passion.

I broke our embrace to announce, "Martha, you need a new wardrobe--come with me to the mall!"


Our mall trip was extremely successful, I'm happy to say. Martha came away with a full wardrobe of ultra-feminine clothes, everything from lingerie to evening gowns. The emphasis was on sex: sheer nylons, five-inch heels, tight clingy fabrics, low-cut bodices and miniskirts. The outfits were kept in a special closet in my office, so that each time Martin arrived for a session he could be transformed into Martha without further ado.

Those sessions also continued to be great successes. With each hour under my control, his Martha persona became more and more feminine, more and more devoted to me, exactly as I planned. There was only one thing that, as a psychiatrist, concerned me. And, one weekend, it happened.

It was about two a.m. Susan and I had just finished a most satisfying lovemaking session. I was still dressed in my black lingerie and silk hose, Susan in her pink babydolls. There was a buzz from the doorbell.

"Who could it possibly be at this hour?" Sue asked.

I slipped into my six-inch heels and threw on my black lace peignoir to answer the door. I looked through the peephole and there, in all her sexiest, feminine glory, was Martha! I had not ordered her to appear that night, believing I had to allow her some time to continue to live as Martin.

I unlatched the door and allowed her in. "Mistress Verna, I am here as you ordered." At first I was confused--I hadn't ordered any such thing. Then I realized--Martin's unconscious had tapped into my posthypnotic commands while unconscious had forced him, even while sleeping, to follow my commands.

I ordered Martha to sit and said, "On the couch, Martin." He fell into his usual trance. "Martha, I want you to tell me what you dreamed this evening."

"Yes, Mistress Verna," she replied, and began her tale:

I was in my office, filling out the monthly reports, when you walked through the door. You looked me straight in the eye and said, "On the couch, Martin." When you were satisfied that I had fallen into a trance, you summoned Martha with the usual command, 'Martha, kiss me.'

"You then threw open the coat closet in my office and I was shocked to discover, not my usual suit jacket and overcoat, but a full wardrobe of women's clothes. You selected a tight leather miniskirt and a red satin blouse for me to wear, along with the proper lingerie. I dressed and followed you out of the office as ordered.

"Naturally, all my co-workers were there, and they all applauded as you led me in my female finery through the outer office and out to the elevators. I hung my head in shame--but secretly, my cock rose in excitement at the humiliation.

"When we reached the lobby, you issued another command: 'Martha, when you awake, you will dress as you are now and go to Mistress Verna.'

"Then I woke up, dressed and came here as ordered."

This added a new twist to my relationship with Martin/Martha. Obviously, his unconscious mind so wanted to live as the crossdressed Martha, a slave to my sexual whims, that it was forcing him into these situations even without my aid.

The next morning, I ordered Martin, now back to his male self, to quit his job and begin preparations to move in with Susan and me. This delighted Susan no end--no longer would she be alone at my tender mercies and there would be a male for her to dominate as well.

A month later, the three of us--Susan, a now nearly constantly female Martha and I--were comfortably ensconced in our apartment. I was in my usual black lingerie, Susan in her pretty pink, and Martha was neatly dressed as a maid, serving us drinks while I went through the mail.

Martha reveled in the humiliation of her maid's uniform: tight black satin minidress over a corset mercilessly laced to a mere 20 inches; four layers of starched white petticoats; black lacy panties;black silk stockings; and six-inch black patent-leather pumps. I delighted in reaching up under her skirt and petticoats to stroke her tumescent cock or finger her ass.

At any rate, as I said, I was going through the mail when I came across anote from my old friend Mistress Angela. "Susan," I exclaimed, "it's an invitation to a party at Mistress Angela's house."

"Lovely!" she replied. "Mistress Angela's parties are always such fun. What's the theme?"

I studied the invitation. "Twins," I told her. "She wants everyone to come as look-alikes of some kind."

"But Verna, honey, we could never pass as sisters, let alone twins--what will we do?"

"Stand up, Martha. You too, Susan," I ordered. I studied my two little submissives, both looking extremely feminine--though in one case that was completely a false image. They were nearly identical in height and in build, thanks to the extreme diet regimen I had placed Martha on when she moved in. "The twins will be you and Martha, Susan. In fact, I think it's time to bring back the Blonde Bondage Bimbo--times two."

Susan pouted--it was attractively childish, but I was in no mood for it. I knew she hated that particular masquerade, but it was perfect for the party, especially with Martha along for the ride. "That's enough of that, Susan," I demanded. "Bondage Bimbos you both will be. I have spoken!"

The party was in two weeks and there were lots of preparations to be made. First, I would have to acquire a duplicate of Susan's Bimbo costume for Martha. Then I had to make an appointment for them both at Mistress Margaret's beauty salon for the afternoon of the party. Many of Mistress Angela's crowd also frequented Margaret's establishment, so I had to make sure I got my bid for time in early. I was successful--soon the transformations would begin.

In the time between the invitation's arrival and the party, Susan became more and more recalcitrant about appearing as her half of the Bimbo twins. Obviously, her time as a dominant over Martha was making her resent her submission to me. I would have to fix that--and I knew exactly how: If I could hypnotize Martin into becoming Martha, I could certainly entrance Susan and force her into a Bimbo frame of mind.

At last the big day arrived. Susan, still pouting and protesting, and Martha were herded to the car and we drove to Margaret's salon. As we entered, I could see that I had been wise in making the appointment well in advance. The place was swamped with Angela's friends, all overseeing the beautifications of their slaves--many of them, like Martha, transformed men. I waved to my good friend Jennifer. I had taught her hypnosis and she had used it to turn her boyfriend Daniel into Sissy Dani...and then aided many other friends in transforming their lovers and relatives. Most of them would attend Angela's party tonight.

I did not want this crowd of submissives to see Susan put up a fuss (I had a reputation to maintain), so I turned to her and announced, "Susan, you're a submissive bimbo!"

The shocked little thing was able to gasp out "Huh?" before her eyes glazed over and I knew my hypnotic spell had taken over. The little dear never realized the music we had listened to over the past few nights had been "spiked" with subliminal messages that had prepared her for this moment. Leaving her entranced for the time being, I turned to Martha.

"Martha, honey, this is your first time in a real beauty parlor and I want you to enjoy all the submission and humiliation it will bring you. Therefore--come back, Martin, darling." Those were the code words that brought the long forgotten Martin persona back to the fore in Martha's mind. I saw a new light dawn in her eyes, as Martin realized all he had been through in the past six months; I also watched the bulge grow under his skirt as the embarrassment of his new life brought him to sexual excitement.

"M-must I go through with this?" he asked quietly.

"Of course, you must, Martin--you want to continue as my subject and servant, don't you?" I responded. I knew the answer, as he dropped his gaze to the floor in abject subjugation to my will. My psychiatric sessions with him had confirmed that this was his most deep-seated and desired wish; even without my hypnotic control, once having experienced his crossdressing fantasy, he could no longer resist the lure of this sexual adventure.

I turned my two hypnotized slaves over to Margaret and her staff. Their task was to use all their cosmetic arts to transform them into twins--or at least look-alike sisters.

The tougher job being Martha, Margaret took the TV on herself. The first step was to bleach and dye Martha's brown hair to a golden blonde that matched Susan's natural color. Martin watched in shock--and secret delight--as he saw his shoulder-length hair turned, first, the color of straw and then brought to a bright yellow with sexy streaks. Margaret and her assistant Caroline then began working to create identical Bimbo hairdos on Martha and Susan. The final effect was a teased flurry of curls--a hairdo that would only be worn by a woman attempting to attract sex and who had no distractions in her life from keeping herself sexually attractive.

Next came the cosmetics. Smoky eyeshadows, dark mascara and false eyelashes put a sleepy, bed-room eye look onto my two darlings, while artful blusher and lipstick applications made them look as much like twins as any two people who were unrelated ever could.

Now it was my turn to take over. I herded Martha and Susan into the rear dressing room and began their final change into the Bondage Bimbos. First I produced a hypodermic filled with a very special liquid. "You know Busty Barbie, don't you my dears?" I teased, referring to the transvestized slave of my friend Maria. "Well, this is the concoction that first swelled her boobs to their current dimensions. Without recurring applications, it won't last long--but you'll both be bouncing beauties for the evening."

Susan, having already had the Bimbo persona impressed upon her by my earlier commands, was overjoyed at the thought of being so endowed, but Martha was shocked. Still, my control was complete, so she meekly submitted as I injected a double dose of the preparation into each of her breasts. Then I turned to Susan and gave her a single dose in each of her mounds. The effect was soon apparent...and within an hour, each had a lovely pair of size 37C boobs.

The next step was the clothes. With the assistance of one of Margaret's staff members, I laced both of the little dears into white leather corsets, reducing their waists to a mere 20 inches. This only made their bouncing boobs, spilling over the cups of the corsets, that much more obvious, of course. Next, we drew white lace-patterned stockings up their legs, attching them tightly to the straining garters of the corsets. The stockings were followed by white patent-leather pumps with six-inch heels. White leather miniskirts, matching their corsets, were the last piece of clothing put on them.

Their accessories included white satin choker ribbons and white satin bows in the back of their hair.

It was time now to impress the Bimbo persona on Martha. "Kiss me, Martha," I commanded. Instantly, my little TV slave pressed her lips to mine and Martha's personality replaced Martin's. "Martha, until I say otherwise, you will have only three topics of conversation: yourself, your companion's attractiveness, and sex--especially bondage sex. You will flaunt yourself to any and all who seem interested. You are Bimbo--without a thought in your head except where your next sexual thrill is coming from."

That completed, I put them in matching bondage--white leather bondage glove, locking their arms together behind their backs (and thus further displaying their boobs) and silver chains locking their ankles together, restricting their strides to a mere six inches. The resulting mincing walk caused a most delicious jiggle all over their bodies. The final touch was a locking ball gag in each mouth--they would speak, if at all, when I wished.

"All right, ladies--and there's a misstatement, if I ever heard one--it's off to Mistress Angela's party."

Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Frolics 10

Last one for today...

The blue twinset is by Sag Harbor, found in a thrift shop in November 2012; the white skirt by New York & Co. was bought at Foreman Mills in June 2013; the shoes are Lela Rose Unforgettable Moments "Nathalie" white pumps, from Payless in April 2010. Other accessories are silver and chunky jewelry, the blue/black cloche, and natural hose.

I think that last pose is just adorable, if I do say so myself!

More pics on Flickr; photo sessions continue tomorrow ~ for now, it's bedtime, in my pink babydoll nightie; and don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)!

Women We'd Love to Be ~ Round 2, Week 8

Once again, choose the woman you'd prefer to be in the poll to the right:

Emma Watson

Raquel Welch

Women We'd Love to Be ~ Round 2, Week 7 Results

A near tie, but Stana Katic was preferred by 52% of you.

February Frolics 9

The second outfit for my three-day excursion into femininity...

The black-and-white dress is from Fashion Bug in January 2011; the shoes are Fioni "Loveit" black patent pumps from Payless in May 2011. Other accessories are pearls, skinny black belt, gloves, white bow, and natural hose.

After this session, I changed into semi-drab, in order to run an errand and eat dinner (I try to avoid eating in my femme clothes so as not to soil them). I had on hose, pink panties and a pink camisole, under male outerwear. While at home, I'm still wearing those black pumps, but on sneakers for the errand.

Oh, and here's a portrait:

More pics on Flickr; one more photo session tonight; don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)

February Frolics 8

Beginning three days when, with luck, I will be wearing at least some article of femme clothing from now until early Tuesday morning.

The blue striped blouse is by Lineage, bought at K & G in September 2013; the faux suede skirt is by Venezia Jeans. a thrift shop find in June 2013; the shoes are Kenneth Cole Unlisted "Bond Girl" bone peep-toe pumps, from Shoe Dept. in January 2013; Other accessories are gold jewelry, gold belt, brown hat, and natural hose.

Portraits in hats continue to be among my faves:

More pics on Flickr; photo sessions will continue through Monday evening; don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)