Monday, February 28, 2011

Last of February, 1

Today is the last day of February and also the last time I'll be dressing for at least a week. So I got in three different outfits...I'll attempt to post one a day for the next three days.

Let's start with the animal-print dress from Fashion Bug:

I like these shots a lot...everything seemed to come together. Accessories are black headband, red and white jewelry, white belt, white hose, white pumps.

More pics on Flickr; next outfit posted tomorrow.

I also got in a little more shopping today--found tops to go with the three skirts I bought on the weekend. You'll see all of those next week sometime.

Jane Russell, RIP

Hollywood icon and sex symbol Jane Russell died earlier today at the age of 89. As one who has always preferred brunettes to blondes, I preferred her to Marilyn matter the title of their co-starring movie. Here's a link to her IMDB bio.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pink, Pink, Pink

I've done this before but not to this extent. This time, I not only added the pink wig to the outfit, but all the makeup is pink as well--blush, lipsticks, eyes. The tights are new. This all came about because I got an unexpected chance to dress Saturday night, while wife is on a business trip and son went out for the night.

Other accessories are white hair bow, a new purple/pink belt, pink scarf, silver jewelry, frilly socks (because the tights are footless), and fuchsia pink pumps.

Here's a portrait, too. Another note--for the first time, I played with the way one of my wigs falls: I gathered all the hair together and tied it back, then draped it over one shoulder.

I'm glad I don't use the pink blush generally--I think it's far too harsh on my skin. The bronze I normally use works much better.

Oh...and I got out on my thrift-shop browse today, too. Found three nice skirts, but no suitable tops of any kind. You'll see those in a week for so, when I get a chance to pull out stuff from the locker to go with them.

More pics on Flickr.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

And Still More New Clothes

I bought this blue belted tunic with the refund from the too-small jacket at Fashion Bug. This is actually the second photo session I did with it; I scrapped the first. First of all, I wore the tunic with the belt it came with...second, I wore it with a long red skirt, a combo I really thought would work.

Well, it didn't. The tunic was longer than I thought and it looked like I was wearing a mini-dress over a long skirt. Horrible. Add to that that the belt simply couldn't be pulled tight enough to define my waist. I switched to a similar belt that I can pull tighter.

The solution? One that will make all of you who lust for my leg shots very happy: I decided to wear the tunic with just my black tights. It's really too short for that (I judiciously edited some of these shots to keep the panties of the tights from showing), but the overall effect is very sexy.

The other accessories are a blue hair bow, a mix of jewelry (red, white, gold), and red patent t-strap pumps.

That completes both the photo sessions from Friday and all the new clothes bought in recent weeks. I may go thrift-store browsing tomorrow, so Monday's sessions may have yet more inexpensive but attractive clothes (one can only hope).

More pics on Flickr.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Still More New Clothes

Here's another lovely blouse bought on clearance at Kmart (under $10)...from the Jaclyn Smith line. It's navy blue with silver stripes. The skirt is the black pencil skirt from Fashion Bug I first showed you last week. The shoes are new, too--more on them later.

Other accessories are blue hair bow, silver jewelry, wide black belt, and light hose.

Now, the shoes:

Here's how Payless describes them:

"This dapper peep-toe is simply too sleek for just 9-to-5! It features a soft felt upper for a tailored wool look, high-gloss patent piping, a plush off-center ruffle on the vamp for feminine flair, a lightly padded patent footbed for comfort, and a flexible outsole with a timeless 3.5" patent-wrapped stiletto heel."

More pics on Flickr. I'll post the other outfit from this morning sometime tomorrow--and there's a story to that one!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still More February Dressing

The return of one of my fave dresses...this red-and-black crepe dress is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line of about two years ago. It's ladylike without being matronly and it just seems to "fit" me completely.

Accessories are white hairbow, gold jewelry, black belt, black hose and red patent spike pumps.

That concludes the outfits from Wednesday. More pics on Flickr. I hope to get some dressing in tomorrow and possibly over the weekend as well.

Ooops! My bad!

Clearly, geography is not my forte. As I looked over the responses to the current poll, I realized that--in the answers to the question "Where do you live?"--I had left out an entire region of the United States: the Southeast (NC, SC, GA, FL).

Therefore, I'm going to scrap that question for now, discard the responses, and post it again--corrected!--with the next set of questions. Sorry about that, Chief!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More February Dressing

Here's a combination I don't think I've done before. The blouse is from Fashion Bug, the skirt is from the Jaclyn Smith line at Kmart. (The lovely pleating details on the blouse never seem to show up well in photos.)

Accessories are white hair bow, silver jewelry, white belt, black hose, and black pumps with metal heels.

Additional pics on Flickr; one more outfit from today...I hope to have it ready tomorrow.

More New Clothes

Here's a blouse and skirt I bought on clearance at Kmart last week (under $15 for the pair!) The blouse comes with the necklaces...and the skirt is an elegant, ladylike length in a muted plaid.

Accessories are a white hairbow, gold jewelry, black hose, and black pumps with metal heels.

More pics on Flickr. I also took pics of two other outfits today; I'll try to get them posted later or tomorrow.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoe report and New Poll

Well, no one has expressed an interest in the shoes I offered, so they will be going to Goodwill in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, let's begin the new poll. Unlike previous polls, the goal behind this one is to find out a little more about who is reading this blog. I'm going to ask three questions at a time over the next ten weeks (two weeks for each set of questions), and then analyze the results. The first three questions are posted at the right.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Dressing--Skirt and Blouse

Here, finally, is the third outfit from Tuesday. It's a very nice white blouse with an open collar combined with the purple-gray tartan skirt.

Accessories are black headband, silver jewelry, black belt, dark hose and wine-colored suede pumps.

And one more portrait:

Additional pics on Flickr; next dressing and photo session early next week.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February Dressing--A Fave Dress

This is one of my favorite of my dresses...a brown jersey shirt dress from Kmart. It's comfortable, and looks good on me, I think.

I dressed it up with the multi-colored scarf and added a blue hair bow, gold jewelry, tan belt, dark hose, and brown plaid mary-janes.

And I really like this portrait:

More pics on Flickr; I squeezed in a third outfit, but I probably won't get to posting it until tomorrow.

February Dressing--New Skirt Again

I ordered two items from Fashion Bug that arrived last week; unfortunately--as I suspected it might be--the jacket I ordered was way too small. So that had to go back. But the black pencil skirt looked terrific. Here it is with a red turtleneck.

The accessories are my black cloche hat, gold jewelry, black belt, dark hose and new shoes from Payless--more on those in a moment.

Here's a portrait shot:

Now, for the shoes--Payless describes them thus:

This chic, ladylike pump will go from office to evening with seamless style. It features a faux suede, patent and snake-print upper, softly pointed toe, lightly padded insole and 3.75" patent-wrapped heel.

More pics on Flickr; two more outfits yet to come.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dani's Best Look: The Winners

With the voting finally over, here are the results:

In third place, with a score of 3:

In second place, with a score of 4:

And in first place, just squeaking into the lead with a score of 4.1:

That concludes the "Dani's Best Look" polling; thanks to all who participated. A new, very different, poll will begin in one week. In the meantime, I have another project of sorts for you all to help with. Details are in the next post.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dani's Best Look--Finals, 3

The second finalist outfit scored a 3:

And now--how do you rate our last finalist?

The little black dress from Target--worn with pearls, black hose and the croc-print pumps. Once again, rate it from 1 to 5, with 5 being best.