Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Passing Thoughts

Hannah McKnight muses on the eternal question for all cross-dressers:

Holding yourself to a set of standards, or letting others hold a set a standards to you, should never prevent you from presenting in the real world as the gender you identify as. If I waited to “pass” I’d still be in sitting in my living room waiting until my hands shrunk. Letting go of these expectations will free you and you will never look back.

My core beliefs on passing are still unchanging, but there is another reason why some of us want to pass.


That sounds fatalistic and dramatic, but it’s absolutely true. Transwomen who “look like” ciswomen have a lesser chance of being “clocked” as transgender. We all know that being transgender opens us up to being laughed at, ridiculed, mocked, and worse. When we go out into the real world, we may have certain goals in mind, such as finding a pair of heels, or wanting to go out to dinner en femme, but usually not being harassed is among those objectives.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Guiding Gwen, Part Two

Lola and Dani

[Sissy Dani curtseys]
Hello, Mistress

Hello, my Sissified Sweetheart
Or is that appropriate now?
I gather you want to 
become more dominant?

Yes, Mistress, 
but only when I'm with Gwen

I see…
No plans to take over my territory then?

No Mistress, never!
I don’t think I could even if I wanted to.

I know, my Good Girl
Only teasing you
As if my little sissy could ever try something like that ;)
But I think we can help both you and Gwen have some fun
and to do that
we’ll start where we always do
with that wonderful
blissful word

And as usual, Dani began typing and whispering her special word as well:

Nice                       nice
Nice                       nice
Nice                       nice
Nice                       nice

and soon she began typing all by herself...


as Mistress Lola guided her into trance:

and deep
and obedient
So docile
So compliant
Just reading my words
and letting them guide you
Obeying them
Following them
As you rest
and await your commands
Good Girl
But we both know
that there’s another side to you, Dani
A powerful, dominant, commanding side
One normally kept under lock and key
As a good sissy should
But today we’re going to learn
when it’s appropriate to let such feelings loose
So from now on
when you are with Gwen
and only when you are with Gwen
You will let those repressed feelings
of dominance
of control
of power over others
to overcome you.
You will be demanding
in command
Wearing womens’ clothing is no longer a thrill
It is just who you are
It is just accepted
The real thrill
The true eroticism
will come from forcing Gwen into womens’ clothing
To dress her in the most wonderful outfits
to humiliate her in front of her peers
to force her into becoming the sissy plaything you’ve always wanted
in every single way
When you’re with Gwen
you will no longer be Sissy Dani, the Sissified Sweetheart
You will be
Madame Dani
a strict, disciplinary dominatrix
You will dress as Madame Dani
act like Madame Dani
Be Madame Dani
as you help Gwen become
the fully sissified
fully feminized
humiliatingly submissive
both you and she want her to be.
Is that clear?

Clear, Mistress

No, as Madame Dani
I am not your Mistress
I am your Sister Domme
Is that clear?

Yes, Sister

In this form
And only in this form
You may think of us as equals
You may address me as Madame Lola
just as I shall address you as Madame Dani
And even though
at the back of your mind
in your subconscious
you will still recognise me as your Mistress
and still follow my suggestions and commands when required
your conscious mind will see me as your Sister Domme
Your partner in sissifying Gwen
Do you understand, Sister?

Yes, Sister

Now, some instructions for you
to prepare for your next meeting
with Sissy Gwen

And Lola began to outline the preparations Dani should make to be Madame Dani for their mutual sissy protege.

Dani and Gwen

Gwen waited anxiously for her Madame Dani to return. It had been 24 hours since their last session and she was both eager and apprehensive of what was to come next. The doorbell rang and then Madame Dani entered without awaiting permission.

Gwen gasped at what she saw. Madame Dani was clad in a tight black leather power suit, the jacket clinging to her curves, the skirt equally tight and short--ending four inches above the knee--revealing her domme's beautiful legs perched on their black patent pumps with six-inch heels. Her lustrous red hair was done in a tight French roll, her nails were blood red, matching her lips. Her eyes were dramatically smoky and dark. They flashed amusement at Gwen's reaction.

"Not what you were expecting, eh, Sissy Gwen?" Madame Dani asked. "Well, get used to it." She looked up and down at what Gwen was wearing. "No, that will not do at all." She handed the sissy a list. "Go put this on and then rejoin me in the photo studio."

Gwen returned, wearing a white bullet bra, well-stuffed to give it the proper pointed appearance, white lacy panties, a white girdle with its garters holding up white stockings, and white pumps with five-inch heels. She wore her short platinum wig, with a big white bow in the back, a white collar and, hidden beneath it all, a butt-plug firmly in her ass-pussy.

While she was gone, Madame Dani had set up a tripod with a video camera, focused on a wooden chair with arms. She also had several lengths of rope. "Sit, Sissy Gwen," she ordered, "with your arms on the arms of the chair and your legs spread wide." Gwen complied, and Madame Dani proceeded to tie her securely to the seat--wrists to the arms, ankles to the legs, and a tight bond around her waist to the back of the chair. When she was done, she thrust a big ball-gag in Gwen's mouth and buckled it securely behind her head. Finally, she produced a large vibrator and positioned it tightly against the sissy's bulging crotch. Oh, my, thought Gwen, this is my greatest fantasy…and fear…come true!

Madame Dani  stepped behind the camera and turned it on. "Now, Sissy Gwen, let me see you struggle against your bonds." As she did so, she turned on the vibrator. "This should add to your predicament."

"Mmmpphggg...tooomch...nnnnn," Gwen tried to say through the gag.

"What's that, dear? Really, you need to articulate!" Madame Dani laughed, and turned the vibrator a bit higher. Gwen squirmed against the ropes and the sex-toy in her ass...and the one humming against her sissy-clit. "Phhhhhhshggggg" she mumbled. My sissy-cock is leaking…I wish I could touch myself….

Madame Dani let this go on for thirty minutes, turning the vibrator up periodically until it was thrumming mercilessly against Gwen's captive member. Finally, she turned it off and began releasing the bonds. "We're not done quite yet, Sissy Gwen," she advised. Once her captive was standing, Madame turned her around and bent her over the chair, tying her wrists to the back and her legs once more to the legs of the chair. She removed the butt-plug...but brought out, instead, a big paddle...and proceeded to use it briskly on Gwen's panty- and girdle-clad bottom.

"You seem to enjoy doing this to yourself in the videos you shared with me online, dear. How do you like it when applied by another?" Madame Dani asked, as Gwen, still gagged, jumped a bit with each stroke of the paddle. Oh, dear, I am truly a captive sissy, being trained in proper submission…. After 20 strokes, she relented and released the hapless sissy from her bondage.

"The video will be available to you on your computer, Sissy Gwen. Tonight, you will watch it when you milk yourself before bedtime. And remember to save all your cream for me to see in the morning."

With that, Madame Dani left Gwen to her arousal and humiliation for the evening.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hard Work

Stana has some thoughts on what it takes for a man to be a woman:

Being a woman is hard work.

Being a man being a woman is hard work, too... maybe even harder than a woman being a woman.

Women have a head start with regards to looking like a woman. Their prep time is nothing compared to my prep time. If I was a man being a woman 24/7, my prep time would not be as bad, but it still would be worse than a real woman's prep time.

Being a man being a woman is definitely hard work, but I would not give it up for anything! As Oscar Hammerstein II once wrote, "I enjoy being a girl."

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Guiding Gwen, Part One

[My first collaboration with Mistress Lola was so successful, we decided to try a second one. This one is based on my work with Sissy Gwen, trying to help make a more feminine presentation.]

Gwen and Lola

Mistress Lola sat at her computer, her legs gently batting against her pink dressing gown as she logged into the chatroom to wait for her newest hypnovictim to arrive. She’d been curious about Sissy Gwen ever since she had noticed the ‘On Your Knees’ pictures that her darling Dani would post on her blog. Knowing how difficult it was for her Sissified Sweetheart to socialise, she was keen to encourage building relationships with as many sissy sisters as possible, and according to Dani Gwen might have been the only sissy even more submissive than her. Which would naturally make her a fitting subject for Mistress Lola to mold.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, she found Sissy Gwen already waiting in the chatroom. Before she could even type anything, she received her first messages.

[Sissy Gwen curtseys]
Thank you for meeting with me, Mistress Lola!

Mistress Lola smiled - why were sissies always so keen to get their brains washed? Or was Gwen just eager to meet the Mistress who had helped her sissy friend blossom into a true male lesbian? Either way, it was always cute to see the enthusiasm in a sissy’s behaviour

I've been looking forward to it, Sissy Gwen!
I'm pleased to do this for you
and my sweet Dani.
Now, do you understand what is going to happen?

You're going to hypnotize me…

Yes and no
I am going to help guide you into a trance-like state
but ultimately you will be hypnotising yourself.
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, my dear Gwen
All I can do is show you the way
into a soft
blissful state of trance
which will allow me to help you
to become the perfectly submissive
sissy of your desires, 
with Dani's assistance as well
Is that what you desire, Sissy Gwen?

She hardly had to wait long for the reply.

Yes please Mistress Lola!

To get started, we have to pick a word.
A very special word, just for you.
One that will be used to allow you to enter
a blissful state of hypnosis
and over
and over again.
And the word I have picked for you is
Can you say that special word


Very good.
Such a sexy word, isn’t it?


A strong, powerful word
And the more you say it
and see it
and hear it
The stronger
and more compelling
it feels.


A word where the meaning
is so very apparent
You know when you are told
You must obey
that you will want to
because the word
is just so powerful
so suggestive
so commanding
that you can’t help but follow
and obey
Isn’t that right, Gwen?


Repeat it with me, Sissy Gwen...

Obey                     obey
Obey                     obey
Obey                     obey
Obey                     obey
Obey                     obey
Obey                     obey
Obey                     obey

And soon Gwen was typing by herself:


And as Gwen's typing slowed to a crawl, Mistress Lola knew she had fallen into trance.

Yes, obey
Whenever you hear or see
Dani or me use the word
you will be compelled
to act upon our commands
You will feel aroused
and excited
to follow our orders
It will feel
so natural
so right
so good
to obey
Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress, I will obey...

Good girl!
And when you hear or see
those words
Good girl
you will feel a bolt of blissful energy
a charge of arousal
pass through your whole body
from the top of your head
to the tips of your toes
whenever you are called a
Good girl
Isn’t that right, my
Good girl!

Oh, yes, Mistress, 
that felt so nice...

Good girl!
Now, you’ll be happy to learn that Dani is going to pay you a visit, starting tomorrow
Here is how you will get ready for her arrival...

And Mistress Lola proceeded to explain the preparations Gwen would make to welcome Dani to her home. When she was done...

At the count of 3,
you will log off and awaken from trance,
unaware you have been hypnotized,
but remembering all your instructions to

And Gwen logged off, awoke from trance, and immediately set about obeying her orders.

Dani and Gwen

Dani arrived at Gwen's home in Northern California in late morning. Dressed in a casual, but feminine outfit, the full-time sissy and part-time trainer to Gwen, walked up to the door and rang the bell. A voice called out from inside, "It's open, Madame Dani..."

Dani opened the door and saw her trainee, exactly how Mistress Lola had told her to be. She was hairless from the neck down, having shaved and depilated herself completely--even her pubic hair was gone. Her smooth, flat chest was decorated with stiff, rouged nipples. She wore nothing but a pink garter belt, sheer stockings and a pair of pink open-toed high heels. Her sissy-clit, as she termed it, was fully erect.

Dani smiled and gasped. The sight was incredibly erotic and she felt her own sissy-cock twitch and grow in her panties. "Go to your room and put on your sexiest retro foundation and dress, Gwen. Then join me in the living room...obey!"

"Yes, Madame Dani," Gwen responded, turning and mincing to her boudoir.

Dani went to the living room and lounged on the sofa, awaiting her return.

Dani's Report

The next day, Mistress Lola checked her emails for the report she’d requested from Dani. As usual her Sissified Sweetheart had proven herself obedient. Sipping tea from an elegant china cup, the redheaded mesmeriser read about what her slave had been up to.

Dearest Mistress:

I found Sissy Gwen just as you described her...what a lovely image! I had her dress in a foundation of red long-line bra, red girdle, red garters, sheer hose, red "come fuck me" pumps, and the most incredibly figure-hugging red wiggle dress you can imagine! We spent the next several hours going over my previous lessons with her...all the things I had tried to teach her long-distance over the past few years. While it is true her movements and posture are far more feminine than when we began, I fear she still has a long way to go...and I'm afraid I am not up to the task.

Much as I would like, I am not really dominant enough to enforce my will upon her...even when she is compelled by her trigger word. You may have made me far too successful a silly submissive sissy to do this. Can you help?



Mistress Lola placed her hand to her lips in thought. So many ways she could handle hard to choose. One the one hand, it would be a perfect opportunity to mold Dani into the sissy-tamer she needed, but on the other, it was so tempting to have two silly sissies to play with at once. Perhaps a trip was in order...