Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dani and the Professor, Part Two

Stage 2

That very night, Daniel sat in bed with his laptop and opened the Stage 2 program. The familiar pink spiral with the flashing "Nice" appeared, as Prof. Venus's voice came through the earphones:

It feels nice to find the center of the spiral and let it draw you in
As you fall into the center of the spiral you feel nice
Nice and relaxed
Nice and happy
Nice and empty
Let my words fill the emptiness

And again, Daniel followed those words deep into trance...more easily, more deeply than with the Stage 1 version.

Images of beautiful feminine clothes appeared, more feminine, more girly, than the ones in the Stage 1 program. Clothes made of silk, lace, and especially satin.

In this program we will look at clothes
Clothes should not only look good
They should feel good
Boy clothes are practical but boring
Functional but ugly
Women have much better clothes
So much nicer
So much prettier
So much sexier
Women have so many choices
In what to wear
And how to wear it
Women have so many more options
So many different things to wear
And all the colours of the rainbow
So many choice of clothing
And so many choices of material
All of which feel
So very good
Clothes should not only look good
They should feel good
Silk feels good
Lace feels good
Satin feels good
They should feel sexy
Silk feels sexy
Lace feels sexy
Satin feels sexy
They should be arousing
Silk is arousing
Lace is arousing
Satin is arousing
Womens clothes are better than mens
You want to experience it
You want to feel it
You want to feel good
You want to feel sexy
You want to feel aroused
Give in to your desires
Give in to your needs
Wear women’s clothing all the time

The whole program repeated until Daniel feel asleep...and then he dreamed of those beautiful, sensuous, arousing garments of silk, lace, and satin. Of all those options...dresses or skirts and tops, or a jumpsuit, or a catsuit, or even a swimsuit. And as he had with Stage 1, he ran the program four times a day...morning, noon, dinner, bedtime...and he ran it for three weeks before Prof. Venus called him to her office.

"Daniel, how are you enjoying the latest stage of our program?" she asked. He was still dressed androgynously, but she was pleased to see that his camisole was silk instead of nylon...and there was a hint of a padded bra beneath.

"I'm finding it quite...arousing...Professor," Daniel admitted. "And inspiring. I'm making some changes to my wardrobe. In fact, I was hoping you could help with that."

"Really?" the professor responded. "In what way?"

"Well, I'm not really sure what styles and colors would be best for me," he said. "Perhaps you could suggest some things?"

Prof. Venus was expecting this. "Certainly, Daniel...I'll send you some suggestions for things to order on line...." She smiled. This was going even better than she'd hoped.

The presentation

Three months after her first meeting with her colleagues, Prof. Venus told them she was ready to give them an update on her progress. "You all know my research assistant, Daniel--absolutely heterosexual and manly, right? Well, he's been my test subject for the past twelve weeks and I think you'll find him quite altered.

"But before I bring him out, one note: He's under a light hypnotic trance right now. Daniel has been consciously unaware of the changes I have wrought...he thinks they are all his own doing. In part, of course, they are...all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I have merely directed his mind in a new direction. I am not prepared for him to realize the extent of his transformation yet." She gestured to the door. "Daniel, come in."

He entered...though an observer would have been hard-pressed to call that person "he".  Daniel wore a hot pink satin blouse with a big bow, a tight straight black silk skirt, nylons and hot pink pumps. His hair was still in a masculine style, but he wore light makeup, suitable for the office. He moved with feminine grace.

There were audible gasps from the gathered academics, but Daniel didn't hear them. In trance, he was aware only of Prof. Venus. There was one other thing both he and the observers were aware of, thanks to the visible bulge in his skirt. Daniel was sexually aroused...he was incredibly horny.

The professor asked, "What has you so aroused, Daniel? What is stimulating you?"

"The clothes I am wearing, Professor," he said, in a hypnotic monotone. "Satin, silk and lace arouse me...I am always stimulated when I wear them...I always wear them."

"Why is that?"

"Because I am a sissy," he responded, admitting it for the first time.

“Prove it!” came a voice from the back of the room.  Prof. Venus immediately recognized it as that of Dr. Camellia Lovesit, one of the most virulent feminists and lesbians on campus. “He could just be prancing around in skirts and heels because you promised him a good review on his thesis!”

Prof.  Venus scowled at first, and then her face brightened. “Very well,” she said, smiling. “Daniel, remove your skirt.” He complied, revealing a very engorged sissy-cock in his pink satin panties. Knowing that alone would not satisfy her militant colleague, the professor then said, “Squirt, Sissy, Squirt!

And Daniel’s cock immediately flooded those pretty panties with his cream, as he collapsed to his knees in orgasmic rapture. The audience applauded, except for Dr. Lovesit, who sat with arms folded, embarrassed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dressing When No One's Looking

The following article, found in a link from Femulate (see the links listing to the right), wasn't written with cross-dressers in mind, but it certainly applies to us, doesn't it?

I've always looked forward to approaching my closet each morning, ready to imagine the day as a certain version of myself. A strong-shouldered blazer to radiate strength in an important meeting; a swimming-pool-blue silk dress to feel alive in my body on a Summer night spent downtown. But in recent days, I found my enthusiasm for that ritual waning. When there's no one to dress for anymore, how do we dress? Can clothes still bring us joy and self-expression when we're all sitting alone in our homes? Do they lose their power without a witness?

Clothes are a performance, an outward symbol, a message to the world. But clothes are just as often a reminder to ourselves: that we are worth small joys, and that we know just who we are — even when no one else is there to reassure us.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dani and the Professor, Part One

The proposal

"Gender and sexual orientation are entirely constructs of the mind," Professor Lola Venus told her academic colleagues. "And like any such construct, they can be manipulated," she continued. "I believe it is possible to remake any person into an individual of completely different gender and orientation...without making any alteration of their physical being.

"Nonsense," came the response from one of her listeners, a physician. "The mind is not so malleable!"

"Very well, I propose a test, and a challenge," Professor Venus replied. "I will change a completely straight, heterosexual male--with no latent gay or transgender tendencies--into a cross-dressing sissy. What's more, I will give him--in his new feminine psyche--a fully lesbian orientation."

Another of the audience piped up. "I'll give you six months to accomplish it. If you cannot convince us in that time, you will admit your entire theory of the malleable mind is incorrect."

"Six months? More than enough time," the professor accepted. "By the end of that time, I'll have created the ultimate male lesbian!"

She turned and strode off the dais, and out of the lecture hall.

The subject

Professor Venus went into her office to consider who her test subject should be...and immediately came to a decision. There, at his desk, sat her research assistant, Daniel. Daniel was slender and attractive and decidedly heterosexual (she knew he had had a crush on her since he first applied for the position). He was well-known on campus and her challenging colleagues would readily accept that he was not a "ringer"...a man chosen because he was already half-way to the goal.

"Daniel," she began, "I'm going to need your active participation in my new study. I need a test subject for a special process. I can't tell you what it is intended to do, because the subject has to be unaware of the goal. Do you trust me enough to sign on under those circumstances?"

Daniel smiled in response. "Of course, I trust you, Professor. I'm ready and willing...what do you need me to do?"

Professor Venus sat down at her own desk and typed a few commands on her keyboard. "I've just moved a program into our shared folder, Daniel," she explained. "I want you to load it onto your laptop and use it four times a day--when you wake up, after lunch, after dinner, and just before bed. You'll need to use your headphones for maximum effect."

Daniel opened the folder and loaded the program, titled simply "Stage 1." He turned back to his mentor. "All done, Professor...when should I start using it?"

"Tonight, before bed," she replied. "We should see results by this time next week."

That evening, Daniel sat in bed, his laptop open. He put on the headphones and started the program. A pink and white spiral appeared on the screen, an unusual musical tone began to play, and then Professor Venus's voice came through.

Watch the spiral...see it spin...look for the center of the spiral...

A word, also in pink, appeared in the center of the spiral.


It pulsed in and out to the beat of the music and the Professor's voice.


It feels nice to find the center of the spiral and let it draw you in
As you fall into the center of the spiral you feel nice
Nice and relaxed
Nice and happy
Nice and empty
Let my words fill the emptiness

Daniel soon found he was not consciously following the words or looking at the spiral...instead, it was all penetrating his mind without any conscious activity on his part. Pictures faded into view, the spiral still visible behind them....pictures of young men in effeminate, androgynous attire. Slim fitted jackets over camisoles, tight pants that ended above the ankle, shoes with slender heels of two or three inches.

Don't these boys look nice?
Don't these boys look comfortable?
Don't these boys look attractive?
You want to look nice, comfortable, and attractive.

The whole sequence repeated three times and then the screen faded again to just the spiral.

Sleep now.
Sleep and dream of looking nice, comfortable and attractive.

Again, without conscious thought, Daniel closed the program, turned off his laptop, and drifted into a hypnotic sleep. His dreams were filled with images of himself dressed as the young men in the program were dressed.

He awoke eight hours later, and as directed, he ran the program again. This time, it did not direct him to sleep, but only to remember how he wanted to look.

For the next week, Daniel ran the program four times a day. The need, the compulsion to change his dressing style grew...and on the weekend, he bought new clothes.

The results

The following Monday, he came into the office. Professor Venus smiled as she saw him, in the pink suit, camisole, and heels. "Good morning, Daniel...that's a lovely outfit you're wearing. Is it new?"

"Yes, Professor...I've decided I look nice, comfortable and attractive this way," Daniel replied, smiling back. "Do you like it?"

"I like it very much," the Professor said. "Now, I just put a program called Stage 2 in the shared folder. Download and begin using it tonight."

Hypno-Session: Beach Blanket Bimbo

Mistress Lola brought Bubbles out of hiding in my hypno-session yesterday...and we took an early spring visit to the shore.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

On Your Knees for March

Hypno-Session: Mechanical Maid

The one bright spot in my week came yesterday, when Mistress Lola and I had another of our exciting hypnosis sessions, this one involving maids, going blank, and being a robot--all at once. The restrictions imposed by the coronavirus crisis are rather hampering my other activities, so the opportunity to be in trance was a big plus.

The trance-script is here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Super Femme

Hannah McKnight talks about the shift from masculine to feminine...

When I look in the mirror (in guy mode), I see a pretty strong jawline, wide shoulders, decent biceps, giant hands… and I’m tall. I look “masculine”. I check a lot of the boxes that people generally associate with being male.

When I step across the lines of gender binary, I begin the transformation from masculine to what I hope is femininity. And sometimes (most of the time), it is a battle. It’s a battle on two fronts. One is the physical side. How do I get my broad shoulders into this cute dress? How can I contour enough to reshape this blocky chin into something more oval?
The real battle is the psychological one. As I said, when I look in the mirror I see a masculine reflection. I see a face that needs to shave, I see bags under my eyes from not getting enough sleep… and I wonder how on Earth am I going to make THIS into a cute girl?

I had a revelation the other day that I like to look, and dress, as feminine as possible to be in equal contrast to my masculinity. Whether I am wearing a dress shirt or a dress, my shoulders aren’t going anywhere. I can wear thigh and hip pads, I can wear breast forms, I can contour my face, but I can’t do anything about my frame and hands.

At least not physically.

A pink dress makes me feel (and look) more femme than my shoulders make me feel masculine. Polka dots, stilettos, bright, red glossy lipstick, winged eyeliner sharp enough to pop a balloon… femme me up, baby. This same thinking carries over to my underdressing, too. If I am feeling particularly “male” I’ll wear pink panties, or something with lace or bows… something more girly than what I might have normally picked out for the day.

When I am looking super femme, it’s probably because I was feeling super masculine that day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Lipstick Trance

Hypno-Session: Three Kinks

Yesterday I had another session in trance with Mistress Lola. Since neither of us had any specific plans for this one, Mistress asked me to supply three "kinks"...three fetishes that I wanted to explore in trance. This is the result.

The trance-script is here.