Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lusty May 21

The final outfit for the month is one of my oldest...a evening wear set bought at Burlington Coat Factory, consisting of a gold paisley stretch top and a black chiffon skirt with a handkerchief hem.

I like this outfit, the closest thing I have to an evening gown. Accessories are black headband, pearls, light hose and gold peep-toe pumps.

More pics on Flickr. Tomorrow starts a new month with a completely different set of looks.

Lusty May 20

Today's outfits represent two very different "party" looks...one young and clubbish, the other older and elegant. The clubby look is this sweater dress/tunic from the Route 66 line at Kmart.

The best thing about this item is the way it makes my legs look about 30 feet long, right? The accessories are black-and-white jewelry, light pantyhose, and neutral peep-toe pumps. For the first time since I bought it last year, I'm wearing this dress with the belt that came with it, rather than a tighter one of my own.

More pics on Flickr; with any luck, I'll post the second set of pics later tonight.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fear of Discovery....

...is it over-rated? A couple of postings at other blogs lead me to ask this question. Are those of us who CD in secret overly paranoid about having our pictures reveal our male selves to friends or acquaintances who might stumble across our blogs or picture collections on line?

Here's a little anecdote posted by Stana at Femulate:

As I waited for the elevator with six other people, a man I know joined us. I go back over 35 years with this fellow. He used to sell ham radios locally and I bought one from him eons ago. We were also officers of the same radio club back then and I even attended a Rochester, NY ham radio convention with him riding in his van with three or four others. That was way back in the mid-1970s.

Since then, I have had one other encounter with him; about ten years ago at another ham radio convention.

We both know a lot of the same people in my neck of the woods and I am not prepared to be outed to them yet, so I worried that he would recognize me.

As the elevator ride began, he asked what floor I wanted and I told him in my best feminine voice, "Mezzanine." A couple of floors down, everyone got off except he and I. He did not say a word the rest of the way, but I could feel his eyes checking me out from head to toe.

He got off one floor above my floor without saying a word. I breathed a sigh of relief because I was sure he had not figured me out. (Knowing him, if he had recognized me, he would have said something, so I guess I passed.)

And a similar one from Sandra at Tranny in Trouble:

Earlier while in guy mode at the friend’s houe where I’m staying in L.A., I talked briefly with the neighbor, an older guy who came by, and he said, “Oh, you kind of look like that lady friend who sometimes stops by – she’s tall too…” I just smiled and said something vaguely in agreement, but I don’t think he even heard me. I love when stuff like that happens! Later, I was thinking, well, maybe he’s just messing with me and obviously knows that that “lady friend” really is me dressed as a woman. But from his manner, I suspect that he just saw a resemblance but didn’t really know that, yes, that was me.

Like most people, the reality of crossdressing is probably so unfamiliar that he probably just didn’t make the connection. And that always amazes me, because like most crossdressers I always think that I don’t really look that much different in girl mode than in guy mode, though in reality most of us do look very different indeed. I have a friend who has a fairly high-profile job and every now and then he’ll have anxiety about having femme pictures on his various online profiles and he’ll be tempted to delete them. But really he looks so completely different in male mode. With the wig and makeup and clothes, it’s just so unlikely that anyone would ever recognize him. And yet so many of us, myself included, think that others will see through us just like that, without any doubt or hesitation. I do wonder, though, how long it will take for that neighbor to put two and two together, as he’s probably going to see that “lady friend” again a few more times this next week or so.

Now, I know my male self might be a special case, since my friends and acquaintances expect me to have facial hair. But what about the rest of you? Do you think your femme image is different enough from your male one that most folks wouldn't recognize you?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lusty May 19

More blue--here's the blue cowl-neck sweater dress from Target...probably the last time I'll wear it until the fall. I just realized my outfits today include pieces from three of my fave four stores (Target, Kmart, Wal-Mart) for shopping in person. I've worn a lot from the fourth--Fashion Bug--recently as well.

This is also the first time I've worn this dress with the corset and therefore the first in ages with just its own belt. I think I still like it with something more waist-defining.

Accessories are silver jewelry, light hose and blue suede peep-toe pumps.

More pics on Flickr. The rest of the week will probably consist of photo manipulation cartoons.

Lusty May 18

Am I blue? No, but all my clothes today are...starting with a Norma Kamali t-shirt from Wal-Mart paired with a navy blue skirt (with a cute scarf belt) from Kmart.

Accessories are polka-dot bow (giving a cute girlish look to it all), black-and-white jewelry, light hose, and blue patent pumps with killer spike heels.

More pics on Flickr...another outfit posted either later today or tomorrow. No dressing the rest of this week and next week will depend on schedules.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Photo Fantasies

Salon Session

Chains of Love?

Drip Dribble Drip

Knockers Nancy

Musings on the Reader Survey.

I promised this a few weeks ago, and have just now gotten around to it.

1. How old are you?
18-30--18 (18%)
31-45--28 (28%)
46-60--39 (39%)
over 60--14 (14%)

I'm a little surprised by these results. Since the internet skews young, I expected more young readers. Could it be the under-30 CDs don't feel the need to indulge in secret fantasy?

2. What is your job?
Licensed professional--11 (14%)
Education--10 (13%)
Business management--12 (16%)
Retail--6 (8%)
Manual labor--9 (12%)
Other--27 (36%)

I'd love to know what some of the "other" might be.

3. Where do you live?
Northeast US (New England, NY, NJ, PA)--14 (22%)
Mid-Atlantic US(MD, DE, DC, VA)--2 (3%)
Southeast US (NC, SC, GA, FL)--2 (3%)
Northern Midwest US (WV, OH, IN, MI, WI, IL, MN, IA, SD, ND)--10 (15%)
Southern Midwest US (KY, TN, AR, AL, MS, LA, NE, KN, OK, TX)--3 (4%)
Mountain US (MT, WY, ID, UT, CO, AZ, NM, NV)--3 (4%)
Pacific US (WA, OR, CA)--11 (17%)
Hawaii or Alaska--0
Outside the US--18 (28%)

A pretty nice spread around the US (surprisingly light in the south, perhaps), and more than a quarter from elsewhere.

4. When did you first realize you liked female clothes?
Under 16--55 (80%)
16-20--6 (8%)
21-30--3 (4%)
over 40--4 (5%)

5. When did you first wear any article of female clothes?
Under 16--69 (88%)
16-20--3 (4%)
21-30--2 (2%)
31-40--2 (2%)
over 40--1 (1%)

No surprises here...the vast majority of us first experience an interest in CD at puberty or before.

6. When did you first dress in female clothes from the skin out?
Under 16--38 (60%)
16-20--13 (20%)
21-30--9 (14%)
over 40--2 (3%)
Never--1 (1%)

A little surprising here...more than half of us first got into female attire from the skin out before the age of 21!

7. How often do you dress (in full or just a few items)?
Never--1 (1%)
Two or three times a year--8 (10%)
Monthly--14 (18%)
Weekly--17 (22%)
Several times a week--16 (21%)
Daily--7 (9%)
All the time--11 (14%)

OK--more than three quarters dress at least monthly...and half more often than that!

8. Does your significant other know about your dressing?
N/A--6 (12%)
Yes--22 (56%)
No--15 (31%)

For those of us who have an SO, nearly 60% say it's not a secret. Interesting.

9. Does your significant other participate in your dressing?
N/A--6 (13%)
Yes--19 (44%)
No--18 (41%)

Just over half of our SOs help us in our dressing...even more interesting.

10. How do you shop for female clothes?
N/A--2 (4%)
In thrift stores--12 (27%)
In department stores/malls--22 (50%)
On line--32 (72%)

Not surprisingly for an internet-savvy crowd, nearly three-quarters do their shopping at the computer, although a hefty 50% also go looking for femme frills in person.

11. Have you ever appeared in public in female clothes?
Yes--49 (63%)
No--28 (36%)

This really surprised me--nearly two-thirds of us have been out of the closet, quite literally.

12. How many dresses/skirts/blouses do you own?
0--10 (13%)
1-10--39 (52%)
11-20--8 (10%)
21-30--6 (8%)
More than 30--11 (14%)

OTOH, our wardrobes tend to be small.

13. How many pairs of female shoes do you own?
0--11 (14%)
1-20--47 (62%)
11-20--9 (12%)
More than 30--8 (10%)

I think I should have broken this down a bit more...I'd like to know how many of that 62% with less than 20 pairs of shoes are at the top end of the scale.

14. If you could describe your female style, would it be:
housewife--18 (20%)
matron--1 (1%)
office worker--12 (13%)
party girl--4 (4%)
bimbo--13 (14%)
sissy--36 (40%)
drag queen--2 (2%)
other--4 (4%)

For a group with a lot of public experience, "sissy" is a surprisingly popular image.

15. Do you consider yourself
sexually submissive?--65 (85%)
sexually dominant?--2 (2%)
neither--9 (11%)

No surprises here...how many guys who aren't submissive would wear dresses?

16. Are you interested in hypnosis/mind control?
Yes, as a hypnotist--10 (13%)
Yes, as a subject--64 (85%)
No--5 (6%)

Nice to see my personal fetish is so popular here as well.

17. Have you ever participated in a hypnotic encounter?
Yes, as a hypnotist--4 (11%)
Yes, as a subject--15 (41%)
No--17 (47%)

But like me, they have yet to really experience it.

18. Other than dressing, how do you express your cross-dressing interests?
Writing--10 (35%)
Artwork--6 (21%)
Collecting CD material--12 (42%)
Going to drag shows--3 (10%)
Other--10 (35%)

I'd love to see some of the writing and art from those who create it.

19. If you could live full-time in female clothing (not necessarily as a woman), would you?
Yes--71 (91%)
No--7 (8%)

Here, I am in the minority. I suspect that living full-time in femme attire would diminish the thrill.

20. What would you like to see more of on this blog?
photographs--16 (27%)
artwork--25 (42%)
stories--39 (66%)
essays about crossdressing--8 (13%)

I feel so written out, I doubt there will be any new stories soon...unless one or more of you wants to submit something?

The Training of Gwen: In Bondage

When Gwen told me she had a fair amount of bondage gear, I knew I had to have her pose in it. Over all these are very good and sexy...I think the short blonde hair gives the impression of a guy who is just beginning his forced feminization and has now been bound to prepare for the next stages.

Very nice...better, without the bound arms, would be to have them in front, trying to hide your crotch...

Lovely and sexy...perhaps a little more "acting" is required, as you struggle against your bonds....Even better with the hands behind you...completely helpless...

Over the shoulder is very nice...sort of, "Mistress, is that you?"

I think you need to stuff the cups of the bra a bit more, though. They looked a little "floppy" in the pics...some lipstick, at least, would be good, as well. Any chance you could tighten the corset a bit more?

I've recommended to Gwen that she do another run at this, perhaps with some seated and reclining poses. She has promised to do so, maybe with some rope bondage instead.

One last item: As a surprise for Gwen, I worked up an image of what she could look like as her training continued.

Lusty May 17

An older purchase paired with a relatively new one...the short-sleeved blue sweater is a couple of years old, from Target; the pencil skirt dates from earlier this spring, from Kmart. The skirt is very tight...even with the corset, I can't completely close the zipper...but it looks so good, I can't bear to dispose of it.

Accessories are a white bow, silver jewelry, scarf, black hose and the croc-print pumps.

As noted in my last post, I'm not dressing today, but I will be doing a lot of artwork and putting together a bunch of other postings.

More pics on Flickr.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lusty May 16

Here's one of my fave dresses--the zebra-print shirt dress from Target. Worn for the first time with the corset, it's also the first time I've worn it with just its own fabric belt since I first bought it. With the corset on, I don't need the belt for waist definition (though I may use one with this occasionally for additional "figure work").

Other accessories are white bow, red jewelry, black hose, and black pumps with metal heels.

There's a second outfit from today that I'll probably get posted tomorrow...which won't be a dressing day, although I will do a lot artwork and maybe get the next Gwen posting ready.

More pics on Flickr.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lusty May 15

Finally, the second outfit from Wednesday. This is a very attractive dress from Fashion Bug, bought this winter.

Accessories are black-and-white jewelry, belt (also from FB), black hose and black pumps with metal heels.

More pics on Flickr; I hope to dress again next week. Over the weekend, I may have a new post about Gwen's training.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Complicated....

...my life, I mean...and it just got more so. My wife broke her arm today and will be home at least through the weekend. That means no dressing before Monday at the earliest and even time to work on art or captions will be limited.

I'll keep you all posted.

Lusty May 14

Well, dressing today turned out to be doable. I started with the slinky green sweater dress, made all the more so by having the corset underneath.

I think the addition of the tan belt set the whole thing off, don't you? The other accessories are gold jewelry, dark hose, and neutral peep-toe pumps.

And I turned out one portrait:

Additional pics on Flickr; another outfit posted later today, I hope.

Lusty May 13

More red from Monday--red jacket over white camisole and straight red skirt.

Accessories are red headband, red jewelry, white hose, and red baby-doll pumps.

More pics on Flickr. Not sure if I'll be dressing today; I hope to, but there are a couple of things I need to check on first.