Tuesday, June 30, 2015

(S)he's Got Legs--Part Three

Returning home that evening, Harley found yet another note in his mailbox:

Go immediately to purchase a dozen skirts. Each is to be a different color or pattern and none is to be longer than six inches above your knees. OBEY!!

Harley turned right around and headed again to the same department store, and went directly to the women's department. The same amused salesgirl saw him and decided to take a more direct approach today. "Hello, sir, is there something I can assist you with?" she asked, smiling and taking in the new addition to his increasingly feminine attire. She was pretty certain she knew what he would require.

"Yes, please, I'm looking for some mini-skirts...in my size," he replied.

"Well, I'm sure I can find what you need," she said, giggling. She led him to the plus-size juniors department. "I'd say you're an 18 or 20, depending on the style and the manufacturer." She went through the racks, finding a range of skirts, from straight to pencil to a-line to pleated and flaired. "Try these on," she advised him, pointing to a fitting room.

As Harley took the skirts in to try on, the salesgirl got on the intercom and summoned her friends in other departments to come see her new "favorite" customer. They were all gathered together when Harley emerged in the first of the skirts, an a-line design in red that ended inches above his stockinged knees.

"Oh, that's cute," one of the girls remarked. "What great legs you have!" another exclaimed. Pleased by their compliments, Harley went back in to try another of the skirts, this time a tight pencil skirt.

"My word, such a nice little buns," the initial salesgirl said. "This is a lovely choice for you."

In time, Harley tried on almost two dozen skirts, choosing the most attractive styles and colors for the twelve he was ordered to buy. The salesgirls all gathered around while he paid for them, urging him to return soon.

The next morning, Harley came to work in a flared pink miniskirt and pink hose, with his black patent kitten heels. Vera was pleased with his choice but then reconsidered. "Those shoes simply will not do," she thought. "Harley, come to my office. OBEY!"

Harley scurried to her side. "You need different shoes. Here's the address of my favorite shoe store. Go there now and pick out a pair of pink patent leather pumps...nothing shorter than four-inch heels. While you're there, get five more in the same style in assorted colors. OBEY!"

Harley immediately followed her command, returning an hour later with five shoeboxes and a pair of pink patent pumps with five-inch heels on his feet.

"Much better," Vera mused. "We're almost done."

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(S)he's Got Legs--Part Two

[Sorry this has taken so long...you can find Part One here.]

At the end of the day, Harley left for home, still blissfully unaware of some of the looks he was getting for his unusual footwear. When he got to his apartment building, he opened the mailbox and found a single envelope. It had his name typed on it...but there was no return address and no stamp or postmark. Clearly, it had been hand-delivered.

He opened it and found a card with the following words:

Go to a department store and buy one dozen pairs of pantyhose in assorted colors. If asked, tell the clerk they are for you. OBEY!

Without hesitation, Harley left his building and headed for the department store a few blocks over. It was one he shopped at often, and many of the sales staff knew him well. One salesgirl was particularly surprised when she saw him head straight to the women's hosiery display...and was even more puzzled when the sound of his heels drew her attention to his patent leather mary-janes.

She watched as he picked out the pantyhose...in various shades of nude, as well as black, white, and fish-net as well. She almost wanted to ask if he was sure of the sizes, but he seemed quite confident--although she realized he was picking out the largest size available.

Finally, as he looked about for an open sales desk, she decided to approach him. "All set to check out, sir?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied, as he followed her to the desk.

"Getting some gifts for a lady friend?" the clerk asked.

"Oh, no," Harley responded, smiling. "These are for me..."

She raised her eyebrows in surprise, but professionally completed the transaction...then watched in amazement as he walked off, heels clicking on the marble floors.

The next morning, Harley knew he had to wear one of his new purchases to work. He decided on the fish-nets. Once they were on, he slipped on his pants and the mary-janes and made his way to the office.

Vera was there to see him enter and was pleased to see he not only had obeyed instructions, but had picked out the sexiest possible hosiery for his return to work.

She beckoned to him and he immediately went to her office. She again sat on the desk and began swinging her foot back and forth. Harley couldn't keep his eyes off it....

...and ten minutes later, he found himself standing up, holding a package. "Just do as I told you, Harley. OBEY!" Vera instructed.

Harley took the package to the men's room and went into a stall. Opening it, he found a leather miniskirt. He knew what to do: He removed his pants and stepped into the tiny skirt, drawing it up to his hips.

Stepping out of the stall, he admired his new attire in the mirror. Yes, this is just the way Ms. Demanden wants him to look.

Leaving the men's room, he returned to his desk, oblivious to the many startled looks of his co-workers...and to the satisfied smile on Vera Demanden's face!


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Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Dressing 2--All Leg, All the Time

Is this skirt actually too short for office wear?

The blue blouse is by Lee Rider, bought at Wal-Mart in January 2010; the white skirt is by New York & Co., bought at Forman Mills in June 2013; the shoes are new--more on them below. Other accessories are a white bow, silver jewelry, and blue belt. Bare legs ruled when I wore this last Wednesday. Sorry it took so long to get these posted...there was lots of real life going on here at Casa Dani.

Here's a closeup of those new shoes:

Manufacturer/line/store: Christian Siriano "Kate" turquoise/white platform peeptoe pumps (Payless)
Date: May 2015

And a portrait:

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Friday, June 12, 2015

June Dressing 1--Casual and Classy

To be honest, I chose this outfit because I wanted something to go with the new shoes...but the result is a casual office look that is classy besides.

The lace v-neck floral t-shirt is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in February 2015; the blue pencil skirt is by Appraisal Plus, bought at K & G in September 2013. more on the new shoes below. I'm wearing silver jewelry...and bare legs--it was hot and humid when I wore this Wednesday night. The one thing I could wish about this skirt is that it were a bit tighter around the legs.

And here's a closeup of those new shoes:

Manufacturer/line/store: Predictions Comfort Plus "Janine" pump (Payless)
Date: May 2015

And a pretty portrait:

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Video: Spring 2015

Here's the quarterly slideshow for spring:

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

May Dressing 15--Office Girl Day to Night

Because the top is very dressy, I see this as an outfit the office girl can wear from day to night.

The purple top is by Sunny Leigh, bought at Burlington Coat Factory in October 2014; the tweed pencil skirt is by Kate Hill Woman, a thrift shop find in March 2014; the shoes are Dollhouse "Harlot" croc-print pumps from Shoe Dept in January 2010. Other accessories are a purple bow, gold jewelry, purple belt, and patterned hose.

A pretty, pensive portrait:

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Friday, June 5, 2015

May Dressing 14--Pink and White

Pink and white...peaches and cream?

The white crochet top is from JCPenney's St. John's Bay line in August 2012; the skirt is by Appraisal Woman, bought at K&G in February 2015; the shoes are Brash blush pink D'Orsay pumps, from Payless in February 2015. Other accessories are a floral headband, black-and-white jewelry, pink belt, and pink net hose.

A nice portrait:

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May Dressing 13--Gotta Whole Lotta Leg

More of my legs in this outfit:

The blue sparkly top is by Dana Buchman, from Kohl's in April 2013; the faux suede skirt is by Venezia Jeans, a thrift shop find in June 2013; the shoes are Moda Spana pewter spike heel pumps, found in a thrift shop in November 2012. other accessories are a shiny bow, silver jewelry, silver belt, and natural hose.

Folks seem to love when I use poses like this for portraits:

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May Dressing 12--Orange is the New...?

Not exactly the orange outfit suggested by the title of the acclaimed TV series, but...

The orange dress with zipper is by Sharango, bought at K&G in February 2015; the shoes are brand new--more on them below. Other accessories are a floral headband, black-and-white jewelry, and fishnet hose. I think the next time I wear this dress, I may go with a more contrasty belt, rather than the one that comes with it. Black, maybe?

Here's a closeup of the shoes:

Manufacturer/line/store: Fioni "Kambridge" platform pumps in orange suede (Payless)
Date: May 2015

And a portrait:

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May Dressing 11--Office Girl 3

Or maybe this is the strict office manager?

The blue striped blouse is by Lineage, bought at K & G in September 2013; the red miniskirt is by Simply Vera Wang, from Kohl's in April 201; the shoes are Mossimo "Velda" red baby-doll oxford pumps, from Target in August 2008. Other accessories are a blue striped bow, glasses, silver jewelry and a silver belt. Bare legs again.

I had a few issues in editing this set, so there are fewer photos than usual.

This portrait says something like "You want me to what...?"

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Monday, June 1, 2015

May Dressing 10--Red and Black

A great-looking, great-fitting dress....

The red belted dress is by Lennie for Nina Leonard, bought at K&G in September 2013; the shoes are Madden Girl "Karlla" polka-dot pumps from DSW in June 2011. Other accessories are a polka-dot bow and black-and-white jewelry. I'm bare-legged again in this session.

The portraits for this group turned out well:

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Survey Results: Who Are You? Questions 7-9

Here are the results of the latest round of questions:

As you can see, nearly two-thirds of respondents are married or in some other long-term relationship.

And you can see that in 80 percent of those relationships, the other person is aware of the crossdressing.

And, in those relationships where the other person knows of the crossdressing, three-quarters are supportive.

That last is much higher than I would have expected. Perhaps the times they are a-changing.

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