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Results: Who Are You? Questions Three and Four

Here are the results from the next two questions in the survey:

I'm surprised that such a majority of the respondents (52%) live in the eastern quarter of the US. I realize this includes the vast megalopolis of Boston to DC, but is the West Coast San Francisco to San Diego mega-city so devoid of cross-dressers?

On the other hand, this doesn't surprise me at all! Eighty percent of you first donned some form of feminine attire by puberty...and fully 95% before maturity at age 21. I'd be interested to know more about the one (!) of you who has never dressed in women's clothes at all!

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Turning Trixie Part Three

Madame looked through the various outfits, finally choosing an amazing pink confection. "Pink is always the color for sissies, Trixie..."

"Pink is the color for sissies..." he murmured in reply.

While her assistants worked at getting Tom into the layers of petticoats and satin, Madame deepened his new persona. "Trixie loves pink...Trixie loves petticoats...Trixie loves nylons and high heels...Trixie will always wear these things..."

"Trixie always wears pink, petticoats, nylons and heels..."

"Tom is only a distant memory, one that can be recalled with the words turning back Tom. But Trixie will return with the words turning Trixie..."

"Yes, Madame..."

Finally, the new image of Trixie was complete and Madame stepped aside to reveal it to the audience. They responded with applause and laughter. As the club leader stepped back on stage, Madame led her newly created sissy behind a curtain, where an attractive middle-aged woman awaited.

"Are you satisfied, Ms. Demanden?" Madame asked of the woman.

"Very much so, Madame," she answered, handing her an envelope thick with cash.

Madame turned to Tom/Trixie. "Do you recognize this woman, Trixie?"

"Yes, she is my Aunt Vera..."

"Yes, your Aunt Vera has rewarded me handsomely for my efforts this evening...she is now your mistress. Obey her as you would me."

Vera Demanden looked at her transformed nephew and said, "Turning back Tom..." Instantly a different light appeared in the sissy's eyes and he gasped.

"Aunt Vera...what have you done?" he asked.

"You were squandering your trust fund on your little indulgences. I knew you would be intrigued by Madame's demonstration, so I arranged for her to pick you as her subject. Now, you will be my indulgence, as it were. Come, it's time we were turning Trixie."

And Tom fell back into his sissy trance, now completely in the thrall of his aunt, who would have a whole range of ways to use her new acquisition.


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Turning Trixie Part Two

Madame Fabricantfille acknowledged the applause with a bow and then continued speaking to Tom. "Trixie, the longer you spend in girly attire, the more feminine you become...in fact, you become more than just feminine, you become a sissy...what are you, Trixie?"

"I am a sissy," he replied.

"Yes, you are...a sissy is a male who prefers feminine clothes, feminine gestures, but who knows he is merely an imitation woman. And the more sissy you are, the softer you are, the more submissive you are, the more obedient you are. What are you, Trixie?"

"I am a soft, submissive, obedient sissy...."

"Yes...and it's time we made you look more like one." She beckoned to her assistants once more. "Do your cosmetic magic, girls...make his face match his mind..."

They began to paint a feminine face over his masculine one, with foundation, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, false lashes, mascara, blush and lipstick. In time, even with his mesmerized, glazed, vacant stare, Tom became a beauty.

"Trixie...you will never appear in public without makeup. It would be the same as being naked. And putting on makeup is a turn-on...it makes your little sissy-cock hard..."

"Yes, Ma'am," Tom whispered. "Getting hard...." And the audience clearly saw his panties tent with his erection and a wave of tittering and clapping went through the crowd.

"I think her hair is done by now," Madame said, and the attendants began to unroll Tom's curlers and, taking a brush and comb to the tresses, fashioned a lovely chin-length pageboy with bangs.

Madame held a mirror up to Tom's eyes, so he could see the result. "What do you see, Trixie?"

"I see a pretty sissy...a soft, submissive, obedient sissy..."

"Good--but we're not done yet." She beckoned again, and a wardrobe rack was rolled on, filled with the frilliest of clothes. "Time to get dressed, Trixie...."


Monday, March 23, 2015

Turning Trixie

Tom had always been intrigued by kinky sex, so when the local BDSM club announced an open meeting for a special demonstration, he was eager to take the opportunity.

Arriving at the club, he was surprised to see that the demo area was not an array of bondage paraphernalia--no stocks, no crosses, no chains. "What kind of demonstration will this be?" he wondered.

Just as that thought entered his mind, a tall, stunning redhead in a clinging gown stood before him. She looked him up and down and said, "Yes, you'll do nicely." She gripped him at the waist and stared into his eyes, then moved her hand across his face and said, "Sleep."

Tom shook his head awake and looked around. The woman was gone...and he could barely remember the encounter at all. At that moment, the club president called the meeting to order and asked all present to take their seats. Tom took a seat near the middle on the aisle.

After some brief club business, the president introduced their guest demonstrator: "Ladies and gentlemen, Madame Fabricantfille!" That same tall redhead moved sensuously onto the stage and bowed to the applause. "Thank you," she said. "Tonight I will show you the power of hypnosis to completely transform a subject." She looked out over the audience and her eyes locked on Tom. "Trixie, come to me," she beckoned.

With those words, Tom's eyes glazed over and he robotically rose and walked to the stage. "I chose this young man earlier this evening--although he does not remember the choosing--because he has all the necessary attributes for my demonstration." She turned her attention to him. "What is your name?"

"My name is Trixie," he answered in a dull monotone.

"That is not the name you came in with, is it?"

"No, Ma'am, when I arrived I was Tom. You changed my name."

"That is only the beginning of your changes...strip, Trixie." Mesmerized, Tom removed every stitch of his clothes, standing naked before Madame and the crowd. "As you can see, Trixie is quite small and slender, and very nearly hairless." She again took him by the waist and clasped him to her, gazing deep into his eyes. "Now I take you deeper into trance, Trixie, sink deep...sink deeper...your mind is a blank, you have no thoughts, no will, except mine...."

"No thoughts, no will except yours," Tom droned in response.

Madame gestured to the wings and two assistants brought in a clothing rack with an array of feminine garb. "I am now going to dress you, Trixie, and with each item of clothing you will lose more and more of your male self and become the feminine Trixie..."

"I wil become feminine..."

She began with a pair of satin panties, drawing them up his smooth legs and settling them over his crotch and bottom. She didn't hesitate to note the reaction of his privates to their touch. Next came a pair of stay-up thigh-high hose, near black, that the assistants drew over his legs.

Madame herself chose the bra, a lacy pink thing that matched the panties, and she carefully arranged falsies and Tom's own flesh to create a convincing cleavage.

"Fortunately, Trixie's hair is also fairly long, so a wig will not be required. However, a more feminine style is needed. Sit, Trixie..." Tom dropped into the chair, puppet-like, and the assistants began setting his hair on rollers. "Even this only makes you more girlish, Trixie...

"More girlish..." he mummered.

The crowd applauded lightly at Madame's accomplishment...but the evening was not yet complete...


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March Dressing--Black and White

...but not read all over...because no crossdresser wants to be "read', right?

The black-and-white t-bar design dress is by Fashion Bug in January 2011; the shoes are black mary-janes by Isaac Mizrahi, from Target in November 2007. Other accessories are a white hat, black-and-white jewelry, white gloves, belt, and natural hose.

And a portrait:

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Dressing--Shine, Shine, Shine

I had a brief opportunity to dress on Thursday evening. The first outfit shows off a lot of shiny silver:

The shiny striped blouse is by Gitano, a thrift shop find in March 2014; the silver/white tiger-stripe miniskirt is by No Boundaries, bought at Wal-Mart in May 2014; the shoes are Moda Spana pewter spike heel pumps, a thrift shop find in November 2012. Other accessories are a shiny bow, silver jewelry, silver belt, and natural hose.

A blonde portrait:

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Are You Man Enough? Part Three

"My god--I just had an orgasm without doing anything!" Jack thought.

"Surprised, darling? Just one more element of our control," Ms. Demanden explained. "Get used to it. Now, let's find you some clothes so you can meet the rest of the staff."

She led the hapless young man (?) to a large room, with closets and dressers all around. "As you can see, our style is based on the look of the early 1950s. Now, would you rather be a petticoated debutante co-ed, or a sophisticated office girl?" she asked, pointing to racks of two very different sets of clothes.

Jack gasped. Both styles were overwhelmingly feminine--one emphasizing a floaty, flirtatious appearance; the other a more restricted, constricted look that made his hourglass figure very apparent.

"If I choose the petticoats, what would be my role in the company?" he asked.

"Our petti-girls act as models, as personal attendants to senior staff, as escorts for our clients on business trips," Ms. Demanden replied. "Does that sound like something you'd enjoy?"

It was far too subservient a role for Jack to envision himself in...especially that part about being an escort. He shook his head no. "And in the business clothing?"

"You would be a member of the office staff, with the opportunity to advance to higher levels."

Jack, realizing this might be the last choice he was given in his new life, pointed to the business clothes. "Then I'd prefer to wear the office attire," he said.

"I suspected as much...in fact, I was hoping you would make that decision. I have plans for you, Jacqueline, plans that will make you an invaluable asset to our firm." She summoned another group of assistants, who soon had Jack clad in the trim, but sexy, suit.

He saw himself in a mirror and sighed, "I am a pretty, sexy girl, aren't I?"

"Yes, dear, you are...and you will be even more attractive as we train you...."


Six months later....

Jacqueline met the young man in the reception area. "Ms. Demanden is away on business," she said. "Welcome to Pansy Enterprises. I am Jacqueline Jeunefille, her assistant. I will guide you into becoming a Pansy...

"Are you man enough?"


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Are You Man Enough? Part Two

"Oh, dear...I can see you need some help understanding," Ms. Demanden said, pulling up a chair next to him. "Well, Jacqueline, Pansy Enterprises specializes in creating wardrobe and accessories for the high-end crossdresser community--both those who have chosen the life for themselves and those brought to it by wives, lovers or other forceful women. I, myself, am just one such woman. I have chosen to staff my company only with men who dress and live as women. Many of them have come to me from my customers, others I have...recruited...as I did you."

"But...but...how did I get to look like this?" Jack protested, suddenly shocked to hear his voice...now soft, breathy and feminine in sound.

"The 'test' I gave you was actually a computer program that re-arranged your mind into a more feminine configuration," she explained. "I followed that with a series of physical processes that made your body match your new mind."

Jack's hands flew to his panty-covered crotch. "Oh no, dear," Ms. Demanden said, laughing. "We haven't de-sexed you...you still have a quite nice, fully functioning sissy-cock. I insist on that. However, you may find it is not totally under your control. For instance, hard as a rod...."

Instantly, Jack felt his cock grow in his panties, engorged and stiff. He had a massive hard-on and hadn't even touched himself. "Yes, those of us who know your secret words will have full control of your sexual life, dear. Soft and sissy..." And with those words, Jack's arousal subsided to nothing.

"Now, dear, we have to get you ready to take your place among the staff--you can't work in the near-nude, after all. First of all, the appropriate foundation wear." She snapped her fingers and a trio of girls--who Jack now realized were all like him, feminized men--descended upon him. In short order, he was in a completely new set of garments.

The most incredible was an all-in-one girdle that lifted and separated his new breasts--were they really the 38Ds they seemed to be?--while it simultaneously restricted his waist to a tiny 24 inches. The padding rounded his hips and butt into a feminine shape as well. Attached to it by garters were white stockings and his feet were slipped into white pumps with four-inch heels.

"We'll get you used to even higher ones, soon, Jacqueline," Ms. Demanden advised. "Legs as sexy as those deserve the highest heels you can manage!" As she spoke the attendants smoothed above-the-elbow gloves over his arms.

"Ms. Demanden," Jack protested, "surely this is not office attire?"

"Oh, no, dear...your first assignment is as a catalog model. All my little Pansies take a turn at that role." She opened the door and led him to the next room, a photography studio. "Sit there," she said, pointing to a vanity. "Gwendolyn, our makeup specialist, will be with you momentarily."

Makeup? He wasn't sufficiently feminized already? And why did he feel his --what did Ms. Demanden call it?--his sissy-cock rising in his panties again?

Gwendolyn was a magician. By the time she was done, Jack's own mother would not have recognized him as the male he had been since birth. Ms. Demanden escorted him to a photo area set up as an elegant boudoir. There, she and the photographer ran him through a series of poses as the camera flashed. Jack found it surprisingly easy to take on these feminine postures and gestures, as though they had always been natural to him. He suspected they were another part of the "programming" he had been subjected to earlier.

He also noticed that the more femininely he acted, the more his...sissy-cock...grew. It now made an obvious bulge in his feminine attire--one the photographer often seemed to want to emphasize with lighting and pose.

Finally, they seemed to be done and the photographer began packing up. Jack relaxed...and then Ms. Demanden walked to his side and whispered in his ear: "Spurt-spasm..."

Instantly, his sissy-cock erupted, flooding his panties.


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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Are You Man Enough?

"Are you man enough?"

The headline on the ad asked.

"Are you man enough to be a Pansy?"

The rest of the copy didn't go into much detail about the company--Pansy Enterprises--but it was looking for men with Jack's skills. He had a background in design and was familiar with most computer imaging software. Only one criterion concerned him: They were looking for men of a certain physical type--slender and relatively hairless.

"What can it hurt?" he asked himself, as he filled out the on-line application and attached a recent photo.

Two days later, he got an e-mail: "Dear Jack, we are very interested in your application and resume. Can you come to our offices tomorrow for a more in-depth interview?" He replied that he could and they set a time for early morning.

The next morning, Jack was at Pansy Enterprises headquarters, located in a fashionable office park on the outskirts of town. He went to the reception desk and said, "My name is Jack Reynolds; I have an appointment with Ms. Vera Demanden."

The receptionist, a beautiful redhead dressed in a somewhat retro "New Look" nipped waist suit, replied, "Oh, yes, Mr. Reynolds. Ms. Demanden will be right out to get you. Please have a seat." He did so, and began to look around the reception area. It was decorated in a very feminine style and featured photos of what he assume to be models wearing Pansy's output. But there was something about all the models...something "different" that he just couldn't put his finger on.

As he mused on that, he saw a spectacular pair of legs on six-inch patent heel pumps move into his vision. He looked up and saw a an equally spectacular middle-aged woman smiling down at him. "Hello, Jack," she said, extending her gloved hand, "I'm Vera Demanden."

Like the receptionist, Ms. Demanden's clothes seemed to have come out of the 1950s--they were elegant, form-fitting, and a just a touch fetishistic. "Pleased to meet you, Ms. Demanden," Jack said, taking her hand lightly in his.

"Come with me, please," she said, leading the way down a corridor lined with more photos and a series of doors. In each room, he saw another lovely woman, all dressed like Ms. Demanden and the receptionist. "They must really expect everyone to wear the company's clothes," Jack thought.

She led Jack into an elegant office, done in French Provincial, and gestured for him to take a seat in front of the desk. She settled into her own chair and smiled again. "Now, Jack, tell me more about you. I can already see from your resume and application you have all the technical qualifications for the job...and you seem to meet our physical requirements. Do you have any family? Are you married? Engaged?"

"No, Ms. Demanden, I'm an only child and my parents died a few years ago. I have no permanent romantic relationship of any kind right now."

"How about friends?"

"I'm relatively new in the city...I have a nodding acquaintance with my neighbors, that's about all. I'm really hoping a job like this one will improve my social life."

"I'm sure it will, Jack," she answered, smiling. "But there's one more thing we have to do before we know you're the man for the job. Come with me." She led him next door to a smaller room, with just a desk and a computer. "We'll be giving you a test...if you pass--and I suspect you will--you have a job on the spot."

He took a seat before the computer screen, as Ms. Demanden pressed a few buttons on the keyboard. "Just follow the instructions and respond to the questions..." As the screen came to life, she left the room.

After prompting to enter his name, Jack was confronted by a series of seemingly innocent questions about his computer skills. All the while though, he was sure he heard other sounds from the speakers and the screen seemed to flash occasionally in a strange manner.

He grew sleepy and began to answer the questions more slowly...in time, he stopped responding all together, simply staring at the screen. At that moment, Ms. Demanden walked back into the room. She picked up the phone and dialed an internal number. "Girls, he's ready...come and get him..."

Jack awoke in a different room, staring into a different computer. "Hello, Jacqueline," Ms. Demanden cooed to him. "The girls have done a wonderful job with you. Welcome to Pansy."

He stared down at himself...breasts, painted fingernails, smooth legs...who was he now?


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Coming Up

Tomorrow, I'll begin posting something I haven't done in quite a while--a new story!

I've been mulling this one...and preparing some art for it...for a month or more.

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