Tuesday, July 28, 2009

August: Fetish and Formal Wear

Looking over what I haven't worn this summer (and keeping the sweaters and stuff for the fall and winter), I've decided to start with a couple of pure fetish outfits....the maid's uniform and the schoolgirl skirt. With both, I'll wear the new petticoats I bought earlier this summer.

In addition, I'll get out the formal outfit, and some of my longer skirts, to play around with a more flowing silhouette. I'll also get the denim skirt for a casual look. Finally, I'll get that business suit with the short tight skirt, and try it out with some different tops.

Look for the first in this line of stuff after the weekend.

Ravishing Redhead?

I'm posting all four of these because I think they're all quite successful.

For the first time in a long time, I worked without my glasses, because I wanted to play up the eyes a bit. No, I'm not naturally green-eyed, but it's my fantasy image, so....

Last Dressing for July

For my last dressing day this month, I chose my sweater dress and combined it with the new wide black belt, black pumps and natural hose. These pictures turned out so well, I had great difficulty deciding which ones to display here. I finally settled on these three:

If you want to see the rest and why it was so hard to choose, check out the Flickr page.

Later today, I'll do some portraits and I'll talk about what I'll be doing for August.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Men We'd Love to See Feminized, Week 7

Eric McCormack

(Do I detect a little Kathy Griffin in the final product?)

I'm Too Sexy for My...

What I wish I looked like in this outfit.

Pensive in Pink

Here's what I consider the best of the four portraits I took today:

It seems thoughtful and feminine to me. What do you think? Three more portraits are on Flickr.

Pretty Sexy Pink

Pulled out my pink micro-skirt and t-shirt today, along with fishnets, pink pumps, and new lace anklets. Worn with black wig and hairband with the rosette.

Yes, the overall effect is slightly "street-walkerish", I know, but we all have our moments when we want to look a little slutty and sexy.

More pics on Flickr, of course. I'm going to try some portraits this afternoon and maybe play around with some manipulations of these images as well.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not Really Outside 2

I don't think the bench pose came out as well this time as last, maybe because I was perched too much on the edge of the seat in the indoor version. But the lighting on the one sitting in the grass seems to work perfectly!

June Cleaver Rides Again...

I always think of this as my "June Cleaver" dress. It seems so like the kind of outfit Beaver's mom would wear while waxing the kitchen floor in her pearls and heels!

That last shot seems a little haughty in retrospect, but I love the overall body gesture of the crossed legs!

More pics on Flickr and more of the outdoor manipulations to come.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Men We'd Love to See Feminized, Week 6

Johnny Depp

Not Really Outside

Because my yard is very open to my neighbors, I can't use it for photo sessions....this is the next best thing: I took photos indoors, isolated the figures, then digitally inserted them into scenes from the yard...including what I hope is appropriate lighting and shading.


Moon Day Dressing

Today is the fortieth anniversary of man's first visit to another world. Look up at the moon...and imagine....

My first outfit for today included the third of those skirts I bought at Kmart earlier this month. This one is a sort of zebra-stripe pattern in red. I wore it with my pink blouse, pink scarf, nude hose, and red moccasin-style pumps:

I wore another outfit later, but I haven't finished working on those photos...I may not post them until tomorrow.

More pics on Flickr...and an interesting experiment still to come.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boobs and Legs

Yes, this outfit just screams "sex", doesn't it?

For the record, brown t-shirt and red miniskirt from Wal-Mart's Seed Company line, combined with that new black belt, black hose, black patent pumps, pink scarf, and jewelry.

It came out far better than I thought it would, actually.

More pics on Flickr, more dressing next week!

Little Black Dress,,,,

...sort of. This is actually made up of two items I already had and one new accessory. It's my dressy black top with the crystals on the collar and my short straight black skirt. I combined it with a new wide belt elastic belt from Target to pull it together into a LBD look. (And don't you love what that belt does for my waist? Got to find more things to wear it with!)

I'm wearing it all with black hose, black patent pumps and jewelry to create a very "cocktail hour" effect.

Couple of technical points: I didn't wear glasses with this set, so I did a lot more work on the digital makeup around the eyes; that meant I also decided to "soft-focus" the final result to make it all blend better.

More pics on Flickr and another outfit later today!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Men We'd Love to See Feminized, Week 5

Justin Timberlake

First Dressing in July

I squeezed in two outfits today, both based around new skirts from Kmart that I mentioned last week. I also got some new jewelry--a great gold choker and some nifty bracelets.

In addition, I found a cute pair of shoes on clearance at Payless.

The skirt here is from the Jaclyn Smith line. It's a size 16, so it's a touch tight in the waist; if I can, I may have it let out a little.

And here's a close-up of those new shoes:

They are fabric with a nice bow on the vamp and three-inch wood heels.

The blue print skirt is from the Attention line at Kmart; a size 18, so it's a better fit. The straight line of the skirt reduces my walk to a lovely mincing step, especially when I wear these five-inch blue pumps!

More pics at Flickr...and tomorrow, some interesting ideas based on older outfits!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Under the Robes

Dan Piraro seems to be on a roll of sorts:

...though I'm not sure I'm happy with the use of the word "pervert"....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Men in Heels?

From today's Bizarro, by Dan Piraro:

One other note--I won't be dressing next week after all. My only two available days just got taken up by other duties. Maybe the week of the 13th.