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Ms. Demanden's Family


It was probably the strangest case Scott James had ever had as a hypnotherapist. He was hired by the matriarch of a wealthy family, Ms. Vera Demanden, to treat all the men in her family. Now, Ms. Demanden had a reputation in town as a bit of an eccentric--she required her husband, Madison, to take her last name when they married 20 years ago, for instance. She homeschooled their sons Harry and Stuart long before that was fashionable. She was noted for a severe, if attractive, style of dress and an imperious attitude toward all men.

But the pay was phenomenally good, far more than Scott had ever been paid for a private session before. And it was only one session...and it had a strange proviso: Ms. Demanden insisted that Scott give her the trigger words he used in the session...and to make sure they would work for her. Not strictly unethical--she was paying for the session, after all--but weird.

The whole thing with the three Demanden men took only a single afternoon...and Ms. Demanden handed him a check for a huge amount as he left the mansion on the outskirts of town. Her female mechanic was even waiting by his car when he left to head back to the city.

He never made it. Five miles out, his brakes failed and he plowed into a cliff. As she heard the police report of the crash, Vera Demanden opened her computer and stopped payment on the check. She then went into the living room, where the three men sat waiting for her.

"Sink deeper," she said...and all three returned to trance. "Very good." As she placed a set of headphones on each of them, she continued, "Pay attention and follow instructions...you are in deep in trance and must obey...."

"Must obey," each of them murmured.

Vera pressed a different button on the stereo for each set of headphones, and the new lives of her family began.


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The Academy Files--Brittany

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Big is Beautiful

Have you seen this commercial? Support for those of us who present as larger girls.

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Crime and Punishment--Part Seven

Six months later:

Sally knocked and waited for the door to open. When it did, she saw Michelle in a pink satin maid's uniform with layers of petticoats. Michelle curtseyed and said, "Welcome, Miss Sally."

"Miss Sally!" the detective exclaimed. "Well, you seem to have fully committed to the sissy submissive style."

"Yes, Miss," the maid replied. "I have learned that Macho Mike the cop was merely a facade...this is the real me."

While Sally wondered how much of that was due to Madame Fabricantfille's hypnotic influence, she could see her former partner was happy in his new life (or is that her new life?), so she let it go. "Madame F asked me to come by to see how Arthur is coming along."

"They are in the play room, Miss," Michelle said, leading the detective that way, mincing on her six-inch heels. "And it's Athena, now..."

Athena--goddess of wisdom? Sally pondered the meaning of that choice of name for the former beater of CDs and TGs. Michelle opened the door to the play room and stepped aside as Sally entered. "Ahhh...M'amselle detective! How good to see you again!" Madame F airkissed her and led her to the comfortable couch along one wall. "Athena will be along in a moment. I think you will be quite pleased and surprised by her new look."

Sally was much more interested in what Madame F might have done to Arthur Travis's mind than his body...though she supposed in this case the two might go hand in hand. A door on the far end of the room opened and what seemed to ba a stunning woman entered.

"Sally, allow me to present Athena!"

Could this really be Arthur? If so, he had had extensive work done on his face and body. Were those 40DD implants? Had they removed a couple of ribs to get that waistline? Had his ass been enlarged as well? However, clearly his male equipment was intact, if the bulge in the panties was any indication.

"Well, Athena, say hello to Detective Sally," Madame F commanded.

"Hello, bitch!" came a gruff male voice from the feminine form.

"Non, non, that will never do, cheri," Madame F admonished. "Dulcet tones..."

With those words, a change seem to come over Athena. Though her eyes still blazed with hate, her attitude became less arrogant and her voice shifted to a breathy contralto. "Yes, Madame...good evening, Miss Sally," she said now.

"I can turn on and off her masculine identity with a few choice phrases," Madame F whispered to Sally. "But within, the male psyche remains and seethes at being turned into the very thing he so despised before.

"But did he truly despise it?" she asked, rhetorically. "Observe his arousal...that is not my doing. The first time we put him in feminine clothing, it manifested. I believe his violent reactions to males in female clothing were caused by his own latent desire to look as feminine as possible...and his failure to achieve that goal."

"What will you do with him now?" Sally asked.

"Many of my clients are interested in having a shemale slave who retains a masculine mentality...because they wish to humiliate him and subject him to public exposure," Madame F explained. "Athena will available for rent to them."

"But why Athena?"

"Ahh, oui...the goddess of wisdom--perhaps this will make Arthur see the wisdom of letting others live the lives they choose for themselves!"


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The Academy Files--Annie

[Beginning another set of recently rediscovered art collections.]

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Crime and Punishment--Part Six

[If you've lost track, the last part was published here.]

One year later:

Sally sat at her desk, looking out the window with the painted letters "Sally Morton--Investigations and Protection." In the 12 months since she left the force, she had gained a reputation among the cross-dressing and transgender population of the city for discreet handling of their problems. It had even led to her finding her current secretary: Maddie, born as Madison, was a beautiful and efficient addition to her office.

And now, she knocked and entered. "You have a prospective client waiting, Boss. Her name is Alexis."

Maddie stepped aside and let the newcomer enter. Though she was petite and very feminine to the untrained eye, Sally could tell by a certain over-the-topness in her style and other clues, that Alexis had probably been born Alexander.

"Have a seat, Alexis. How can I help you?" Sally asked.

"Well, Ms. Morton--" she began.

"--Sally, please," the detective interrupted.

"--well, Sally, I've been having a problem with a certain former beau. Perhaps you've heard the name--Arthur Travis?"

Sally certainly had heard the name. Travis was well-known in the TG circles...he had a reputation for dating CDs and TGs for a week or so, then feigning shock and surprise when their true gender was revealed. He then beat them badly. Most of the girls so treated were too embarrassed or still far enough in the closet that they never reported the attacks.

"He...beat you?" Sally asked. "You look OK now."

"He always avoids the face," Alexis said. "I'm black and blue from my shoulders to my knees," she continued, her eyes falling downcast.

"Bastard," Sally said under her breath. "I could have someone return the favor, of course," she suggested. "Though, I may have a more suitable punishment for Arthur Travis."

"Then you'll take my case?" Alexis said, smiling for the first time since entering the office. She reached for her purse. "How much will it be?"

"No charge, honey," Sally said. "I'm going to enjoy this one."

Two nights later, Arthur Travis was seated at his favorite bar--not one of the TG-friendly places he haunted when he was looking for "fun"--when a spectacular brunette approached. "Mr. Travis," she said, sitting without waiting for an invitation, "my name is Sally Morton. You may know my name..."

"I've heard of you, babe...though you're really not my type." Travis replied with a sneer.

"I know, your type is a helpless crossdresser you can leave bruised and beaten," Sally responded, equally nasty. "By the way, you know the bartender here is a friend of mine. If that last drink tasted a bit strange, well..."

Travis looked at the glass and then back into Sally's eyes, his own gaze going slightly out of focus. "Sleep, Arthur," she said as his chin dropped to his chest.


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Dani's Beginnings 15 and 16

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Slideshow: Pretty Sissy Dani in Summer

My slideshow of the past three months:

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Prom Queen
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Crowning Glory

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