Friday, June 28, 2024

Holly's History, part 3

The second day began with Christine escorting Howard—in a pretty pink babydoll nightie—to Madame’s office. “Good morning, sweetie,” she said as they entered. “Lie down, please,” and she indicated the couch. Once he had done so, she said, “Christine, prepare the hypnotic sedative.”

“Yes, Madame,” the sissy maid replied. In a moment, she approached Howard with a hypodermic syringe and injected him in the shoulder. “This is a drug of my own design,” Madame explained. “It will make you very receptive to my suggestions. Just lie there and feel it relaxing you, unlocking your subconscious mind to my words and thoughts.” She watched as Howard’s breathing slowed and his eyes drifted close. “Howard, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Madame,” he murmured.

“Very good. In your current state, you will find it very easy to believe everything I say. You will also find it nearly impossible to lie to me,” she continued. “You will be compelled to agree to everything I say and to follow my directions. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Madame.”

“We’ll start with something quite simple. From now on, your name is not Howard—it is Holly. You will not even think of yourself as Howard—you are Holly,” Madame directed. “Now, who are you?”

“I am Holly,” he replied.

“Excellent. Now you are married to Pamela. Are you her husband?” Madame asked.

“Yes,” Holly answered.

“No!” Madame said, emphatically. “You are her sissy wife, a pretty, feminized submissive who adores her.”

“I am Pamela’s sissy wife,” Holly agreed.

“Exactly! Now, it’s time to teach you how to think and act like a real sissy wife.” She spoke to Christine. “Get the earbuds and put them on Holly.” Once those devices were in place, Madame pushed a button. “This tape, full of instructions and advice, will repeat continuously for the next six hours. Christine, keep an eye on Holly and be sure she’s all right. The tape will run out just before the sedative wears out.”

Christine settled in to watch over her charge, checking on pulse rate and breathing. As the six hours were ending, Holly began to stir. Christine removed the ear buds and helped the newly created sissy to sit up. “How do you feel, Holly?”

Holly stretched and took a deep breath. “Just marvelous,” she replied, in a newly feminine tone—husky, breathy, and sexy. “Where is Madame?”

“She is dealing with other patients,” Christine answered. “Right now, I am to take you to your room. Your training and transformation will continue tomorrow.”


Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Holly's History, part 2

The next day, Pamela brought Howard to the Foundation bright and early. They signed in and were met by Madame Fabricantfille. “Welcome to your new home for the next six days, Howard,” she greeted him. She turned to a figure dressed in a classic French maid’s uniform. “Christine, please escort Howard to Doctor Madchenmacher’s lab. She’ll join you there shortly.” Then she spoke to Pamela. “We have accommodations for you as well—would you like to stay and see your spouse’s transformation in person?”

“Oh, yes, Madame—that would be wonderful!” Pamela replied.

“Please, call me Felice,” Madame said. “Come to my office—we can watch the first steps in Howard’s feminization on CCTV.”

Christine led Howard to a white-tiled, almost clinical room. When she finally spoke, he realized she was a feminized male. “Please take a seat in the examination chair,” she said, in a baritone. Once he was seated, she proceeded to assemble some tools.

“How…how long have you been a…a girl?” he asked her.

“A girl?” Christine chuckled. “I’m not a girl! I’m a sissy…and I have been one most of my life. If you mean how long have I dressed this way and served at the Foundation…well, it’s been five years now, since my stepmother gave my guardianship to Madame and Doctor.”

At that moment, Dr. Madchenmacher entered. “Wilkommen, Howard,” she began. “Christine, liebchen, you have everything we need ready?”

Christine curtseyed and replied, “Yes, Doctor.”

“Excellent! Then assist our new patient in removing all his clothes,” the Doctor ordered. It didn’t take long. Soon, a very embarrassed and very naked Howard stood before the lovely physician and her sissy assistant. “Now, Howard, sit in the exam chair and Christine will begin.” Christine lathered his chin and cheeks and started to shave him. “You see, Howard, the first step in your feminization is the total removal of all hair below your eyebrows.” Christine wiped the lather from his face and then applied more. “She will now go over your skin twice more.” And so she did. When it was done, Howard realized he had gotten the closest shave in his life.

Christine turned her attention to his chest. He was not a hairy man, but she quickly removed the few stray hairs before moving to his arms. Satisfied with the smoothness there, she directed him, “Howard, spread your legs—I promise to be very careful.” Howard felt the warm lather applied to his crotch and then the razor carefully scraping away his pubic hair. “Roll over,” Christine said, and when he had done so, she performed the same function on his ass.

The final place was his legs. Soon they were as hairless and smooth as the rest of his naked body.

“One more procedure,” Dr. Madchenmacher announced. Christine produced a bottle of pink lotion and applied it to all the areas she had shaved. Howard felt a tingle in all those places. “This is a special formula developed by the Foundation’s scientists,” the Doctor informed him. “It softens the skin and inhibits hair regrowth. It will be part of your daily morning routine from now on.”

“We should find him something to wear, Doctor,” Christine said.

“Indeed. I think a nice matching teddy and panties will do,” the Doctor agreed. “There’s a pink set in the wardrobe.” Christine fetched the garments and helped Howard dress. “There! Now you are ready for lunch with your wife and Madame!”


Monday, June 24, 2024

Holly's History, part 1

“Welcome to the Feminization Foundation,” the lovely redhead began. “I am Madame Felice Fabricantfille.” She indicated the tall brunette to her right. “This is my colleague, Dr. Magda Madchenmacher.” She had a slight French accent that only made her seem exotic.

Guten tag,” the doctor greeted them. Hers was a German accent and she lapsed into her native tongue on occasion. “Why don’t you introduce yourselves?”

The female half of the couple facing the Foundation leaders spoke. “I am Pamela Stewart. This is my husband, Howard. He will only speak when I permit it. You see, we are in a female-led-marriage and have been since the day he accepted my proposal five years ago. I make all the decisions in our home and relationship and Howard is quite happy with the arrangement, aren’t you, sweetie?”

For the first time, Howard’s voice was heard. “Yes, dear,” he started. “I cannot imagine living any other way. I am far too submissive and obedient to be in charge.”

Madame and the Doctor looked at each other and smiled. “I see,” Madame acknowledged. “So, tell us, why are you here?”

“About a year ago,” Pamela said, “I began to grow tired and bored with our situation. A friend who had used your services suggested I should have Howard feminized. She seemed quite happy with the results on her own partner.”

“Are you interested in full physical feminization?” the Doctor inquired.

Howard’s expression grew apprehensive. “Oh no,” Pamela protested. “I have far too much fun teasing my little Howie’s cock and balls! I’ve been reading up on the several kinds of fem-males there can be and I believe I want Howard to become my male lesbian trophy wife—a gorgeous piece of arm-candy who shares my bed, but only in the way a submissive lesbian lover would.”

Madame smiled and nodded. “Ah, yes, we have successfully transformed several men in that way…and it’s relatively easy with drugs, hypnosis, and some minor surgery. Isn’t that right, Magda?”

Jawohl,” the Doctor agreed. She stood up and gestured to Howard. “Would you stand please?” As Howard did so, she ran her hands over his body and gazed intently into his face, turning it this way and that. “Ja, this is good material to work with. I don’t think I would need more than a week to achieve the desired end. Do you agree, Felice?”

“Oh, yes! He is already so obviously submissive that making him into the epitome of girlish behavior should be child’s play!”

“Excellent!” Pamela enthused, as she motioned to Howard to be seated. “When can you begin?”

“Come into my office and we can sign the necessary documents,” Madame replied. “Magda, you’re ready to begin tomorrow, I assume?”

“Absolutely! I cannot wait!”

Howard’s expression of concern only deepened.


Thursday, June 20, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 5: Brandi is Dandy

Amanda and Polly spent the next few hours training Brad in proper sissy behavior at the party—how to speak, how to walk, even how to dance. As the hour for the party to begin approached, Michelle returned to assist in the final steps of his transformation. Brad brought out the dress he would wear—the one with the glittery lowcut bodice and short petticoated skirt.

“My word,” said Michelle. “Has he really got the knockers to pull that off?”

“Yes,” Polly responded, “Brad has a great pair of 36B tits…and with the right bra, they can look like a set of C cups! Come here, Sweetie, and let’s show her!” Brad stepped next to Polly and she removed his top and the rather ordinary bra he was wearing. She wrapped a push-up bra around him and made sure his boobs were nestled in it securely. Then she took a pair of inserts and placed them under his breasts, pushing them up and in, creating the illusion of cleavage.

“I see,” Michelle noted. “Well, let’s get this pretty boy fully dressed, so I can finish my work and still have time to dress for the party.” Once he was in the dress, she sat Brad down at a vanity and touched up his makeup and took out his wig for the party. It was long and wavy and hung down over one bare shoulder. The final touch was a pair of sparkly chandelier earrings. “Now, you just rest and get comfortable in all this and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Just wait until you see what Michelle has chosen to wear,” Amanda told Brad. “She always pulls out all the stops for the store’s party!” Sure enough, Michelle strutted back in a few minutes later, looking like dominant sex itself. She wore a black latex minidress that clung to her curves like it had been sprayed on. The hem reached to only six inches above her knees. Her long legs were covered in sheer black stockings and were perched on black patent pumps with seven-inch heels. Her blazing red hair was done in a severe bob and her makeup emphasized her green eyes. Her lips were a slash of dark, wet red color.

Brad’s mouth hung open—he knew Michelle was as male as he himself, but this was the epitome of female dominance. Seeing his reaction, Amanda activated the butt plug again and watched his arousal grow. She handed the control to Michelle. “Michelle will be your partner and mistress for tonight,” Amanda said. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy her company.”

“And I’m sure I will enjoy his…but we need to give him a proper sissy name!” Michelle responded. “Have you any ideas?”

Polly answered, “We had been considering Brenda—but I think that may be a little too ordinary.”

“Brittany?” Amanda suggested.

“No, too common these days,” Michelle advised. “I have it—Brandi! She’s just as intoxicating, isn’t she?”

And with that, Michelle took Brandi’s arm and guided her to the party, as the vibration from the butt plug turned the newly christened sissy’s stride into the sexiest of wiggles!


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 4: Beautiful Boy

The mail the next day had a surprise for Brad. “Why, it’s an invitation to a party at the store,” he realized….and then he saw the note attached: Feminine attire and appearance expected. He was torn. “I’d love to actually go somewhere in my girilish best…but ‘appearance,’ how do I manage that?” Coming to a decision, he called the store and made an appointment with their beauty salon for the day of the party.

When he arrived, in male mode, but with bra and panties beneath and a full feminine outfit in tow, he was unsurprised to find Amanda and Polly waiting at the entrance to the salon. “We have very definite ideas about how you should look tonight, Sweetie,” Amanda told him, “and we intend to see them carried out! Now, come meet your stylist!”

They led him into the salon and were greeted by a tall, willowy redhead. “Hi, Michelle,” Polly said. “This is Brad, he‘s here to be fixed up for his debut at the party tonight!” She turned to him. “No worries, honey, Michelle knows just how to transform a sissy like you—after all, she is one!”

“What?” Brad exclaimed. “You…you’re beautiful!”

“Thanks, dear!” Michelle answered, in a decidedly masculine tone. “I promise I’ll have you looking just as lovely when I’m done!” She looked to Amanda and Polly. “You’ve made a great choice in this one, girls—his features are already very femme!”

As Michelle led Brad to the styling chair, Amanda stopped them. “Just a moment, Polly and I have one last thing we want Brad to wear.” She turned her attention to him. “Drop your trousers and bend over, darling.” Though confused, Brad obeyed. Polly lowered his panties and then produced a vibrating butt plug, which she gently worked into Brad’s ass.

“Amanda has the control,” Polly explained. “At various moments during your transformation, she will activate the plug, thus increasing your arousal and associating it with your new appearance. Now, go do as Michelle says.” Brad did so and, as he eased his bottom into the chair, Amanda put the plug on its lowest power level.

“Oooooo, that’s nice,” Brad murmured, smiling.

Michelle began her cosmetic magic, altering Brad’s pretty but still male features to a truly feminine appearance. She trimmed his eyebrows to an attractive arch; used eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and false lashes to enlarge his eyes; shaped his lips into a perfect cupid’s bow and colored them with a sweet pink; she gave his cheeks the eternal blush of a sissy’s humiliation. “Before I add the wig, Brad, look at yourself in the mirror,” sha said, and spun his chair to face his reflection. As she did so, Amanda increased the power of the butt plug to nearly full, and Brad moaned at the sight of his new face.

“I thought you’d enjoy that,” Amanda said, smiling. “The wig is the last step, Michelle?”

“Yes, but this one is just temporary,” the stylist said. “I’ve prepared a far sexier and more luxurious coiffure for the party tonight!” She put the wig on Brad’s head and made sure it was perfectly arranged. And then, Amanda raised the plug to full power. Immediately, Brad’s entire body stiffened as a massive orgasmic wave flowed through him. He shuddered with pleasure as his cockette exploded.

“Wow!” exclaimed Polly. “I sure hope you brought an extra pair of panties!”


Saturday, June 15, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 3b: Shiny Shoes

Within a few moments, Brad found himself in the hosiery department. “There are so many styles and colors to choose from, Mistress Amanda! Pantyhose, tights, stockings—which is right for me?” he asked.

“Definitely not pantyhose or tights, dear,” Amanda replied. “We want your cute little cockette more accessible than that would permit! Stockings and a garter belt are sexier, anyway! As for color, I think you need one of the darker ‘nude’ tones, generally—probably something like ‘cinnamon’—and, of course, some sheer black stockings, too.”

“I’ve seen some girls in fishnet hose,” he commented. “They look very alluring!”

“Yes,” Amanda laughed. “Perhaps when we’ve gotten you a maid’s uniform!” She picked out a half-dozen pairs of stockings and two garter belts (pink and blue) and sent Brad to the checkout. “This time, you get to pay for them yourself, Sweetie….and be sure to mention they’re all for you!” When the transaction was complete, and Brad was pink with embarrassment, Amanda led him to a fitting room where he exchanged his male socks for the stockings.

When that was done, they headed for the shoe department, where Polly met them along with another young sales girl. “This is Rachel, Brad,” Polly said. “She is in charge of women’s shoes and will help you pick out some lovely footwear!”

“Nice to meet you, Brad,” Rachel said. “Have a seat and let me measure you.” She knelt before him and placed his left foot on the Brannock device, used to measure foot length and width. “Oh, what beautiful stockings,” she exclaimed. “You have exquisite feet, dear!” She turned her attention to Amanda and Polly, recognizing that they were in charge. “Now, what sort of shoes are we looking for?”

“Patent leather pumps,” Amanda replied, “in pastel shades, the girlier the better!”

“Yes,” agreed Polly, “with heels at least five inches high….”

“…and pretty adornments on the instep, if possible,” Amanda added.

“Well, Brad takes a ladies’ size 10,” Rachel told them, “so I should have a nice selection in the back. Give me a few moments.”

As she left, Brad turned to his two feminizers. “Five-inch heels?” he asked. “Will I really be able to manage that?”

“That and even higher in time,” Polly replied. “A true sissy can handle seven-inch heels with scarcely a wobble.”

At that moment, Rachel returned with three boxes. “I believe these will fit the bill,” she said, kneeling again to display the first selection and assist Brad in putting it on. The shoe was a baby-pink platform pump with a spike heel and ankle strap. A tiny ornament hung from the buckle of the strap. Rachel slipped the shoes onto Brad’s stockinged feet, tightened the straps and assisted him to his feet. He teetered for a moment and then realized he was quite comfortable and balanced.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. “I love the extra height and the heels make my legs feel terrific!”

“Your ass looks wonderful in them, too,” Amanda complimented. “We’ll definitely take these, Rachel. Now, let’s try one of the others.” Rachel opened another box, revealing an elegant pair of pumps in baby blue, with five-inch kitten heels, pointed toes, and big bows on the instep.

“Oh, the bows are just delicious,” Polly said, as Brad slid the shoes onto his feet. He stood, more easily than in the last pair, and began to mince about the department. “Those will be perfect for a semi-formal affair!” Polly affirmed.

“I have one more pair to show you,” Rachel said, as she brought out a pair in soft pink. Like the last pair, they featured a sharply pointed toe, but these had a slim spike heel and rhinestone-encrusted buckles on the instep. Even Brad’s face lit up on seeing them, and he couldn’t wait to try them on.

Amanda nodded. “Yes, we’ll take all three pairs….but I think Brad will wear the blue ones home, won’t you, dear?” He nodded. With that, Amanda handed him the lavender floral dress. “Go put this on as well, you little sissy. Time for you to get used to being seen in public.” Brad obeyed and returned in the dress and heels—the only thing that looked masculine was his face and hair.

“And we’ll take care of that next time,” Polly announced.


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 3a: Say Yes to the Dress

Seven days later, Brad tried to sneak into the store, but one of the staff saw him immediately and announced on the intercom: “Amanda and Polly, your favorite customer has arrived!”

Moments later, the two girls were escorting Brad to the party dress department. “We’re having a get-together for the staff next month…and we want you there as our most successful project,” Polly told him. “So, we’re going to spend today finding you a suitable frock!” She stopped and ran her hands over his chest. “Oh, good! You’re wearing the bra we can add the push-up pads to!” Brad blushed.

“We’re wasting time,” Amanda interjected, taking Brad’s arm and pulling him toward the fitting room. “Polly, you know his size by now—go pick out some suitable dresses. Be sure they’re pretty and frilly, with room for lots of petticoats!” As her partner left, Amanda began removing Brad’s shirt and trousers, leaving him standing in pale pink ruffled panties and a lacy bra. She softly caressed his tits and felt the nipples stiffen. “Excited, are you?” she laughed. Then her hand strayed to the bulge in his panties. “Yes, I can see you are,” she chuckled. “You really have become a total sissy, haven’t you?”

Unable to deny it, Brad replied, “Yes, Miss Amanda, and I love my pretty undies!”

At that moment, Polly entered with four lovely dresses and hung them on the rack. “Well, then, you’re going to absolutely swoon over the things we show you today!” She picked one out and held it up before Brad. “Yes, this will be quite nice!” The frock was a pale pink with large polka dots. It had a white scarf-like collar and a belt at the waist. To go with it, Polly selected a petticoat with multiple tiers of frills. Once in place, it all was just knee length.

“That’s a lovely choice, Polly,” Amanda agreed. “He could even wear it at work and then come straight to the party!” She reached up to pick out another. This, too, was in pink (although a bolder shade) and had an off-the-shoulder neckline. The skirt was a wide circle and accommodated an even more generous fluffy petticoat. “Pick up the hem and rustle the skirt and pettis,” Amanda insisted. “Oh, every eye will be on you in that dress!”

“Here’s one that might be more suitable to everyday wear,” Polly noted, as she placed another dress on Brad’s body. It was lavender in color with a bold floral pattern. The skirt was much straighter with only a light petticoat…but the bodice was sleeveless and clung tight to Brad’s B cups and narrow waist.

“Indeed, he could easily go shopping or to lunch with ‘the girls’ in that one,” Amanda agreed.

The last dress was far more daring. It had a deep V neckline to its glittery bodice and the satin skirt floated on petticoats inches above his knees. There was also a delicate organdy overskirt. “Oh, he’ll need the push-up pads with that one, certainly,” Polly noted. “And it shows off just how girlish and feminine his legs are!”

“Speaking of that, Brad will definitely need hosiery and high heels for all of these frocks,” Amanda decided. When Brad was back in his male attire, she took him by the hand. “Come with me, sweetie, and we’ll find just what you need while Polly packs and pays for your pretty dresses—with your credit card, of course!”


Sunday, June 9, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 2: Begging for Bras

Amanda and Polly were in the break room two weeks later when a colleague entered and said, “He’s back and he’s asking for you two.” They went to the door and peeked out. As they suspected, Brad had returned and was wandering among the brassiere display.

“Let’s go rescue him,” said Amanda. In moments, they were confronting their favorite customer. Polly stood in front of Brad and casually ran a hand over his crotch. “Are you wearing your pretty panties, Brad?” she asked. “Which ones?”

From behind, Amanda replied, having pulled at the waistband of his trousers for a peek. “He’s got on the baby blue ones with a big bow at the back,” she said, giggling. Then she took him by the shoulders and turned him to face her. “So, why are you here now, sweetie. Don’t be shy—tell us what you want.”

Brad blushed and shuffled his feet, then finally stammered, “I want…I want to be measured and fitted for a bra!”

“I knew it!” Polly cried. “I saw where you were looking as you left last time. So, come with me—we have a special room for bra fittings.” She led the young man to a door far in the rear of the store, unlocked it and gestured for him to enter. She flipped on the lights as Amanda entered as well.

“All right, strip to the waist,” Amanda ordered. When he was naked above the waist, she examined him. “Hmmmm…you’ve developed a nice set of man-boobs. I’d say they’re a full A cup, maybe even a B. And you’ve got no body hair at all—not on your chest, not under your arms, not even…” She paused to sneak a peek a bit lower. “Yes, not even down there!”

Polly brought a tape measure and wrapped it around his chest, just under the nipples. “36 inches,” she announced. “Now, the question is, how big a set of knockers do you want? We can stay with your natural B, or go larger…maybe all the way to a D!”

Brad reddened and shook his head. “No, I think B will be enough,” he murmured.

“Okay, honey, but even those might be hard to hide under a man’s shirt!” Amanda advised. “Polly, go out to the display and bring back a selection of our prettiest bras in 36B!” As Polly left, Amanda gently caressed Brad’s little tits. “Now, let me show you some of the advantages of being a sissy.” She knelt before him, placed her lips on his left nipple and began sucking. She felt his nipple stiffen from her attentions, his breathing hasten, and then he lightly moaned. She shifted to the other nipple and applied the same technique. Brad squirmed in arousal.

Polly came back in. “Amanda! I though we agreed we would do that so we could each have a tit and suckle both at the same time!” she said.

“Sorry, Polly, but those nipples just looked so tasty, I couldn’t resist.” She took the left nipple in her hands and offered it to Polly. “Here, have a go.” So now, Brad felt both of his soft mounds being stimulated and his moaning only grew louder.

“Well, I think that’s enough,” Polly declared. “Let’s make sure these bras fit correctly. She had brought in three lovely, lacy items, all in the pastel colors she knew Brad preferred. As she placed each one around his chest, she made sure his tits were placed properly and adjusted the straps. Each was a perfect fit and Brad smiled at his reflection in the mirror. But then, Polly produced something new.

“These are push-up pads,” she explained. “Right now, you’ll be happy to have your little jugs barely visible under your masculine attire. But sometime in the future, you will undoubtedly wish to have your feminine attributes be more evident.” Polly reached into the cups of his bra and slid the pads under his breasts, adjusting the mounds so that they were pushed together, creating a most alluring cleavage. “A little contouring with makeup and you’ll be the envy of any other nancy-boy!”

Amanda announced, “We have already added these three bras and the pads to your account. But here’s one more item.” She showed him a very different style of brassiere. “This is a ‘bullet-bra,’ in size 36D. As you can see, it will make a very obvious display, especially under tight-fitting sweaters or blouses.” Brad blushed again at the thought of being so sexually attractive.

“I don’t know when or where I’ll ever wear that, but thank you!” he said.

As Polly helped him get his male t-shirt on so that his newly supported boobs were not overly obvious, she said, “We’ll expect you next week, Brad honey…be sure to wear a bra and panties. You’ll be trying on dresses!”


Friday, June 7, 2024

Hypno-Session: How Deep Can You Go?

For a variety of reasons, it had been many weeks--actually over three months--since the last time Goddess Lola and I had met for a trance session. We finally managed to arrange one this past Wednesday...and it was most unusual, as you will see. The trance-script is here.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Brad's Feminization, Part 1: Passion for Panties

“Oh, look, Polly, he’s here again!” Amanda pointed out the returning customer to her colleague.

“And just like all the other times,” Polly noted. “He comes in a few feet, looks around, and as soon as he sees us, he goes back out.”

“Well, he’s not going to see us this time,” the other salesgirl said. “You go that way, I’ll go this way, and we’ll take him from behind.” In moments, they were close behind the shy young man, whose gaze was locked on a display of panties in the far corner. “Hello, sir, may we assist you?” Amanda asked the startled fellow.

“Why, why, no,” he replied. ‘I’m just, just…well, looking….”

“Yes, you seem to come in just looking every couple of days,” Polly said, smiling. “I’m Polly, this is Amanda, we’re here to help you look. You seem interested in the panties over there.” The girls each took an arm and gently guided him to the panties department. “Now, you tell us your name and what exactly you’re looking for.”

He laughed nervously and replied, softly, “My name is Brad…and, well, I’d like to purchase some panties.” He blushed.

“No need to be embarrassed, Brad,” Amanda assured him. “We get lots of men in here to buy delicates. Now, are these for you, or for your girlfriend?”

“They…they…they’re for me,” Brad stuttered in reply.

“You see, Polly? I told you he was shopping for himself!” Amanda picked up two pairs of panties…one fairly simple nylon briefs, the other satin with lace and ruffles. “Which of these do you prefer, Brad?”

He gulped and without speaking indicated the satin ruffled pair. “I knew it!” Polly laughed. “I can tell a sissy a mile away! What colors do you like, honey?”

“Pink, lavender, baby blue….” he whispered.

“Of course,” Amanda said. “Those are the shades all true sissies want to wear!” She took his hand and walked him to the fitting room. “Now, let’s get a measurement and see what size you need.” She undid his trousers and let them drop to his ankles. “Oh look, Polly—Brad is already wearing panties!”

“But those will never do for a sissy, Amanda! They’re much too plain…and black? Sissies never wear black undies!” Polly grabbed the offending garment and pulled it off Brad. “Oh, my, such a tiny little thing!” she cried as she saw his genitals.

“That’s not a cock,” Amanda agreed. “It’s a cock-ette!” The girls continued to laugh as Brad blushed…and his member grew a bit larger with his embarrassment. “I wonder how big it can get, Polly.” And Amanda began to stroke Brad’s penis sensuously, until….

“Oh, look, he’s leaking pre-cum,” Polly noted. “I guess that’s as big as he can get.” She took the pink panties and said, “Step into these, honey, and we’ll get you all fixed up as a proper sissy!” Brad pulled the frilly undies over his hips and stood with his legs crossed at the knees. From behind, Polly caressed his round bottom through the satin and, in front, Amanda resumed fondling his “cock-ette”. He squirmed in sissy-ish delight.

“All right, sweetie,” Amanda said. “Go pick out a dozen pairs of panties like these. We’ll pack them up and you can pay for them. You can take the ones you’re wearing as a gift!”

Moments later, Brad walked out of the store with a girlish pink shopping bag filled with equally feminine undies. The girls watched as he exited. “He’ll be back,” Polly noted. “Did you see where his eyes went as he left?”

“Yes,” Amanda replied. “Straight to the bras!”