Friday, May 29, 2020

The Further Feminization of Jon Arbuckle

Saw today's Garfield and I knew it was time for another look into the kinky side of Jon and Liz's relationship:

For a look at Jon's history, see here and here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hypno-Session: World Redhead Day

Mistress Lola and I celebrated this day for honoring all the copper-headed beauties by transforming me into a mirror image of my redheaded enchantress.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

Continuing our weekly question-and-answer session with Mistress Lola:

1. In our last chat, you mentioned spending some time "playing"; I suggested "anything naughty", and you acknoweledged that might be the case. I then jokingy suggested a "harem" of feminized slaves. You asked how many constitute a "harem"; I answered "anything more than two". All right then, have you ever dealt with a "harem" of hypnotic subjects (feminized or not)?

As I mentioned in my last answer session, I may have potentially had a harem of roommates and friends under my control, though I suspect this was one person using different names. Technically I suppose any time I have more than two regular subjects on the go I have a harem of sorts, just one where they're in more than one place. Aside from that previous example I've never hypnotised more than one person at a time. It's very rare that two people will be sharing an online account, and even then it's difficult to ensure they both get the full attention they deserve.

2. Do you have any "celebrity crushes"? A well-known person, male or female, you would like to have "under your power"?

I first realised I was into girls thanks to Amanda Bynes, if that suggests anything to you. I've had lots of celebrities I would love to have under my power, although usually it's the characters they play (if they're actresses) that I fantasise about mind controlling. Again, mostly women - I know there's a few sites that turn male celebrities into sissies, but that's never really been an appeal for me. As I think I've said before, women make for more aesthetically pleasing subjects. To name all the ones I want in my control would take too long, but some definite favourites include Uma Thurman, Courteney Cox, Heather Locklear and Ava Sambora (A mother/daughter combo), and a 70s-era Lalla Ward.

Actually add Beyonce to that list. I would absolutely love to take control of the Queen Bet, and have actually plotted a story in which I do so.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Another Secret Sissy Day--the conclusion

It's over. My satin panties are back in the secret stash and I'm in all-boy mode again. Having to post about this makes it a very different experience. I have to really explore my feelings and talk about them.

I'm very interested in whatever comments any of you may have.

Another Secret Sissy Day #6

I realize now, after a day like this, what I should have saved from the purge at the New Year--lipstick! There's nothing girlier than lipstick, and nothing more fitting for a sissy than to be in panties, male outerwear, and a nice coating of color on her lips. (I wouldn't be able to do it right now, since lock-down has me in the house with my wife nearly 24/7, but when this all comes to an end and a secret sissy day happens when she isn't around, the bright red lipstick may reappear!)

Another Secret Sissy Day #5

Remember the self-hypno program I used earlier in the day? I believe it is really working. For the past hour, I've been working on some artwork, doing the preliminary figures I eventually will combine with backgrounds to create finished art...and every time I do one meant to be the submissive in a composition, I'm seeing myself in that outfit, thinking "I'd look great in that!"

That always happens to some extent, but today it seems particularly strong, as though I were trying on the clothes and saying, "I should buy this!"

Another Secret Sissy Day #4

Before my nap, I stripped down to my panties and added a satin camisole. Then I settled in for a combined self-milking/self-pegging session. With a vibrating dildo in my ass-pussy, I stroked my sissy-cock through the satin panties and fiddled with my nipples through the cami. In short order, I had a very satisfying, very sissy-ish spurt. The only thing that could have made it better is if I had done it on hypnotic command!

Now, having napped and had lunch, I am back at the computer, contemplating what else I can do while feeling so completely like a pansy!

Another Secret Sissy Day #3

I'm about to go for a nap...and something more. Details in the next report.

Another Secret Sissy Day #2

It's hard to explain the feeling of wearing panties. No, it's not like being able to dress full out as a girl. But it has its own secret delights.

I'm doing something illicit. I'm having a hidden delight. I know I'm being girlish and sissy-ish but no one else does (well, except for those of you reading this). If I leave the house, there's a strange combination of desire and fear. On the one hand, I want to be found out, because a sissy craves the humiliation of exposure. On the other hand, I fear that exposure, because it could be dangerous.

Another Secret Sissy Day

Thirty minutes ago, I switched out my boyish undies for a pretty pair of floral satin panties. As they floated over my nether regions, I felt a joyous sense of femininity overtake me.

I will intensify that feeling by using a program I developed some time ago, using one of Mistress Lola's hypnotic inductions, one that is intended to make me feel completely "Dani". I will report through the day on how well the effect is accomplished.

Jeannette's Story

Jeannette continues her tale of becoming Mistress Linda's hypnotically controlled sissy:

When we left off, I described how Mistress Linda had put me into trance and was setting the triggers to quickly put me back into that hypnotic state.

I have always had a fascination, a fetish for girly things. So the eroticism was present from a young age. When I found Mistress's website, even before our first session, I immediately began feeling the need to wear panties and pantyhose most all the time--more than ever. I would imagine many visitors to such sites have similar inclinations.

So Mistress had something to work with from the start. And with hypnosis a subject's unconscious mind is more readily linked to Obedience is Pleasure. This is the power of erotic hypnosis at its core. Since a subject has given their consent, the hypnotist has that crucial condition for the initiation into further states of enslavement. Of pleasure that becomes more and more addictive, like a frog in a pot of gradually warming water. By the time you realize what is being done it's too late--you only want more.

Hypnosis is much about being able to access the unconscious mind. And in that state a subject can be much more open to suggestion. In this case She began by first inducing a pleasant state of relaxation, from there proceeding to associating a pleasant state with obedience. Obedience is Pleasure. Pleasure is Obedience. Over and over again. Embedding this more and more firmly. This is how Mistress began taking me into my present state.

Once this linkage was established, Mistress began gently linking this happy state with little, subtle things about femininity. About girliness. How nice it feels to see a pretty woman walk by. The gentle swish of her petticoat and dress. The clicking sound of her heels. PLEASURE. While in trance, She gradually reinforced the connection of feminine things with pleasure. And Pleasure is Mistress. Once these bonds are established with a willing subject so many things become possible--as Mistress has done with me, as her happy slave girl.

There is much more to tell: The stories and adventures in trance with Her, as well as Mistress using direct hypnotic conditioning to enslave and feminize me.

I have asked Jeannette to go more deeply into how her Mistress created a feminine persona in the next installment.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hypno-Session: Unboxing Dolly

Yesterday I had my 35th session in trance with Mistress Lola. (Thirty-five?! I can hardly believe it!)

For this one, I was transformed into Dolly for the first time in a quite a while...but a somewhat different version of my play-toy self.

The trance-script is here.

Mistress Lola Speaks!

My beloved hypnotic mistress answers some more questions:

1. Do you have any "kinks," other than hypnosis and feminization? Certain things that turn you on?

Oh, tons and tonnes! I'd say my main kink is mental transformation, though transformation in general (including physical) is enough to get me going. Robotization, dollification, bimbofication, things like that. I know these could all be seen as part of hypnosis, but I'd be just as happy seeing someone having their brain uploaded into a robot body as I would seeing a swinging watch make them human robots.

I'm not sure what you'd call it, but being turned into a clone or a twin of another person is quite the turn on for me, as you may have seen through the various times I've made Dani into a replica of myself. However, I also like the idea of corruption, which I define as the body being kept the same, but the mind being trained to act like another person would act. For example, an older woman may corrupt the mind of a younger woman to dress like her, act like her, think like her, reliving her youth through the younger woman.

I also quite like humiliation, but only for those that deserve it.

2. You meet fairly regularly with Dani. Is there anyone else you have sessions with on a regular basis? Has there ever been?

A long time ago, when I was more actively involved in the hypnosis community, there were a group of girls that lived together that I would entrance on a regular basis. I suspect it was really one girl (or one guy, let's be honest) playing all the parts, but even so, we got on really well and shared the same hypnotic interests. We created quite the hypnotic paradise together, one I still think about occasionally, but we drifted apart and then the chatroom we met in disappeared. There's been other regulars through the years, people that will maybe last a month of semi-daily conversations and then move on to pastures new, name too numerous for me to mention. But at the moment, while I might hypnotize a friend or someone online every so often, Dani is my only regular client.

Do you have a question for Mistress Lola? Send it to me and I'll pass it on:

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hypno-Session: Little Dani Dot Loses All Her Maleness

Yesterday's meeting with Mistress Lola followed up from a session last month, as my 13-year-old self gets her first salon visit and a few surprises along the way.

The trance-script is here.

Jeannette's Story

In her first round of answers to questions last week, Mistress Lola mentioned Mind Mistress Linda and her website, Adult Hypnotic Wishes. That inspired a reader, who goes by the name Jeannette, to tell of her on-going relationship with Mistress Linda. Here's the first part of her story:

I have always been interested, even fascinated by women's underthings. Panties, nylons, pretty feminine lingerie and shoes. From a very young age, I would sneak into them when I could. My interst in hypnosis also dates from a young age. The idea of being hypnotized and controlled by a woman, especially as her feminized little plaything, has always been very erotic and appealing. It's one of those things that just IS.

To start out how Mistress has hypnotized me into Her slave, it would be best to begin at the beginning. From the moment I encountered Her website I was captivated, even before our first session. From the very first time I found Her website I felt a connection, a kindredness to Her written words, to Her phraseology. A kind of sympathetic vibration that stirred deep within me. The heart has it's reasons of which reason....Our first meeting took place a few weeks later when Mistress was visiting New York. We arranged a first session for a couple of days later.

We began by sitting on two sofas at 90 degrees across from one another, discussing some of what I wanted and needed from Her hypnosis. And Mistress has given me, made me crave so much more than those small slave girl beginnings. She began levitating my arm, by running her right hand a couple of inches above my right forearm and suggesting there was a thin little string on my wrist. She began to gently tug it up, at times using a cranking motion. And amazingly my right arm began to slowly rise, like it had a mind of its own. Looking back later, I realized that even then Mistress was starting to take control of my mind. She slowly raised it up about a foot, letting it stay there for a bit, gaining more control. Mistress began suggesting how relaxing it would be to just let it drop--but not just yet, not until I really began to need for it to drop. Then She counted down, saying at one my arm would drop down and I would drop into Her trance. And when Mistress finally began Her slow count, it was quite inevitable that I would also drop into trance. Mistress began setting this as one of Her triggers.

After Mistress had triggered me several times more with the command "Deep now," She proceeded with my conditioning by having me repeat the mantra,"Obedience is Pleasure" and "Pleasure is Obedience". Each time Mistress would vary Her intonation or cadence, Interspersing this with commands such as, "Raise your arm". And I did, more and more automatically. Looking back a little later I realized how little internal dialog was going through my mind as I obeyed--just mindless obedience.

Mistress retained a fair amount of control even out of trance...and so much more now. With both in-person sessions in Montreal and so very many sessions by phone, Mistress has made me Her feminized slave and I love it. In Our sessions now I find myself constantly begging to be taken even deeper. The craving is insatiable--and delightfully so.

Jeannette promises more in the future.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks!

More questions for, and answers from, Mistress Lola.

1. What's the most unusual (humorous, surprising) experience you have had regarding hypnosis?

Hmm...a tricky one. Most hypnosis requests tend to be the same for me (make me a woman, make me your slave, etc), so it's not very often I'm surprised. The one that most comes to mind though is a woman I played with years ago, who had a penchant for not wanting to be understood. This took the form of being made too small to hear, being turned into a cow (a transformation I've done a surprising amount of times), being turned into a baby, and if I remember correctly, at one point being turned into a car. I don't think she minded *why* she wasn't being understood, just the idea of not making herself clear. That's the example that sticks out at the moment, though I'm sure if I thought about it longer I'd find something a bit more surprising.

The second question comes from a regular reader and commenter, Ariel.

2. Do you have a preferred/favorite sissy/feminine type you enjoy creating and why? You seem to have a wonderful imagination and have worked with Dani to develop some amazing personalities.

Thank you Ariel, how kind of you to say. As you may have guessed from some of the trance-cripts, I most enjoy turning others into a version of myself. However, that desire takes time to grow, and requires a good relationship with the subject. For a sort of stock feminine archetype, I tend to go with the 1950s housewife - an idol of femininity that everybody has an idea of already, so no explanation is required. If I start describing someone as wearing a pretty dress, high heels and an apron, their mind automatically fills in the gaps and realises the direction I'm taking them in. Of course some girls, like Dani, end up being sluts no matter what I do with them, but even my power has limits.

Slut? Me? Why, Mistress, whatever do you mean?

Do you have questions for Mistress Lola? E-mail them to me at

Saturday, May 9, 2020

On Your Knees for May #1

Due to the pandemic and a balky computer, Sissy Gwen never got anything to me in March and April. But now she's sent me three months worth of material, so here's the first of her May contributions:

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hypno-Session: Bubbles Breaks Loose

In my most recent hypno-session, Mistress Lola released my bimbo persona...and Bubbles went to town!

The trance-script is here.

Born This Way?

Hannah McKnight answers that age-old question; I'm not sure I agree with her, but it's an interesting discussion.

For me, I realized early on that I wanted to wear lipstick and dresses and I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it. I didn’t think just because I was a boy it didn’t mean I couldn’t wear high heels.

As I got older I realized the scope of my gender identity. This wasn’t just wanting to wear panties, I just didn’t feel like a boy but I didn’t think I was a girl. I wasn’t either, I was both. I had no problem being a boy but I didn’t always want to be one.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks!

For quite some time, I have been trying to get Mistress Lola to contribute to this blog on a regular basis. We've finally come up with a way for her to do it. I ask questions and she answers.

Here's the first installment:

1. When and how did you first become interested in hypnosis?

I suppose like most of these things inevitably do, it started in my childhood. I was an avid watcher of cartoons, and quite a few of them had at least an episode featuring some kind of hypnosis or mind control. Some standouts include an episode of Batman: The Animated Series with the Mad Hatter, a show called Walter Melon that featured a hypno raygun in one episode, and especially the Scooby Doo episode "Bedlam in the Big Top" where Daphne gets hypnotised into a pink tutu. Of course they were all far more exaggerated than real hypnosis, but seeing the power one could have over a person through hypnosis really did a number on my childhood brain. The fact that in the majority of cases the hypno victim seemed so very happy to be under someone's control didn't hurt either.

It soon got to the point where every play session I had with my friends involved hypnosis in some way, to the point where one of my close friends actually had to say she was sick of being hypnotised in every game we played. So I decided to look to the internet instead, which even in those fledgling days had a hypno-fetish community. I remember in particular a site called Hypnosis in Media, which was a wonderful resource for finding hypnosis-related TV episodes, comic books and cartoons. And things just sprung from there - I tried to record any instances of hypnosis I could find on TV, and checked for updates on my favourite hypnosis websites.

The Scooby Doo episode got me particularly because I looked like Daphne, and even to this day if I see a redhead falling into a hypnotic sleep, it's very easy to picture myself in the same role (for example, Ginger in Gilligan's Island. I never saw the hypnosis episode as a child but since then it is rather easy to see myself wearing that ring and swimsuit). Now I know what you're thinking - this all sounds very submissive for a dominant mind controller. And it is. Even though I started out as a fantasy hypnotist, once I got onto hypnosis chat rooms, I found myself being more curious as to what it felt like to go under instead. Unfortunately it turns out I am very difficult to hypnotise. I think in the 14 or so years since I first went online, I have been successfully hypnotised maybe twice. What I also found was that when people were failing to hypnotise me, I had strong urges to turn the tables and try to control them instead. And you'd be surprised how many hypno-dominants end up being secret submissives. It was getting to the point where half a room's hypnotists secretly answered to me.

As time went on I refined my technique based on what I thought would work on myself, and once I had perfected it, I managed to establish myself as a proper hypnotist. And I've been fluttering from place to place ever since, putting anyone who catches my fancy under my control.

2. When and how did you become interested in feminization?

Part of it is for practical reasons. The fact is that 90% of hypnosis sites cater to men, and the other 10% are usually run by sleazy guys who aren't worth handing your will over to. So when I get the urge to put people under my spell (and it is usually an urge to do just that - the actual outcome of the trance does not usually appeal to me so much as the opportunity to exert my will over that subject), a majority of the time it will be to turn men into women. Plus, for some of my more submissive fantasies, the only place that offers what I desire is designed for submissive feminized men. So in a way it was a case of get with it or get out.

The other part of it is probably association. The first hypnosis chat room I went one was at a site called Adult Hypnotic Wishes, ran by the fabulous Mind Mistress, which was all about hypnotic feminization. Since this was during my formative years, and since there were just tons of stories and captions to look at while waiting to speak to people, I suppose I just naturally came to associate hypnosis with feminization. I've always felt women made better hypnotic subjects, both physically and mentally, so in a way I think that by turning as many guys into girls as possible, I'm making more wonderful subjects to appreciate. It is definitely linked to my hypnosis fetish though - with a few exceptions, feminization without hypnosis doesn't do much for me if I'm reading stories or captions.

I find it interesting that both Mistress Lola and I can date our interest in hypnosis to an animated cartoon we saw in our youth. For me it was the Mighty Mouse cartoon "Svengali's Cat" (you can see it here).

Do you have a question for Mistress Lola? E-mail me ( and I'll pass it on.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Secret Sissy Day....the conclusion

For a variety of reasons, my secret sissy day is ending about 30 minutes earlier than planned...but, on the other hand, it began three hours earlier than, all in all, a successful time.

In my previous post, I promised to talk about the things I learned today.

1. I can stay in girlish mode longer than I ever thought possible.

2. After a few hours, girlish becomes normal. I was still excited by the idea I was wearing panties, but it was no longer a constant arousal.

3. Yet, there was a real disappointment when I had to strip out of satin panties and go back to cotton briefs. If it were possible, I'd wear panties all the time.

4. Does that mean I am more girl than boy? I don't think so. My reactions to being in girly things is still a masculine one--it stiffens my sissy-cock and makes me want to milk myself.

5. And, of course, my arousal is only heightened knowing I am following my Mistress's orders. Am I more submissive than I am sissy? Or is one inseparable from the other?

Secret Sissy Day...#7

Posting this one a bit early, as I have something to do at 3.

The day is almost over; I have to go back to full-on male at 4 o'clock. The most interesting thing about it has been these postings. I've never had to think so much about my reactions to being sissified. It's a kind of self-examination I'm not usually comfortable with. I've learned some things...which I'll discuss in full in my final report in about an hour.

Secret Sissy Day...#6

Every time I begin one of these reports, a little frisson of pleasure and arousal vibrates through me. After all, I am revealing my sissy nature...albeit to an audience that already knows much about me...and I am obeying my Mistress Lola. Obedience is Pleasure.

This entire day has been a lovely mix of casual girlishness and periodic arousal. I go to use the toilet and there are my pretty pink satin panties...and my sissy-cock gets a little twitch. I adjust myself, and there they are again!

I have been constantly reminded: I am a sissy!

Secret Sissy Day....#5

It's now five hours since I slipped into my satin panties. An interesting thing starts to happen about now. It's no longer unusual to feel that feminine fabric sliding around over my sissy-cock and ass. It's what I expect...I'm a sissy, after all.

The girlishness begins to pervade my whole being...almost the way it does when Mistress Lola puts me in trance and brings out my femme self completely. There's something mesmerizing about knowing and feeling you are inwardly girlish, even if to the outer world you remain physically male.

Secret Sissy Day...#4

Interesting nap. No specifically sex-related dreams, but a decided feeling of girly contentment, with the satin panties slithering around my nether regions. I long for a return to normal, when--with my wife occasionally traveling or meeting friends for lunch--I could spend even more time in sissy mode, and sleep in my babydoll nighties.

Archelle: Watch What You Eat

Secret Sissy Day...#3

I've been sitting at my computer, working on a number of sissy-related items--the next chapter in a collaboration with Mistress Lola, a new comic-book cover manipulation.

All the time, intensely aware of how sissy-ish I feel, with my satin panties caressing my male equipment.

I'm about to run another errand, after which will come a my next report may not be for 90 minutes or so.

Secret Sissy Day....#2

I'm back from my errands.

Whenever I'm out and about in my hidden panties, I wonder what people would think if they knew. On one level, from what I read on the internet, this is not all that unusual a thing. On another, it's not so common as to not provoke comment.
According to a quick Google search, "...conservative estimates of the number of cross-dressing males indicate a prevalence of between two and five percent of all adult males." That would mean something like 5 million crossdressers in the USA...not an insignificant number.

Because a good deal of my arousal from cross-dressing comes from the idea of embarrassment and humiliation, in the back of my mind, there's always the thought of having my panties revealed...and being excited by that prospect.

More in 60 minutes

Secret Sissy Day...#1

Today is a "secret sissy day"...which means I am wearing a lovely pair of satin panties under my male jeans. When I disclosed this plan to Mistress Lola yesterday, she requested (ordered? demanded?) that I post an hourly report on my activities and thoughts during this time.

It's always interesting to go around knowing I am wearing panties. Do I move differently in them? To be honest, I can't tell...though I'm always aware they are there, rubbing sensuously against my sissy-cock. Perhaps I'll have a better understanding of it all when this day is over.

At the moment, I'm preparing for a quick trip out to pick up supplies for this week of self-isolation. More in 60 minutes.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

A Very Deep Hypno-Session

I had my first hypno-session with Mistress Lola in almost a month on Saturday. The reasons for the long break are mostly personal on Mistress's side and not mine to disclose. But the session, despite the weeks since the last one, was one of the most successful and erotic we've had.

The trance-script is here.