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The Mysterious Mrs. Livanos, Part Three


Frank took a few tentative steps and continued swaying. "This won't do," Mrs. Livanos decided. She looked him in the eye and said, "Heels." Immediately, Frank found his sense of balance and was able to move more steadily. Walking around the room slowly and cautiously, he discovered he was unable to take more than a mincing step on the narrow heels--and the slight pain they has caused in his calves disappeared.

Mrs. Livanos smiled in approval. "From now on, you will be walk in heels without a second thought. In fact, you'll find it difficult and painful to wear flats or to go barefoot!" she said with a pleased tone in her voice.

She started to search about in closets, a pensive look on her face. In a moment or two she let out a cry of triumph.

"I have it!" she said, "The perfect outfit for you to begin with!"

Part Three:

She came over to Frank carrying a bundle of clothes. Magda and Elle sprang to the woman's aid, taking the garments from her. They then turned to Frank and began to help him to dress, with many an oooh! and aaah! they soon had him clothed.

When they were finished, they indicated the mirrors to Frank, ordering him to see what they had accomplished. He looked and gasped in sheer amazement at the reflection.

He was wearing a gray shirtwaist dress with buttons all down the front. The belted waist drew added attention to his redefined figure. The skirt of the dress was a full A-line that settled softly on the ruffles of his petticoat, revealing his nylon-clad knees and well-turned calves and ankles. The black collar and cuffs were a perfect accent.

The overall effect was fantastic! He was the very picture of a sexy girl, as he picked up the skirt of the dress and swayed it and the rustling petticoats over his thighs. Again his cock twitched and grew.

"Petticoats will always have this effect on you," Mrs. Livanos advised. "You'll find that other kinds of clothes will be equally erotic in their own way."

The boy could hardly believe his eyes as he gazed in the mirror at this lovely vision. He found it nearly impossible to believe that the absolutely beautiful woman staring back at him was actually he himself.

He continued to stare while Magda brushed out his hair. Since it was not very short, she had it styled very quickly, giving Frank the appearance of an extremely chic young lady with bobbed hair.

Now Mrs. Livanos went to the other room for a few seconds. She returned soon carrying a handful of what appeared to be black beads. She draped them expertly in two rows around Frank's neck. Then she stepped back to admire the effect.

"These are real," she said almost reverently. "My husband gave them to me. Black pearls, my dear, are a particular favorite of mine. This strand happens to be worth about two hundred thousand dollars, so wear them proudly!"

Frank still could not speak.

"I think that we must leave you here a while so that you may adjust to your new image. When you feel that you can relax and show some response to our efforts, ring that bell over there," Mrs. Livanos said, indicating a bell pull next to the table.

The three women started to leave the room, but at the door Mrs. Livanos turned to speak again to Frank.

"You really are quite lovely, my dear, and I am sure that if you think about it, you will agree that this is the best way for you to be. I do hope that you come around by dinner time. Relax and contemplate."

With that, she sailed out of the room and locked the door behind her.

Those words returned Frank to a new version of the trancelike state in which he had spent the night. He was transfixed by his image in the mirror before him. He again felt his hands stray to his crotch and his nipples. He was bewildered and confused. He could not completely comprehend what had been happening, The whole idea of becoming a girl seemed so fantastic to him, in spite of the evidence which could be seen in the mirror. He wanted to continue to despise the woman for kidnapping him and for humiliating him so thoroughly, Yet there was something about Mrs. Livanos that attracted him in a strange way. She seemed so sure of herself, so confident that she and she alone was right about what was best for him. He could not look away from the mirror.

Gradually, Frank accepted the fact that the beautiful reflection was really his reflection. He stared at it and thought and thought, as his hands unconsciously brought his body to the peak of arousal. "The best way" echoed and reechoed through his mind. He felt the soft tingly fabrics against his shaved body, and his skin seemed to vibrate with the sensation.

His eyes opened wide as he came in his silken panties and he collapsed to the floor.

He awoke free of the trance, but still compelled to follow Mrs. Livanos' commands. He pulled the bell.

Moments later, Elle came into the room.

"Take me to Mrs. Livanos, please," he said.

Elle led him through the bedroom. They went down the hall to a large room in the front of the house. It was furnished as a library.

"Come in, my dear, come in," said Mrs. Livanos warmly.

"What do you want of me?' Frank asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

"First," Mrs. Livanos said, "let's have cocktails. Drinks, Elle!"

When the potables were served, Elle left the room, and Mrs. Livanos indicated that Frank should sit on a sofa. She and Frank sat together, sipping their cocktails.

"I like you," she said finally. "When I first heard you talk, I had a feeling you would be better off as a girl. How do you feel?"

'Strange," Frank admitted, "but it's kind of a nice strange. I guess that I've really always wanted to try this -- at least deep down in my subconscious mind."

"I thought so. All that my hypnotic skills have done is to release, strengthen and direct those subconscious thoughts. Now, as you may know, I am a very rich woman. I have many social obligations and duties. I can definitely use a secretary. I need somebody with the strength and stamina of a man, but my reputation demands that it be a woman -- or appear to be one, at least, My dear, do you begin to get the picture? You said that you were out of work. Work for me. Live here. Travel with me. And from time to time you can even take vacations as a man or as a woman, whichever you prefer. Here with me, you will always dress as a woman -- a very glamorous woman."

"I think that I like your offer, but do you think that I can get away with such an elaborate masquerade?" Frank inquired.

"Don't worry. Through hypnosis, I can teach you many things about how to behave as a lady, and Magda and Elle can help you a great deal. By the way, Magda is my personal hair stylist and beautician, Elle is my maid. And they are both loyal to the death, so our secret will be quite safe with them."

"What about Tonette and Jo?"

"They are my friends," said Mrs. Livanos, "you'll see them again soon!"

"All right, I'll do it," Frank said.

"Splendid! You'll never regret it."

They finished their drinks and went down to lunch.

After lunch, Mrs. Livanos returned Frank to his hypnotic trance, this time with Frank's full compliance. The rest of the day was filled with lessons for Frank. Thanks to the trance and its ability to create subliminal learning, the women were able to teach him how to move and walk gracefully. Magda gave him pointers on hair styling and grooming. Mrs. Livanos coached him in modulating his voice so that he achieved a nice low seductive tone to his speech.

Gradually, Frank warmed up to his new role in life. It took on the aspect of a game of "Let's pretend" and became a lot of fun. He also found he had little difficulty in adopting feminine mannerisms.

Dinner itself was an exercise in deportment, table manners, and ladylike conversation. More lessons followed dinner and Frank began to feel exhausted. He had been given a bedroom adjoining Mrs. Livanos' dressing room. She told him he was free to wear any of her clothes, and he knew that one reason he'd been picked for this role was that he was the same size as her.

The following days saw more lessons in behavior and he gradually began to learn his actual secretarial duties as well. He handled that part of his role very well and soon proved a valuable asset to Mrs. Livanos. He spent many daytimes wearing a long white velvet robe with huge sleeves which nearly reached the floor. Underneath he wore the corset, bra, stockings and panties, letting his body get used to them and learning how to handle their restrictive qualities.

Frank began to form a warm friendship with Magda and Elle, and his growing fondness for Mrs. Livanos and hers for him created a bond between them.

Mrs. Livanos proved a marvelous employer. She was patient yet firm. She knew what she wanted at all times. She was fair in her criticisms and comments. More than a week went by this way, and Frank was beginning to enjoy his relationship with Mrs. Livanos more and more.

One night he was feeling very secure and quite feminine. They were having their usual pre-dinner cocktail, and Frank was lounging on the sofa, wearing a white and silver blouse cut like a man's short-sleeve shirt but with puffy sleeves and a wide, pointed collar, He also had on a long ankle-length skirt with a large bold plaid pattern in browns, tans, and white, topped with a gold belt. Sipping a martini, he watched as Mrs. Livanos signed some letters.

"Ma'am?" Frank said, his throat dry.

"Yes, my dear?"

"When do you think it might be possible for me to go out in public? I would really like to get outside for a while."

"Shopping, perhaps?" she suggested, using a hypnotic trigger to make that seem the best possible excursion.

"It sounds wonderful. I have another question," Frank said.

Mrs. Livanos put down the letters she was about to sign. "Yes, what is it?"

"When we go out, may I choose the outfit I will wear?"

"Why, of course you can," she replied.

Frank smiled and continued to sip his martini. He realized that tomorrow would be an important day for him. Mrs. Livanos suggested that they cap their trip by meeting Tonette and Jo for cocktails.

The next morning saw a flurry of activity in the huge house, Frank, acting as secretary, phoned Jo and Tonette to set up a five p.m. date for cocktails at a popular East Side lounge. He quickly disposed of his other duties and by late morning he was ready to begin preparing for his first public appearance as a woman.

Frank went alone to the dressing room. Taking off his blue satin lounging robe, he studied his nude body in the mirrors. He turned slowly and examined every side of himself. Noticing a new growth of body hair, he decided to use a depilatory cream before showering. He applied the ointment to his legs, arms, and chest, waited ten minutes, then showered with lukewarm water.

After showering, he applied a creamy body lotion to his skin, savoring its delicate fragrance and silky texture as he rubbed himself gently.

Back in the dressing room, he first put on a tiny G-string type garment which served to hold his genitalia against his body, eliminating the possibility of any telltale bulge later on in public.

Next, he selected a pair of sheer black pantyhose, pulling them over his legs carefully and making sure there were no wrinkles. Then he picked out a bra -- one that was a little more padded than the first one he'd worn. He decided to skip the corset since he felt he could carry himself well enough without it. After he adjusted the bra, he checked the mirror. Even without makeup he was beginning to look female.

Holding his stomach in and standing erect, he pulled on a tight-fitting slip made out of black silk, He noticed how it clung to the contours of his body, and he smiled. At that moment Mrs. Livanos and Elle came into the room.

"I won't disturb you, my dear," she said. "I just want to select my own dress for the day."

The two women went into a huddle to the side of the room, while Frank sat on a tall stool trying to decide which shoes to wear. He finally decided on a pair of Italian imports made of soft leather with three-inch heels. They were black with tiny silver buckles holding the straps across the instep.

Mrs. Livanos smiled a silent approval in his direction as she left the room to change. Frank noticed that she had selected a black linen outfit, He decided then to wear white, as contrast, Looking in the closets, he came across just the dress. It was a below-the-knee-length linen Dior creation. He put it on. It had three-quarter sleeves and buttoned tightly over hsi torso, emphasizing the surve of his bosom. The skirt was pencil-tight and restricted his stride to a mere five inches. He chose a pair of nearly naked black patent sandals with five-inch heels to go with it. After studying himself again to make sure that everything fit together, he summoned Magda on the house phone.

"Beautiful!" was her only comment on arriving at the scene.

"Make me up just right, Magda."

She studied him for a moment and set to work. First she blended in a beige-toned foundation cream, then added a soft burgundy-hued rouge, Then she applied a blusher around the outer corner of Frank's eyes. Then came bluish eye-shadow which she smoothed into his lids, bringing it around under the corner of the lower lashes. Next she brushed on the softest bit of another eye-shadow just under the brow to soften the eye. Last she mascaraed the lashes themselves after lining the upper lids. She finished off with shiny red lip gloss and a dusting of matte powder.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed, admiring her work, "You look absolutely beautiful!"

Frank looked again into the mirror and had to agree with her.

"Are we ready?" Mrs. Livanos inquired, coming back into the room. She stopped and looked at Frank. A smile of real pleasure crossed her face. "That Dior fits you as if it were made for you. It gives you a marvelous feminine allure. Any jewelry?"

"What do you suggest? Frank inquired

"Pearls!" she said with determination, "Elle, bring us the set I got in London."

Elle gave the necklace to Frank and he put them on, enjoying the lustrous texture of the gems. Mrs. Livanos gave him a pair of silver-pearl earrings to put on.

The woman thought for a moment, then told Elle to bring her new Chanel coat, This was a heavy gray tweed with ermine collar and cuffs, and ermine trim along the bottom. Gray kid gloves and a black leather purse topped off his outfit.

On the way downstairs Frank turned to Mrs. Livanos, "What are you planning to call me in public?"

"Your name is Francine," she replied. "That was the last remaining hypnotic trigger, by the way. From now on, it will be impossible for you to respond to any other name."

Francine nodded her agreement, "Thanks, and, by the way, you were right, I feel much better this way. How could you possibly have known I would? I had no idea."

"Oh, I can't really explain it, I guess it was woman's intuition," she said.

To be continued

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The Mysterious Mrs. Livanos, Part Two


"The drug worked quickly this time." Mrs. Livanos' voice came as if from a great distance as the darkness closed in.

When he began to regain consciousness, Frank had no sense of time or place. He only vaguely realized where he had been and with whom. His first clear vision was of a lavishly appointed room. It seemed to be a bedroom. On one side there was an ornate dressing table, its surface covered with jars and bottles and tubes. The walls of the room seemed to be made of mirrors, there were so many of them.

As his reflections became clear in the mirrors, Frank was seized with strange terror. He could see he was on a large bed. The only problem was that his hands and feet were very securely tied. He could see the bonds were mere strips of red satin ribbon, yet strangely he could not break them, no matter how hard he tugged. Otherwise his strength seemed undiminished--it was only these curious bonds he could not break.

"Hey! What the hell's going on!" he tried to yell, but his voice came rather weak and tremulous. Before he had time to call out again, the door opened. Frank maneuvered himself to his feet in spite of his bonds, as two women came into the room. They were strangely dressed in thigh-length shiny black boots with delicate high heels and close-fitting costumes of black and white latex.

Part Two:

"Who are you?" Frank asked, "Please untie me."

"Quiet" one woman commanded. "We'll untie you when Mrs. Livanos tells us to do so."

"Where is Mrs. Livanos?" Frank asked, trying to look past the woman.

"She will arrive shortly, but first we have work to do," the taller of the two women replied.

She walked up to Frank and began to expertly unfasten his belt. Frank stared incredulously as his pants slithered down to his ankles. The women then pulled his shirt open and pushed it back off his shoulders. Going behind him, she then ripped it away from his arms.

The shorter woman took a scissors from a small drawer and began to cut Frank's pants away. Meanwhile, the other woman ripped off his shorts.

They pushed Frank back onto the bed, forcing him to lie down. Shocked beyond any capacity for resistance, Frank simply lay there staring as the two women left the room.

Testing his bonds, Frank realized he could not escape. Even were he to slip his bonds, he had no hope of reaching outdoors, wherever that was, with no clothes to wear. He waited for what seemed like hours, wondering what would happen next. This total helplessness was a strange feeling, uncomfortable but oddly secure at the same time.

At last the two women returned. One of them carried a basin and a small can of some sort. The other carried a pair of razors, one safety and the other wickedly straight. Frank's eyes were wide with horror as they approached.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, his voice shaking.

"Just be quiet and lie still, and you won't get hurt!" one of them said.

The can turned out to be nothing more terrifying than shaving cream, and one of the women began to lather Frank's chest and stomach. They then started to shave the hair from his body, taking care not to nick him. He froze in fright, not daring to move as the sharp razors glided over his skin.

He continued to watch, now becoming less fearful and more fascinated and angry as, inch by square inch, his white skin was exposed. To move might be fatal, so he had no choice but to submit. While one of the women held her straight razor threateningly over his genitals, the other held his hands so that she could shave his armpits. Then she retied his hands. Finally, the woman who held the straight razor finished the job by denuding both legs of hair.

When the job was complete, the women rubbed a scented soft white cream air over his exposed body. The soothing effect felt sensational to Frank, in spite of his anger and confusion. When they were finished, one of the women left the room while the other stood guard nearby with the razor in hand. Before he could compose himself enough to speak, Frank heard a sound and Mrs. Livanos entered the room. She wore a dark-colored tailored suit with fur collar and cuffs and black kid gloves. Her hair now fell in soft waves to her shoulders and her jewelry--earrings, bracelets--were heavy gold.

"My dear boy," she said. "How nice and clean you look. Do you feel better? I do hope you don't have a nasty hangover from last night."

Frank looked at her pleadingly. She sensed his discomfort and went on. "Don't worry, we will not harm you. I shall tell you what is happening.... First, you are in my house, It is securely locked and wired with alarms, so do not think that you can possibly escape. Your clothes have been burned, anyway, as have your papers. You are simply to do exactly as you are told. Do you understand?"

Frank could only nod an affirmative.

"Good! Now, behave yourself and do not try to resist, and everything will be all right. I like you, for some unknown reasons, and what I am about to do to you will really be for your own good, believe me. Now do exactly as Magda and Elle tell you to do." She indicated the other women, "Not that you'll have any choice."

She smiled at Frank's confused look. "Surely you've noted that you are unable to break those satin bonds?" He nodded again. "Almost since the moment we met last night, I have kept you in a hypnotic trance, one deepened by the drugged drink you got when you arrived here. The trance included a series of hypnotic suggestions and triggers, such as the one that those flimsy satin ribbons are unbreakable."

Frank looked incredulous. "You don't believe me?" Mrs. Livanos asked. "Very well, I shall demonstrate some of the other triggers. Cock." Instantly, Frank felt and saw his genitals develop a massive hard-on, bigger and more intense than any he could ever recall, even in the throes of passion.

Mrs. Livanos smiled and said, "No cock." Frank's hard-on deflated immediately and he suddenly realized he had no sensation from his genitals at all. His hands flew down to where he knew his cock and balls should be. Though he could clearly see them, he felt nothing at all.

Aghast, he stared at his beautiful, imperious captor as she said, "Tits." A strange tingling filled Frank's nipples as he felt them stiffen and grow, as they might when touched by the cold. At the same time, though he saw no change, he felt a weight grow on his chest. He felt as if he had large, well-formed breasts!

"I take it you believe me, now?" Mrs. Livanos asked. He gulped and nodded. "Normal." The sensations at Frank's chest and groin returned to the ones he was used to.

Magda untied Frank's hands and feet. "Follow me ... this way," she said.

She led Frank to a door set in the mirrored walls. Seeing himself full view was a strange sensation for Frank, for he could hardly recognize his own body. His smooth skin glistened and be had never realized how slim and lithe his body was before now. Pondering his new image, he followed Magda through the door, and Mrs. Livanos and Elle came in behind them.

The room was sort of a dressing room lined with mirrored doors, some of which were partially open. Frank could see various dresses and gowns hanging in closets.

There was a vast array of lavish brocades, velvets, satins, and delicate laces. There were also leathers, latexes, and rubbers. An enormous pile of shoes lay to one side of the room. There were high-heeled boots, shiny patent-leather pumps, and metallic-looking shoes of different styles. Frank discovered his attention drawn to all the clothes but in different ways--he kept picturing himself in the most frilly, fashionable and feminine of the outfits, and wondering how Magda, Elle, and especially Mrs. Livanos would look in the more extreme fetishistic clothes. Was this more of his captor's subtle hypnotic control at work?

Frank was acutely aware of his nudity in the presence of the three women. Trying to cover himself as best he could, he stood there while Magda opened one of the mirrored doors. There was a chest of drawers behind it, and she began rummaging through it.

"Here, put this on," she finally said. "It may help cover your embarrassment."

Frank took the garment gratefully. It was a very delicate pair of pink lace panties with a small floral design worked through the silk. Frank put them on awkwardly, and Magda helped pull them over his buttocks while the others searched in various closets.

The silk panties were very strange against Frank's body, almost sensuous in their touch. They were extremely light and at the same time very cool. He felt an odd thrill as he caught sight of himself in the mirror. He almost looked like a little girl. And his cock twitched at the idea.

Elle came over with a strange-looking contraption. She went behind Frank and put the thing around his stomach and waist. As she began fastening it up the back, Frank realized it was some kind of corset.

"Lace it tightly, Elle," Mrs. Livanos commanded. "I want that waist as curvaceous as possible."

Elle did as she was told, nearly cutting off Frank's breath. She had braced herself with one knee against his back, and he knew that it would be useless to protest.

When she had finished, the three women stood looking at her handiwork. The effect was startling. The tightness of the corset caused Frank's chest to bulge over the top, giving it the appearance of small, newly formed breasts. His waist was smaller by several inches. Elie worked smokey grey nylons up his legs and tautly attached them to the waiting garters.

It took Frank some minutes to adjust his breathing inside the confining garment. As he did so, he again noticed himself in the mirror. Now, he realized with a start he looked like a teen-age girl. The realization of this caused Frank to gape in open-mouthed wonder. He also found that his resentment against these three women was beginning to subside. A strange kind of curiosity was taking its place. His cock twitched again and grew a little in its silken confines.

He surreptitiously moved his hands to his bare nipples and silk-covered crotch. Gently, he stimulated them. "Stop that, instantly!" Mrs. Livanos commanded. "I know all this arouses you, dear. I intend it to--but you will exercise control!" Mrs. Livanos sat in a chair at one side of a large glass-topped table. "Come here, my dear," she directed, pointing to a low footstool in front of her.

Frank did as he was told, wondering what was coming next. Magda began sorting small bottles and jars on the table-top. Finally, she turned and studied his face for a second.

"Magda is an expert cosmetologist," Mrs. Livanos said, a touch of pride in her voice.. "We will see what she can do with that lovely face of yours, my dear,"

Magda began by plucking a few stray hairs from the area around Frank's eyebrows, Frank winced as the little sharp jabs of pain shot through his brow. Again, tears of anger and pain began forming in his eyes. But Magda was soon finished with her task, and the pain quickly subsided.

"Relax, young man, and let Magda do her job," Mrs. Livanos' stern voice commanded.

Frank tensed, feeling an exotic sense of humiliation, then he forced himself to relax. He hoped, vaguely, that it would all be over soon and that these three weird women would let him go. Then a frightening thought occurred to him. When and if they let him go, he would have to go forth out onto the street in women's clothes of some sort. His own clothes were destroyed.

The whole idea was staggering to him. He was absolutely trapped, and he had to do as he was told. He knew that now. A wave of anger seethed inside him, but he could do nothing about the situation.

He was, literally and in fact, a prisoner to these people!

Magda continued to work silently. She rubbed a clear transparent cream all over Frank's face. Next, she used a fine powder and spread it evenly over his clear complexion. It was slightly scented, and a pleasant aroma filled Frank's nostrils. He could not help but glance in the mirror. The effect of the powder was to soften the angularity of his face into a delicate feminine cast. Magda then daubed a slight amount of rouge on each of his cheeks and worked it in so that it blended evenly with the powder.

Mrs. Livanos watched all this in silent admiration. Magda then took a small brush and rubbed it in a dark paste. She applied this to Frank's eyebrows, darkening them and giving them a longer and more curvaceous line.

She looked back and nodded silent approval of her own efforts. Now she took another small brush and worked it gently around Frank's eyelids, giving them a bluish tinge. A third tiny brush lined the area immediately adjacent to his eyelashes, which themselves were lengthened with mascara.

Magda's next move was to apply still another brush to Frank's lips, outlining them first, then filling in the outlines with soft rosy pink lipstick and giving them a full, sensuous look.

Still watching in the mirror, Frank now realized that they had transformed him into a very attractive-looking young girl. He appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties. The overall effect was startling.

"How do you feel now, my dear?" Mrs. Livanos inquired. Her voice was gentler than before.

"I don't know," Frank answered. "I've never gone through anything like this before. It all seems very strange to me. Why are you doing it, anyway?"

"When we talked in that awful place, I felt that you were really quite unhappy. I sensed that this is what you should have done yourself, years ago. So many young men want this but deny it. So ... our little test."

"But you haven't given me any say in the matter!" Frank protested.

"Of course not, dear. You're a male--you haven't the slightest idea what is really best for you. None of you do; that is why you need women like me to find it for you!" Mrs. Livanos replied. "And to make sure you understand exactly how right this is for you, I include the little perks, the sensuous way all this makes you feel." She pointed to his hands, again straying to his crotch. "You can't deny I have made this a pleasurable experience for you."

Frank smiled, despite himself. The effect, with his now-girlish features, was beguiling. "Yes, ma'am," said Frank. "I guess that you think you are helping me."

"I don't think so ... I know so!" she retorted. Then her tone softened a little. "Now that that's settled, let's find you something pretty to wear. Magda, get the new brassiere we had bought in Europe."

The brassiere that Magda was putting on him had the effect of lifting his flesh even more than the corset, it gave him the definite appearance of having firm, well-rounded breasts. The slight padding in the brassiere and its general design created a provocative fullness.

"A petticoat!" Mrs. Livanos ordered.

Elle went directly to the correct drawer and returned with a delicate silk garment in hand. It was trimmed with a fragile lace along the bottom of the hem, and, like the bra and panties, it was in a soft shade of pink.

Mrs. Livanos ordered Frank to stand, and the two girls lowered the slip over his body. They moved carefully so as not to smear his lipstick or other aspects of his makeup job. When they had finished, the two women paused momentarily to admire their progress in transforming Frank into a girl.

Frank stood there dumbly, feeling completely humiliated and defeated.

"Shoes next?" Elle inquired.

The older woman nodded an assent, and Elle went to the pile of shoes in the corner, then returned with a pair of new patent-leather high-heeled pumps.

"Step into these!" she ordered Frank.

Nervously, the boy did as he was told. He stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, trying to retain his balance. The added height felt very strange to him, and he found it very difficult to stop swaying. He felt his legs giving way and grabbed at the edge of the table for support.

It took several moments before Frank felt secure enough to let go.

"Try walking. Go slowly at first," Mrs. Livanos suggested.

Frank took a few tentative steps and continued swaying. "This won't do," Mrs. Livanos decided. She looked him in the eye and said, "Heels." Immediately, Frank found his sense of balance and was able to move more steadily. Walking around the room slowly and cautiously, he discovered he was unable to take more than a mincing step on the narrow heels--and the slight pain they has caused in his calves disappeared.

Mrs. Livanos smiled in approval. "From now on, you will walk in heels without a second thought. In fact, you'll find it difficult and painful to wear flats or to go barefoot!" she said with a pleased tone in her voice.

She started to search about in closets, a pensive look on her face. In a moment or two she let out a cry of triumph.

"I have it!" she said, "The perfect outfit for you to begin with!"

To be continued

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The Mysterious Mrs. Livanos

[Here's another "lost" story, one I remembered from my mispent youth, and then revised it to fit the usual themes of this website.]

It was nearly midnight, and the smoke and alcohol had given Frank a terrific headache. in spite of the pain, he was determined to stay as long as necessary. It had been a long time since he had a girl -- much too long -- and he wasn't going to give up his quest now. He continued to sit at the bar and sip his drink as even more people filled the noisy singles bar.

Frank watched as the virile attractive males moved about the room striking up conversations with the various friendly girls who made the bar so popular. Although he knew he himself was good-looking, he just could not get up the nerve to be in any way aggressive. He envied the boldness of the other males around him, and he watched them from time to time partly in envy and partly in admiration.

Ordering another drink, Frank watched as men and women came in alone, ordered a drink, looked around, smiled at one another,started conversations and flirtations, then left in pairs. There would even be an occasional group departure. It all seemed so easy to Frank. He just wished that a pretty girl would come over to him. One girl did walk by, brushing his arm. Frank smelled a delicate sweet fragrance and was aware of the soft rustle of silken skirts, as the girl barely smiled at him. Frank gulped his drink and offered to buy another for the both of them, but the girl ignored him and continued on her way.

Frank lacked the nerve needed to follow her. Feeling thoroughly dejected, he ordered another drink. Just at that moment three of the most glamorous females Frank had ever seen came into the bar. It was all he could do to keep from gaping open-mouthed at their appearance. The tallest one, who seemed slightly older than the others, carried herself with an air of authority which could only come from the possession of great wealth. Frank noted that the woman wore diamond earrings that glinted brightly in the light from the chandelier at the entry-way. He also saw that her fur coat was almost floor-length, reaching her trim ankles above her shiny patent leather pumps. The aristocratic manner and the expensive attire of the woman set Frank into a nervous tremor.

The woman had an angular, haughty face crowned by an expensive-looking fur hat. Her hands were long and delicate, clearly the recipients of many careful manicures. She carried a long ivory cigarette holder which contained a lavender cigarette with gold designs.

Her two companions were equally glamorous. One, slightly shorter than the others, had the most beautiful brown hair Frank had ever seen. She wore little make-up or jewelry but had on a fantastic suede cape which billowed about her, showing off her slender ankles and delicate high-heeledevening shoes. The other girl, who wore a similar cape, was dressed in a soft white velvet frock that clung to her shapely body in the manner of a Grecian dress. The two girls were quite deferential to their companion as the three of them swept by Frank on their way to the end of the bar.

They stopped where there were several empty stools, but the two younger women made no attempt to sit down. The older woman took regal possession of one stool, and the girl in velvet motioned the bartender to serve them. Frank continued to stare at them as they gracefully sipped their drinks, ignoring everybody else in the room.

In a short while, the brunette caught Frank staring, and he could not help but react with a slight blush. The girl said something to the older woman, who nodded and smiled, then she looked over again and smiled at Frank. He could not believe his eyes. One of these lovely creatures was actually smiling at him!

Frank decided to take the plunge. He summoned all his nerve and walked over to them. "Hi!" he said, smiling at the brunette. "My name's Frank. What's yours?"

"I'm Tonette," she replied, "and this is Jo." She indicated the girl in velvet. Frank smiled and looked at the older woman expectantly. She gave him a deep searching look and smiled very faintly. The brunette spoke again, a formal tinge to her voice. "Mrs. Livanos, I would like you to meet Frank." The woman made no move to offer her hand but stared for a moment at him.

"How do you do, young man? she said finally. "Would you care to join us for a drink?"

Frank accepted the drink and thanked the woman. His mind began to ring with the sound of her name, and he realized finally that it had some connection with an enormously wealthy Greek shipping family. From that moment on, he began to pay more attention to Mrs. Livanos than to the two younger girls. For some reason, they did not seem to mind being slighted.

As it was, Mrs. Livanos appeared to direct the conversation, asking questions about Frank and his background. She listened sympathetically as he told about his childhood. Orphaned at five, he had been reared by fussy unmarried aunts who alternately spoiled him and mistreated him. He told her about his recent discharge from the Marine Corps and his inability to get a job in the city, mentioning that he was living on the last of his savings, alone and without friends or relatives in New York City. Altogether it was the picture of a poor sad young man. A true picture, just slightly colored to get the wealthy woman's sympathy.

More drinks were served, and the little party grew even more friendly. As Mrs. Livanos ordered another round, Frank loosened his tie and began to relax. He was beginning to like this strange exotic woman.

"You seem to have had a tough time of it," Mrs. Livanos purred. She raised her hands and began to stroke his cheeks with the fur cuffs of her coat. "You need soothing, don't you?" Frank could only nod, completely caught up in the unusual attention he was receiving. She continued to play with his face, his ears, his throat with the soft, sensuous fur. Her voice was equally soft and sensuous and Frank soon found himself paying less attention to what she said and more to simply the sound of her voice and the feel of the fur.

At four o'clock the last round was served and paid for by Mrs. Livanos. She turned from the bar and looked at Frank.

"I think we should all go to my place for a nightcap. What do you think, young man?" she inquired, smiling.

"I would enjoy that very much, ma'am," he answered, somewhat dreamily.

The four of them finished their drinks and left. Tonette hired a cab and they all piled in. Mrs. Livanos gave the driver an address on the posh East Side, as Frank lit a cigarette for her, his hands somewhat shaky. He realized he was rather drunk.

Mrs. Livanos lived in an ornate old townhouse in Gothic style on the end of Sutton Place. As he went up the steps in front, Frank began to feel a vague stir of excitement and pleasure. He had a premonition that something quite new and different was about to happen.

They went into a large, gloomy living room, and Mrs. Livanos mixed Frank a drink, taking some time at the lavishly stocked bar. Frank tried to discern the outlines and furnishings of the room as he sipped the drink, but the room seemed to grow dimmer and dimmer as time passed. The girls had disappeared, and the older woman was making small talk as Frank sank deeper into his chair. Finally, an overwhelming fatigue invaded his body and he drifted off into a deep, deep sleep.

"The drug worked quickly this time." Mrs. Livanos' voice came as if from a great distance as the darkness closed in.

When he began to regain consciousness, Frank had no sense of time or place. He only vaguely realized where he had been and with whom. His first clear vision was of a lavishly appointed room. It seemed to be a bedroom. On one side there was an ornate dressing table, its surface covered with jars and bottles and tubes. The walls of the room seemed to be made of mirrors, there were so many of them.

As his reflections became clear in the mirrors, Frank was seized with strange terror. He could see he was on a large bed. The only problem was that his hands and feet were very securely tied. He could see the bonds were mere strips of red satin ribbon, yet strangely he could not break them, no matter how hard he tugged. Otherwise his strength seemed undiminished--it was only these curious bonds he could not break.

"Hey! What the hell's going on!" he tried to yell, but his voice came rather weak and tremulous. Before he had time to call out again, the door opened. Frank maneuvered himself to his feet in spite of his bonds, as two women came into the room. They were strangely dressed in thigh-length shiny black boots with delicate high heels and close-fitting costumes of black and white latex.

To be continued

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bring in the New Year 15 a suit with va-va-voom potential....

The suit, consisting of a red jacket and circle-print skirt, is by Studio I, bought at Burlington Coat Factory in January 2010; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps, from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are a red rosette headband, gold jewelry, black cami, black gloves, and natural hose.

An elegant portrait:

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Bring in the New Year 14 polka-dots, pleats, and petticoats...

The white crochet top is from JCPenney's St. John's Bay line in August 2012; the red polka-dot pleated skirt's manufacturer is unknown, the tags were removed when I found it in the thrift shop in November 2011; the shoes are Madden Girl "Karlla" polka-dot pumps, from DSW in June 2011. Other accessories are the polka-dot bow, scarf, blue jewelry, red belt, petticoats, and natural hose.

The big bow always lends a youthful look:

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Bring in the New Year 13 a mini-skirt and boots...

The gray blouse is by Lee Rider, from Wal-Mart in November 2009; the red stretch mini is by Seed Supply Co., from Wal-Mart in October 2008; the shoes are Jaclyn Smith "Tiana" black suede boots. from Kmart in October 2013. Other accessories are red fedora, scarf, silver jewelry, silver belt, and black hose.

Another great portrait in a hat:

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Bring in the New Year 12 a Chinese blouse and mini-skirt...

The Chinese blouse is by Gio Collection, a thrift shop find in April 2013; the red mini-skirt is by Simply Vera Wang, from Kohl's, also April 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps, from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are a white bow, red jewelry, and black hose.

A cute portrait:

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Bring in the New Year 11 a classy suit with scarf....

I did dress today...but this outfit is actually the last from Friday. The red and floral suit with the matching scarf is by BFA Classics, a thrift shop find in March 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Kassie" red patent t-strap pumps, from Payless in January 2009. Other accessories are red fedora, black-and-white jewelry, black cami, and natural hose.

As usual, portraits in hats look great:

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Women We'd Love to Be ~ Round 2, Week 4

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Cote de Pablo


Women We'd Love to Be ~ Round 2, Week 3 Results

Jane Seymour was the choice of 66& of those voting.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bring in the New Year 10 a somewhat spring-like ensemble...

The red top with yellow trim and red/green floral skirt are both from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith in March 2009; the shoes are Fioni "Kassie" red patent t-strap pumps, from Payless in January 2009. Other accessories are a floral headband, pearls, and natural hose.

A very feminine portrait, I think:

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Bring in the New Year 9 a red sweater and tweed pencil skirt...

The red-on-red twofer top is by Apt. 9 Woman, a thrift store find in June 2012; the tweed pencil skirt is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line in March 2013; the shoes are Bongo "Ferona" red plaid peep-toe mary-janes, from Kmart in August 2010. Other accessories are a red bow, silver and chunky jewelry, thin black belt, and natural hose.

I'm really happy with how my eyes came out this time ~ the best blue eye makeup job I've ever done, I think.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Perfect Sissy Boy

{Another re-discovered story: This was a first for me. I'd never done a completely gay story before ~ but, in a survey I'd done, so many respondents asked for a forced homosexuality story that this seemed like the best way to satisfy that idea.]

Derek scanned the bar filled with couples, looking for the few singles who could always be counted on to be there on a Friday night. Yes, he was gay, but he long ago learned there was a special thrill in seducing a straight guy...especially one who could be forced into a submissive role.

And, now, he had a new method.

Derek had spent the past six months studying hypnosis, learning how to induce a trance on the most unsuspecting subject. He'd longed to try it out, to transform a normal, good-looking straight into the kind of feminized sissy boy Derek most desired. Tonight, he'd find out if he could really do it.

After about 30 minutes, he spotted his most likely "victim." The guy was young, no more than 22 probably; handsome in a fine-featured way, slender, and poised. He was drinking wine coolers. Derek sauntered up next to him at the bar and ordered a beer. "Not having any luck, huh?" he asked.

"Wha--oh, no, all the girls seem to be hooked up or waiting for someone," the guy admitted.

"I'm Derek."

"Joel," the other said, extending his hand. Derek took it and shook hands.

"You know, I've been told the way to impress a girl is to look straight at her and convince her with your eyes alone," Derek said.

"Really?" Joel asked.

"That's what an expert told me," Derek replied. "Why don't you practice on me? Look straight into my eyes and convince me of how much you want me." He smiled, acknowledging the little joke. Despite himself, Joel found he couldn't tear his eyes from Derek's. "That's it, very good," Derek went on. "Now, think about all the things you'd want to do with the girl. Think about them, empty your head of everything else." Derek's voice became more and more monotone and more and more lulling. He continued to insist that Joel empty his mind. In a few moments, Joel's eyes closed and his head slumped to his chest.

"Joel--open your eyes. You will act as if you are wide awake, but remain deeply entranced." Joel's eyes fluttered open, but his breathing remained even and deep. "Do you like the way this feels?"

"Yes--this is very nice. I feel a little horny," Joel answered.

Great, thought Derek. If just being hypnotized arouses him, I'm well on the way. "Would you like to continue feeling this way...maybe even feel nicer?" he asked.


"Then follow me out of the bar and we'll go to my place." Derek suggested. He put down enough money to cover both tabs and then led the entranced young man out of the bar.


Joel was naked and kneeling on the floor before Derek, who was lounging on the couch. Derek had taken his new subject through a series of trance-deepening sessions, each time also suggesting an attraction to Derek, a need for homoerotic activity, and a desire to look more feminine.

Now, the big moment had come. Derek shrugged off his pants, revealing his own rampant cock. Joel looked at it like the most wonderful thing he'd ever seen. "Do you like my cock, Joel?" Derek asked.


"Would you like to touch it? Go ahead and touch it." Joel reached forward and began to stroke Derek's cock with his hands. "Touching my cock makes you want it even more, doesn't it? Touching my cock makes you want to be feminine for me, Joel."

"I'd like to be feminine for you, Derek," Joel answered.

"You could be more feminine if you licked and sucked my cock, Joel," Derek continued. "You'll feel even better--more aroused, more feminine--if you suck my cock, Joel."

Joel didn't answer. He merely leaned forward and took Derek's cock in his mouth, licking and sucking. Through his arousal, Derek continued the series of suggestions to Joel. "By sucking my cock, you become irrevocably feminine, Joel. Only the most sissyish of boys suck cock; you're a sissy boy, aren't you? You're my sissy boy. You're Julie, the sissy boy who loves me and keeps himself feminine for me."

Joel increased the fervor with which he sucked Derek's cock. "Soon I'm going to come and fill your sissy boy mouth with my cum," Derek said. "You'll swallow every drop and when you do, you'll come to. And when you swallow and when you come, Joel will be gone. You will wake up and there will be only Julie, the sissy boy who loves me."

Almost instantly, Derek roared with passion as he filled Joel's mouth and throat with cum. He saw Joel's cock erupt as well and Joel pulled his mouth from Derek's cock and cried, "Fill me, Derek! I'm your sissy boy Julie--fill me forever with your cum!"


Over the next several months, Derek and Julie were the talk of the gay scene in the city. Everyone knew that Julie was male, despite how feminine she could sometimes look. Derek loved to dress her in exaggerated lace dresses with parasols, but sometimes he went with a sexy little minidress and a minimum of makeup, so that Julie's male reality shown through his feminine exterior, and often he'd dress Julie in the teenage look of short top and miniskirt, with shoulder-length blonde wig, watching straight guys ache for her...until he pulled off the wig, revealing the short hair beneath and then wet-kissed his sissy boy in front of them.

Derek smiled. He'd done it--he had his sissy boy, a straight he'd turned into his personal vision of the perfect gay submissive.


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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wanda's New Controls

[Thanks to a wonderful reader named Lisa, I have found the vast majority of the stories from my old website that I had lost. I figured out how to change the flash animation to an animated here it is.]

"He's fighting the programming?" Mandy asked.

"Not exactly," Susan replied. "I just get the feeling that there are parts of his new personality Warren's not entirely comfortable with, yet. For instance, he's not flirting the way I'd like him to. He's so reserved when he's dressed and out as Wanda that he's practically a wallflower."

The beautician-feminizer pondered the problem. "We have found that some subjects require second sessions, some even need a third, in order to have the complete sissy effect," she admitted. "I take it he has no objections to his weekly salon visits?"

"Absolutely not! He loves the pampering!" Susan said.

"Fine--bring him in next Wednesday...and stop by yourself on Tuesday, so I can preview the new programming for you."


You are proud of your feminine appearance! You revel in the attention it brings you! You crave more!

"That's just the beginning, of course," Mandy explained as she clicked off the recording. "It'll repeat like that--but at high speed, for subliminal intake, for the first several minutes. Then this part starts:"

She hit another button on her console. You can't be truly feminine if you are not flirty! Tease your companions, male and female. Make them desire you!

"That will also repeat, then the two sets of phrases will alternate through the whole session," Mandy concluded. "Oh--and there's one more thing..."

"What's that?" Susan asked, curious. "What you've done so far in making Warren into my little sissy Wanda is so fabulous that I can't imagine anything more."

"I'm going to add a 'multiplier' to his programming. You'll be able to ratchet up his sissiness with just the right phrase...or turn it down to near-masculinity if you want to humiliate him by having him be aware of his false feminine appearance."

"That's intriguing," Susan admitted. "What's the phrase?"


The next day, Susan escorted Wanda into the salon for her weekly visit. The boy-girl was dressed in a white linen shirtwaist dress with a hem that fell three inches above her knees and a neckline that revealed a touch of cleavage above a lacy chemise. Her long slender legs were sheathed in sheer nylons and perched on white kid pumps with five-inch heels. She was the image of a slightly sexy suburban woman.

As was usual, Mandy stripped the outer clothes off Wanda before placing a pink cape around her shoulders and beginning the treatment with a slow shampoo and scalp massage. This was the induction, the process that would open Wanda's mind to the feminizing messages later transmitted to her.

"How nice to see you, Wanda. How lovely you look, how girlish, how sissy!" Mandy exclaimed, knowing the effusive compliments would bring an attractive blush to Wanda's cheeks and open her to further programming. "You like being a sissy, don't you, darling?"

"Yes, like sissy...," Wanda murmured as she fell into the trance.

Half-an-hour later, Wanda's hair was completely rolled onto curlers and she was placed--awake but still under Mandy's influence--under a dryer. The dryer sent subliminal signals into his mind through the receivers in his curlers. The programming demonstrated to Susan the day before would now become a permanent part of Wanda/Warren's psyche.

He was left uder the dryer for more than two hours, so that the programming could have its full effect. Then the hood was lifted, the curlers removed and his hair combed out. He admired his new look in the mirrors. "It's lovely, Mistress Mandy, Mistress Susan," he said.

At that moment, as previously arranged, Mandy's nephew Raymond came in and complimented Wanda on her appearance. Immediately, Wanda began flirting with him. She licked her full red lips and toyed with her nipples through the pink cape. Raymond watched in fascination.

Susan caught Wanda's attention. "Sissy times four", she said. A blank look momentarily came over Wanda's eyes and then she rose from the styling chair and walked over to Raymond. Her flirting became outright seduction as she rubbed her crotch against his and teased his nipples with red-tipped nails.

Susan smiled as she watched her sissy out-girl any real woman in the shop. Then she said, "Sissy times zero."

With a shudder, Wanda stopped her outrageous antics, suddenly realizing that she was male and behaving like a slut. She turned to Susan, pleading in her eyes. "Don't do this to me," he whispered.

"Just a test, Wanda darling. Come here please." Susan paid Mandy for her services as Wanda joined her at the counter. "Sissy times two", she whispered to him...and Wanda minced out behind her.

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Bring in the New Year 8 still more red and black....

The red v-neck top is from Wal-Mart's George line in December 2007; the black swing skirt is by JBS Ltd., from Fashion Bug in March 2011; the shoes are Fashion Bug "Beestow" black patent pumps from January 2011. Other accessories are a red rosette headband, glasses, silver jewelry, and natural hose.

Why is it the glasses actually make me look more feminine?

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