Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poll thoughts

Hey, where is everybody? Two days to go and only 26 votes?

I'm not surprised to see Alyssa leading...though if more of you were familiar with Bernadette, I suspect she'd have a few votes as well.

Final Pics for this weekend

The point behind this set was to see if the addition of the white belt improved this outfit. I think it does--it makes for a more defined waistline.

I really like this pose...and it was completely unplanned. The camera's timer caught me as I was turning around--and yet it's absolutely natural and very feminine.

And this one--well, I've always been proud of my legs...always gotten lots of compliments on them...so I try to show them off occasionally!

This is likely to be the last extended dressing and photography session I can do for quite a while...my son is due home from college in about a week and "alone time" in the house will be severely limited. I might not get the chance for another session like this until the fall.

Well, that just means you'll get lots of my fiction posted over the summer, I guess!

PS: All the pics posted over the last few days--and some others from these photo shoots--can be found at my album.

Dani Does Maid Service

This was a lot of fun and a major turn-on! I haven't worn a maid's uniform in 30 years!

The toughest part was getting into it...it zips up the back! I finally decided to put it on backwards, zip it up, and then turn it around and put my arms in the sleeves. That worked!

I'm wearing it here with fishnets (of course!) and black patent pumps (of course, again!). My next purchase for this will, I think, be a petticoat. I think I saw some at Bliss Avenue.

I'm really proud of these photos, too. Other than the facial changes, I took out the bra straps and emphasized my boobs--particularly in the curtseying poses.

A Crossdressing Landmark...

...for me, at any rate. As of this moment, I have spent more than 24 hours dressed in nothing but feminine clothes...not a stitch of male clothing since about 9:30 Monday morning. What's more, I've worn nothing but feminine underwear for 48 hours--even went to church Sunday morning with pale blue panties under my male slacks! And since getting home from church on Sunday, not a single male pair of shoes has been on my feet--I've worn the kitten heels, the mocs, and several different pairs of pumps...but my sneakers are still beside my bed, where I left them Sunday around noon.

I have to run an errand around mid-day, so I'll be throwing on jeans and sneakers then...and my cd-ing three-day will end for good after dinner tonight. The spouse comes home this evening.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Obvious Sissy II

I realized this outfit was perfect for another run at the obvious sissy...this time I really went at it--all pink! And really nancy gestures!

I'll post the maid pictures tomorrow!

Monday Photos

Nothing new in this outfit, except the choker necklace which I think is a very sexy touch. The digital makeup came out exceptionally well, I think.

Late tonight--Dani goes into maid service!

Tips for Tits

I need some advice: I've been using plastic bags filled with water for tits. The weight is right, the jiggle is right, but they "slosh" something awful. Not a problem for now, when I'm doing all my dressing in private at home, mostly for the sake of photography...but should I eventually have the courage to go out fully dressed, I want to have something better.

You girls who dress in public regularly--what do you use to give yourself a womanly pair of knockers? Remember--I'm about six feet and weigh about 190...I'm giving myself a 42-D bust, so something that emulates little B cups for a slender young thing won't do.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Ready for Bed

Here are the nightgown shots from last night. I probably should have done these with the wig on, but it was late, I was tired...

I really like these two because I manage to look like I've really got a pair of tits. And, yes, most of that is real...I only did a little editing on these to emphasize the cleavage. I suspect, with a little work, I could manage to simulate cleavage all the time. It's a project for the future.

Monday Shopping

Went to Burlington today in the women's blouse and pants outfit. Chose the blue pinstripe blouse, as I thought it would be the most masculine looking. But I wore my black bra--no stuffing--under it, and my highest pair of heels.

That last was a mistake. I was too self-conscious walking around. From now on, just the kitten heels...and maybe I'll carry the higher heels in a backpack or something if I want to try on a skirt.

Nothing at Burlington shouted out "buy me!" There were some cute spring skirts with matching tops...but all the ones in my size either had a skirt that worked or a top, but not both, so I passed.

From there I went to Bliss Avenue. The great thing about this place is, given the stuff they sell, nobody blinks at anything. They actually had a maid's outfit in my size! Now, this is one of those Halloween costume outfits--but it's one with a full dress and skirt, not one of the ones that takes a black leotard, throws on an apron and some lace and calls it a maid's uniform. I figure I'll try it on tonight and do some photos.

I was hoping to find some real breastforms there, too, but no luck. Maybe closer to Halloween?

Next post will be some pics from last night in the nightgown.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Obvious Sissy

If you're at all familiar with my work, you know that one of my biggest fetish-fantasies is the "obvious sissy"--the male who is dressed in feminine attire but...because of short hair, or flat chest, or something...is obviously a feminized male, a sissy!

So I decided to see if I could pull off that look for myself. I took off the wig, but left on the earrings. And when I worked on the face for these, I went for a stereotypical "sissy" appearance--blue eyeshadow (and blue eyes) and very pink cheeks. The hairbow is a digital addition. Comments, as always, are appreciated.

[Two notes: In getting up from one of these shots, my heel caught the ankle bracelet and broke it. Well, now I know one of the things I'm shopping for tomorrow. And there's been a slight change in plans for the weekend--as I was completing these pictures, I realized I had new neighbors moving in next door. It didn't seem right to hide in the house in drag, so I threw on jeans and a t-shirt, wiped off the lipstick and went out to greet them. I'm still in male mode as I type this--though I have panties and hose on underneath. I plan on getting into my nightgown after dinner, though.]

"Ward, I'm worried about the Beaver...."

I feel like June Cleaver! I've been doing housework--yes, including vacuuming--in a dress, heels, and jewelry! Even my mother never did that!

What's the verdict on the digital feminization on the face? Is it working? I'll have more--and closer--photos later.


To aid in the digital feminizing of my face for the upcoming photos, I put on lipstick today for the first time in perhaps 30 years.

I had forgotten the intense feelings seeing my lips turn a deep red has for me. Add in the scent, taste, and feel of the lipstick and I realize I have had a slight hard-on ever since I put it on. Back when I was dressing in my 20s, the moment of putting on lipstick was always the ultimate moment of feminization for me.

Womanly Blogging

I suspect I'll be doing a lot of posting over the next 48 to 72 hours, as I give you all a rundown on my time in femininity.

Right now, I'm wearing the spring print dress with those lovely "print" pumps I pictured a few days ago. I have on necklaces and a bracelet and my oh-so-sexy ankle bracelet. Later, when I put on the wig for photography, I'll add earrings.

I'm going to be experimenting with some ideas for the photos, too--doing without the mask and seeing if I can adequately feminize my real face after the fact (instead of digitally masking it).

In a bit, I'll be starting some housework--in heels and all!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Three Days a Lady

Beginning about mid-day tomorrow (Sunday), I'll have nearly three days for dressing. My intention is to wear nothing but lingerie in that time and only wear any men's clothing on a brief, but necessary, errand Monday morning. I'm even going to try never to wear anything but women's shoes.

I plan a shopping trip (probably to Burlington) for Monday as well, and I'm going to wear a blouse and women's slacks outfit for that (possibly with heels, even). Not sure what I'm looking for, just a feeling that I shouldn't let the opportunity pass. I may check out that Bliss Avenue spot again, too--I might see if there's a maid's uniform in my size.

There'll be plenty of pictures.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 12

Those lips, those eyes, those legs, those boobs! No wonder we want to be Angelina Jolie! Who else could look simultaneously elegant, dominant and sexy in a form-fitting black leather gown? Add in a social consciousness that makes Jane Fonda look like a meanie and you have a role model for all time!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In My Dreams...

...these are examples of what I'd like to look like. Some are more achievable than others.

I know I will never be the 140-pound, slender young thing I was when I last dressed on a regular basis. I'd like to think I don't have to be a matron, either. Or at least, not dress like one.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lies, Damned Lies...

...and statistics.

Some of you may have noticed that I added a web counter to the page yesterday. And I have to say I'm amazed at the initial findings. I had no idea this site was being read so often. Yesterday there were 171 visits to the blog and 446 page views. (Not sure what the difference is...except I think a visit is an individual IP address and a page view may be the same person coming more than once. Anybody know?)

Speaking of stats, the current poll has some interesting results so far. Who knew there were so many TVs and CDs who recalled Erin Gray as Colonel Wilma Deering in her shiny spandex jumpsuit or her little white naval uniform?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Reluctant Cheerleader, Part Four

[Apologies for not getting this final part uploaded sooner.]

Competitive Exposure

The Raiders cheerleaders had one of the best seasons of the school's history that year, so good that they were invited to the regional competition. Audrey knew she'd have to come up with a special routine, one that prominently featured the team's new "star".

A week before the finals, Audrey decided that Barbie's cheerleader uniform was too sedate. "She looks like she came out of the 1960s!" she told her teammates. "That was fine for games and the early competitions, but we need something really attention-getting for the finals!"

So it was that, when Barbie came to practice that afternoon, she found her locker empty. "Where's my uniform?" she asked plaintively, already fearing some new embarrassment.

"Right here!" Audrey announced, coming forward with a box from the team's outfitter. "We finally have an outfit that suits you, Barbie honey!"

Moments later, Barbie was displayed in her new look, one that outshone even the curve-hugging spandex Audrey usually wore. It featured a boob-hugging spandex top that revealed her entire midriff. The prominent "R" drew further attention to her tits. And the skirt was shorter than any other teammate's by three inches, and rode low on her hips.

But the real embarrassment was underneath...and somehow Barbie knew that secret would come out!

One week later, the regional cheering competition was in full swing. The Raiders were favored to win, but Audrey didn't really care...her attention was on the final humiliation about to doled out to her erstwhile boyfriend--and the sexual attention he would pay to her when it was over.

The team was called forward and began their routine. It started with the pyramid with Barbie on top and continued through a series of sexy, hip-swinging, boob-bouncing gyrations, always with Barbie centered.

Then came the final move: With a sexy shake, the girls all turned their backs to the judges and performed a perfect split. The crowd roared...but the routine wasn't over. Each then fell forward, their backs still to the judges, flipping up their black and yellow skirts to reveal ruffled panties.

But there was something special about the panties worn by that girl in the center. Barbie's ruffles were disturbed by an ungirlish bulge...and above them was notice of the reason why.

Clearly embroidered in bright pink above the white of the panties was a single word, a single humiliating word that brought down the house, brought tears to the boy-girl's eyes, and filled those panties with his come as he reacted to the crowd's applause, cheers and derision:


The End

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Dress #2

This dress I bought at Kmart over a week ago...just never had the opportunity for a photo session with it until now. I was amazed when I found it--I never find anything attractive in my size at Kmart!

The shoes are the second pair from Friday's Payless visit (thank heavens for "buy-one, get-one-half-price"!); they're not as sexy as the others, but very attractive and "spring-like". I'd still love to find a pair of white pumps. (Every time I see one I want, it's unavailable in my size!)

I'm considering having the hemline of this dress raised to above my knee. Any thoughts?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Dress #1

Here's the dress I bought Friday at Burlington Coat Factory. Everything about it seems right--I love the length, I love the way it floats about my knees...even the neckline falls right (most of the time--in the shot in the album where I'm leaning over to adjust the ankle bracelet, I manipped it some to hide the bra and create a "real" boob).

And here's a closer look at those new shoes--I don't know why, but I find these pumps sexy as all hell. I get a hard-on just looking at my feet and legs in them. This also gives you a closer look at that ankle bracelet.

More views of this outfit are here.

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 11

The honey blonde hair...the serene calm...the simple elegance. I think of Catherine deNeuve as France's answer to Grace Kelly. Still beautiful at 64, without attempting to disguise it, it's no wonder so many of us want to be the divine Catherine.

[Speaking of so many of us, by the way--there were 78 votes in this poll and deNeuve outpolled her next closest rival...Kim Basinger...by two to one. Thanks to everyone for participating.]

Shopping Spree

I went on a bit of a spree this morning. The spouse is on a business day-trip, so I have plenty of time for Dani.

First, the truly sexy part. I went out in my cami and panties, with my waist-nipper. Over it all, I wore my denim shirt and jeans. For most of the trip, I was in the patent kitten heels. But when I went into Burlington Coat Factory to look for a spring dress, I put on a pair of real heels (the black ones with a four-inch heel). I'm sure some of the staff and shoppers in the store noticed, but no one said a word. (Although the cashier, as I paid, called over a colleague for no apparent purpose...I suspect they wanted to confer on my attire and purchases.)

Now, for what I bought:

At Burlington, a wonderfully airy and flirty spring dress. Yes, I tried it on in the mens fitting room, with my heels (that's why I wore them)! I also bought a replacement pair of white hose. Next stop was Payless and I finally got a couple of pair of spring shoes. Then Wal-Mart, where I actually found a decorative belt that fits me (you'll see that, I hope, in some pics with the skirt and blouse combos) and a necklace I can make work as an ankle bracelet (see earlier posts about my problems with that). Last stop was Kmart, for a pretty pink panty and camisole set. I'm wearing that now--with hose and one of the pairs of new shoes--as I type.

And, yes, my sissy-cock is bulging the panties!

[I'm taking lots of pictures later on today, but I may not post them until tomorrow night.]

Monday, April 14, 2008

More Daring Do

I never thought mowing the lawn could be sexy...but it is when you do it in fishnets and black patent kitten heel pumps.

Yes--I actually did that this afternoon...front and back yards. Looking down and seeing the bright sunshine glint off my shiny black toes was heavenly!

Daring Shopping

I was feeling particularly "girly" this morning, so when I went shopping I tried something new.

Usually, I'd wear my panties and a pair of black hose, along with my feminine moccasins, with a shirt and jeans. Today, I went a step further--I wore my white hose and the black patent kitten-heel shoes. I was an incredible thrill to listen to my heels "click-clack" on the tile floors of Kmart and Goodwill as I browsed.

I can't believe no one noticed--the shoes are decidedly not hidden by the cuffs of the jeans--but there were no comments.

The only problem I had was that the white hose wouldn't stay up--the elastic in them seems to have died (a surprise since I've only worn them twice before)! So, when I got home, I switched to the possibly even more girly fishnets.

Now, I'm sitting at the computer, in my white cami, my pink lace panties, my fishnet hose, my red peep-toe pumps, and jeans. Oh--and a massively hard sissy-cock.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poll thoughts

I'm surprised! I was positive that Jennifer Aniston was going to run away with this poll, hands down. That Kim Basinger has been leading from day one and by a significant margin, amazes me.

On the other hand, I'm pleased to see the elegant Catherine deNeuve polling more strongly than I suspected she would.

But, gee, nobody wants to be a diva like Joan Collins?

Power Heels

Even the Wall Street Journal is noticing the new fashion for high heels:

At the office, high-heeled pumps are the feminine equivalent of wingtips. A woman who wants a power shoe -- or added height -- will usually wear heels, even if they leave her wriggling her tingling toes in the privacy of the space underneath her desk.

Here's the full article.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 10

One of the modern bombshells, and--apparently--Woody Allen's latest muse, Scarlett manages to be both the girl next door and the girl of your wet dreams. Face and figure combine to perfection.

Home Repair in Heels and Hose

As has become my practice on days off from work, I'm spending today in panties, hose, and a pair of high heels with male shirt and jeans.

One of my chores today was to check out why the back-porch light wasn't working. My immediate thought was a bad switch, so I went to Home Depot (not in heels, in my feminine moccasins) and bought a replacement. Back home, I immediately changed back to the heels and began work. (Sad to say, it's not the switch. Looks like I'm calling an electrician.)

But this was the first time I did such a home-repair chore in heels and hose. Before long, I'll be doing them wearing a bra and a skirt!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reluctant Cheerleader, Part Three

Freaky Friday

Friday was homecoming game. Bob had no idea what Audrey had planned for him...but he suspected it would humiliate him and make him the laughingstock of the school.

As the report time for the cheerleaders approached, Bob vowed not to show up. He sat resolutely in his room, determined that Audrey would not control him. Then, at a quarter to five, he suddenly stood and grabbed his jacket. As he exited his room, he realized a feminine voice--Audrey's voice--was compelling him to move: You will report for pre-game practice at five o'clock Friday afternoon. You will report as Bob, not Barbie.

He couldn't resist. The post-hypnotic suggestion Audrey had planted was stronger than his masculine will. In minutes, he arrived at the high school gym, to find all the cheerleaders, led by captain Audrey, awaiting him.

"Here's our Barbie!" Audrey proclaimed to her fellow cheerleaders. "All ready to rah rah sis boom bah for us, honey?"

"Oh yes, Audrey!" Bob gushed, his persona altered immediately to that of the giggling, bouncing cheerleader.

The girls rushed forward to dress their new toy in his uniform. Each girl wore a slightly different version of the school's gold and black colors. Audrey wore one of the sexiest, a curve hugging spandex top that revealed her midriff, over a classic cheering skirt. The one they chose for Barbie's first appearance on the field was more demure, but still girlish and feminine. The black top covered her to the waist, but the skirt was suitably short with pleats and crinoline pettis beneath. Her long bare legs ended in white ankle socks and tennis shoes.

The cheerleaders delighted in making up their newest member, giving her a blushing, youthful look--with smiling dark pink lips, dark lashes and waist-length blonde waves.

By the time Barbie was ready, it was time for the cheerleaders to run onto the sidelines. Audrey took the lead, Barbie was last. Once in front of the stands, the girls formed a pyramid, and the last two before Barbie linked hands to create a step to launch the boy-girl to the top of the triangle, where she posed with one knee cocked and her hand in the air.

Smile! came the sultry voice in Barbie's mind. Flash those pearly whites and bat those eyelashes! You're a sex symbol for the crowd and the players! The crowd roared with approval and, at the base of the display, Audrey beamed.

And--although her bright smile never wavered--deep within Barbie the voice spoke again: The applause excites you! Your cock is growing! But you are humiliated to only be appreciated as a beautiful, sexy girl...but your humiliation excites you even more!

The game was followed by the traditional homecoming dance--not a formal affair, but one where every girl tried to look her sexiest. Audrey switched to a denim outfit that displayed her curvy form to perfection.

Barbie was squeezed into a pair of leather pants and a gold satin blouse that could barely be buttoned over her own ersatz breasts. You will dance, Barbie, the voice within her commanded. You will dance with boys, but especially you will dance with girls. Every dance will increase your horniness; you will want the girl you are dancing with--but you will want her as a girl wants another girl!

And so she spent the evening, growing more and more excited as the dance went on. Finally, the band announced the final number, a traditional slow dance. Audrey approached her boy-girl protege. "Dance with me, Barbie," she all but commanded, and the reluctant cheerleader fell into her transformer's arms. Audrey led, and she led Barbie on, rubbing her lush body against the other "girl's" own curves, playing with her crotch, feeling the unlady-like bulge within.

Neither could resist for long. Audrey dragged Barbie out to her car, shoving her into the backseat. There Audrey stripped off her own denim capri pants, revealing the black crotchless panties beneath. "Serve me, Barbie!" she ordered.

And Barbie's mouth fell hungrily to work on the girl's hot pussy, as her own cock continued to throb and grow. Then, as Audrey spasmed in the throes of orgasm, the sultry inner voice told Barbie, Come! Come in your sissy girly panties as you've never come before!

And Barbie collapsed with the power of an orgasm such as she had never felt!

More to come

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


In the movie Remember the Titans, Denzel Washington's little girl is playing with her Barbie dolls when the white coach and his tomboy daughter visit. Denzel suggests his daughter play with the other girl. His daughter protests, "I'm not playin'--I'm accessorizin'!"

That's what I spent yesterday doing. I decided I needed jewelry to go with my outfits. The biggest problem was going to be finding earrings--my ears aren't pierced, so I need clip-ons. I was astonished when I found some attractive ones at Filene's Basement. That's also where I found the necklace and bracelet I'm wearing in these photos.

I wanted to find an ankle bracelet, too...but none of the ones I found would fit my ankle. I might, in the future, try getting a necklace and wrapping it around my ankle twice. I'd like something heavier than the typical ankle bracelet anyway...something that says "slave jewelry" in a way, I guess.

I also finally found those frilly socks I've been after. These came from a chain called "Bliss Avenue". It's owned by the same company that runs the seasonal "Halloween Adventure" stores...and part of its stock is the sexy, feminine stuff they carry there. But it's also full of lots of "Frederick's" style lingerie, extreme shoes, and things like that. (In the one near me, there was a separate room with more racy inventory--BDSM things, stuff for bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.)

I got two pair of socks...one with just the ruffled cuffs, another with a flirty black bow in the back. (There's a style with a red bow, too.)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Shoe Thrill

Has this ever happened to you?

I work with a local theater group and I was at the cast party Saturday night. As usual when with a group of attractive women, I was noticing what they were wearing, especially their shoes...when I realized the choreographer was wearing a pair just like a pair I own...the black heels with the little bow on the instep. (I don't seem to have a good pic of them right now.)

There was a certain thrill, almost an arousal, from knowing this pretty, graceful girl shared my taste in footwear.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 9

Truly the last of the old-time pin-up girls, whether in a fur bikini, metal domme gear, or that patriotic swimsuit from Myra Breckinridge. Here she is, at 68 years old, still comfortably and believably playing roles that depend on her sex appeal to work. No wonder she's someone we want to be!

[One last note on this poll: This was one of the tightest groupings yet--three of the candidates were in double digits and all five got at least some votes.]

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reluctant Cheerleader, Part Two


The next day, Bob Leonard arrived at Audrey's house, invited on the premise that Audrey was ready to forgive and forget. "I knew that column would bring her around," he thought.

Audrey answered the door in a flower print top that exposed her midriff and a miniskirt with stripes. Bob grinned. "Hey there, honey. Give me a kiss."

She complied, smearing her dark pink lipstick on his lips. Then she led him to the couch, where his eyes began to glaze over. Margaret appeared in the doorway. "He looks about ready," she surmised. She looked at him closely and said, "Are you listening, Bob?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, slurring his words slightly.

"Excellent," Margaret said. "Audrey, just follow the script I outlined for you and everything should go terrificly. Have fun!" She walked to the door. "Call me when she's ready for her first public appearance!"

Audrey spoke softly and sensuously to the drugged and submissive student. "Bob, you will follow all my directions explicitly. Nothing I do or say will seem unusual. In fact, the final result will make you happy and horny. Understand?"

"Yes, Audrey."

She led him to the bathroom, where she stripped him and stood him under the shower. An hour later, his shoulder-length hair was a pale blonde color. She sat him at the vanity in her room, and began to make up his face, turning his slender male good looks into stunning feminine attractiveness.

The next step was lingerie: a padded bra giving him a 35-inch bust, panties, pantihose. On top came a cropped white t-shirt and a pale green miniskirt. On his feet were a pair of white sandals with four-inch heels. The final result was a coed who would turn heads in any high school.

Audrey posed him before a mirror. "Look at yourself--you are the epitome of feminine glamour and charm. You are Barbie--just like the doll! The only masculine part of you left is your cock--do you feel it growing hard as you gaze at yourself?"

"Yes, Audrey," the transformed boy answered.

"That is the way you will always feel when dressed this way. Or whenever I say rah rah sis boom bah--at those moments you will be Barbie, the perfect cheerleader! You will return to 'normal' when I say game's over."

Audrey spent the next several hours training Barbie in the Ridley Raider cheerleader routines; with hypnotic control, she knew them perfectly the first time through.

"Well, time's up," Audrey said at last. "Time to go home, Barbie. See you at the game on Friday."

"Sure, Audrey," Barbie replied in her breathy girlish voice. "See you then." She strolled out the door in feminine manner and shimmied her way to Bob's home. Shortly after arriving, the phone rang. "Hello," Barbie answered.

"Game's over!" came the voice from the other end.

Bob gasped when he realized how he was dressed. "Audrey, what's going on?" he demanded.

"You know--you do remember what happened at my house this afternoon, don't you?" Suddenly, all the events of the visit flooded back into Bob's mind. "Don't try to fight Bob, dear. See you Friday!"

Bob hung up and shook his head in confusion and terror!

More to come

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Later Poll Thoughts

I must admit I'm surprised to see Cheryl Tiegs running so far ahead of Dolly Parton. What? Nobody wants to be top heavy any more?

For the Future

I expect to have a few days to myself at the end of this month, time to dress and take a lot of pictures. Anybody got any ideas on poses or themes for that? The one requirement is that I cannot go outdoors...anything else I'm game for, provided it doesn't get too raunchy.

I expect to do some more shopping in anticipation of that as well. Any suggestions on the kind of outfits I should look for would also be appreciated.


As promised, here a few pix of my new pants and blouses. The blue pin-stripe blouse is worn with the black flair-leg pants with cuffs. The red-and-black blouse is worn with black pin-stripe straight-leg pants. The flair-legs came with a belt, the others I had to buy one for.

I've always avoided buying pants before now--after all, I can wear pants anytime, right?--but I can see why some girls consider them sexy and appealing. These definitely give me a more defined waist than any of my dresses or skirts do. And there is something very sexy about five-inch heels peeking out from under those hems.

When I have more time, I'll try these blouses with the skirts from some of my other outfits...and I'll also work on editing these pix into my fantasy image of myself.

I'm really interested in any comments on these. Andrea, Barbara, any thoughts?

See more images of these pants here.