Monday, October 29, 2018

Under Control, Part Two

Part Two

A short time later, Ms. Control pulled up in front of Honora's home. "Take your packages and follow me," she said. Still entranced, Justin did as she ordered. Honora was waiting at the door.

"Connie! It's so good to see you again," Honora said, smiling.

"Yes, it's been far too long." The two hugged and then shared a long, passionate kiss, while Justin stood mute, unseeing beside them. "Take the packages to your room, Justin. Your aunt and I will join you shortly," Ms. Control said.

"Yes, Ms. Control," he murmured as he complied.

"Ms. Control?" Honora asked.

"A bit of a play on my name...but fitting, don't you think?" her friend replied. "He's quite cute...he's going to make a very attractive sissy. When did you realize he had it in him?"

"It was confirmed when I caught him wanking into my panties...a match to the ones he's wearing now, I suspect," Honora said, smiling. "But I'd suspected it from when he first moved in after his parents died, a year ago. He was a bit too interested in my clothes...and I could tell he had developed a crush on me, as well."

"Let's get him started on the road to full feminization and submission, then, shall we?" Ms. Control suggested. "Show me to his room."

They found Justin sitting on his bed, still staring into his mind's-eye image of the hypnotic swirls. "Justin, stand and strip to your panties," Ms. Control said.

"Yes, Ms. Control," Justin said as he stood and quickly removed all his clothes except for the pink satin undies.

"Oh, he is delicious!" Ms. Control exclaimed. "Still smooth and hairless and so slender! We'll have to begin a regimen of diet and skin care to keep him that way, of course."

"Naturally," Honora agreed. "The necessary materials for beginning are among the many packages that he brought home. As are a few other accoutrements." She pronounced it in the proper French. She opened one of them and produced a little training bra. "This is just to get him started, of course. In the not-too-distant future, he'll have the breasts to require a larger one."

"But not too big, dear," Ms. Control advised. "Sissies always look so cute with a pair of tiny little titties." She took the bra and said, "Come here, Justin...time for you to get even more girlish..." She wrapped it around his chest and carefully adjusted what little he had there into the cups of the bra, then made sure the straps were the correct tightness. "Go to the mirror and see yourself, Justin."

Justin looked into the full-length mirror on the back of his door as Ms. Control spoke in her hypnotic way. "You like looking like this. This is how you should always dress...the feel of the bra around you makes you feel secure and loved. The satin of the panties makes you feel good and sexy."

Justin smiled as he saw himself in this new way. "Yes, Ms. Control," he repeated. ""

"Excellent! Now, come here and Auntie and I will make you even better looking!" She indicated a chair placed before the mirror. "By the way, that is how you will address your aunt from now Auntie or Auntie Honora."

"Yes, Ms. Control, yes, Auntie," he complied.

From among the many purchases, Honora produced a package labeled "Girl's First Cosmetics." With its contents, she began to prettify her nephew's face: She brushed on pink eye-shadow and dark mascara, pink blush, and a shiny pink lipgloss. "What do you think, Connie?"

"Perfect, Honora...all sissies should start out in pink," she said. "Don't you agree, Justin? You look pretty, don't you? You're a sissy, sissies ought to look pretty, isn't that right?"

"Sissies look pretty...I'm a sissy...I look pretty," Justin agreed, staring at his image in the mirror.

"Now, it's time for the outer clothes," Honora said, going to the larger packages.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Under Control, Part One

Honora stood outside her nephew's door, awaiting the tell-tale sounds. Though in her 50s, she had the figure of a 25-year-old, and enjoyed showing it off in tight dresses, blouses and skirts, her magnificent legs perched on six-inch heels. Ah, there it was--the panting, the sighing. She pushed open the door and saw exactly what she expected: He was laying on his bed, stroking his cock with a pair of her satin panties, his cock spurting its cream into the pristine pink of her unmentionables.

"Justin!" she cried. "Just what are you doing?" He stopped, turned to the door and turned scarlet in embarrassment.

"Aunt Honora, I-- I--," he stammered.

"Don't bother explaining," Honora interrupted. "Just clean yourself up, put those panties in the wash and get dressed. I have an errand for you to run."

Thirty minutes later, Justin was at the department store in the mall, picking up a large order of things for his aunt. She had told him to wait at the food court for another part of the trip. He sat at a table in a corner, surrounded by the many packages he had picked up, when a tall young woman approached. "Justin?" she asked. He looked up--the woman might have been a younger version of his aunt...a somewhat kinkier version, as well, since she was dressed in a form-fitting black leather dress. "May I join you?" she said, then sat without waiting for a reply.

"I'm a friend of your Aunt Honora," she explained. "She said I'd find you here. I have further instructions for you. Look among those packages and find the smallest one." Justin was so surprised, he obeyed without thinking. He held up the indicated bag. "Very good, now take out what's inside."

Justin did so, and blushed when he realized he was pulling out a pair of satin panties that were a duplicate of the ones he had soiled just that morning. "Very pretty, aren't they? And soft to the touch? Especially around certain parts of your anatomy?" she teased. Justin found that, for some reason, this conversation was arousing him...his cock was hardening in his jeans. "Take them--no, don't put them back in the bag! Take them to the men's room and put them on under your jeans!" Her voice had taken on a commanding tone.

Justin hesitated. "Now!" she ordered. "Or I'll raise my voice and give the order again so everyone around us can hear!" Sheepishly, without saying a word, Justin rose, trying to carry the pink panties so no one could see, and went off to the men's room. While he was gone, she picked up his cellphone and made an "adjustment".

A few minutes later, Justin returned. He felt the satin of the panties slither over his cock and balls and his ass. And he felt the reaction, as his cock hardened further. "Welcome back, Justin," she said, smiling. "Now, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Constance Trohle--but you can call me Ms. Control. In fact, you will call me Ms. Control at all times." She indicated his phone on the table. "Pick it up and press that new app I installed while you were gone."

"You did something to my phone?" Justin asked.

"How did I tell you to address me?" she said, frowning.

Justin gulped. This was indeed a commanding woman. "S--sorry. Ms. Control, what did you do to my phone?"

"You'll see--just open the app as I told you." He obeyed, and the phone screen filled with a melange of colors, all spinning and spiraling. "Now, just bring the phone close to your face, so the screen fills your view...and listen to my voice...."

She began to speak in a low monotone. "You like the feel of those panties, don't you, sissy? That's what you are, you know, a sissy. Only sissies like to wear pink satin panties under their jeans. Isn't that right, sissy?"

The swirling image on the phone and her voice were having an effect on Justin. He found he couldn't deny her. "Y--yes, that's right, Ms. Control...."

"So what are you, dear?"

"I am a sissy, Ms. Control." Justin's voice was soft and slurred. His body was lax and limp...except for the cock in his panties. That was harder than ever before.

"Good...Now, you can close the app on the phone, but keep seeing the colors move and swirl. Stand up and follow me..." She rose and began to head for the door. Justin followed her, his head filled with the hypnotic images of the app. His transformation was about to begin.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sissy Uncovered, Conclusion

Part Five:

Two months later.

I have now been through eight sessions in what I have come to call the “conditioning chair.” There is hardly anything of the male me left. My skin is soft, smooth and pink; I have no hair below my eyebrows except the neat triangle at my crotch; my little titties have developed into cute A cups with constantly aroused nipples. Speaking of constantly aroused, the buttplug in my ass-pussy keeps my sissy-cock always stimulated.
My hair has been cut into a feminine pixie style and frosted to boot. I wear mascara and pink lipgloss at all times. I have no overtly male clothes left—my work attire consists of man-tailored blouses in pastel shades (and, yes, they button the “wrong” way), tight pants with side or back zippers that end above my ankles, and girls’ flats in a variety of patent leather colors, with bows or buckles on them.

I move in a feminine way…mincing steps, with my arms bent at the elbow. I sit with my knees together and my ankles crossed. No observer can miss the fact that I am a submissive sissy now.

Last Saturday, I went to my Mistresses’ home and discovered they were gone! The house was empty, except for one item: the conditioning chair! There was a note on it: “Use this to your heart’s delight, sissy…we can always make another.” I hired a mover to take it to my place.

I wonder where they have gone. Every time I see an effeminate young man, I think, “My Mistresses have a new submissive,” and imagine him going through the same process I did. I hope someday they will summon all of us to a “reunion”.

Once a week, I subject myself to the conditioning chair. I do not want to return to my old life. I long for a Mistress again…I curtsey to every woman I meet, hoping she will be the One. Today, one woman smiled at me and handed me her card: “Mistress Lola Venus,” it said. I blushed and blew her a kiss.


Monday, October 15, 2018

October Dressing--New Clothes 2

An unusual take on polka-dots....

The blue polka-dot dress is by Sammi & Jo, bought at K&G earlier this month; the shoes are Fioni "In the Mix" navy felt peep-toe pumps, from Payless in February 2011. Other accessories are a blue bow, silver jewelry, petticoats, and natural hose. I picked out this dress not only for my fondness for polka-dots, but because I suspected it would work well with pettis--I was right!

And, once more, some portraits:

Next dressing session in mid-November!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

October Dressing--New Clothes 1

I had an opportunity to do some shopping last here's the first of two new dresses:

The red turtleneck sweater dress is by B-Design, bought at Burlington. The boots are Jaclyn Smith "Tisdale" boots from Kmart in November 2014. Other accessories are a red floral headband, black-and-white jewelry, a black belt (also new), and natural hose.

And, as always, a couple of portraits:

I'll post the other dress later this week, maybe as early as tomorrow.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Sissy Uncovered, Part Four

Part Four:

I had great difficulty deciding what to wear to my next visit with my Mistresses.  After the very kinky outfit they had sent me home in last week, I was confused. Did they want me to be a frilly sissy? Or a sexy wanton? I finally decided to go very conventional: a white man-tailored blouse and a tight black pencil skirt. My one concession to their previous whims was to wear the seven-inch heels they had provided the week before. I did my make-up, combed my hair into its best feminine look, threw on a trench coat and headed out.

I rang the doorbell and waited nervously. What would my three dommes have planned this week? Today, Julie answered the door. “Take off the coat,” she ordered. I complied, revealing my outfit. “Ah, the sexy secretary!” she exclaimed. “Come in…you know where to go!”

I minced in over the threshold and made my way to the playroom. But something had changed. The bed on which I had been milked in my previous visits was gone, replaced by a straight-back chair with a lot of strange apparatus around it. Holly and Tracy stood on either side of it. “Off with the clothes, sissy,” Holly said. I obeyed and stood before them completely naked.

“Sit!” Tracy ordered and I did so. Immediately, I felt one of the unusual features of the chair—there was a large dildo in the center of the seat, already lubed, and it slid easily into my ass-pussy. Holly and Tracy strapped me into the chair, securing my arms, my legs, and even my head to an immovable position. Julie then attached a pair of strange cups to my nipples, and slid a metal cover over my already erect sissy-cock. There was a tube attached to the end of that cover that led to a small container at the side of the chair. Finally, she lowered a pair of headphones over my ears and rolled a large-screen TV in front of me. With my head locked in position, it filled my vision completely.
I heard Holly’s voice through the headphones. “Your weekly milking will now be combined with mental conditioning. Watch the screen…” It lit up with swirling colors that captured my attention as a strange not-quite-musical sound came through the headphones. In time, I found myself drifting into a weird mental state. Was I being hypnotized? I didn’t know and soon didn’t care, as the other devices began to stimulate my sissy-cock, my nipples, and my ass-pussy.

Were there words in the sounds I heard? Were there words and images on the screen? My mind only half-registered them consciously. I felt my sissy-cock spurt…and spurt again…and again…and felt less and less masculine with each eruption. Something was making me feel entirely feminine and soft and submissive. Was this the conditioning my Mistresses had mentioned?

I have no idea how long the treatment lasted. But, in time, the screen faded to black, the headphones went silent, and the stimulation of all my erotic zones subsided. My Mistresses released me from my unusual bondage and led me to the bathroom. “It’s time for our sissy to be feminine from the skin out,” Tracy announced. She produced a razor and removed the hair from my legs and underarms, and trimmed my pubic hair to a neat triangle. She guided me into the shower and covered me in a pink foam. I felt it melt away the remaining stubble and then she turned on the shower and rinsed me of the residue.

“Step out,” said Julie. I obeyed, and she began to rub and massage my skin with oils and other treatments. In a short time, I had a soft pink skin, as feminine as any centerfold. “You will undergo this treatment every week until we have completely emasculated you in body and mind,” she explained.

I was led into the bedroom to the vanity. Tracy began her work on my face. By the end, I was the image of a young woman, soft and pretty and absolutely feminine in appearance. Holly produced my new clothes:  a matching bra, panties and garterbelt in pink satin; a satin blouse in lavender; another tight pencil skirt in deep purple. My hose were old-fashioned seamed stockings and my shoes were open-toed platform pumps.

The final touch was a brunette wig in a decidedly 1940s style. I stood before the mirror…I looked like a teenager of the WW2 era, ready for a date. And I felt like one! Was this the result of the conditioning? “Go home, just as you are, sissy,” Holly said. “Next week, come back in an outfit of your own choosing, and we’ll see what we can do with you then.”


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sissy Uncovered, Part Three

Part Three
I returned to my three Mistresses the next Saturday, this time in a frilly pink party dress and heels. I tried to cover it all with a long coat, but of course my stockinged legs and heels showed anyway. I rang the bell.

“Well, the little sissy has come back for more,” said Tracy who opened the door. “Off with that horrid coat—let me see what you’re wearing!” she ordered.  I stripped off the coat and stood on their doorstep, exposed to all the world in my little girl dress. “So cute,” she smiled. She produced a collar and a leash, clipped them to my neck and led me into the house, directly to the playroom.
Holly and Julie waited there. They laughed when they saw my outfit. “Heavens, he just gets even more sissy every time, doesn’t he?” Holly exclaimed. “You know what to do, sissy,” she continued. “Off with the clothes and onto the bed.” I obeyed, stripping to my bra, panties and stockings, and lay face up on the bed. “Good girl,” Julie said.

Apparently, it was Holly’s turn to start my milking. She removed my butt plug and replaced it with an even bigger vibrator than last week. As she turned it on, I felt the stimulation harden my sissy-cock. Holly wrapped her hand around my member and began to pump. Julie described what I should feel:
“Feel the maleness get pumped out of you, sissy…feel your body lose any semblance of masculinity and become soft and gentle and feminine. Oh, so, feminine.” Tracy moved to the head of the bed and began to play with my nipples through the nylon of my bra. “This is the only way you can come now, isn’t it, sissy? With your Mistresses playing with you like a girl,” she said. With that, I spurted my cock-cream…and Holly caught it in a little cup.

Now  Tracy took Holly’s place and began her ministrations to my sissy-cock, which was soon hard once more. Julie moved to my nipples and began to stimulate them again. I came even faster this time, though there was much less cream to be captured in the cup. Finally, Julie took over stroking my sissy-cock and my final spurt was nothing more than a trickle. She took the cup filled with my cock-cream and brought it to my lips. When I resisted, she pinched my nose and forced me to open my mouth, pouring the sticky concoction past my lips.

“Good girl!” Holly said. “From now on, you will always taste your cock-cream when we milk you.” Julie removed the vibrator and replaced it with an even larger butt-plug than before. “Have to keep you filled and happy, darling!” she explained.

The released me from the bed and stood me before the full-length mirror as they went through the wardrobe to find my new outfit. I gasped when they finally came forward with their choice. It was a calf-length red latex dress that I knew would cling to me like a second skin. They started by padding my bra  out to tremendous proportions. “46D,” Holly said, laughing. “You’ll be a perfect bimbo!” They replaced my panties with padded ones, making my hips and ass larger as well. Tracy produced a measuring tape—“44 inches,” she announced.

They stretched and pulled the shiny dress onto my exaggeratedly feminized form, smoothing out all the wrinkles. I realized the skirt was so long and tight I would be restricted to a mere six-inch stride…a stride I realized would be even shorter when they placed seven-inch stiletto heels on my feel.  I minced to the vanity when ordered and they began my cosmetic makeover. When they were done, I looked like a Vegas showgirl, especially after they placed the big blonde wig on my head.

They assisted me to stand and wiggle my way back to the mirror. I was not only feminine…I was a caricature of femininity. “Show us how much you love your new look, sweetie!” Julie ordered. “Run your hands over your slick, smooth body…wiggle that ass…make those boobs bounce!”
I did as they ordered, watching myself in the mirror…and feeling my arousal grow with every move I made. Soon, there was an obvious bulge at the crotch of my skin-tight dress. “Look! She’s turned herself on! She’s in love with her bimbo self!” Tracy laughed.

Now, completely transformed, thoroughly emasculated and humiliated, aroused beyond measure, my Mistresses announced it was time for me to leave for home. As I minced to the front door, I reached for my long coat. “Oh no, sissy!” Holly said. “Now cover-ups for you. Wear this!” She handed me a white faux-fur jacket that only reached my waist…and would not close over my massive tits. All it did was further emphasize my over-feminine appearance.

I carefully made my way down the steps. It was dark now and few people were on the street. I couldn’t run home, only mince my way back to my own door. It took me an hour to get out of the incredible latex dress…and when it was off, the only thing I wanted to do was remember the way it felt  and bring myself to climax. But that was forbidden until my visit with my Mistresses next Saturday!

More to come