Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Men We'd Love to See Feminized

Maybe Hawkeye should have been the one wearing dresses?

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Days Like This

Some more thoughts about appearing in public from Hannah:

If there is one thing I want someone to take away from reading my blog is that yes, I know it’s scary to go out for the first (and fiftieth) time. I know we all wonder what people are thinking, but the point I try to make is that you will never know what people think.

I’ve said before that what someone thinks of you is none of your business. And it’s true, I don’t want to know what you think of me, unless of course you think my lipstick is cute, you like my dress or you’re complimenting me on my ability to walk in stilettos. I don’t think anyone minds when someone says something nice about us, and I think for the most part people are generally kind and likely won’t say anything negative to you. But the world is filled with jerks who feel it’s their right, maybe their obligation, to tell you what’s on their mind and to harass you. I know that people at the mall don’t care what I think, so why do they suppose I care about what they think? Guess what? I don’t.

I have no illusions about myself or how others see me. I fully accept that others “know” I am trans. And with that, I also fully accept that others will think of me as a man in a dress, a guy playing dress up or something derogatory. Some members of the transcommunity embrace the term “tranny”, but I think it’s offensive. Regardless, most people don’t care about me and what I’m wearing and they are distracted and engaged in their own life, or, more likely, staring at their phone. Some people do want to share their opinion and for the most part, it’s overwhelmingly positive. Some will compliment my outfit whether it’s because they sincerely like it, or because it’s another way of saying “I support the transcommunity” and will go out of my way to make me feel welcome.

You’ll have good days, bad days and days that are unremarkable. You’ll have days where you’ll find the perfect matching heels for the dress you bought two years ago but have never worn. You’ll have days where you’ll have lipstick on your teeth and run your stockings. You’ll have days where you stumble a little in your stilettos and lose an earring. You’ll have days where someone will call you ‘sir’ and smirk. You’ll have days where a grandmother from St. Louis will call you the sweetest thing and waiters will call you ‘ma’am’. Mama said there would be days like this, and she was right.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dani's Hypnotic Self-Image #7

Another look at how I see myself...

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Men We'd Love to See Feminized

Another in this series--

The name is Bond...Jane Bond. Or maybe Renee Steele?

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Poll Results: Dani's Best Look--Round 2, Week 7

This week's entry rated 2.2

And here's the next entry:

The fuchsia shirt dress is from Kmart's Attention line in February 2015; the shoes are Fioni fuchsia pink pumps from Payless in January 2009. Other accessories are a pink bow, black-and-white jewelry, and pink hose.

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More on Forced Feminization

[This is likely the last of these weekly postings for a while, unless I run across other suitable material.]

A look at forced femme...from the perspective of the still-learning domme:

Forced feminization, or sissification as it is sometimes called, is the act of switching a submissive male’s gender to female. This can be done with feminine behaviors, clothing, or anything feminine at all. When I say feminine, I mean a very stereotypical feminine role. It is not meant to be degrading females. What it really is, is a form of D/s. Historically, women were a very marginalized group, and they were submissive to men. Forced feminization adopts this stereotype, using it to enforce a D/s role. It would be very accurate to call forced feminization roleplaying; it is a way for a male to take on a submissive role, and for the female (typically the dominant in this type of roleplaying) to take on the dominant role.

One very common practice is cross-dressing a male, and this can range in the intensity. Sometimes the male just wears female underwear. In pornography, a scene will often start this way; a female will find a male wearing feminine underwear, and then she will force him to adorn more female items. This is just a possible suggestion when you are playing, of course. Then, beyond that, there are actual female clothing articles that can be worn. As I mentioned earlier, forced feminization plays off of stereotypes, so common items here would be maid outfits, schoolgirl outfits, very frilly and pink outfits, corsets, anything Victorian, things you associate with royalty, a princess dress, or a secretary outfit. Some people will then put on makeup, nail polish, wax, and any other cosmetics that a “typical” female might wear. Some people will even buy a wig for this type of play, as it helps them to get a hair style that is similar to that of a female.

Finally, the male can take on feminine tasks. So, he can cook, clean, wash dishes, etc. He can do any "female job" that will reinforce his role. When he fails to carry out these jobs, corporal punishment can be used. So, he can be bent over your knee and spanked, or he can be caned; anything really can work. It becomes especially authentic if it is anything a male would have used to discipline his wife 100 years ago, though.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dani's Hypnotic Self-Image #6

Another look at how I see myself under Mistress Lola's guidance:

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Men We'd Love to See Feminized

The second in this series...

Here's Jason Bateman...interesting how some handsome men make lovely women and others...well...

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


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Monday, January 15, 2018

January Dressing 3: Brown and Blue

Another sweater dress...and I think the first and third photos below are not only the best so far this year, but the best in quite a while.

The brown sweater dress is by Say What?, bought at Ross in January 2017; the shoes are Lela Rose "Galilea" navy/brown peep-toes from Payless in May 2011. Other accessories are a blue bow, blue jewelry, blue belt, and natural hose.

And two nice portraits:

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

January Dressing 2: Green Sweater Dress

As you'll note in the description later on, this is one of my oldest dresses...and, surprisingly, one of the smallest--a size 16!

The green sweater dress is by Connected Apparel, bought at Burlington Coat Factory in January 2009; the boots are Jaclyn Smith "Tiana" black suede boots, from Kmart in October 2013. Other accessories are the red fedora, scarf, red jewelry, red belt, and natural hose.

And a couple of portraits:

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

January Dressing 1: Tan with New Boots

The first outfit for the new year, featuring my latest purchase:

The tan twofer is by White Stag, found in a thrift shop in March 2011; the tan straight skirt is by Alfred Dunner, a thrift shop find in March 2014; more on the new boots below. Other accessories are the brown fedora, scarf, black-and-white jewelry, and natural hose.

Here's a couple of close-ups of the boots:

They are "Cady" stiletto sock booties, from Target's A New Day line...bought just this week. I've been seeing styles like this all over the net this season and decided I couldn't pass these up.

And, finally, some portraits:

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Getting Started

Some interesting advice and memories from Sandra Gibbons:

One of my regrets is that I never dressed seriously in my twenties. OMG, I would kill to have been taking pictures at that age! But it just wasn’t in the cards. I was so confused and moody when I was young, just kind of drifting through life. Looking back I wasted a lot of time and missed a lot of opportunities. So in a way this blog post is written to that confused kid all those years ago and what I wish I’d done back when I was getting out of high school.

The main thing that’s required is to just sit down and practice with the makeup and the clothes until you start to put together a “look” for yourself. And then the next step is to eventually work up the courage to go out dressed, maybe to a munch if you’re in a decent-sized city, or going to clubs with friends, or just going out alone if you have to (and trying to be safe). If I’d had the sense to do all this when I was young I would have been on top of the world and not even known it. But like I say, I didn’t have a clue back then and didn’t know where to start. In any case, that’s my take on what I should have done all those years ago – it seems really obvious to me now!

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dani's Hypnotic Self-Image #5

The fifth in this series, showing how I see myself under Mistress Lola's hypnotic guidance:

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Men We'd Love to See Feminized

Quite some time back, I did a series of posts under this title, tied to a poll of which celebrity you thought made the best-looking femme. This time around, I'm just posting my work at feminizing each of them, for your enjoyment and commentary.

Let's begin with a very young Kurt Russell (the image is from the Disney film The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes), turned into something of a blonde bimbo:

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Erotic Hypnotism and BDSM

Another look at one of our favorite kinks:

BDSM-driven erotic hypnosis even has its own book, published, by Alex Tsander who sees erotic hypnosis as an intriguing way to dive deeper into the world of hypnosis.

When asked why erotic hypnosis has such an appeal to the BDSM community in an article for Bizarre Tsander highlighted the similarities between hypnosis and the sensual release of the dom/sub dynamic. “It’s all tied up in issues of power and relinquishing control,” he stated. Hypnosis itself can also be a fetish, as Tsander notes that “I’ve met people who get a buzz from being hypnotized or the idea of it—usually vanilla individuals with a submissive side they haven’t come to terms with”.

In short erotic hypnosis can provide couples with a safe and wonderfully unique way of exploring their own proclivities towards dominance and submission.

...being tied up can be considered a bit too intimidating for some people (and in a long distance relationship it may be practically impossible). Safety always comes first and someone who is hypnotized should never be bound… at least not physically.

Using nothing but the voice a hypno-dominant may narrate binding their partner, making them feel as if they’re being tied up and guiding them into place with their voice.

Being descriptive is important here: the submissive should be able to imagine how the restraints feel against their skin; how tight they are and how they react to every little motion.

An oldie but a goodie. Having put their sub into a trance a hypo-dom may be free to make them do whatever they wish.

This could be something playful (like a hypnosis-induced erotic dance) or something more intimate (like a voyeuristic masturbation session).

The tone of voice is very important for this suggestion. The hypno-dom will need to be commanding enough to act as a dominant should but soothing enough to keep the trance state in place. It may take practice, but the experience is well worth it.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dani's Hypnotic Self-Image #4

Another in this series of altered images:

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Growth Hormone?

Metacalphalate-X is the creation of Timothy Reisling Betticut.

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