Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Dressing 10: Pink and Petticoats

The yellow striped t-shirt is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line in April 2015; the pink pleated mini-skirt is from Kmart's Attention line in June 2014; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" poppy patent pumps from Payless in June 2009. Other accessories are a pink bow, chunky jewelry, petticosts and natural hose.

Again, the portraits came out beautifully:

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Monday, October 30, 2017

October Dressing 9: Ravishing Red Dress

No...not the one discussed in my latest session with Mistress LolaVenus, but still in the same mode:

The red stretch dress is by Suzy Shier, bought at Annie Sez in February 2015; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps, from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are a red rosette headband, black-and-white jewelry, red belt, and diamond pattern hose.

Both of these portraits turned out great.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Tribute

I am Mistress Lola's Good Girl.
I am Mistress Lola's Sissified Sweetheart.
And when she wants me to be, I am Mistress Lola's pretty Dolly.

What began as an on-line friendship and conversation has become a devotion. I accepted your invitation to a chat-room hypnosis session with skepticism and a bit of trepidation, but I have discovered a part of me that lay dormant for many years. I now realize that I desire to be in trance, that I love being in trance. I am what I have seen described as a "trance-slut."

And I love being psychologically feminized as much as I love being physically dressed as a woman. My sissy-cock engorges at the thought of being entranced and commanded by my Mistress Lola. Your every request is a command...because obedience is pleasure.

But I know you will never request that which I cannot fulfill. You are aware of and respectful of my limits--my marriage, my work, my life outside being Dani. When I have said that a request cannot be fulfilled, you have accepted it. You are not demanding, you are a loving Mistress who wants me to be as happy in this relationship as you are.

There is so much more I want to explore with you. How deep can I go? How easily can I become Dani within my mind as well as my body? I want to be as submissive, as feminine, as girly as you want me to be...and I know you will only want what I want.

I eagerly await every communication with you, knowing it will only deepen my devotion, my deaire to be your Good Girl, your Sissified Sweetheart, your loving


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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Friday, October 27, 2017

Reasons for Crossdressing

The author of this essay has some interesting thoughts on the subject:

My own speculation is that men cross-dress for a variety of reasons. (And it's generally men, since women can be "masculine" in everyday life without overtly stepping out of society's gender role.) The reasons include:

- Submissives -- They're most visibly prevalent in the BDSM scene. Their primary kick is submission and what could be more "humiliating" than being emasculated. However, forced femme is a pretty common fantasy among both CDs and TSs, and I think that it's way for T-girls to avoid guilt and shame (similar to women who have rape fantasies to cope with anxiety about their sexuality), and it may also be a wish-fulfillment rewriting their childhoods where they were forced homme.

- Fetishism -- Since most of us start dressing around adolescence, I think that's probably a common spark, even if the tinder was laid by other causes. (Some CDs do start in childhood and I can't really speak to what starts it for them, since that's not my own story.) Not surprising, since given my teenage hormones _anything_ having to to do with girls had sexual overtones. But there's studies showing this driver often fades over time.

However it does seem like a number of girls do have an "embracing their inner slut" aspect. This might have a couple causes. First, underneath the dress, we've still got testosterone-fueled sex drives. Second, since of lot of girls only get to come out occasionally, they're still teenage girls emotionally and strutting their stuff the way some of the GWs did at that age. Just like the over-done make-up corresponds with the Bozo years of teenage GGs. Especially since there's no parents to say "You're not going out dressed like that!", nor the peer groups who might label you the school slut, both of which cause most GGs to tone things down sooner or later. Third, women still generally control how far things go. So it's a fantasy projection of "if _I_ were a women I'd never say no."


I suspect in most cases, there's probably more than one driver -- since there needs to be enough momentum to overcome the self-knowledge that we're about to do something society generally considers strange at best -- and also the main driver depends on circumstances. For example, if I'm out clubbing, it's probably more about looking good/showing off than expressing the softer part of my personality. And I'm sure there's probably other motivations that I've missed. If anyone's got suggestions about other motivations, I'd love to hear about them.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Big Events

Yesterday, I had my second hypno session with Mistress LolaVenus. It was very successful, hitting on some of my long-held fantasies and arousal buttons. Here's the "trance-script".

Tonight, I will be dressing again, so expect some photos very soon.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Poll Results: Dani's Best Look, Round 2, Week 2

This week's entry earned a score of 2.3

And the next entry:

The pink twofer is by Karen Scott, a Macy's brand but found in a thrift shop in November 2011; the denim pencil skirt is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line in February 2015; the shoes are Fioni "Kambridge" plaid platform pumps, from Payless in November 2014. Other accessories are a pastel bow, pink scarf, chunky and silver jewelry, black belt, and natural hose.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Story for Lola: Meeting of the Minds

[In an instruction to me, Mistress Lola wanted a story in which she and my character Vera Demanden met. This is it...]

"Vera! How lovely to meet you at last!" Lola extended her hand and invited her guest to join her at the table in the elegant London restaurant. "I'm so pleased that the premier hypnotic feminizer in America would come so far to see me!"

Vera Demanden took the other woman's hand and kissed it. "Thank you so much for inviting me, Lola! I've been fascinated by the success you've had with Pretty Sissy Dani...and by long distance! I've been trying to pull her into my little 'stable' for years, but all I could manage was to get her to write and draw about my work."

"Well, I think I just caught her at the right time," Lola admitted. "She was so eager to actually experience trance that it seemed like she hypnotized herself!"

"Yes, I've had that response from some of my sissies as well," Vera replied. "The poor dears simply don't realize what they've gotten themselves into!" She laughed and the British domme joined in.

"Speaking of that, let me tell you a bit about this place," Lola said. "I'm an investor in it. The owner is a friend of mine...and all the waitstaff are actually 'girls' I've remade for her."

Vera looked around at the employees. "Really? I would have thought an experienced eye like mine would have noted that." She signaled the waitress hovering near their table. When she arrived, in her uniform of white mini-dress with petticoats, apron, hose and little white boots, Vera said, "What's your name, dear?"

In a husky, breathy voice, the waitress replied, "I am Amy At-the-Ready, ma'am." And she curtsied. "Hello, Mistress Lola--as you can see I am being a Good Girl!" As she said those final words, a visible shudder ran through her body.

"I can see you are, Amy," Lola answered. "But don't use that little trigger phrase while you're carrying a tray--you may drop something!" Lola turned her attention to Vera. "I first entranced and feminized Amy here two years ago. Then she was a handsome football player who had cheated on his girlfriend. Now, as her name implies, she is prepared to serve any woman in any way..."

"Any way?" Vera asked, letting her hand slide along the waitress's leg and up under her petticoats.

"Yes...yes, ma'am," Amy replied. "All it takes is to use the right words..."

Lola beckoned to Vera. She leaned across the table and whispered in her sister domme's ear. Vera looked back at Amy. "You mean Amy, be prepared?"

The girl's eyes went blank and glassy, her mouth fell open in a pretty pout. "How may I help you, ma'am?" she asked, her voice a dull monotone.

"For now, just get us each a glass of white wine...the best in the house," Vera said. "I may have other instructions for you later." Any curtsied and went to fill the order. "She's delightful! How long will that trigger last?"

"Until it is cancelled...I will supply you with the appropriate phrase when we're ready," Lola answered. "But tell me, who do you consider to be your most successful hypnotic transformation?"

"That would be my nephew, Peter...who is now Pretty Little Petal. His mother turned him over to me when he was 14, ten years ago. The first two years were spent simply eliminating all his maleness; he hasn't thought of himself as a male in eight years. Of course, he doesn't think of himself as a woman, either. Petal is a perpetual teen tease...she thinks of herself as being just 16...and I don't intend to let her imagine herself any older, either!"

"That's incredibly imaginative! I'd love to meet her," Lola exclaimed.

"Why not right now? She's waiting for me in the car," Vera said. Taking out her cell phone, she opened the text messenger and typed: Petal pleases...come find me in the restaurant. "She should be here any moment. She is programmed to respond to both oral and written commands."

"Just like I've done with Dani? Wonderful!"

Moments later, a pretty thing in a '60s-style minidress minced up to their table on her heels. Her hair was shoulder-length and wavy; her eyes had the tell-tale empty stare of a sissy in trance. "You called for me, Auntie Vera?" she asked, in a high-pitched voice.

"Yes, Petal, I wanted Ms. LolaVenus to meet you," Vera explained. "Introduce yourself properly...."

The tall "girl" extended her hand to the British domme. "I am Pretty Little Petal. I am a happily hypnotized nancy-boy. How may I serve you?"

Lola smiled. "Just wait here until our waitress returns, dear." Now she beckoned Vera closer and whispered again.

"Oh, Lola, you are just diabolical! How delightfully humiliating that will be for them both!" As she finished speaking, Amy At-the-Ready returned with their drinks.

"Oh!" she said, startled. "I didn't know there was to be third person...."

"It's quite all right, Amy," Lola explained. "This is Petal, Ms. Demanden's niece...she is a hypnotized femme-boy, just like you!"

"Oh!" Amy gasped again. "She's very pretty..."

"Yes, so pretty you have an uncontrollable urge to kiss her, deeply and passionately," Lola said.

"Petal, you find Amy irresistible--you want to kiss her as well," Vera said.

The two entranced sissies found themselves compelled to embrace, to lock their lips together. "Now, dears, we said deeply and passionately," Lola advised. "Use those tongues!"

"And as you plunge your tongues into each others' mouths, feel your sissy-cocks grow hard," Vara added. And massive bulges appeared in the crotches of the two hapless sissies.

"Now, when I give the word, you will each have a satisfying climax!" Lola said. "All right--spurt-spasm!" The sissies' bodies rocked with their orgasms, their panties filled with their sticky cream.

"Very nicely done, dears," Vera complimented them. "Now, go to the ladies' room and clean each other up--you know how!" The two sissies looked at each other, blushed, and licked their lips, then turned and minced off together.

Lola picked up her wine, raised it in a toast, and said, "To the feminized, hypnotized male! May she never disappear!"


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Friday, October 20, 2017

Why Do I Cross Dress?

From a site devoted to helping the Christian cross=dresser--first, a discussion of the results of asking this question:

Many men who cross dress are not even sure why they do. Although the feelings are strong and compelling, the reason or the catalyst as to the "why" is elusive. Most are not able to articulate much beyond some vague compelling feeling. "It just feels good" or "I feel like the real me while cross-dressing" are the most common reasons given to family and friends as to why a person would pursue this expression. However, there is a concrete and knowable reality behind the need for genetic males to express the feminine through cross-dressing, even if they themselves are not aware of it. They range from curiosity and sexual stimulation, to gender identity and even, in rare cases, mental illness. Some explore the opposite gender as a way to connect with suppressed emotions. Others use cross-dressing (CDing) to experience a different life-perspective. The one thing most all cross-dressers have in common is that the need is neither frivolous, nor easily dismissed.

To help understand the mind-set of a cross-dresser, I have solicited the thoughts of twelve people who identify as transgender. None of those surveyed deal with serious mental illness. All those participating would be considered fairly mainstream. All live the bulk of their day as male, or what is referred to as "in male-mode." Most of their friends and family members are unaware of their need to cross dress. In other words, they would appear to most in society as "normal, upstanding male citizens." All identify as Christian, and most are either leaders or active members in their respective churches.

And some of the answers:

"When I dress as a woman I am expressing the maternal softness and vulnerability that I find within myself (softness that I usually conceal and am embarrassed of). I cross-dressed, instinctively in my youth and then purposely in my senior years, to form a more perfect union of all that is me."

"I know the peace of God and I know it well and I have been privileged to experience his supernatural calmness and encouragement often. The thing is, I have never experienced His peace when I have been cross-dressed or even when contemplating doing it."

"My exploration of being transgender has led me to conclude that I was fearfully and wondrously made by God; He knit me together in my mother's womb; He made me the way I am for His glory and to enjoy Him forever. Years of constant daily prayer for the truth have given me no other answer. Realizing I am who I am, transgender, has given me much comfort."

"It was only after I became aware of other trans-persons, that I stopped to examine my life and began to recognize a pattern of behavior that indicated an unusual comfort with the feminine role. As I embraced this just a little, it opened up a flood of emotions I never expected or sought. It was like being honest and real for the first time in my life. So why not embrace this and transition to living as a woman? The cost of that is high by all accounts, very high. I'm not willing to pay that price. I don't want to give up my family and friends and I feel I would have to. I'm not even sure I would want to live full time as a woman if I could. I'm also comfortable living as a man; whether this is due to long practice or the wiring of my brain, I'm not sure. I suspect the latter, though. I envision gender as a continuum and I'm somewhere very near the mid point of it."

"Whenever possible, I present as a woman as completely as a 6 foot 2 inch frame allows. I don't sense I'm acting or putting on so much as I'm allowing myself to be and express what has been long suppressed. Life is not perfect, but it is good."

"I do not consider 'it' cross-dressing. I don't feel women's clothing is not the opposite gender for me, but my normal way of dressing."

"I certainly have emotional needs, but I am an engineer with a master's degree and am a scientist at heart, so I need to understand the clinical side of this as well. This should go a long way to dispelling much of the "out of hand" dismissal of my ultraconservative church background. I am only recently out to my wife of 40 years and she is struggling with this mightily. I don't see myself as ever transitioning but being TG is an undeniable part of me that needs to be recognized and accommodated. My two selves are very separate and I have no immediate plans to share this information with my current church. They would not necessarily be judgmental, it's just that I don't want to go through all of that if I don't have to."

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Inspired by Lola: Little Miss Wendy

[Like the story previously published on Sunday, the inspiration for this one was my session with LolaVenus...but this one is less directly related to my experience--at least so far.]

Wendell had spent the morning preparing, just as his "Aunt Miranda" had ordered. Now, he sat before his computer, awaiting the subtle bell sound that would signal she was ready for him in her special chatroom.


Wendell logged on.

Hello, my pretty niece Wendy! Are you dressed as I told you to be?

Yes, Auntie.

Good girl! Tell me what you are wearing, in detail, and as you describe each item, fall deeper and deeper into your sissifying trance.

Yes, Auntie. I am wearing a pair of frilly yellow satin panties...
and a yellow training bra, lightly padded...
and white nylon knee socks...
I have three layers of petticoats...
and my off-white party dress has ruffles on the bodice
and on the little puff sleeves...
It has a white short skirt that floats over my pettis
revealing my panties and my smooth bare thighs...
On my feet I am wearing white patent mary-janes
with two-inch heels....
I have on my long curly wig, with a big bow in front...

By now, Wendell was deep in trance, ready for new instructions from his on-line Mistress, his "Aunt Miranda."

Such a pretty girl! Such a good girl! And each time I compliment you, you feel a bit more aroused, a bit more pleasure at being my pretty Wendy, don't you?

Yes, Auntie...I adore being Wendy...

It wasn't always so. Wendell stumbled into Miranda's chat room quite by accident, looking for information on his fetish about being a little girl. It was not until she first used her skills at hypnosis that he fell under her power. Now, once a week, he dresses as she has commanded by e-mail and waits to fall again into trance for her.

I know you do, dear. Now, it is time for you to truly be Wendy...time to be the eight-year-old sweetheart you long to be. Repeat what I type, speaking it aloud as you do, and with each line lose two years of age...

You are Little Miss Wendy

I am Little Miss Wendy

You are sweet and pretty and obedient

I am sweet and pretty and obedient

You are addicted to frills and satin and lace

I am addicted to frills and satin and lace

Being girly makes you happy

Being girly makes me happy

Being prissy and prim makes you happy

Being prissy and prim makes me happy

Being girly makes you aroused

Being girly makes me aroused

You are proud to be a prim, prissy girly sweetheart

I am proud to be a prim, prissy girly sweetheart

You will always obey your Aunt Miranda

I will always obey my Aunt Miranda

Aunt Miranda controls you

Aunt Miranda controls me

Aunt Miranda loves you

Aunt Miranda loves me....

And with that, the 28-year-old Wendell was gone, leaving only the eight-year-old Wendy.

Now, when I count to three, wake up as Little Miss Wendy: 1...2...3...

Hi, Auntie Miranda! What will we do today?

I have a surprise for you! You remember I told you about Auntie's friend Rachel who owns a beauty salon?

Yes, Auntie!

Well, you're going to go there and have your hair curled and permed into a nice girly style! Isn't that exciting?

Oh, yes, Auntie!

And it was...Wendy's little thing grew and twitched in her panties...

Good girl! Such a sweet obedient girl! Now, go get your little white gloves and your purse and go to the door. I am waiting in the car for you outside.

Oh, thank you, Auntie!

Wendell logged off and followed the instructions "Aunt Miranda" had given him. His days as an adult male were dwindling fast.


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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inspired by Lola: Tammy's Trance

Tommy sat at his computer...but he didn't look much like a "Tommy". His face was fully made-up: foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, red lipstick. Beneath his floral t-shirt and denim miniskirt, he wore a well-padded 36C bra, pink panties, and thigh-high stockings. His feet were shod in black patent pumps with four-inch heels.

He was logged onto a chat room. He typed:

Mistress, what have you done to me?

Why do you even ask, Tammy...when you know that obedience is pleasure?

Tommy felt his cock enlarge and twitch in his panties at those words.

Yee, Mistress, obedience is pleasure; pleasure is arousal; obedience is arousal.

Good girl. You're such a sweet sissified submissive.

And again, Tommy's cock reacted to his mistress's typed words.

How did this happen, Mistress? All I did was find this chat room and begin communicating with you a month ago.

You asked for it, remember, dear? You said you wanted to experience true femininity, true submission. I told you I could give you that, if you surrendered your will to me in hypnosis.

But I didn't believe it was possible. You can't hypnotize someone with just words on a screen....

I did, though, didn't I? You barely remember your first trance now...but that is when I began your transformation into a pretty sissified submissive.

And Tommy's cock grew once more, and his need for climax became urgent.

Please, Mistress, may I spurt?

Not yet, Tammy...it's nice to sleep...nice, nice, nice...

Nice, nice, nice, nice...

And Tommy murmured the word aloud as he typed, until finally the spell took hold and he fell again into trance.

Welcome back to trance, Tammy. It's time for further instructions....
From now on, whenever I say or type cock rock hard, your little thing will become fully erect and you will have an urgent need to spurt.
But you will be unable to do so until I say or type spurt-spasm, at which time--without touching your little thing--you will have an immediate powerful climax.

Do you understand?

Yes, nice, cock rock hard...spurt-spasm...

Good girl! You will awake in 1--2--3!

Tommy awoke from trance, vaguely aware that time had passed and something in him had changed once more.

Well, Tammy, is your cock rock hard?

And, just like that, instantly, it was...

Oh, Mistress, please let me come! Please! Please!

No, not just yet...after all, obedience is pleasure...

Tommy gasped...but typed in reply:

Yee, Mistress, obedience is pleasure; pleasure is arousal; obedience is arousal.

Good girl! And now it is time you actually saw your Mistress. Activate your web-cam and click on the video button on the right of the screen....

Tommy followed orders. As he did so, a new window opened on his screen. In it's lower right corner, he saw his own feminized image...but the main area was filled with the beautiful face of his Mistress.

"Hello, Tammy...isn't it nice to see me at last?"

"Yes, Mistress...nice...."

"Now, now, no trance just yet. First--spurt-spasm!"

And Mistress smiled as she watched her Tammy's body shudder and shake with her most powerful orgasm ever!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Not Crazy After All These Years

Some more thoughts on crossdressing from this site:

Myth: Crossdressers are mentally ill and that is why they have the urge to crossdress. Fact: Although it is possible for a mentally ill person to also be a crossdresser, crossdressing is not the result of a mental illness, but rather one of many personal traits that some people have genetically woven into them. This particular trait just happens to be widely misunderstood and have a social stigma attached to it.

Crossdressing falls outside of what is currently socially acceptable. What is socially accepted and what is not, does not draw the line between sane and crazy. It pains me to no avail that much of society thinks terrible things about me because I am a crossdresser, but I am most certainly not crazy or mentally ill.

As usual, it is worthwhile to read the entire article.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tighter Please

To be honest, I'm not all that thrilled with how this one came out; it's one of my earliest attempts at the photo manipulation and the pieces didn't quite fit together as I hoped. Still the dialogue is good...

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Poll Results: Dani's Best Look, Round 2, week 1

This outfit garnered an overall score of 3.5.

And here's the next outfit. Remember, when voting, 1 is the highest rating, 5 is the lowest.

The pink sweater is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in June 2014; the pink pleated mini-skirt is from Kmart's Attention line, also bought in June 2014 (worn with petticoats under); the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" poppy patent pumps from Payless in June 2009. Other accessories are a pink bow, scarf, black-and-white jewelry, and natural hose.

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Monday, October 9, 2017


As promised, here's the transcript of my session this weekend with LolaVenus. It's much too long to post normally, so I'm linking to a separate page. You'll find it here:


October Dressing 8: Am I Blue?

Yes, but only because this is the last outfit for these two days of femininity! But no, because this has been one of the most exciting 48-hour periods of my life!

The dress is by Mlle Gabrielle, bought at Forman Mills in May 2014; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Manic" blue pumps from Payless in February 2015. Other accessories are a blue bow, red jewelry, and light blue hose.

Another great portrait:

I'm trying to work out a way to post the transcript of my hypno-session without having to re-input all the formatting; and you have until tomorrow morning to respond to the survey at the right (details here)!

October Dressing 7: Red All Over

I don't understand why women stop wearing big square scarves like this one...they're so elegant....

The red belted dress is by Lennie for Nina Leonard, bought at K&G in September 2013; the shoes are Madden Girl "Karlla" polka-dot pumps, bought at DSW in June 2011; Other accessories are a red bow, blue jewelry, scarf, and black hose.

And a nice portrait:

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October Dressing 6: Fall Florals

We're having a bit of an Indian summer around here (is that term still OK to use?), so it seemed some warmer weather clothes were appropriate:

The lace v-neck floral t-shirt is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in February 2015; the floral skirt is from Wal-Mart's George line in June 2012; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Shanghai" neutral peep-toe pumps from Payless in April 2011. Other accessories are a yellow bow, black-and-white jewelry, and natural hose.

Feeling very sexy in that last shot; did somebody use one of my trigger words from my session with Lola? I decided only one of the portraits deserved to be posted:

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