Monday, September 18, 2023

Re-Made for the Job

Presenting my first new story in many months:

It wasn’t that Ronald needed or even wanted a job (his investments were supporting him very well), but he was always interested in what other people did for a living and sometimes would take a job for a few weeks just to see what it was like. And this ad really intrigued him.

What sort of man would even think of applying for it? What sort of man would willingly submit to this kind of alteration of his life? And what sort of woman could actually require this of a man? His curiosity got the better of him and he picked up the phone and dialed 1-800-DEMAND. “Demanden Enterprises,” said a sultry voice. “How may I direct your call?”

“Well, I saw your ad in the employment listings on line….”, Ronald began.

“Oh! Let me connect you immediately with Ms. Demanden’s appointments secretary.” There were a series of clicks, and then an equally attractive voice announced, “Ms. Demanden’s appointments desk. How may I help you?”

Once again, Ronald began, “I saw the ad in the employment listings on line….”

“Yes, well, Ms. Demanden has an opening this afternoon at three.”

That was quick, Ronald thought. “I can make it at that time. What’s the address?”

“We recommend you take a taxi or ride-share to get here. Just tell the driver you’re going to Demanden headquarters; they all know where it is.”

“All right, I’ll be there at three.”"" “I suggest aiming for 2:45. Ms. Demanden hates lateness.”

“Yes, of course,” Ronald answered. Apparently, the boss believed in taking charge even before she hired you.

At precisely 2:45, Ronald presented himself at Demanden Enterprises’ reception desk. “I am Ronald Anderson. I have an appointment with Ms. Demanden,” he told the woman at the desk.

Checking her computer, she replied, “Oh, yes, I see the appointment. Have a seat and her appointment assistant will be right with you.” Ronald complied and in just a few minutes, a very beautiful young woman appeared, clad in a stylish business suit which did little to hide her femininity.

“Ronald?” she asked. He immediately recognized her voice as the one on the phone. “Follow me and I will take you to Ms. Demanden.” She gestured to the door by which she had entered and Ronald rose to go with her. As he did, he could not help but notice the movement of her hips and derriere and the curve of her shapely legs, perched on six-inch heels. She glanced behind and saw where his gaze was centered. She smiled.

A short walk down the corridor and they arrived at a door marked “Vera Demanden President and Chairman.” The young woman knocked and entered, with Ronald close behind. “Ms. Demanden,” the woman announced, “this is Ronald Anderson.” If Ronald thought the women he had seen here so far were beautiful, then Vera Demanden outshone them all—she was stunning. In her early 40s, she still looked a youthful 25. Her honey blonde hair was treated with highlights and styled in a tousled bob. Her figure, though largely hidden behind her desk at the moment, was clearly lush and curvaceous. He got a glance at her legs, and saw that they were shapely with a well-turned ankle.

Finally, she rose from behind the desk and came forward to meet her prospective employee. Like all the other woman at her company, she wore a fitted suit over a satin blouse—hers was open at the top three buttons. The skirt was tight and short, ending six inches above her knees. Her shoes were black patent leather pumps with seven-inch heels. In them, she towered over Ronald. Ms. Demanden dismissed the girl with a wave of her hand and, without a word or gesture of greeting, began to examine the young man before her.

“Hmmmm….five-foot-seven, about 140 pounds. Slender but not skinny.” She ran a hand over his cheeks. “Good skin, not too much facial hair.” She stood back and ordered, “Remove your jacket and open your shirt!” Astounded by her tone of command, Ronald complied. “Well! Do you shave your body…or is your chest naturally hairless?”

“I…I have never had much hair, ma’am,” he replied.

“Drop your trousers, let me see.”

Again, her tone seemed to require compliance, and Ronald undid his pants and let them drop to his ankles. Ms. Demanden walked up to him and ran her hands over his legs. “Hmmm….very smooth…and soft, too. I think you will do nicely.” She returned to her desk and used the intercom. “Please come in and take…Mister…Anderson to orientation.

A short time later, Ronald found himself in a very austere room. The walls were all white and the only furniture—a desk and a chair—was black. A computer monitor (but no keyboard) was on the desk. “Have a seat,” said the young woman who led him here. “We’re going to put you through some training and a battery of tests. You don’t need to do anything except watch the monitor. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” he answered as he settled himself into the chair.

“Very good,” she said. “The program will begin once I leave the room.”

He heard the door lock click and saw the lights dim, as the monitor came to life, with a swirling pattern in pastel colors. Sound seemed to come from the very walls and from all directions. “Keep your eyes on the screen and listen to my words.” The voice seemed to be Ms. Demanden. As the screen pattern swirled, Ronald found it hard to concentrate…but he thought he saw words dissolve in and out—“obey…submit…surrender…good girl...” Riveted to the screen and hearing the voice repeating the same words, Ronald lost track of time and place.

Finally, the screen faded to black and the lights came up and Ronald awoke from his trance. He was startled to discover he was naked, especially when the attendant re-entered the room and said, “Well, Rhonda, I think you are ready to begin your employment here at Demanden Enterprises.”

Rhonda? Why did that name seem so right? Wasn’t he a man named Ronald?

She approached him, holding a pair of lacy pink panties. “Step into these, Rhonda—can’t have you wandering the halls with that pretty sissy-cock showing!” Without a thought, he complied and she pulled them up his smooth legs and adjusted them around his hips….with a playful stroke of her hand over his hardening member. “Oh, yes, Ms. Demanden chose well when she selected you…you’re already reacting properly to all the stimuli!” She paused a moment and added, “Good Girl!” Ronald’s (or was it Rhonda’s?) sissy-cock throbbed in those panties. “Now, come with me!”

Moments later, Ronald was back in Ms. Demanden’s sanctum. He blushed all over as she rose and scanned his nearly naked form. “Very nice…I see you are adapting quite well,” she said, as she brushed her hand over his crotch. “Good Girl,” she added and smiled as she felt his cock throb in response. She went to a cabinet and removed a few items. “Put these on,” she ordered. “I presume you know how.”

Ronald took the lacy bra and wrapped it around his chest, feeling the lace tickle his nipples. He pulled the garter belt up his legs to his hips. Then he sat and rolled the sheer stockings and pulled them, one at a time, over his feet, smoothed them over his hairless legs and clipped them to the snaps on the garter belt. “Well done…just like a pretty sissy should do,” Ms. Demanden complimented him. She handed him a pair of bedroom mules and, without waiting to be told, he slid his feet into them.

Good Girl!” And again his cock throbbed. She pressed a button and once more his attendant came in.

“Escort Mr. Anderson to the salon, dear.” The attendant took him by the hand and walked Ronald through the halls to a set of glass doors with “Chez Vera” on them. She ushered him inside and spoke to the receptionist. “This is Mister Anderson. Ms. Demanden wants him to get the full treatment.”

The receptionist rose and examined Ronald carefully. “Hmmmm….this should be fun,” she said, grinning. “I think we’ll start you with Miss Roberta…she’ll be working on your hair.” She called into the back of the room. “Robbie, dear, we have a new one for you….”

A tall brunette with an elaborate hairdo came forward, mincing on five-inch white heels and her white uniform dress clinging in all the right places—including Ronald could see, to the obvious bulge at her crotch. “Oh, yes, you’re scrumptious already, darling…and you’ll be even better when we’re done with you! Follow me, honey!” She led him to a styling station and seated him in a chair…and immediately secured him in it. “Can’t have you wriggling while we work, can we, sweetie?” She wrapped a towel around his neck and shoulder and then covered him in a plastic cape. With a sudden movement, she lowered the chair back to nearly horizontal and Ronald found he was in the perfect position for a shampoo. “Just relax and let Miss Roberta do her thing… you can even sleep if you want…..” That suggestion seemed very persuasive, as Ronald quickly drifted off.

He slowly came back to consciousness and then gasped when he spotted his reflection. His hair had been cut and styled into a very feminine chin-length bob! “Surprised, dear?” Roberta asked. “Well, hold on, we’re not done yet!” She turned to a compatriot, a blonde with stylish makeup. “Jackie, I think Mr. Anderson is ready for your attention.”

Jackie, like Roberta clad in a tight-fitting white uniform, leaned over and looked closely at Ronald’s face. “Oh, yes, I can do a lot with this! Those big eyes are just crying out for false lashes and heavy mascara….and those lips! I’ll make them wet and kissable!” She walked him over to a makeup station with a high stool, secured him to it, and began her work. She was careful not to allow Ronald to see the changes she was making in his appearance as she worked. But he felt the various brushes and powders as they were applied, smelled the delicate feminine scent of each. He winced with pain as she plucked his eyebrows and pierced his ears. Finally, she turned him to the mirror and stepped aside so he could view his reflection.

“I’m actually cute,” he gasped. And his cock throbbed once more.

“Cute? Honey, you’re gorgeous!” Jackie exclaimed.

At that moment, a voice was heard over the intercom. “Mister Anderson is required in the wardrobe department as soon as possible.” Jackie released his bonds and removed the towel and cape. His attendant came and took his hand. “Time for you to really join us, dear!” She led him out of the salon and down the hall to a door marked, as expected, “Wardrobe.”

She knocked and entered with Ronald in tow. “Laurie, this is Mr. Anderson. I believe you have received instructions as to him?”

Laurie, a curvy redhead in a low-cut black jumpsuit and heels, replied, “Indeed! Though you are quite attractive and appealing in your pretty undies, Mr. Anderson, I’m afraid they won’t do for everyday wear here at Demanden Enterprises.” She indicated a rack upon rack of clothes, from business attire to party dresses to elegant gowns. “However, we can supply you with anything you might need to fulfill your duties.” She took out a tape measure and set to work.

“Let’s see…bust, 32 inches; waist, 22 inches; hips, 33 inches; legs, 38 inches. Well, a lovely little ingenue in the making!” She began going through one of the racks. “I’d say you’re a perfect size 6, unusual for one of our newer hires.” She pulled out a white satin blouse with a big bow, and a black suit with a straight miniskirt. “Turn around, and I’ll help you into all this.” She held out the blouse and he put his arms in the sleeves, then turned for her to do up the tiny buttons up the back. Next was the skirt, tight and short; it would surely restrict his stride to a ladylike mince. Now she held the jacket, with its fitted waist, for him to put on, followed by her tying the blouse’s bow so that it showed over the jacket.

“Please have a seat, Mr. Anderson, and I’ll find you an appropriate pair of shoes.” Laurie carefully measured his feet and then went to a cabinet, filled with shelf after shelf of shoes in all sorts of styles and colors. She returned with a pair of black patent pumps, with big buckles on the instep and six-inch stiletto heels. “Stand up, dear, and see how they feel.”

Ronald rose and marveled at the new height the shoes gave him. He took a few tentative steps, wobbling slightly at first, but gaining confidence as he learned the proper way to move in the heels and restrictive skirt. “Good Girl,” Laurie remarked, and once more Ronald’s cock throbbed in response. “Let me get someone to escort you back to Ms. Demanden!”

Shortly, Ronald found himself—much changed—standing before the intimidating head of Demanden Enterprises. She smiled slyly as he entered. “Rhonda! You look just perfect!”

Ronald blushed to hear himself again called by that feminine name. “Ms. Demanden,” he began, “am I correct in assuming that all your employees are men who have been feminized as I have been?”

“Not exactly, dear. Some of them came to us already settled into life as submissive crossdressers—thanks to mothers, aunts or wives who preferred a feminine man. Others had to be forced into it when ordered to do so by a dominant lover. Still others, like you, answered an ad, fully aware of what the requirements of the position were,” she replied. “However, like you, all of them were subjected to the orientation program. Surely you have noticed some of the results of that process?”

Ronald thought for a moment. “Yes, I realize I have an unusual reaction to compliments from you and your staff—especially the phrase ‘Good Girl’,” he said.

Good Girl,” Ms. Demanden repeated…and watched his reaction. “That feels nice, doesn’t it? And there are other little ‘triggers’ as we call them—for instance, Sissy Stuffed.”

Ronald felt his body go momentarily rigid as it felt as if something were inserted to his ass….and his cock throbbed once again. “Felt that, did you?” Ms. Demanden sat on the couch in her office and then said, simply, “Pussy…..” Without hesitation, Ronald sank to his knees before and nestled his head between her legs. “Do you want something, Rhonda?” She laughed and pushed him away. “Well, perhaps later…”

She rose and strode to her desk. “A few more points to go over before I set you to your tasks. As my personal assistant, you are the highest ranking male in the company. As such, all the other employees will do you the honor of addressing you as ‘Mister Anderson.’ But I will always call you Rhonda, Sissy Rhonda, or just plain Sissy—that last, probably most often. You will address me as Madame. I think you will find that it is impossible for you to disobey any order or suggestion I make to you. As an example—remove your skirt, sit down and stroke your cock through your panties!”

He was unable to resist, just as she said. Moreover, the mere act of complying caused his cock to throb and grow even more erect. “You have already discovered that you are nearly always aroused…as are all the other fem-boys in my employ,” she explained. “That is one of the ways I maintain control…you will be permitted one orgasm every week on Friday. Think of it as ‘pay day’.”

“And now, Sissy, crawl under my desk and service me while I clear up a few details. Oh…yes…Pussy…”