Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 4: Beautiful Boy

The mail the next day had a surprise for Brad. “Why, it’s an invitation to a party at the store,” he realized….and then he saw the note attached: Feminine attire and appearance expected. He was torn. “I’d love to actually go somewhere in my girilish best…but ‘appearance,’ how do I manage that?” Coming to a decision, he called the store and made an appointment with their beauty salon for the day of the party.

When he arrived, in male mode, but with bra and panties beneath and a full feminine outfit in tow, he was unsurprised to find Amanda and Polly waiting at the entrance to the salon. “We have very definite ideas about how you should look tonight, Sweetie,” Amanda told him, “and we intend to see them carried out! Now, come meet your stylist!”

They led him into the salon and were greeted by a tall, willowy redhead. “Hi, Michelle,” Polly said. “This is Brad, he‘s here to be fixed up for his debut at the party tonight!” She turned to him. “No worries, honey, Michelle knows just how to transform a sissy like you—after all, she is one!”

“What?” Brad exclaimed. “You…you’re beautiful!”

“Thanks, dear!” Michelle answered, in a decidedly masculine tone. “I promise I’ll have you looking just as lovely when I’m done!” She looked to Amanda and Polly. “You’ve made a great choice in this one, girls—his features are already very femme!”

As Michelle led Brad to the styling chair, Amanda stopped them. “Just a moment, Polly and I have one last thing we want Brad to wear.” She turned her attention to him. “Drop your trousers and bend over, darling.” Though confused, Brad obeyed. Polly lowered his panties and then produced a vibrating butt plug, which she gently worked into Brad’s ass.

“Amanda has the control,” Polly explained. “At various moments during your transformation, she will activate the plug, thus increasing your arousal and associating it with your new appearance. Now, go do as Michelle says.” Brad did so and, as he eased his bottom into the chair, Amanda put the plug on its lowest power level.

“Oooooo, that’s nice,” Brad murmured, smiling.

Michelle began her cosmetic magic, altering Brad’s pretty but still male features to a truly feminine appearance. She trimmed his eyebrows to an attractive arch; used eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and false lashes to enlarge his eyes; shaped his lips into a perfect cupid’s bow and colored them with a sweet pink; she gave his cheeks the eternal blush of a sissy’s humiliation. “Before I add the wig, Brad, look at yourself in the mirror,” sha said, and spun his chair to face his reflection. As she did so, Amanda increased the power of the butt plug to nearly full, and Brad moaned at the sight of his new face.

“I thought you’d enjoy that,” Amanda said, smiling. “The wig is the last step, Michelle?”

“Yes, but this one is just temporary,” the stylist said. “I’ve prepared a far sexier and more luxurious coiffure for the party tonight!” She put the wig on Brad’s head and made sure it was perfectly arranged. And then, Amanda raised the plug to full power. Immediately, Brad’s entire body stiffened as a massive orgasmic wave flowed through him. He shuddered with pleasure as his cockette exploded.

“Wow!” exclaimed Polly. “I sure hope you brought an extra pair of panties!”


Saturday, June 15, 2024

Brad's Feminization, part 3b: Shiny Shoes

Within a few moments, Brad found himself in the hosiery department. “There are so many styles and colors to choose from, Mistress Amanda! Pantyhose, tights, stockings—which is right for me?” he asked.

“Definitely not pantyhose or tights, dear,” Amanda replied. “We want your cute little cockette more accessible than that would permit! Stockings and a garter belt are sexier, anyway! As for color, I think you need one of the darker ‘nude’ tones, generally—probably something like ‘cinnamon’—and, of course, some sheer black stockings, too.”

“I’ve seen some girls in fishnet hose,” he commented. “They look very alluring!”

“Yes,” Amanda laughed. “Perhaps when we’ve gotten you a maid’s uniform!” She picked out a half-dozen pairs of stockings and two garter belts (pink and blue) and sent Brad to the checkout. “This time, you get to pay for them yourself, Sweetie….and be sure to mention they’re all for you!” When the transaction was complete, and Brad was pink with embarrassment, Amanda led him to a fitting room where he exchanged his male socks for the stockings.

When that was done, they headed for the shoe department, where Polly met them along with another young sales girl. “This is Rachel, Brad,” Polly said. “She is in charge of women’s shoes and will help you pick out some lovely footwear!”

“Nice to meet you, Brad,” Rachel said. “Have a seat and let me measure you.” She knelt before him and placed his left foot on the Brannock device, used to measure foot length and width. “Oh, what beautiful stockings,” she exclaimed. “You have exquisite feet, dear!” She turned her attention to Amanda and Polly, recognizing that they were in charge. “Now, what sort of shoes are we looking for?”

“Patent leather pumps,” Amanda replied, “in pastel shades, the girlier the better!”

“Yes,” agreed Polly, “with heels at least five inches high….”

“…and pretty adornments on the instep, if possible,” Amanda added.

“Well, Brad takes a ladies’ size 10,” Rachel told them, “so I should have a nice selection in the back. Give me a few moments.”

As she left, Brad turned to his two feminizers. “Five-inch heels?” he asked. “Will I really be able to manage that?”

“That and even higher in time,” Polly replied. “A true sissy can handle seven-inch heels with scarcely a wobble.”

At that moment, Rachel returned with three boxes. “I believe these will fit the bill,” she said, kneeling again to display the first selection and assist Brad in putting it on. The shoe was a baby-pink platform pump with a spike heel and ankle strap. A tiny ornament hung from the buckle of the strap. Rachel slipped the shoes onto Brad’s stockinged feet, tightened the straps and assisted him to his feet. He teetered for a moment and then realized he was quite comfortable and balanced.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. “I love the extra height and the heels make my legs feel terrific!”

“Your ass looks wonderful in them, too,” Amanda complimented. “We’ll definitely take these, Rachel. Now, let’s try one of the others.” Rachel opened another box, revealing an elegant pair of pumps in baby blue, with five-inch kitten heels, pointed toes, and big bows on the instep.

“Oh, the bows are just delicious,” Polly said, as Brad slid the shoes onto his feet. He stood, more easily than in the last pair, and began to mince about the department. “Those will be perfect for a semi-formal affair!” Polly affirmed.

“I have one more pair to show you,” Rachel said, as she brought out a pair in soft pink. Like the last pair, they featured a sharply pointed toe, but these had a slim spike heel and rhinestone-encrusted buckles on the instep. Even Brad’s face lit up on seeing them, and he couldn’t wait to try them on.

Amanda nodded. “Yes, we’ll take all three pairs….but I think Brad will wear the blue ones home, won’t you, dear?” He nodded. With that, Amanda handed him the lavender floral dress. “Go put this on as well, you little sissy. Time for you to get used to being seen in public.” Brad obeyed and returned in the dress and heels—the only thing that looked masculine was his face and hair.

“And we’ll take care of that next time,” Polly announced.