Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Love, Honor and Especially Obey, part one

“Well, Ms. Demanden, tell me your problem,” said Madame Fabricantfille to her new client.


“This may seem odd to you, Madame,” Vera Demanden began. “I have recently come to the realization that I am quite definitely a lesbian. My encounters with female lovers have been very intense and satisfying. However, I remain very much in love with my husband, Lionel, and have no desire to leave him. In fact, I’ve discovered that he is most skilled at cunnilingus, now that I’ve refused him any other form of intercourse.”


“So, what Is the issue, then?”


“If I am to remain married to Lionel, I want him to become more feminine, more submissive. I want him to be as dedicated to sapphic love as I am…but without his having to undergo transgender surgery,” Vera explained. “I want my male spouse to become my lesbian lover.”


“I see,” Madame Fab, replied, crossing one elegant leg over the other. “And you have heard of my success in feminizing reluctant males?”


“Yes!” Vera said, enthusiastically. “I ran across an article about your process on a lesbian website, where the author was very pleased with the way you altered her entirely macho fiancĂ© into what she termed a ‘male lesbian.’”


“Is that what you wish Lionel to become?”


“Yes, but also devoted only to me. I had a thought that he could become, well, addicted to my pussy juices,” Vera explained, “so that the mere aroma or taste of my arousal would bring him to the edge of orgasm. And, quite frankly, that he would be unable to climax unless I allow it.”


Madame nodded. “All quite do-able,” she assured. “I take it you will want him to display as a female? At least at times?”


“Oh, not just ‘at times,’ always. I want a beautiful piece of arm-candy to stroll into the lesbian bars and clubs with,” Vera said.


“It would be best if I could see a photo of Lionel before I agree, to be sure the desired appearance is achievable.”


“Certainly,” Vera said, reaching into her purse and presenting a photo of her husband.


“Yes….yes….he is an excellent candidate for feminization,” Madame Fab noted. “He has a slender physique and quite fine features. Later, we can discuss just what sort of woman you want him to appear to be.”


“Thank you, Madame,” Vera said. “Shall I make an appointment for him now?”


“Definitely. I look forward to putting him under my spell…..”


One week later, Lionel Demanden found himself seated in the waiting room of Fabricantfille Counseling Services. He was the only man in the room. There were two other clients, both female, and a female receptionist. Actually, the receptionist seemed to be even more than normally feminine—she wore lacy and frilly attire (including what seemed to be a crinoline petticoat under her skirt), her cosmetics were bold but still attractive, and her manner was flirtatious. She smiled and batted her long (artificial?) eyelashes at all and sundry, no matter their gender.


On the other hand, one of the waiting clients was just the opposite. Though she was fashionably dressed, she seemed decidedly uncomfortable in her clothes. She was constantly adjusting things, taking out her compact to check her appearance, and was especially uncomfortable in her heels.


There was a buzz at the desk and the receptionist said, “Mrs. Larsen, Madame will see you now.” The uncomfortable client rose, took a moment to be sure of her balance on those heels and wobbled her way to the door and inside.


Twenty minutes later, she emerged, seemingly a much-changed woman. She walked with confidence on her heels and with a decided girlish wiggle to her hips. She smiled at everyone and even gave an air kiss to the receptionist.


A moment later, there was another buzz at the desk. “Mr. Demanden, Madame will see you now,” the receptionist cooed, smiling and batting her eyes once more. Lionel rose from his chair and walked to the door to the inner office. He knocked and waited until the door lock clicked open.

He stepped inside and stopped for a moment in surprise. If Madame Fabricantfille’s profession was saving marriages, she had an appearance that was more likely to break them up. She was tall, over six feet in her stiletto heels and she had a statuesque shape to go with her height. She wore a satin blouse in a lilac shade, with the buttons open enough to show off her cleavage. Her black pencil skirt clung to her hips and thighs and ended six inches above her knees. Her makeup was impeccable and her auburn hair was curled into a stylish ‘do. “Come in, cherie,” she said in her French-accented voice, “and have a seat.”


Lionel realized he had been staring, shook himself, and took the indicated chair. Madame sat opposite him—quite close, actually—and continued. “As you know, I have already had an interview with your wife, Vera, and so I know a great deal about you and your marriage. I know you have agreed to have only oral intercourse with her, in deference to her newly discovered sexuality.”


Lionel was dumbfounded. Vera had actually revealed all that? “Yes, Madame,” he admitted. “But it has left me very frustrated. My only sexual relief now is masturbation.”


“Really? You get no pleasure from servicing your wife’s pussy?” Lionel was shocked to hear the vulgar term in this setting.


“Well, some perhaps…I do love Vera and I am always happy when I give her pleasure….”


Hmmmm, that’s a good beginning, Madame thought. “Well, Lionel, I believe I can help you feel even greater pleasure, if you permit me.”


“Yes, Madame, I would like that very much,” Lionel replied eagerly. “My only desire is to continue to make Vera happy and to happy in our marriage myself.


Merveilleuse! Madame said, as she pushed a button by her chair and a pink light began to pulsate behind her. “We can begin the treatment now. Just look directly at me and listen to my voice.”


Lionel did not find it difficult to keep his attention on Madame’s captivating green eyes and sensual voice. Doing so also kept his gaze on the pulsating light which slowly affected his brain waves, slowing them down, altering their pattern to a hypnotic one. “Just relax and let everything wash over you like a wave, Lionel,” Madame purred. “Feel your will seep out of you, feel your power to resist grow weaker, feel the need to surrender grow stronger….”


Lionel’s breathing slowed, his pulse rate lowered, until both were in time with the pink light. He began to blink in time with it as well, his eyes wide open when the light was brightest and closed when it went dim. “That’s right, cherie,” Madame continued, “all your bodily functions are in my control now. Feel your little male thing throb in time with the light, feel your arousal grow with my words, and feel your will connect with mine, as I make you my puppet.”


She watched as his head grew heavy and his chin fell to his chest, his eyes fluttered and closed, his mouth fell open and a soft sigh escaped. “Lionel, tell me, do you like the idea that Vera is a lesbian?”


“Yes, Madame,” he murmured in reply.


“Do you like making love to her with your mouth and tongue?”


“Yes, Madame.”


“Do you like watching her make love to another woman?”


“Yes, Madame.”


And Madame Fabricantfille observed with each of those suggestive questions how Lionel’s cock twitched and throbbed. Bien, she thought, it will not take much to turn this one into a submissive little male lesbian servant….


Madame went to her desk and produced a pair of lacy panties. “Lionel, please undress and put these on…” He obeyed without question, and Madame watched as his cock throbbed once more at the idea of wearing the feminine item. Once he was wearing them, she said, “Go lay on the couch, face down…” Again, he followed instructions immediately.


She sat beside him and began stroking his ass through the panties. “It feels good to wear such girly things, doesn’t it, Lionel? This is the proper way to dress when making love to your lesbian wife, isn’t it? After all, if you’re going to have sex like a pretty girl, you should dress like one, isn’t that right?”


“Mmmmm, yes, Madame,” he murmured in reply, the words almost lost with his face buried in the cushions.


“Roll over now, Lionel,” she said, and he complied. She saw that his cock was now bulging the panties. She began to stroke it. “This is how you feel when you eat Vera’s pussy, isn’t it, cherie? Or when you watch her and one of her feminine lovers together? You get so aroused, but you have no release, no orgasm, do you?”


“No, Madame,” he admitted.


“But you are happy and satisfied nonetheless, because Vera is experiencing pleasure, aren’t you? Your pleasure is unimportant, all that matters is that Vera is pleased,” she continued.


“Vera’s pleasure is all that matters,” Lionel agreed.


Bien,” Madame said, smiling. “Sit up and look at me.” He complied. “From now on, girly panties are all you will ever wear, because you will always be ready to make love to Vera. What do you wear, Lionel?”


“I wear girly panties, Madame.”




“Because I am always ready to make love to my wife, Vera.”


Tres bien!” Madame said. “Now, put your outer clothes back on. You will awake from trance as you enter the outer office. You will not remember details of our session, but you will obey and follow all the directions I have given you. On your way home, stop and buy two dozen pairs of the sexiest, girliest panties you can find—in your size! Return next week for our next session.”


Lionel rose, dressed and left. Madame picked up the phone. “Vera? He’s on his way home now. Yes, the session went very well. Give me five more weeks and he’ll never think of himself as a normal male again.”


Lionel arrived home to find Vera snuggled up on the couch with her latest paramour, Anna, a gorgeous brunette with killer tits. Just the thought of what they might have been doing before he came in (or might do later in the evening), had Lionel’s cock throbbing in his panties—something Vera couldn’t ignore.


“Horny, honey?” she asked, smiling, as Anna giggled. “Let me see…..”


His submissiveness enhanced by his session with Madame Fab, Lionel removed his pants without objection, revealing his erect penis in the lacy panties the hypnotist counselor had supplied. “Oh, Vera—isn’t that just the cutest?” Anna cried, pointing. “I think he wants to be one of us!”


“Of course, he does, Anna,” Vera replied. “Why do you think he’s become such a good cunt-licker for me?” And then she noticed the big bag from Victoria’s Secret Lionel had brought in. “Show me what you’ve bought, sweetie.” Lionel opened the package and laid out the 24 sets of panties he had purchased—boy-shorts, thongs, full-cut, all in various pastel shades and covered in lace and bows. “Well, those obviously aren’t for me,” Vera observed.


“No, dear, I’m going to wear pretty panties all the time now,” Lionel admitted, blushing.


“No need to be embarrassed, darling,” Vera said. “That’s exactly the way my little muff-diving man ought to be dressed.” She picked up a pair in pink with a big bow in front. “Why don’t you change into these and then bring Anna and me our dinner---wearing just the panties of course.”


Lionel complied and sat in just his panties through dinner. After dinner, Vera and Anna went to the bedroom and Vera beckoned him to follow. “Sit there,” she ordered, pointing to straight chair. She tied him to it with silk scarves and then the two lesbians assisted each other in disrobing. They lay on the bed and began their lovemaking in front of the bound man in panties. As he watched helplessly, his cock grew larger and larger in those panties, his arousal bringing him near to orgasm. The smell of the women’s arousal only added to his frustration. He was surprised to find the element of their sex play that brought him the closest to climax was watching Vera suckle on Anna’ luscious jugs. Finally, when they had satisfied themselves. Vera got up, untied him, and said, “Go one, sweetie,  go to the spare room and wank yourself. Have a nice big spurt, but be sure to clean up when you’re done. You can sleep in there tonight.”


Lionel did as directed and did, indeed, have one of the most enormous ejaculations of his life…but his most amazing discovery was that he was even more aroused if he teased his nipples as he jerked off, imagining Vera’s mouth and tongue on his breasts as they had been on Anna’s. He cleaned up and then collapsed in a sex-dream-filled sleep, with the two women taking turns as his lesbian partner.