Thursday, September 23, 2021

I Dream of Bubbles

Ever since Mistress Lola loosened the chains on my bimbo alter-ego, I have felt a bit like Major Tony Nelson, living with a mischievous beauty who delights in playing tricks on me.

As those of you who read this blog daily already know, Bubbles did it again yesterday, although this time it seems she thought she was doing me a faver, giving me a bit of erotic thrill in place of what I would have experienced if Mistress Lola and I had been able to meet as originally planned. I knew something had occurred when I woke from my nap somewhat later than usual.

To be fair, as much as these incidents confuse me, I do find them a bit arousing--since every submissive sissy enjoys the idea of giving up control sometimes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Bubbles Says Hi!

Dani was, like, supposed to get a thrill from Mistress Lola today, but the Mistress had to I thought why don't I, like, give her a special surprise?

I know Dani secretly loves the idea of having big knockers like mine...and being able to, like, display them to everybody. So I found this picture in Dani's files that she hasn't used for anything, and--

Well, here's Dani showing off her double-Ds with the big fat nipples. Oh, and the nice big bulge from her sissy-cock, too !

I can't wait until she finds it!

A Lovely Day to Be Lovely

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

A More Feminine Future?

Stana explains "What's Going On":

[I]t seems to me that today, more males want to be females than ever before and they are doing something about it. Today, males are crossdressing with great abandon.

Foundation sellers claim that males are their biggest customers for girdles and corsets – womenswear that were almost history, but have been brought back to life by the demand of males who are getting into female shape.

Although, the majority of middle-aged and senior crossdressing males are still closeted, there is a growing minority, who are out and about experiencing the world as “weekend women.” And there is a subset, who have abandoned the male life altogether and are living full-time as females. As a result, consultants teaching males how to be females is a booming business.

As more and more females become the breadwinners and relegate their husbands to househusbandry, there are cases where the male embraces the wifely role by crossdressing either voluntarily or by force from their spouse. Male housewife crossdressing is a very small segment of the gender revolution, but it does exist and if we believe that the “future is female,” it is likely to occur more frequently in the coming days.

The next question is “Where’s it going?” In the future, will you ask a child, “What do you want to be when you grow up – a girl or a boy?”