Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Being Noticed and Ignoring It

Once again, Hannah McKnight offers some good advice for the girls who decide to appear in public:
When a girl like us decides to do anything in public, whether it is shopping for lingerie in boy mode or going out en femme, we make even more choices. Not only are we choosing which heels to buy or what mall to go to, we are choosing what we pay attention to around us.

Of course, a girl like us needs to pay attention to EVERYTHING around us. Is there anyone in the store that we know? Is there someone looking at us in a creepy way? Where is the nearest exit, if it comes to that?

Although most people don’t care a girl like us is shopping for a cute dress or spending an afternoon at a museum, we will nevertheless likely turn some heads. I know I do. Not because I think I am sooooo petty or anything, but let’s face it, I am super tall and the heels, the makeover, the cute dress is certainly not helping me blend in.

Over time I realized I will never know what they are thinking. It could be a zillion things from them wondering what to make for dinner or admiring my dress or literally anything else. And even if I knew what they were thinking did it really matter? I can’t let someone’s thoughts or feelings stop me from living my life.

So, I chose to stop paying attention to other people. I mean, I notice everything and I am aware of who is around me, but that is for safety reasons. I don’t know what you’re thinking, and I don’t care.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. If you had unlimited resources, can you imagine quitting your regular job and just spending your time as a dominant hypnotist?
Oh absolutely! And then I'd hypnotise those loyal subjects into sending me even more money, so that I might convert more subjects, until the entire world is mine, all mine! Muwahahahahahahahahaha!

I would actually like being a more traditional hypnotist as well, helping people quit smoking, lose weight and such. Although the temptation to leave the customers with post-hypnotic suggestions of submissiveness might be too great to overcome.

2. What most attracts you to a prospective hypnotic subject?

I like subjects with imagination, and an idea of what they want. I tend to ignore subjects that don't know what they want to experience in trance - I want someone with a vivid image of what they want to become. At the same time, I also like people with an end goal. If a subject wants to be a bimbo, then I want to know what they plan to do with that. Otherwise it ends up being 'OK, you're a what?' The trance itself is only part of the fun for me, but for others I feel it's the only thing they care about. And of course there's all the normal things one would want from a person - enthusiasm, a sense of humour, friendly personality etc. But in terms of pure 'what makes a good subject', the main things are imagination, commitment and loyalty.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hypno-Session: Back-to-School Shopping

In our session this week, Mistress Lola, on my request, took me back to my younger self--Little Dani Dot--and took me shopping for school clothes. The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

From the Pages of LolaVenus

Beginning a new periodic feature--a few months ago, Mistress Lola suggested the existence of a magazine with her name, that she edited and that I worked for. And I created that scenario in a story. A few months after that, I designed cover for that magazine and sent it to Mistress Lola...and will do one every month from now on.

Last week, Mistress thought it might be a good idea to give my readers a sense of what the interior of the magazine is like, so here's the first article from the pages of LolaVenus, the magazine.

Tips for the Fashion-Conscious Sissy

Every girl asks the question: “What should I wear today?” And for the boy-girl, the nancy-boy, the pansy, the sissy, it’s an even bigger question—because her choices not only include the normal things a real woman would wear, but all the special things only a sissy would consider.

So, let’s start by considering personal style. What kind of “girl” are you? Are you an office-worker? A housewife? A waitress? A maid? A bimbo? Are you some combination of any of those or others?

Let’s start with the office girl. I presume that any sissy office girl is not going to wear trousers…even if her real-woman co-workers regularly do. No—a sissy wears skirts and dresses. What’s appropriate for an office? At one time, the answer would have been modest attire…but times have changed. A tight, short pencil skirt is entirely acceptable, as is a clingy top—even with perhaps a bit of cleavage on view. Sheer or black hose, depending on the season, and high heels are de rigeur. How high? Well, how high can you manage without stumbling?

Now, about the housewife. No sissy wants to look like the typical modern housewife—in “mommy jeans,” sneakers, etc. No, she wants to be the glamorous housewife of classic television. She wants to be Donna Reed or June Cleaver.
That means she wants a lovely frock with a bouffant skirt, floating over a couple of layers of petticoats. She wants comfortable but stylish heels and to be accessorized with a string of pearls at her throat. This housewife can be beautiful and efficient, easily vacuuming the rug without stumbling in her pumps, sweeping with elegance from room-to-room as she prepares and serves dinner.

The same is true of the waitress. The modern waitress is likely to be clad in a black top and pants with flat shoes….efficient and comfortable, but hardly sexy. No, our sissy wants to look either like the classic diner waitress of a by-gone era or the cocktail waitress at a casino or lounge. The diner waitress’s outfit is not unlike the housewife’s…except perhaps a bit shorter. It, too, floats over petticoats and it is highlighted by a pert little apron and perhaps a cap of some kind.

The cocktail waitress, on the other hand, is there to sell sex as much as she is to sell drinks. Her outfit would never be confused with street wear. It is short, low-cut, exposing flesh as much as possible. It need not be a Playboy bunny outfit, but it tends in that direction certainly.

If you…or your mistress…prefers that you serve as her maid, there are many options. You might wear a quite serviceable black dress and apron—but chances are you and your mistress will prefer to see you as a sexy French maid. Then your attire will be a short, low-cut satin dress with lots of lace, and multiple layers of petticoats. Your hosiery will depend on your mistress’s choice—it could be sheer and seamless, or old-fashioned seamed stockings. It could be black or even fishnet. Your shoes, of course, will be the highest of high heels in shiny patent leather. Naturally, such an outfit is quite unsuitable to most domestic chores, but a French maid is intended to be decorative than utilitarian—her role is to display her feminized charms as a demonstration of mistress’s power and control!

Of course, when we speak of decorative sissies, we must include the bimbo. Being a bimbo is more than a style of dress—it’s a lifestyle decision. A bimbo is demonstratively unintelligent with an intellect little above that of a not very bright teenager. Her interests rarely stray far from clothes and sex. Her one desire is to be beautiful and sexy for her mistress. The public image of a bimbo is a blonde with big tits, but neither is absolutely necessary. Often, if a mistress desires a sissy to be a bimbo, she will see that the subject’s body and mind are both satisfactorily altered to her specifications. Pink is usually considered the ultimate color for bimbo attire…although bright red and lame are also considered at times.

These are just some of the fashion choices you—or more appropriately, your mistress—can make. Next time, we’ll look at the prissy little girl, teen tease, and outright whore looks.

--Pretty Sissy Dani

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

I Am Not

Hannah McKnight talks about the very many different kinds of transgender expression....

I think identifying as anything beyond cisgender will probably create a very complicated life.

Perhaps complicated isn’t the most accurate word, but multi-faceted is the more accurate term. For example, yes, I am transgender, but being trans isn’t the same level of trans-ness as say, Laverne Cox. Some of us feel that hormones, surgery, and legal changes are what feels right. For others, underdressing is all we want.

We all are who we are or what we wear for different reasons. It could be because wearing a dress just aligns better with our gender identity. It could be because wearing a nightie is just more comfortable when we sleep. Same with panties or leggings. We might wear what we wear because we like the fact that they are “girl clothes”. We might wear what we wear because, well, we get a sexual thrill from it.

You do you, girl.

Perhaps it is easier to explain what we are not. I am not a sissy, I am not a drag queen, I am not a fetish. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. I was not assigned the wrong gender at birth, I am not a woman trapped in a man’s body. I am not unhappy in my male life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. In your experience, can hypnosis be used to force romantic attachment? In other words, can you hypnotize someone to fall in love with you...or even to fall in love with someone else?  

Force? No. You can't use hypnosis to just make someone love you, However, because of the trusting relationship between hypnotist and subject, you can use trance to enhance feelings that are already there. So while you can't lead with 'You will fall in love with me', over time if you work closely with that subject, you can emphasise any feelings that might have been raised and use that to gently guide that person into a loving relationship. However, it's not something I would advise. Aside from the ethical dilemma, when it comes to using external forces for love, I would keep in mind the words of the great Phillip J. Fry. "Drugs are for losers, and hypnosis is for losers with big weird eyebrows."

2. Will hypnotic triggers--like "Good Girl" or "Squirt, Sissy, Squirt"--still work on a subject after long periods of disuse? Or do they need to be reinforced with frequent use? 

Generally speaking they will fade with time if not used, but to what extent depends on the subject. I have had some subjects feel nothing for a trigger after not hearing it for so long. I've also had people still feel something, but more out of habit or expectation rather than a true triggering. For example, calling someone a Good Girl might make them feel happy, but it won't give them the full fuzzy tingles of someone who hears it regularly. Of course, all that's required is a quick tune up to return that feeling to a trigger.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Hypno-Session: From Male to Sissy

Wednesday, I had another meeting with Mistress Lola...and following my request, she took me from completely male to submissive sissy in a marvelous mental adventure.

Read the trance-script here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A History of Going Out

Stana talks about her history of being enfemme in public and the reactions it gets:

I did go out en femme to Halloween parties about a half dozen times and those experiences should have given me confidence about my femulating abilities. In each case, I dressed in “office girl drag” and strangers at those parties asked about me – they wanted to know, “Who is the woman not in costume?” Yet, I still shrank away from going out en femme because I thought my size would expose me as a faux female.

I wanted more, but I still feared that my size would out me. I attended a few trans conventions, which were typically held in high-rise hotels. In those scenarios, there was a greater chance to mix with the civilians, but in truth, the hotels were just a bigger closet than the one at home or at the hall where my support group met.

At one convention, a friend dragged me out of the hotel to shop and dine. Although I looked passable, those were deer-in-the-headlight moments. I acted like a man in a dress in fear of being found out rather than acting like a natural born woman. As a result, I was read right and left.

As I became more active, the need to go out increased. Finally, I had to do something, so one day, I dressed to shop – sweater tunic, leggings, booties, etc (see photo above) and drove to mall. I sat in my car for almost a half hour before I could overcome my fear and push myself out of my car and into the mall.

And guess what? The world did not end and my presence in the world as a woman did not phase the civilians one iota.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. We both have a liking for retro/vintage fashion of the 1950s and early '60s. Mine comes from having grown up in that era. What inspired you to like that look?

I think it's just a timeless look, honestly. It expresses a classic vision of femininity that I think sissies in particular latch onto, but from my findings a lot of women (myself included) just like the prettiness. Part of it is also the mental associations it conjures - thoughts of happy housewives doing chores and looking after their spouse. As well as the obvious Stepfordization aspect, it represents a break from the modern responsibilities of having a home, a career, a car etc. It invokes a more innocent time that, perhaps because I never experienced it, I now wish to evoke. Of course I am aware that it was not at all innocent in reality, but visions are often stronger than facts.

2. More and more I find myself enjoying the idea of having multiple personalities that allow me to play out some of the classic motifs of cross-dressing. Have others of your "harem" experienced the same things?  

One girl I worked with had a robot mode that we used as the basis for all sorts of personalities. Each new mode would bring about a change in name and personality, as well as physical appearance (in her mind at least, though I like to imagine it affected her voice). It allowed us to explore multiple kinks as well as provide an easy way to move between them - modes were simply activated or deactivated as required. Though I think we've already made quite a start setting up various personalities of your own, as Bubbles, Dolly and now Sally can attest to.