Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Strangeness on a Train, Part Two

One week later

Lola took her seat in the same car of the same train. As the train stopped at the center city station, she saw Daniel get on...but it was a much changed Daniel. His hair was slicked back in a girlish style. He was wearing an off-white linen suit with shorts, his long legs in sleek nylons. On his feet were a pair of beige low-heel pumps. Under his jacket, he wore a beige camisole.

He looked around and, despite a number of completely empty seats, he chose to slide in next to Lola. Of course, he did...I told him to find me when he boarded the train. Lola turned to him and smiled, catching his gaze with her hypnotic eyes. She wondered if he recognised her - though he had carried out his command to sit with her, that didn’t necessarily mean he knew who she was. To play it safe, she held the hypnotic gaze longer than was necessary.

It was so much fun to see Dani caught like a deer in the headlights. It wasn’t quite the thousand yard stare of a trance victim, but perhaps it was reaching five hundred. Toying with her prey, she started swaying her head from side to side like a snake, delighted to see that he swayed too, his eyes never leaving her enrapturing focus. "Well, don't you look nice," she said finally, having had her fun.

Already partly entranced, Daniel murmured, "Nice, nice, nice...."

"That's good, darling," Lola said, "just keep repeating that...." She observed him more closely. Yes, he's wearing a little mascara and some lip gloss. That wasn't part of my instructions...the sissyness is seeping in in new ways.

Daniel continued to repeat, "Nice, nice, nice...." until Lola put her finger to his lips and said:

"Nice and deep for me, dear.
Deeply compliant
Deeply submissive
So ready to obey
So eager to obey
So ready to let all conscious mind 
slip away into slumberland
and leave only your truest
most intimate self
be revealed
as your conscious mind
goes right to sleep
and your subconscious becomes an open book
for me to read at my own pleasure
as you become
and fully obedient.
Isn’t that right, Dani?"

"Yes, Mistress," he answered, his voice soft, breathy and feminine.

"Good Girl! Now, tell me all about how you got this beautiful outfit you're wearing."

Dani blinked, his eyes unfocused, as he thought back to that day. "The day after we met on the train, I was walking past this women's clothing shop. I had the most unusual urge to go in. A pretty girl, younger than I, came up and smiled. 'Can I help you,' she asked. 'Well, I...I need to buy a nice suit that will show off my legs,' I told her.

"'Your legs?' she asked. 'Are you going to wear the suit yourself?' she giggled. I blushed as I answered, 'Yes, Miss...I want to start looking girlish and feminine.' She took my arm and led me to a different part of the store. 'I think we can find something for you over here,' she said. 'Now, do you want a skirt suit?'

"'No,' I replied. 'It needs to be something I can wear while still looking a little like a male.' She took this suit--the one I'm wearing--off a rack and said, 'I think this short suit will be perfect...and it's probably your size.' She handed it to me. 'Go into the dressing room there and try it on.'”

And did you?” asked Lola, pulling a small black box out of her handbag, as well as a little brush. She gently lowered Dani’s eyelids with her fingers.

"Yes Mistress,” said Dani, oblivious to his lack of vision. “I did as she directed, stripping down to the panties I always wear. The shorts were a perfect fit and the jacket felt comfortable and natural. I came out and showed her. 'Hmmm...I think you need something under that jacket.' She handed me a bra and a camisole. 'That's just an A-cup, enough to give you a little shape, honey.' I went back into the dressing room and, after figuring out how to do it, put on the bra, pulled the camisole on over it, and put the jacket on once more.

"'Oh, that's lovely,' she gushed. 'But come with me over here.' She led me to the footwear department. 'Have a seat," she said. She measured my feet, went into the stockroom, and returned with a shoebox...and a package of pantyhose. 'Go back to the dressing room and get into the hose--panties on the outside, sweetie--and then come back.' Once again, I followed her orders, returning to find she had unboxed a pair of beige shoes with little one-inch heels. She slipped them onto my feet.”

And how did you feel when you had those shoes on?” Lola asked, as she was dabbing a subtle pink eyeshadow onto Dani’s face.

"They felt incredible, Mistress. They made me feel powerful and submissive at the same time. 'Stand up and walk around in them,' she said. A bit unsure, I stood and discovered the shoes were comfortable and easy to walk in. 'Not bad...but not so long a step, I think,' she advised. 'Walk like a girl!' I began to adjust my stride and found it was enjoyable to be more ladylike. 'Let's get you checked out,' she said, leading me to a cash register.

"I paid for the items, and walked home just as I am now. I knew I would be wearing this again when I took the train home today."

Lola smiled, putting the eyeshadow box away. "Yes...and you simply adore how soft, sweet and feminine you feel in this wonderul outfit. It puts all of your other clothes to shame. You know that you’ll never feel as happy in an outfit as you do in this one. You should buy some more girly outfits and wear them all the time. In fact, you should start looking for some clothes that could never be anything but women's outfits. A nice suit with a tight straight skirt...and some higher heels. You want to have such girly clothes. You need to have lots of feminine outfits to choose from. Don’t you, Dani dear?"

"Yes, Mistress," he replied.

"Good Girl! Open your eyes.”

Dani opened his eyes, which were blank and glassy in his entranced state. Lola turned his face to hers. "Look deep into my eyes, Dani. Feel yourself falling further and further into my control. Feel yourself lost in my vision, powerless to escape, like trying to fight a raging tide. Powerless to break free, powerless to resist my suggestions. One week from today, you will again board this train and look for me. You will wear one of your new feminine outfits. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good Girl! Now, when the train reaches your stop, you will get off as you normally do and go home. Once you have entered your home, you will awaken from trance, again unaware you have been hypnotized, but eager to obey my suggestions. Your station is the next one. Goodbye, my feminized plaything. See you next week."

Dani stood and moved to the door. When the train stopped and the door opened, he stepped onto the platform. Lola watched as he minced down the platform to the station exit. I wonder what he'll be wearing next week.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Hypno-Session: Latexia

Yes, I had a second session with Mistress Lola this past weekend. This one is quite different from the last, which was full of sweet pre-teen innocence. This one is sensuous and sexy.

Here's the trance-script.

Archelle: No Argument

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Uncomfortable Transformation

Hypno-Session: Dani's First Bra

Yesterday, I had another thrilling hypno-session with Mistress Lola, in which she guided me through a long-held fantasy--buying my first bra as a pre-teen boy.

The trance-script is here.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

"I Am A _______________"

Hannah McKnight talks about early confusion and determining exactly what term best describes us:

...when I was younger, despite being sure I wasn’t the only one like me, I couldn’t imagine anyone else in my life wearing what I dreamed of wearing. I couldn’t form the words to describe who I as, or why I liked to wear what I liked to wear. It was too complex and too simple at the same time. People generally don’t have to explain why they like pizza or going on a bike ride because… well, why would they need to? My thinking was (and to a certain extent still is) why do I need to explain why I wanted to wear a cute pair of panties instead of boring, ugly, and uncomfortable boxer shorts?

I was never confused about who I was. But growing up I wanted to know WHAT I was. I didn’t feel like a boy. I didn’t want to be a girl. The world changed in fifth grade when a friend said the word CROSSDRESSER. I asked what that meant and she simply said it was a boy that liked to wear girls clothes.

To find out there was a word for what I was, for who I was, was earth shattering. It was proof that I wasn’t the only one. Not only was I not alone, but there were so many of us that there was a word for us. I was a crossdresser.

These days if the topic came up, I would identify as transgender… but that still requires a lot of qualifying. Yes, I am trans, but here’s what that means and what that doesn’t mean to me. I like having a word such as this that everyone has heard and most people have a little familiarity of, but since this word can mean something different to every non-binary person out there, it almost always still requires a lengthy talk.

For myself, I use the term crossdresser. I have no interest in being a physical female; I'm not even particularly enamored of dressing in female clothes full-time. I like having a dual identity, as it were (makes me feel like a superhero, sort of).

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Strangeness on a Train, Part One

First week
Lola Venus stood at the platform waiting for her train, dressed in a short, tight red dress that left little to the imagination, and thigh-high black leather boots. As she waited, she reached into her handbag and rummaged around the large number of dollar notes that her client had happily given her for the hour of blissful sissy fun she had allowed him, looking for her compact. She found it next to the earrings that the client’s highly satisfied wife had generously donated to her, and pulled it out so she could adjust her makeup. Fixing her lipstick, she put the compact back in her bag as the train pulled into the station right on time, just as she’d expected. Once it had arrived a few minutes late and she’d missed her later connection, but she’d had a word with the train company and that had put an end to that nonsense.

Lola hopped on board and made her way to a window seat, making sure she was sat by herself. Just as the train was pulling out of the station, her phone began to ring. Oh yes, one of her clients had arranged for a phone session today. Lola sighed - she’d hoped she’d have chance to rest before using her particular skill set again. But she’d had her eye on a particularly expensive dress, and couldn’t afford to put off another session. Plus, there was plenty of time before her stop, and it would be more fun than trying to choose which selfies to post on her Instagram.

Hello?” she answered the phone, pretending as if she didn’t know who was ringing her.

Um, hello Mistress,” said the scared but excited voice at the other end. “I’m uh, I’m calling for the trance session we arranged.”

Oh? And which of my darling little sweeties am I speaking to?” Naturally she knew exactly who it was, but it was always fun to make them admit it.

It’s um...Bambi, Mistress.”

Ah yes, my little Bambi Bimbo,” said Lola in a sing-song voice. “All ready to be made to feel...nice, nice, nice….”


"Now, darling, I want you to just drift in blissful trance, repeating your special word--nice, nice, nice--while I hang up. You will remain in trance for 15 minutes, and then wake up, happy, relaxed, and still my sweet obedient puppet." With that, Lola ended the phone call. She glanced around the train...no one seemed to have heard the call or noticed anything unusual about it. Luckily the train was rather empty around this time of day.

And then, from behind her, she heard a voice, murmuring, "Nice, nice, nice, nice...." She looked and saw a young man, his head slumped, his eyes glazed, his lips barely moving as he intoned, "nice, nice, nice...."

Oh, dear, I've accidentally ensnared someone in my web. She smiled. Still, he must be naturally very submissive to have fallen into a trance that wasn't directed at him. She moved into the seat beside him and took out her phone again, snapping a picture of the entranced young man for future use.

"Look at me, little puppet" she said. He turned his glassy stare to her. "Look deep into my eyes...ignore the order to awaken...but fall deeper into trance and tell me your name."

"Daniel," came the whispered response.

"Daniel, without looking away from my eyes, continue to answer my questions. Have you ever been hypnotized before?"

"Hypnotized? Is that what I am?" he asked. "Feels good...I've thought about it before."

"Really? Why is that?" Lola continued.

"Seemed like it might be sexy, arousing," he replied.

"Are you aroused now?" Lola asked.

"Yes," Daniel said.

"Let me see," Lola said, and reached to undo his fly. She reached inside and found two surprises--his cock was quite hard...and it was covered in a pretty pair of pink panties! "Yes, you are quite excited, aren't you? Do you always wear such sexy, pretty undies?"

"Yes," he answered. "I like the way they feel."

"Of course, you do," Lola agreed. "After all, you're a sissy, aren't you?"

"A sissy?" he asked, bewildered.

"Yes, a sissy--a submissive little boy who likes to wear girly things. That's what you are, aren't you?" Lola explained.

"Yes...." he said,

"Yes, Mistress..." she corrected.

"Yes, Mistress," he complied.

"Good Girl! And from now on, whenever I call you Good Girl, you will feel very submissive, very girlish, very soft and feminine--just as you want to be. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress..."

"Good Girl! Do you take this train every day?" she asked.

"No, Mistress, only on Wednesdays," he said.

"I see...well, next week, when you take this train, you will be in a nicely femme outfit. Nothing obvious, just something that makes you look a little effeminate. I'm sure you have an idea of what that should be," Lola ordered. "You should also be hairless below your eyebrows, and have on a nice pair of panties--oh, and a bra. You will look for me and sit next to me, prepared to once more fall into trance."

"Yes, Mistress," Daniel answered.

"And your name when with me is Dani," Lola advised.

"Yes, Mistress, I am Dani," the mesmerized man replied.

"Good Girl! Now, my station is coming up," Lola said. "Once I have exited, you will awaken from trance, totally unaware of having been hypnotized, but prepared to follow all my instructions. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress...."

"Good Girl! Well, I will see you in a week, Dani!" Lola rose and stepped out onto the station platform.

As soon as the doors closed, Daniel awoke from trance. As he did, he noticed his open fly. How did that happen? He blushed, realizing his pretty panties were in full view. But somehow, that didn't bother him. I must remember to find a suitable outfit for next week's travel....

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Office Girl Dani: Part Five

Six weeks later

"Well, Dani, tomorrow is your big day. You'll be modeling the Pansy Passion line at New York  Fashion Week," Lola said. "Do you think you're ready?"

"I hope so," Dani replied.

"Well, let's make sure," Lola responded, placing Dani’s smartphone in the confused sissy’s hand. “I took the liberty of installing a new app on your phone, sweetie. I think it’s the perfect time to test it.” She pulled out her own phone and tapped the screen. After a few seconds Dani’s phone started vibrating, playing the music she had heard so many times now. She lifted the phone up to look at it. On the screen blinked the word "nice" in bright pink letters. As it flashed, Dani began murmuring along:

"Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice...." Her voice got softer and more slurred, her eyes blinked and glazed over as she dropped into trance.

"Nice and deep," Lola intoned. "So docile, so compliant, so ready to obey."

"Nice...deep...docile...compliant...obey..." Dani whispered in reply.

"Strip to your bra, stockings and heels," Lola ordered and Dani complied. "Now sit on the edge of the bed." Dani again did as directed, her sissy-cock hard and erect. Lola knelt beside the sissy and said, "In order to make sure you are properly girlish and effeminate tomorrow, we must empty you of all masculinity." She began to stroke Dani's sissy-cock. "We must milk all the cock-cream from you, so that only feminine juices flow through you." 

She increased the speed of her ministrations, noting the change in Dani's breathing. "Yes, that’s right...you like this, don’t you sissy? You like being rid of all your nasty male liquids...this excites you as you feel yourself become more and more feminine with every stroke...."

"More feminine...more girlish..." Dani gasped as her arousal grew.

Yes, every spurt you make gets rid of that nasty masculinity from your system. Every squirt makes you less and less of a man, more and more of a girl. And like a well-trained sissy should know, you can only squirt when Mistress commands it.”

Lola picked up a glass and positioned near the head of Dani's shaft. "We must make sure this precious cream is not wasted," she said. “Now then, you may release in 3...2...1...now.”

Dani moaned as at last her sissy-cock was allowed to spurt. Lola caught every drop of the cock-cream in the glass, and held it up to the still-entranced sissy, swirling it around mockingly. "Now what do good sissies do with their cream when they have been milked, Dani?"

"They...they drink it, Mistress," Dani murmured.

"Yes, that's right...good girl!" Lola held the glass to Dani's lips and gently poured the contents into her mouth. "Don't waste a drop, dear...lick it off your lips...doesn't that taste wonderful?"

"Wonderful, Mistress..." Dani agreed.

"Good girl! Now, my Sissified Sweetheart, get into your sexy babydoll pajamas and slip into bed," Lola instructed. "You have a busy day ahead. When you wake in the morning, you will be out of trance and ready to model."

The next day

Lola and Dani arrived in the office before 8 AM and went to Madame Poupee's studio. "Ah, ma petite Dani," the designer enthused. "You look magnifique!" Indeed she did--Dani was dressed in one of Pansy Passion's body-con mini-dresses, showing off her curves and her long sleek legs. Her hair was done in a mass of curls. She moved with feminine grace, thanks to her training and the previous night's preparations.

Dani blushed at the compliment and batted her eyes. "Enough coquettry," Lola announced. It's time to get our sissy ready for the show!"

The two dressed Dani in her first outfit, a cute romper. As they do, Dani noticed a camera crew enter. "Mistress, is this being recorded?" she asked.

"No, darling, it is being broadcast live," Lola answered. "Is that a problem?"

"I...I had no idea it would be so...public," Dani stammered. "Everyone will know my secret..." The panic began to show in Dani's face and body.

Lola leaned in and whispered in Dani's ear: "Nice...nice...nice...."

Dani began to repeat it with her: "Nice...nice...nice..."

As the sissy fell into trance, Lola told her, "You are proud and happy to be revealed as a feminized male. You relish the attention. The more people know, the happier you feel. You will be pleased to tell anyone the truth. Humiliation is your desire. The more people realise what you really are, the more humiliated and happy you will feel. When you awaken, you will stride out onto the catwalk as the sassy sissy you are." She paused to let that sink in and then said, "1--2--3--awake!"

Dani blinked a bit and smiled. "What are we waiting for?" she asked. "It's time I showed everyone how pretty and sexy a sissy can be!" With that, she swept past the curtain and began her walk before the crowd and the cameras.

Dani went through four other outfits, ending in a spectacular red gown. As she finished her turn in that gown, the emcee stepped forward with a mike. "Dani, there have been a few questions from our audience. Apparently, they think you must really be a genuine woman. What is your response?"

Dani smiled and looked directly into the camera. "I am a happily hypnotized, fully feminized, surely submissive, male lesbian sissy! I am the property and puppet of my Mistress, Ms. Lola Venus!"

With that, Lola came on stage with her model sissy and said, "Squirt, Sissy, Squirt!" Dani felt her sissy-cock engorge and then fill her panties with cock-cream, as she collapsed from the power of her orgasm.

As she did, Dani said, loudly, "I am yours forever, Mistress Lola!"

Mistress Lola smiled and snapped her fingers, putting Dani into a light trance. The sissy model stood stock still, her face still covered in a big happy silly smile. Lola turned to face the cameras.

Yes, the Lola Venus Pansy Passion line is perfect for any of you sissy boys who want to be as pretty as little Dani here. Our clothes will be available just in time for the winter season, so make sure you pre-order today to avoid disappointment. I assure you all, you will feel very...nice…”

Monday, January 13, 2020

Archelle: More Beach Babes

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[If you read Trance-Script #20, you'll discover the secret behind this most unusual posting. Hypnotic control and humiliation at its finest!]

Hypno-Session: Lesbian Slut?

Last Thursday I had another hypno-session with Mistress Lola...which resulted in an interesting post on this blog. That will be the next thing I post (I wrote it as a draft at the time).

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Office Girl Dani: Part Four

Dani the model

Ms. Lola sat at her desk, poring over financial data, a strangely satisfied smile on her face. Occasionally, a slight gasp escaped her lips. When she heard a knock on the door, she called, "Enter."

In came Madame Poupee, the magazine's fashion editor and designer. "We have a problem,  Mam'zelle Lola," she reported.

Lola looked up and asked, "What's the problem?"

Poupee handed her a file of photographs. "None of these models is right for the new line of clothes you want to market...and these are the best I've looked at."

"You mean the line I want to sell to cross-dressers?" Lola asked.

"Yes...we need someone who can look like a male in feminine attire...and still be attractive and sexy," Poupee replied.

"I believe I have the perfect choice," Lola said. She pushed her chair away from the desk and said, "Dani?"

Her assistant arose from under the desk, her lips still glistening from Lola's juices. "Yes, Ms. Lola?" she asked.

"I want you to go with Madame Poupee...we may have a new assignment for you."

"Of course, Ms. Lola," Dani replied, straightening her skirt. "Where are we going, Madame?"

Madame Poupee, at first startled by Dani's sudden appearance, regained her composure and took a stroll around Dani. "Oui, her height makes her seem masculine...not to mention her somewhat broad shoulders."

Lola chuckled. "Dani doesn't just seem masculine, Poupee...she was born male and remains so in every way except how she dresses and acts. Isn't that right, Dani?"

Dani blushed. "Yes, Ms. Lola...I am just your male lesbian lover and personal assistant."

Poupee smiled. "Then I think she will do nicely. Come along, Dani, I want you to try on some outfits..."

Three days later

"Mam'zelle Lola, I'm afraid Dani just isn't working out," Madame Poupee reported.

"I thought you said she was the perfect look for our line of clothes for sissies and nancy-boys?" Lola responded.

"Oui...but she does not move like a model...she moves like an ordinary woman. A model must have a special grace, an ability to put forth a mood, an attitude, with simply a gesture or a pose. I have been trying to explain it to her and demonstrate, but I am getting nowhere."

Lola frowned and thought a moment. "Leave it to me...I know exactly what to do..."

Later that day, Lola called Dani back to her office. "Madame Poupee tells me your efforts at modeling have been less than successful..."

Dani hung her head in shame. "I am sorry, Ms. Lola...but it just seems to be something I cannot accomplish."

"Nonsense," Lola retorted. "With proper training, my Sissified Sweetheart can do anything. I believe the problem is you don’t have the right incentive. You can’t visualize what it means to be on the catwalk, in front of all those people. And without that motivation, it’s hard to be excited about being a model, am I right?”

“Always, Mistress,” Dani curtseyed.

Mistress Lola smiled. “You have been taught well. I think I know what will help though. Do you know what these are?” she pointed to the object on her table.

“It looks like a VR headset, Mistress.”

“Correct, sweetie. I’ve had a very special type of training program created for you. Put the helmet on.”

Dani did as she was told. Lola flicked the switch on the back of the headset to power it on, and at once Dani heard the familiar mind-controlling melody that so often filled her head these days. Looking around, she saw that she had been placed in a black room, lit up by the shiny silver catwalk beneath her and a bright pink light off in the distance. As she looked left and right, she noticed she was standing in a line of models, each blankly staring forward.

“Your training begins now, Dani,” came Mistress Lola’s voice from the real world. “The headset is calibrated to detect your every motion, your every gesture. Your task is to be in perfect synchronization with the models around you. As long as you stay perfectly matched with them, you will feel pleasure like so…”

Dani shivered as the ever-arousing ‘Nice’ filled her senses.

“But the moment you get something wrong…”

Everything went black, and Dani heard the word ‘Bad’ fill her head. It was a terrible thing to hear, so full of disappointment and shame. It made her feel upset at herself, ashamed of performing badly. She did not want to be bad. She wanted to be nice. Her vision filled again, the catwalk and pink light returning, the models appearing by her side.

“Let’s see how well you do. Your goal is to make it to the light. Your training starts...now.”

The models began to move forward, their long legs strutting perfectly on their catwalks. Dani did her best to move with them. She took a few steps forward, feeling the buttplug vibrating as she did so. Then….


“You need to move your legs with more confidence,” came her Mistress’ voice. “Each step should be a statement, a bold, confident click of your heels as you strut across that floor. Again.”

The display reset itself, and Dani started again. She tried harder to strut like the models around her, to move with the self-assuredness of a true model. She looked down at her feet to see where they were going. The screen went black.


“Never look down, Dani. Always look forward. Focus only on that pink light ahead of you. Act as if an invisible string is pulling your head straight up. Now try again.”

The scene started again. This time Dani held her chin up, her eyes concentrated on the light in front of her. She could still see the models around her in her peripheral vision, still see their movements, but her attention was directed straight ahead.


The buttplug vibrated slightly faster for a second as a reward. Dani started to strut across the catwalk. This was so nice. She wasn’t going to be bad. She was going to be nice. It was nice to be a model. It was nice to act like a proper model. It was nice to be like the other models. She wanted to be a good model. She wanted to be sexy. She wanted to be adored. She wanted to look good, to make the clothes she was wearing to look fabulous, to make people want to wear her clothes, to make people want to look like her. The fact that her thoughts were in Mistress Lola’s voice did not bother her. She knew that Mistress’ words were her thoughts, and accepted them as her own.

The training continued for some time, with Dani getting Bad and Nice depending on her actions. Thanks to this negative and positive reinforcement, she found her body adjusting to how it needed to move, to act, to be. The gaps between Bads were longer and longer, the pink light getting closer and closer, brighter and brighter each time. Dani felt happier and happier each time she got closer to the light. And why shouldn’t she? She was a model now, a graceful, confident woman. And her hard work paid off when she finally reached that pink light and found…

Dani was still walking, still strutting like the confident model she now knew herself to be. But her surroundings had completely changed. She was still on a catwalk, but it ran down a packed theatre full of bright flashing photobulbs and cheering fans. The music had changed too - it was no longer the peaceful entrancing melody that had filled her head with the proper thoughts. Now it was a thudding electronic beat, perfect for the modern model to strut to.

“You are a perfect fashion model,” said the music in a dull, robotic monotone that suited the harsh electronic tempo. It was her Mistress’ voice, and it enforced the statement in her mind. “You are here to sell clothes. You are here to look your best. You are here to make a statement in fashion.”

“Make a statement,” Dani mumbled, getting lost in the strut, her face frozen in an emotionless pout.

“You must make the crowd love you. You must make the crowd love your clothes. Make them happy with your look. Treat the crowd like your Mistress.”

And though she knew she couldn’t look to the side, from the corner of her eyes Dani could see that the crowd was in fact her Mistress. Each of the thousands of people she could see were clones of Lola Venus, admiring her, encouraging her, applauding her.

Dani knew she had to please the crowd. She came to the end of the catwalk, leaned back on her heels to highlight her legs, and then turned to go back up the catwalk. But instead of a stage she saw it had another end, another place to turn, and the crowd was applauding her, cheering for her. It was so nice to please the crowd, to show off the clothes that her company was selling. 

“You are a walking mannequin,” said the music. “Your purpose is to show off your clothes. To make people want your clothes. To look perfect in your clothes.”

“Perfect,” Dani sighed, as she took another turn, walking once more down the runway. It continued for what felt like hours, the music reinforcing her thoughts, the crowd cheering and smiling and encouraging her so much. Until finally things become blurry and fuzzy, the music getting softer and quieter, until there was nothing but darkness and silence.

Back in the real world, Lola unfastened the headset and placed it back on her desk. She snapped her fingers in front of the entranced sissy, bringing her back to reality. Dani hazily shook her head, then stared into her Mistress’ eyes. 

"I am ready to return to my modeling, Ms. Lola," she said.

“Good girl,” Ms Lola smiled. “After all, we need to make sure that the public face of my new Pansy Passion line is at her very best, don’t we?”

The next day

Lola was called to Madame Poupee's studio. When she arrived, she saw Dani, dressed in one of the flirty outfits from the new line of clothes. Dani smiled, she batted her eyes, she wiggled her hips and her tits. She was clearly in character as the come-on queen who would wear such a frock. As the camera flashed, she struck pose upon pose, always perfectly in keeping with the scenario. Lola smiled and applauded.

"That is enough in that dress, ma petite," Poupee said. And Dani curtseyed, reverting instantly to her normal, sweetly submissive character. "She takes on the appropriate look and attitude with each outfit," Poupee advised. "In the office wear, she is the perfect secretary; in the baby-dolls, practically a whore. I cannot wait until I get her into some fetish gear."

Lola laughed. "Neither can I."