Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

How to Walk in Heels

Found this on YouTube (where else?). Beyond the educational aspects, who doesn't want to watch a pretty girl walk back and forth in a flirty dress and heels? And wish it were us?

Comic Influences, cont.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

For Lovers of Pettis...

There are two kinds of women's clothes I will always have a special attraction to. One is the mini-dress that took fashion by storm in the mid- to late-'60s, just as I was going through puberty and all the girls I wanted (and wanted to dress like) were wearing them.

The other is the bouffant skirt floating over layers of petticoats, as worn by adult women through the 1950s and well into the '60s. Here's a video of the opening clips from television's The Loretta Young Show, in which the hostess whirls into the room in a different beautiful dress every week:

I have some other petti videos I can embed as well...and if I find any of the '60s styles, I'll post those, too.

Comic Influences

This series of "visual essays" was originally created for A Bimbo's Sanctuary. I've modified the format a bit to make it
work in this environment, but all the content is unchanged. I'll be posting one a day over the next several days.

Superman's Boy-Girl, Jimmy Olsen

For the next few posts, I'll be doing what has been termed "re-purposing" in the television business--that is, taking material I originally worked up for other venues and reposting it here (sometimes in modified form), in hopes of engendering comments.

I've been a comics fan longer than I've been a TV/CD. While the stories posted here were not the "triggers" for my own interest in feminine attire, they certainly didn't discourage it.

Remember that all these tales were originally published with the approval of the censorious Comics Code Authority. I guess the CCA thought there was nothing particularly sexual about Jimmy being able to disguise himself as a girl pretty enough to get wolf whistles on the street and attract the romantic attentions of a mob boss!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


In preparation for starting this blog back up, I did a little web searching for blogs that cover some of the topics dealt with by me.

To some extent, it was disappointing. Searching both Technorati and Google's blog search for "erotic hypnosis", all that came up were alleged "blogs" by pay-for-play dommes that had only one or two posts and clearly exist only as come-ons for the dommes' main sites and pay services. For the most part, "feminization" resulted in the same sort of thing.

But "transvestite" and "crossdresser" was somewhat more successful. The links I discovered in that way are the new ones in the list on the left.

"Wearing My Wife's...." is described as the "Online Diary of a Crossdressing Couple. A Dominant wife who loves to dress her submissive cross dressing husband in her things." I don't know how much of what is discussed there is real and how much fantasy, but, boy, is it arousing!

"From Wingtips to Sling Backs" seems a bit more realistic, as Barbara outlines her life as a CD and her journey toward acceptance from her SO.

"Andrea's Space" features an older CD, like me, but Andrea is still dressing and appears to have some acceptance from her wife and family.

"" is not a blog, but rather a message board and online community. I've just begun exploring it.

"Tina's Blog" is just that--comments and events from the life of a Finnish (I gather) TV/CD.

"Miss D" appears to be a lifestyle domme...and while her blog mostly seems to be a way to promote her services, it also includes profiles of and links to blogs for a number of the CD/TV group who have used her services. Prissy Gina's blog is especially good.

More tomorrow.

Sorry for the Long Absence

Real life does have a way of getting in the way, doesn't it?

At any rate, I think I've pretty much completed the history of my development and participation in the TV/CD world, with one addition:

Having closed out my website, most of my creative talents have been given over to "captioning"--taking an image and writing a short story/vignette around it. Unlike most, I'm not happy just taking some sexy image--often quite hardcore--and adding some text. I like to take what might seem like a relatively innocent picture, manipulating it a little (or a lot, depending), and then writing the "story"--usually in comic-book like format.

I've also started doing some actual artwork for this stuff.

Both of these kinds of captions can be found in my gallery at A Bimbo's Sanctuary. If you're not already registered there, you'll have to sign up; there's no fee and it's really quite a
wonderful site!