Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Man in a Girl Suit

Lady Alexa offers more advice on a female-led relationship:

My former husband, and now wife, Amy, is not transsexual. I know it’s a fine line, but she is a man in a girl suit. I love Amy for all she is, but I still need and enjoy the male part.

Eventually I found information on submissive and cross-dressing husbands. I began to understand what it was my husband needed and that it wasn’t so unusual. I found I wasn’t the only women to be in this situation. I decided that the only way to live with my husband’s needs was to face up to it and accept it. In fact, to drive it forward and take the lead on this.

He was as lost as me and needed guidance himself.

We took little steps at first. I got him to lose the leg hair; isn’t that prettier hon? Wouldn’t you like to dress more often at home? Then, wouldn’t that bra would look so much better on a bare chest. Surprisingly, I really didn’t mind, quite the opposite.

Our FLR was working. We decided to go to the next stage: try one round of hormone therapy. We stopped, then tried again, then stopped. It was a big step and although we were both excited by the idea of Amy looking even more like a female, we were also nervous.

Finally we went for it and after 5 years, Amy now has hips, a cute butt and very full C cups. Her man parts still work and she is beautiful. For years we we still dis the him and her at some functions, but she can no longer pass as a man any more, at least not easily.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dani: Teen Fantasy, Part Six

Christmas 1968

For nearly two months now, Dani has spent all her time as a sissy, when not in school. Her dominating mother and sister have virtually eliminated all masculinity from her, so much that she is now teased at school where she must continue to pretend to be a boy.

On Christmas morning, she awoke in her pretty pink baby-doll pajamas, slipped into her slippers with the one-inch heels, and minced downstairs. Her mother and sister were already in the living room, waiting for her. "Good morning, Mistress-Mommy," Dani said, curtseying. "Good morning, Mistress Eileen."

"Good morning, my Sissified Sweetheart," Charlotte responded. "You look very pretty this morning...this very special morning."

"Yes, it will be special, won't it, mother?" Eileen nodded. "You should open your presents, Dani...we have them all numbered in the order you should open them." She pointed to the one marked with a big "1". "Start with that one."

Dani sat on the floor and picked up the package, wrapped in the most girlish of paper, with a big pink bow on the top. She undid the wrapping carefully and opened the box. "Oh,'s just wonderful!" Dani held up a pink satin corset. "This will truly give me feminine curves."

"Yes, dear, we'll lace you into it for the first time later today," Charlotte said. "Now, open the second one." Dani put the next package on her lap and opened it just as carefully. She gasped when she saw the contents.

"Oh, what a lovely pair of shoes!" They were pink patent leather pumps with big bows on the instep and four-inch heels. "But I don't have anything nice enough to wear with these!"

"Oh no? Open number three, darling," her sister advised. She did as instructed, finding a beautiful pink dress with tiers of lace and multiple petticoats. "You can wear that frock and your pretty new shoes when we go to church later," Charlotte said. "It's time our neighbors got to know Dani."

There was one more box. Dani opened it and got a final surprise. "This...this is a school uniform!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, my love," her mother said. "After Christmas break you will be enrolled at Stepton Prep. They are a very progressive academy, quite open to educating pretty prissy sissies like you. Of course, they have ordinary students as well...but all of them are taught to be kind and considerate of special pupils like you."

Dani stood and hugged each of his Mistresses in turn. "Thank you! I know I will love my new school and my new life!

April 1969

Charlotte opened Dani's door and found her pretty sissy sitting forlorn on her bed. "What's wrong? Is my Good Girl unhappy?"

Dani felt the little rush of pleasure at those words, but her face remained sad. "The big school dance is in a week, and I don't have a date!" she moaned.

"Oh, dear, has no one invited you?"

"Lots of boys have asked me...but I don't want to go with a boy!" Dani explained, between sobs. "I want to go with a girl!"

Charlotte frowned. She had not anticipated this. Her sissy was a male lesbian; despite her outward appearance as a lovely young woman, Dani's sexual attraction remained to women. "Let me think about it, Dani," she said. "I'll work something out."

Charlotte went to her study and called 1-800-SISSY. When Lola answered, she told her of the situation.

I wouldn't want to use hypnosis
to change Dani's orientation

No, of course not, Mistress Lola
But I am so sorry we did not foresee this

Actually, I thought it was a possibility
Most sissies remain attracted to women
even after they are transformed
After all, it's their extreme devotion
to femininity that has made them sissies

So, what can we do?

I have an idea.
Tell Dani you have found her a special date

Two weeks later, the doorbell at Charlotte's home rang and she called, "That will be your date, Dani! Are you ready?"

"Yes, Mistress-Mommy," Dani replied, mincing down the stairs in a stunning little black dress, showing off her tightly corsetted figure and her long sleek legs on a pair of black patent pumps with six-inch heels.

Charlotte opened the door and a beautiful redhead with ravishing blue eyes stood there. She was dressed in a figure-hugging black leather dress that came to her knees, with a similar pair of black pumps below. "Good evening, Charlotte," she said in her British-accented tones.

"Greetings, Mistress Lola," Charlotte replied, curtseying as she did so. She gestured to Dani. "Your date is ready for you."

Dani's jaw dropped in surprise and she curtseyed as well. "Mistress Lola! You are my escort to the dance?"

"Yes, my Sissified Sweetheart!" Lola acknowledged. "I am so pleased to meet all of you in person at last." She extended her black-gloved hand. "Now, come and be a Good Girl! I know we will have a marvelous time!"

As they went down the stairs to the waiting limousine, Dani's mind was in a whirl. I will be the envy of every girl, every boy, every sissy at the dance!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

November Dressing 5: A Touch of Elegance

Every girl needs a formal gown, right?

The purple gown with jacket is by R&M Richards, bought at Ross in February 2015; the shoes are Christian Siriano "Habitude" satin floral pumps from Payless in January 2019. Other accessories are a purple bow, silver jewelry, and natural hose.

A bit of John Singer Sargent's "Madame X" with the falling shoulder strap, eh?

This completes my outfits for November and for my 12th year in dressing since resuming in 2008.

Having a Hypno-Fetish

This mini-biography is from the female perspective, but I think the feelings expressed apply to males, cross-dressers, and anyone with a fetish for hypnosis:

...when I was 14, I noticed the feeling that I got when a story included mind control was growing stronger — there was a heat to it now. Some new need I couldn’t place drove me to Google “hypnosis stories,” just to see what came up.

Of course, I immediately found erotica, and as I scanned some of the worst prose I have ever read (I eventually found better), the feeling roared into a fire in my stomach. It was one of the most intense sensations I had ever experienced, and I suddenly understood.

The nerdy innocent, I had been the last girl in my class to even learn what intercourse was. And now, a word I had heard maybe a couple of times came bubbling into my mind with startling clarity: “This is a fetish,” I thought. “I have a hypnosis fetish.”

The wonderful thing about having a fetish is that it never gets old. Every single time, without exception, that David hypnotizes me, whether it be with a snap of his fingers, staring into my eyes, or slapping my face (yes, that works), there’s a moment when I think, “Oh my God, it’s happening.” The repression is gone, but every time I go under, I still feel a profound sense of relief.

My pubescent fantasies are all well and good — I still love reading stories where the victim has their identity taken away forever, and that desire is part of the drive of my kinky relationship. But the fantasies can’t compare with the layers of complexity that exist in a relationship that includes both sadomasochism and cuddling. We engage in long-term psychological conditioning (yes, we call it brainwashing), mutually plotting my destruction. But we also talk about the weather, and music, and religion, and complain about work. I still have my friends (including David’s other partners), and family, and a husband I adore (I had a lot of explaining to do when we met). I’ve learned that a fetish is not proscriptive — or prescriptive. It doesn’t have to look like porn for it to be full and real — and it’s better, if arguably stranger, than fiction.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

November Dressing 4: Whole Lotta Leg

What else can I call a set of photos in a skirt this short?

The yellow striped t-shirt is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line in April 2015; the red mini-skirt is from Kohl's Simply Vera line in April 2013; the shoes are Predictions Comfort Plus "Janine" yellow pumps from Payless in May 2015. Other accessories are silver jewelry, a silver belt, and natural hose.

I think both of these portraits are quite nice:

One more outfit to come for the month

Dani: Teen Fantasy Part Five

Early November 1968, the next day

Eileen went to Dani's room and entered without knocking. "Go to my'll find some new clothes there. Put them on."

Dani gasped. She's really changed...and it's exciting! "Yes, Mistress Eileen." She went to her sister's room and found the clothes laid out on the bed. There was a matching pair of pink panties and bra. But the rest of the clothes seemed oddly, well, androgynous. There were a pair of tight pants, with a pink floral pattern. There was a pink t-shirt, obviously cut for a girl's figure. And there were a pair of pink ballet flats. She put them on and then returned to Eileen.

"Well, that looks good. Now, come with I told you, we have an appointment." Eileen led the way down the stairs and to her car. She watched as her brother--so obviously a feminized male in this outfit--slid into the seat. "You're in for a real surprise, my Sissified Sweetheart," she said as she started the car.

Dani felt that familiar frisson of girlishness as her sister used the fateful phrase. Yes, Mistress Lola must have given her some real instruction on how to control me...and perhaps something more. Eileen--Mistress Eileen--really is different from before.

Moments later, Eileen pulled the car into a parking space at a local strip mall. "Our appointment is at Janice's House of regular salon."

Dani looked around. "Mistress Eileen, the salon is clear at the other end of the mall. Can't we park a little closer?

Eileen shivered at the power she felt when Dani called her by that title. "No, dear, I want everyone to see my sissy brother walk into the salon for the first time. Be a Good Girl, and sashay you're way down there." Dani was helpless...Good Girl not only made her feel feminine, it made her feel obedient and compliant.

"Yes, Mistress Eileen," she said meekly and began the yards-long walk, in her most mincing and girlish gait. People she passed stared and snickered, some even imitated her exaggeratedly feminine steps. This is so humiliating but so arousing, too. This is really what it means to be a sissy! Dani reached the door to the salon and entered. She stopped just inside the door and waited for Eileen, who came in a moment after.

As her sissy brother stood with eyes lowered, Eileen spoke to the receptionist. "My brother has an appointment with Miss Janice," she said.

"Oh, yes...this must be Dani," the girl at the desk said, giggling. "The boss is waiting for the private room at the back."

"Thank you," Eileen replied. "Come, Dani," she ordered. And Dani followed her to the back of the salon, every eye following--some frowning, some smiling in delight.

Meanwhile, at home, Dani and Eileen's mother--Charlotte--found an odd note as she straightened Eileen's room. "Mistress Lola, 1-800-SISSY," she murmured. "Whatever is this about?" Intrigued, she decided to dial the number.

It was answered by a woman with a British accent. A low, sultry tone that wouldn’t have been out of place on a sex-line. Wait, was this a sex line? Her daughter was at that age, but surely...

Dani? Or is this Mistress Eileen?

No...this is Charlotte, their mother. 

Their mother? Oh, how utterly fantastic to hear from you. I’m Mistress Lola. How are you, Charlotte dear?

I’m fine. Listen, I found your number in my daughter’s room. What exactly are you doing with my children?

Simply providing them with their desires, Charlotte

Oh my God, this is a sex line!

The woman laughed a sweet, lilting laugh.

Goodness me, not at all!
You see your...son...called me for some life advice, which I was happy to provide
And when Eileen called, naturally I wanted to help her too.

What kind of ‘life advice’ do you offer, Mistress Lola?

Charlotte said the word ‘Mistress’ with scorn. This all sounded incredibly suspicious. And why had the voice hesitated around the word ‘son’?

Why, how to improve their lives, naturally.
I am teaching them their proper roles in your family, my dear.
How to be more open and honest and respectful of each other,
so that they can be the best siblings to each other.
And if you like, dear sweet Charlotte,
I can do the same for you.

What do you mean?

You didn't know--or even suspect--
that your son was a sissy?
A crossdresser who craves
to be dominated and transformed
by the women in his life?

Charlotte was startled. How dare this woman accuse her son of being a...a sissy? She had a good mind to put the phone down right now. And yet...she realised as a wave of calm came over her...and yet that would explain...

Well, I had noticed some of my clothes
and Eileen's
being out of place...

Exactly! Well, now, Dani no longer must
hide her true self. Are you prepared
to join his sister and me 
in training him to be the pretty priss
he really wants to be?

Am I? Charlotte asked herself. It was getting harder to think clearly. The voice on the telephone was very relaxing. It seemed a lot easier to just go with the flow and let it all go. It would be so much easier to have two daughters. And I imagine Daniel must make a truly lovely girl.

Very well. What must I do?

To start with, I just want you 
to think of this word:


Control is one of those special words
that means the same as how it sounds
When you say the word
what images does it bring to your mind?

Well...being in control, I guess

As simple as that
Just saying that word
automatically makes you picture being in
Spread it out
It suggests authority
It suggests power
It suggests domination
And if you’re the one
in control
then that gives you the power
that gives you the authority
that gives you the dominance
doesn’t it Charlotte?

Yes, it does

Control is a sexy word, isn’t it Charlotte?

It feels sexy...when you describe it like that

Very good
Think of that word
and repeat it
over and over


And, as you repeat it,
realize that it means
that you are going to be
in control
because you will control your sissy son


You will turn him into
the image of femininity
you desire him to be


Yes, control...and now I
control your mind...
I control what you will be
A loving but firm maternal hand
for your Sissified Sweetheart of a child, Dani

Yes, loving, firm,
in control

Charlotte felt the shift in her being. She was no longer just a mother...she was a force, a controlling power. It felt good, it felt right. It was getting harder to think of her son. More of a chance to see how feminine a boy could become. No, not a boy...a sissy

From the other end of the phone, Mistress Lola could hear Charlotte’s increased heavy breathing. She smiled. Now she had a mother to play with, as well as a sissy and apprentice. There was something about this family that just made them so easy to be mesmerised. Time to press the attack.

Very good!
Now, before Dani comes home,
you will throw out all her
male underclothes.
She will wear bras and panties
from now on.

Only bras and panties, yes

Even if she has to be in male
shirts and panties, she will
be frilly and girly underneath

Frilly and girly

You will take her shopping
for a girlish wardrobe
Baby-doll pajamas
Cute shoes

Get her lots of pretty outfits

You want her to be prissy
and proper
You want her to be your
Good Girl!

My Good Girl!

Charlotte smiled. Yes, Dani will be a Good Girl! My Good Girl! My little feminized doll!

She will now call you
It will make you happy
to be called Mistress-Mommy
The words Mistress-Mommy
will make you feel 
powerful and in control
Do you understand?

I understand.

Who are you?


Tell me who you really are
Tell me who you’ve become
Say it loud and proud and feel it become true
As you tell me who you are

I am...I’m…

Say it for me, my darling

I am Mistress-Mommy!

As she made that declaration, Charlotte felt something click into place in her head. There was no turning back. Now and forever, she was Mistress-Mommy to her pretty sissy Dani.

Mistress Lola grinned triumphantly. She had won. An easy victory, granted, but a victory nonetheless. 

Very good, Mistress-Mommy!
And from now on
You will call this number regularly
and tell me how our little Dani is progressing
introducing yourself as Mistress-Mommy
and who knows?
Perhaps you and I will have some fun of our own
I’ve always wanted a mother I could control
But for now
I am going to count to three
and when I reach the number three
you will hang up the phone,
and when you do, 
you will awaken from this trance,
unaware you have been hypnotized,
but completely in control
as Dani's Mistress-Mommy
Remembering my instructions
as if they were your own thoughts 
as you wake up in

And Charlotte hung up the phone and awakened. She looked at her watch. Goodness where has the time gone? The girls...girls?...yes, the girls will be home any moment!