Tuesday, April 21, 2020

...But Why?

Hannah McKnight explores answers to the question we always get asked when we tell someone we cross-dress:

It’s the question they keep coming to when we come out to someone. It’s also the question that we struggle with the most.

We dress to reflect how we feel. If I am feeling *amazing* then out comes a leather dress and black patent heels. If I am feeling ugly and I need to snap out of it, I dress in the prettiest dress I have. Magic is real and it’s hanging in our closets.

I have been who I am long enough to know that for the most part this side of us is not able to be explained. It’s just who we are. We were born this way. I can’t explain who I am, or why I am to anyone. I can try, and they might get it, but I never feel I can effectively express the simplicity or how deeply this side of me is ingrained in who I am.

We can’t change who we are. We shouldn’t.
We can’t express with words who we are. But our clothes can.

Pool Party

Monday, April 20, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Dani and the Professor, Part Four

Stage four

In one week, the six-month period would be completed. Dani and Prof. Venus had become passionate lesbian lovers, with Dani thoroughly enjoying their nightly sessions of muff-diving and pegging...and his weekly milkings as well. But there was still one element of what the professor had promised her colleagues that was missing.

Prof. Venus summoned Dani to her office. He arrived dressed in his now typical attire--a frilly lacy dress in pink, skirt so short it threatened to reveal his panties and displayed his long feminine legs to perfection. "Dani, sweet, there's one more stage to our process," the professor said, as she gestured to the laptop on Dani's desk. "Sit, please, and open the program titled stage four."

Dani complied, put on his headphones and opened the program. The screen filled with the familiar pink spiral, spinning its way into Dani's mind, with "nice...nice....nice...." flashing in and out as well. Dani was once again riveted to the image and to the voice of Prof. Venus in his ears:

Dani, you are already my male lesbian love slave
Now you will become my perfect submissive in all things
Repeat after me:

I am Mistress Lola's submissive sissy
I obey Mistress Lola
I obey Mistress Lola

I am aroused by obeying Mistress Lola
I am aroused by obeying Mistress Lola

Obedience is arousal
Obedience is arousal

I feel a thrill of sexual pleasure when I say
Yes, Mistress Lola
I feel a thrill of sexual pleasure when I say
Yes, Mistress Lola

Obedience is pleasure
Obedience is pleasure

Obedience is arousal and pleasure
Obedience is arousal and pleasure

I cannot disobey Mistress Lola
I cannot disobey Mistress Lola

My body belongs to Mistress Lola
My mind belongs to Mistress Lola
My body and mind belong to Mistress Lola

The program went on repeating the phrases, with Dani murmuring his assent, for the rest of the day. When it ended, Dani remained in a blissful, happy, blank-minded trance. He had no need to think...all his thoughts would come from Mistress Lola from now on.

The final presentation

"Friends and colleagues, I know many of you were quite astonished by the presentation I made to you three months ago, reporting on my progress in creating a perfectly submissive sissy from a normal heterosexual male. But that was just an interim stage. Today, I present to you the culmination of my work."

Prof. Venus gestured and a curtain went up behind her, revealing the completely sissified Dani...now in an even more ruffled, petticoated outfit. "Step forward, my Pretty Sissy Dani," the professor ordered. Dani minced downstage on her six-inch heels, her hands holding her skirts in a curtsey-like pose. "Tell the audience all about yourself, Dani."

In a breathy voice, in the monotone of the truly entranced, Dani answered, "Yes, Mistress Lola," and then continued:

I am Mistress Lola's submissive sissy
I obey Mistress Lola
I am aroused by obeying Mistress Lola
Obedience is arousal
I feel a thrill of sexual pleasure when I say
Yes, Mistress Lola
Obedience is pleasure
Obedience is arousal and pleasure
I cannot disobey Mistress Lola
My body belongs to Mistress Lola
My mind belongs to Mistress Lola
My body and mind belong to Mistress Lola

The onlookers could clearly see the effect all this had on the sissy. His breath became short, his face flushed. The tell-tale signs of sexual arousal were everywhere. He clearly wanted to pleasure himself...but could not without permission. Prof. Venus smiled and finally asked, "Do you wish to come, Pretty Sissy Dani?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress Lola," he panted...and a shudder of arousal ran through him again.

"Will you do anything to be able to come?"

"Yes, Mistress Lola...obedience is arousal and pleasure...."

"Lower your panties so that our friends can see."

"Yes, Mistress Lola," Dani replied and his ruffled pink undies fell to the floor. He raised his skirts and pettis so that his rampant sissy-cock was visible to all.

"What do you need to be able to come, Dani?

"Your...your permission, Mistress Lola..."

"Then, on the count of three, come--but catch all your cream and clean it in the usual manner," Prof. Venus said. "One...two...three.......come!"

Since Dani had not been milked in over a week, an enormous amount of cock-cream spurted from his erect member. He caught it on his hands and once his orgasm was over, he carefully licked every drop from his fingers.

The gathered academics applauded and congratulated Prof. Venus. As they filed out, many of the women gazed longingly at Dani, now standing and looking adoringly at his mesmeric mistress. Finally, one of the women broke the spell. "Professor," she asked, "can you help me make my husband into a pretty submissive sissy?"

The professor handed her a flash drive. "Put this on his computer...and call me tomorrow."

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Dani and the Professor, Part Three

Stage three

With the success of the progress presentation, Daniel began to dress more and more femininely, never returning to any form of slacks again, and his heels being at least four inches all the time. He even smiled when Prof. Venus began calling him "Dani."

Finally, one month after the presentation, Prof. Venus called him into the office and said, "Dani, it's time to move on to stage three of our experiment. For this, I'll have to ask you to move into my home."

Dani blushed. "Oh, Professor, is that really appropriate?" Secretly, with his long-held crush on the beautiful academic only intensified by the program, Dani was thrilled with the idea.

"Of course it is, dear. We are both consenting adults..." Well, your consent is a bit forced, she thought. "I've already cleared it with the department heads." And so, that weekend, Dani became Prof. Venus's live-in companion. He took over what had been intended as servants' quarters, filling the wardrobe with a growing collection of sexy and frilly attire.

One week into the new setup, the professor suggested something more. "Dani, dear, I know you have admired me for some time. And I must admit, with your new look, I am finding you more and more attractive. As part of stage three, I think we should work on your ability to make love as a woman."

Dani smiled. "Is there a new program I should download to my laptop?" he asked.

"No, darling, I think this one should be one-on-one and personal," Prof. Venus replied. She patted the space next to her on the couch. "Come sit by me and we'll begin." Dani complied.  Prof. Venus leaned forward and stared into Dani's eyes. "Look at my eyes and imagine the pink spiral there....see it spin in my eyes...it draws you down...it draws you in...all you see is the pink spiral in my eyes...all you hear is my lovely voice..."Dani was enraptured by the spiral in his mind and her voice. "Yes, that feels nice, doesn't it? Nice...nice...nice...nice...nice...nice...nice...say it with me, Dani...nice...nice...nice...nice....nice..."

"Nice...nice...nice...nice....nice...nice..." Dani murmured along, his voice slurring and getting softer as he fell into trance.

"Nice and deep...nice and docile...nice and obedient," the professor said, deepening the trance. "So deep, so docile, so compliant, so hypnotized....

"Now, Dani, I know you want to make love to me. I want you to make love to me...but not as a man...as a woman. How do women make love, Dani?"

"They...they use their mouths on each other's vaginas," Dani replied, hesitantly.

"That's right, but there's no need to be so formal, darling. We can call it by its familiar name--pussy," Prof. Venus cooed. "Now, how does a woman make love to another woman?"

"She eats her pussy," Dani answered.

"Good girl! And every time I call you a good girl, you go a little deeper into trance and get a little more aroused," she told him. "But that's not all women do together...what else do you think they do?"

"They suck on their breasts...."

"Good girl! But, again, let's be friendly about this..." She played with her boobs. "These are my tits, dear, my boobs.... and how would you make love to me with them?"

"I would suck on your tits, Professor..."

"Good girl! But did you know some women like to do more? Especially with special good girls like you?" She moved closer to her mesmerized student. "Sometimes, they like to actually fuck their pretty partners...how would they do that, with a special girl like you?"

Dani shook his head. "I don't know, Professor..."

Prof. Venus took a strap-on harness and dildo from a drawer in the end table. "They would do it with one of these, my dear...and they would fuck your sweet, tight, little ass-pussy...."

Dani gasped, feeling in trance the penetration. "Oh, Professor, really?"

"Really, darling...and a good girl will get great pleasure from it, won't she?"

"Yes...yes, Professor...."

"Good girl! Now there's one other thing a woman might do with her pretty male lesbian partner." She reached down and stroked Dani's burgeoning sissy-cock through his panties. "She might play a bit with this," she said, as she playfully squeezed it. "You see, to be sure her good girl stays feminine and docile, she has to make sure the dear thing doesn't have too much of that nasty male stuff inside...so she helps him get rid of it regularly."
She sensuously rubbed her hand over the satin-covered member.

Dani moaned, "Oh, Professor...."

"Yes, and we call that milking...removing all that cock-cream so that the male feelings don't overwhelm the feminine ones," Prof. Venus explained. "Now, Dani, I'm going to bring you even deeper into trance. When I count to three, you will go ten times deeper than you are now...and you will remember and think about all the things we have talked about. They will become part of you when I wake you in while..."


And Dani dropped even further into trance, his mind swimming with all the new lovely ways he could make love to his beautiful Professor.

That night

"Wake up, Dani dear." At the sound of her voice, Dani came out of trance and saw the professor, framed in the doorway to the bedroom. She was wearing a long black satin nightgown that gleamed in the light. "My pussy needs some attention...come be my little pussy-eater...."

With those words, Dani suddenly realized he had an enormous craving for the taste of Prof. Venus's sex. He stood...and realized he, too, was dressed for bed, in a short pink baby-doll nightie. He followed the professor to the bed.

She lay sensuously upon it, and pulled up the gown to reveal her pussy, naked and already wet with arousal. Dani crawled between her legs and began to suck and lick, finding her clit and using his tongue to bring it to full erection. At the same time, he felt his own sissy-cock respond.

"That's....nice..." Prof. Venus murmured. "Nice...nice...nice...nice....nice...." And Dani suddenly saw the pink spiral before his eyes and fell again into a waking trance. "Keep at it, sweetie, and there will be a reward for you when I climax." Dani brought her to three shuddering orgasms.

Now, the professor reached into the nightstand and found her dildo harness. "Roll over, Dani dear. I'm going to fuck your virgin ass-pussy." And Dani found those words seemed to loosen his ass, making it ready for her penetration. She pushed the faux-cock deep into him, setting up a primitive rhythm, the tempo increasing as she felt his arousal growing. "Good girl!" she said. "You're a natural at this, darling." And the sensations of the dildo against her pussy brought Prof. Venus to yet another climax.

She slid the dildo from Dani's ass-pussy and rolled him over once more, his sissy-cock at full erection, quivering with anticipation. "Time for your milking, dear...time to get all those nasty male juices out of you, so that you will be my docile, compliant, ultra-femme sissy lover." She began to stroke his sissy-cock, gently at first, then with more urgency. She brought him to the brink once, twice, three times...each time slowing down to increase his frustration and desire. Finally, she brought him to ejaculation, catching the cock-cream on her fingers and then thrusting them, still sticky and wet, into his mouth.

"Suck, Dani, suck and then tell me who and what you are!" Prof. Venus demanded.

"I am Dani, your submissive sissy...your male lesbian love slave!" he cried, then collapsed in passionate exhaustion.

Prof. Venus passed her hands over his eyes. "Sleep, my love, sleep and dream of serving me forever."