Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Let It Go

Some sage advice from Hannah McKnight on accepting yourself:

Since you’ve accepted this side of you, you may as well embrace it. You are no longer hating yourself for who you are. It’s time to do the opposite. Love who you are. Love yourself by buying that dress, wearing those panties, waking up in a nightgown, getting a manicure. How long have you been wanting to do that? How many trips to the mall have you walked past that cute dress shop wanting to go in? Probably a million times. Or at least it feels that way.

Before you come out to someone, I encourage you to live with this part of you for a bit. Try different things. See what feels right. For some of us, this is absolutely about lingerie. They might branch out into dresses or getting a makeover and realize that is not who they are. For some, and this was my experience, I completely thought this was about underdressing. Then I tried makeup. And dresses. And heels. And a wig. I kept going. I stopped identifying as a crossdresser and started to identify as transgender.

And then I stopped. There was no next step.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Adjustments and Counseling, Part Five

The next day

[Sissy Dani curtseys]
Good morning, Mistress

Good morning, my Sissified Sweetheart
Thank you for coming when I asked

Obedience is pleasure
Is something wrong?

No, nothing's wrong
Your WifeMistress, 
my Adoring Apprentice,
has requested that I make a few adjustments

Adjustments, Mistress?
In me?

Of course in you, silly sissy!
But I promise,
anything I do
will only make you feel

And Dani began responding to her induction word


And when Mistress Lola could tell Dani was in trance, she began her programming.

This afternoon
Mistress Susan will take you to a new place
a place where certain physical changes will be made in you
This morning, I am going to make sure the right mental changes occur as well

Yes, Mistress

So from now
until I count to 3
all the commands I give you
will go straight into your subconscious
You won’t consciously acknowledge them
But they will be hidden there
deep within your mind
until they are needed

And then, without revealing to Dani more than that, Mistress Lola began installing a new set of triggers, a new mindset, a new way of thinking and behaving for Dani, that would only be activated after those physical changes were underway.

And now, Dani,

I don't feel any different, Mistress

And you won't, until later.
Now, because I always like to play fair...
Is there anything Mistress Susan could change to make her more your perfect domme?

Yes, Mistress
Could you....

And Dani went on to explain her desires.

I see.
Very well, my Sissified Sweetheart
I shall see what I can do.

Later that morning, responding to an e-mail, Mistress Susan also entered the chat-room.

Hello, my Adoring Apprentice

Hello, Mistress
You summoned me?

Yes, my dear,
I think it is time to make your dominant personality
more forceful
at least part of the time.
Don't you think that would be

Mistress Susan began repeating her induction word


and soon found herself deep in trance.

and deep
and just letting my words guide you
just as they always have
just as they always will
So surrender your mind now
And let my words become your thoughts.

Your thoughts

Good girl.
You have been a loving, dominant wife to Dani.
It is now time to make
you into a powerful
Not all the time
but only under certain circumstances
Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress

Good girl
Tomorrow, you will see Dani in a new outfit,
a new persona.
When you do, 
the following trigger will activate in your mind
Masterful Mistress
When that happens, you will no longer request Dani's obedience, 
you will demand it.
Dani will be not only 
your male lesbian lover,
but your devoted servant.
You will feel so powerful
so dominant
so in control
You will be a true Mistress
Superior to all others in every way.
Not just a woman
but a Goddess
Obedience is mandatory
Submission is mandatory
Your will must be done.
When Dani changes out of that outfit, 
that persona,
you will go back to being his WifeMistress.
Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress

Good girl
You know your task for tomorrow?

Yes Mistress

Good girl.
Now, when I count to three
you will log off and awake,
unaware you were hypnotized
and forgetting we talked at all

And Mistress Susan logged off, awoke from trance and went about her day...while deep in her subconscious, Mistress Lola's changes remolded her psyche.

That afternoon

"Come along, Dani, we don't want to be late for your appointment," Mistress Susan called.

"Yes, Mistress," Dani replied, mincing down the stairs in her five-inch heels. In addition, she was wearing a pink camisole and a tight gray pencil skirt that fell to just above her knees. She was bare-legged, on Mistress Susan's orders. I wonder why she doesn't want me in hose, Dani thought. Where is it we are going?

Mistress Susan did the driving, to an area Dani knew they had rarely visited before. She pulled into the parking lot of a strip mall in front of an elegant storefront with the words "Mademoiselle Margaret" in gold leaf on the window. "This is where you have your appointment, Dani--for your first real visit to a beauty salon!"

Dani felt her sissy-cock twitch in her lacy panties. This was one of her long-time fantasies, to be made beautiful and sexy in a place like this; to have a powerful woman transform this boy-girl into the epitome of feminine allure. Her eyes glazed over as she recalled the times Mistress Lola had taken her on this fantasy in trance.

Mistress Susan recognized the look. "Wake up, my Sissified Sweetheart! This is no hypnotic adventure. Today you will really experience it." She took her feminized husband by the arm
and escorted her through the door. Inside, Dani recognized the look, the aroma of a truly feminine place at once--it smelled of perfume, of cosmetics, of permanent lotion and setting gel, of nail polish. It smelled of heaven!

Mistress Susan spoke to the receptionist in a voice loud enough for the whole shop to hear. "This is my male lesbian husband, Pretty Sissy Dani. She has an appointment for a full make-over with Mademoiselle Margaret." The receptionist looked up at Dani and smiled. "Yes, Mademoiselle is waiting for you in private room two." She pointed the way to the rear of the salon. Once again, Mistress Susan took Dani by the arm and led her to the designated chamber. Along the way, staff and patrons all turned to observe as they passed. 

"Mademoiselle is going to work on another sissy," one of the stylists whispered to her customer. "You should stay to see how she turns out."

Waiting for them in the private room was a tall, elegantly made-up and coiffed woman in her 50s, wearing a tight-fitting white uniform dress and white pumps. She extended a manicured hand to Mistress Susan. "I am Mademoiselle Margaret. You must be Mistress Susan...and this," she indicated Dani, "must be the pretty little thing I am to further beautify today." She extended her hand to Dani, who somehow knew the proper thing to do was to curtsey and kiss her hand. "We have much to do," Mademoiselle pronounced. "Dani, take a seat in the styling chair."

"Mistress Susan, I have your complete instructions," Mademoiselle said. "Do you wish to stay and observe, or...?"

"I have some errands to run," Mistress Susan replied. "I'll return in...three hours. Will that be sufficient time?"

"We should be just finishing up," Mademoiselle said. "Enjoy your shopping." 

As Mistress Susan left, Mademoiselle rang a little bell and they were joined by another person in the same outfit as the proprietor. But this was clearly no boss...nor even a woman. It was a young man, his short hair bleached platinum blonde and done in tight curls, a light coating of makeup on his face. "Priss, shampoo Dani's hair and prepare it for a coloring. I'll be back when you're done."

Priss put a cape around her shoulders and then lowered Dani's head into the sink and began to shampoo her hair. "You're so lucky you get to look like a real woman," Priss said. "My mistress insists I be an obvious sissy." Yes, you're certainly obvious, Dani thought. And there was a time I would have found that extremely exciting. Even now, looking at the androgynous shampoo "girl." Dani wondered what it would be like to spend life like that.

Thirty minutes later, Dani's hair was washed and rinsed. "I used a special shampoo and rinse that will help your hair take its new shade," Priss explained. At that moment, Mademoiselle Margaret returned, with a cart of different bottles and a full set of curlers. "We'll start with the color," she said. "I'm told you have always wanted to be a redhead--today you get your chance!"

It took perhaps another half hour to color Dani's hair and it came out a marvelous coppery red--reminiscent of film-star Maureen O'Hara. Now, Mademoisells began cutting and shaping it. Dani was surprised; she seemed to be cutting off quite a lot. She knew better than to question though--Mademoiselle was obviously cut from the dominant cloth. When she had the hair the length she wanted, Mademoiselle began rolling it onto the curlers--tiny, tight rollers all over Dani's head. She covered the curlers in setting gel and a cap, then lowered an old-fashioned hair dryer over Dani's head.

"This will need about 30 minutes more. Priss will do your nails while it cooks," Mademoiselle advised. Priss wheeled over another cart, took Dani's left hand and began. As the dryer hummed around her head, Dani thought she heard a voice murmuring in her mind:

Tomorrow, you will receive a new
set of clothes to go with your
new appearance
Sexy clothes
Clothes you have
longed to wear
When you are in them
you will no longer be 
Pretty Sissy Dani
You will be
Sexy Submissive Dani
Unable to resist any
command or request
The perfect submissive servant...

The words repeated over and over and Dani found herself drifting into something like trance as they did.

Finally, after some time, Priss lifted the dryer from her head. She looked down at her hands...she now had long fingernails, polished in a bright red. She looked to her feet...and her toenails glistened the same way. So that is why I didn't wear hose today!

Mademoiselle came back, smiling. "Almost done, Dani. Next we take out your rollers and comb you out." Dani had yet to see anything done to her for there were no mirrors in the private room. Mademoiselle worked for quite a while getting Dani's hair just as she wanted it. 
Finally, Priss slipped Dani's pumps back on and she assisted Dani out of the chair. They walked out of the private room and into the main shop. A mirror faced the doorway of the room and Dani gasped as she saw her new look. Her hair was, indeed, a brilliant red, exactly the shade she had wished for ever since she first became aware of being a sissy. But the style! No longer a sleek, it was a mass of curls on her head. Short and sassy, it could only be called a poodle-cut.

At that moment, Mistress Susan returned. She stopped and looked over the new version of her male lesbian lover. She smiled. This was the Pretty Sissy Dani she could show off to her friends--and tomorrow she would!