Friday, October 30, 2009

Hallowe'en 5: Step-Mother's Biggest Trick

Oktoberfest--Happy Hallowe'en!

I've been building up to this all month. I wanted to do something that would be my trick-or-treat outfit, if I had the courage to actually go out and do that--or even go to a party dressed! I was split on the maid's outfit or the schoolgirl look and decided on the schoolgirl earlier this week.

As you'll note...I decided to forego the wig and went a little heavier on the makeup, wanting a deliberately feminized male effect for the final look.

The outfit consists of a white blouse, blue pull-over sweater, plaid micro-skirt over black pettis, black knee socks, and white sandals. Other accessories are silver jewelry, wide black belt, and white hair bow.

More pics on Flickr. Next week we begin a new month.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hallowe'en 2: Little Black Dress

Oktoberfest 16--office attire

Having done schoolgirl in the morning, I chose mature adult for the afternoon--my killer blue suit with a red turtleneck and my new scarf from Target.

Also new is the red rose headband, from Claire's. Other accessories are gold jewelry and red t-strap pumps.

More pics on Flickr. I'm considering something appropriate for Hallowe'en for later this week...more when I figure it out.

Oktoberfest 15--New Jumper

I bought this last Friday at Target--it's a blue plaid jumper (or pinafore for you Brits) in a soft thin wale corduroy from the Converse line. At least, I'm wearing it as a jumper...I suspect real girls might wear it as a sleeveless dress. The new white blouse is from Kmart. Both are a touch tight under the arms, but, as you can see, really attractive nonetheless.

Since such jumpers are very a school uniform look here in the States, I decided to accessorize it appropriately, with blue hairbow, silver jewelry and little girl socks. Shoes are the black mary-janes, also appropriate.

More pics on Flickr; another outfit this afternoon.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Men We'd Love to See Feminized, Week 20

Kirk Cameron

This concludes round one of this poll. Round two begins with the list at right. Here's an alphabetical list of the first round winners:

Ben Affleck
Kirk Cameron
George Clooney
Johnny Depp
Leonardo diCaprio
Zac Efron
Mark Hamill
Tom Hanks
Neil Patrick Harris
Hugh Jackman
Ashton Kutcher
Jude Law
Tobey Maguire
Eric McCormick
Matthew Perry
Brad Pitt
Daniel Radcliffe
Keanu Reeves
Justin Timberlake
Elijah Wood

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hallowe'en 1: "Not in Kansas"

Beginning a series of five Hallowe'en-themed cartoons for this week:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life in Stepton: More about the high school

[Continuing our look at life in "the town that loves women, whatever their gender," adapted from the old Geocities website]

Student Activities

Spring Revue

These pretty little things are the chorus line from this year's Spring Revue. Unfortunately, as you can tell, they had a hard time keeping in step. That is, until choregrapher Madame Terpsichore sent new programming to their Implants that had them tapping and kicking like the Rockettes!

Sissy Safety Patrol

Some of our brighter little boy-girls are permitted to join the Sissy Safety Patrol. They assist the pretty little things at our elementary school in getting to class safely. (Of course, they aren't allowed to do anything really important, like reporting accidents. The real girls handle those kind of things!)

Cocktease Team

Stepton has long had a tradition of recruiting students to its high school...and the Cocktease Team is an important part of that recruitment process. What red-blooded male could resist this sextet of lovelies? And how could they know they'd soon be just as beautiful and sexy?

Feminization and Domination Team

Dominant lesbian feminizers are not just born, they are trained! And these five gorgeous young women are Stepton High's pride--the Feminization and Domination Team. After the Cockteasers get the teenage lads into the trap, it is sprung and completed by the FDT. Stepton High's sissy population has increased by 35 percent since the FDT came into existence!

Oktoberfest 14--Green, Red, Gold

The green dress from Kmart, with red accessories--belt and shoes--and gold jewelry. Is the whole thing just too Christmassy?

My only comment on that first pic is "va-va-voom!"

I'm amazed at how completely comfortable this outfit is. I could wear it all day without difficulty. Other accessories are the white bow and nude hose.

More pics on Flickr. Not sure if I'll do another outfit this afternoon...could be a busy day ahead.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obedient Little Sissy

Oktoberfest 13--Final layering

The t-shirt, believe it or not, is Norma Kamali from Wal-Mart. Then there's my blue striped "work blouse" and denim skirt.

Accessories are white belt, nude hose, blue spike pumps, pearl and silver jewelry, and blue rosette headband. I thought the pearls with the work shirt and denim were a nice touch. Your thoughts?

More pics on Flickr; with luck, more dressing tomorrow.

Oktoberfest 12--Red and Black

Pairing my red stretch miniskirt with black top and belt and black hose and red t-strap pumps (and red hair and black headband). Does this two-color look work as well as I think it does?

More pics on Flickr. This afternoon, the last of the layering experiments.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Men We'd Love to See Feminized, Week 19

Mark Hamill

(And is it just me, or is there a touch of Meredith Baxter Birney [Family Ties] in this?)

Oktoberfest 11--The Best Laid Plans...

...of mice and men oft gang agley.

I wanted to try a new way to wear this dress. You'll recall that last time, when I first got it, I was shocked at how short it is! (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) I thought I'd try adding a crinoline under it, just to play up that image...but it didn't work; the skirt isn't full enough to make the crinoline look right.

I did add a bigger belt and tried to wear it sort of hip-slung. Anyway, here are the best pics of a somewhat sorry lot:

Accessories this time are black hose, pink pumps, pink scarf, pink bow headband, and gold jewelry, including a heavy bracelet worn as an ankle bracelet. I think that looks particularly sexy.

Couple of thoughts: I may try this again sometime, using the pink thigh-highs I bought for all the all-pink outfit; or I may get a pair of leggings to use with it and wear it as a sort of tunic top. Comments?

A few more pics on Flickr. More dressing possibly tomorrow, but definitely Wednesday.

Oktoberfest 10--layering again

A different take on layering this time--instead of a blouse over something else, this time it's a sweater over a blouse. And I think it really works! The elements are the white blouse, blue short-sleeved sweater and black skirt.

This was another very successful photo shoot...13 shots that are all usable. I wasn't quite sure about the first shot shown here--the expression seemed difficult--but once I'd edited in the digital makeup, it was really lovely.

Accessories are black hose, black mary-janes, silver jewelry, and white bow headband.

More pics on Flickr and an experiment this afternoon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Life in Stepton: The High School, part one

Incoming Fresh-Sissies

Every year, there's a new influx of boys destined to become boy-girls in Stepton. Within the halls of Stepton High, these "fresh-sissies" are put under the control of our senior female domination team. Here are three of this year's most successful transformations:

Pettied Patty

Hard to believe this prissy little cutie was once the hard-eyed male seen here? Not when you consider the power of the Stepton Implant V2 and the ingenuity of his student dominatrix, Monica Prince, captain of this year's domination team.

Working in conjunction with Patrick's mother, Monica developed a fetish for old-fashioned pettis, cinched-in waists, and formal gloves in the renamed Patty. Now the little darling is never seen without her pouffy skirts and pearl necklace.

Mom and Monica have Pettied Patty enrolled in Stepton High's "Happy Homemaker" course of instruction. They are certain she'll make some lucky girl a perfect maid or sissy-hubby (maybe both!) after graduation.

Leggy Lori

He looks like he'd be a football player anywhere else, but under the influence of the Implant and domination team senior Tasha Ward, Lawrence is a member of the sissy jazz dance ensemble and head of the cheerleaders!

Thanks to Implant V2, Lori's breasts are an impressive 36C and her legs are a full 35 inches long! Perched on the spike heels of her tap shoes, she's a walking invitation to sex.

And on the sidelines of the basketball court, Lori leads her fellow "cheer-bimbos," encouraging the Stepton Feminizers in their campaign to humiliate every male roundball team in the state!

Lori's taking the "Dim Bimbo" set of courses, aiming at a career in show-business, where the skills she's learning in Casting Couch 101 are sure to come in handy.

Sci-Fi Sally

Salvatore came to our town with an interest in science-fiction and fantasy, so his student dominatrix, junior Maggie Roberts, decided to play on that hobby in developing his female self.

Thus was born Sally, who spends most of her time in the most outrageous (and revealingly sexy!) of SF costumes. She was a delightful Sailor Moon on the fresh-sissy trip to the amusement park over spring break.

Sci-Fi Sally has also been given a special fetish for revealing her long smooth legs...and she generally attends classes in some of the shortest skirts Stepton High has ever seen. Her instructors in the "Hospitality" courses are always having to reprimand her for flashing her pretty panties. We expect Sally to be quite the "hostess with the mostest" upon graduation!