Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Spy Who Dragged Me, Chapter Three

It was an informal embassy party, with the guests in a range of clothing. But all eyes fell on the willowy brunette in the white leather suit with the skirt that ended six inches above her shapely knees, the lower part of her legs in a pair of white boots with platform soles and six-inch heels. She'd been introduced only as "Belinda"--no one was quite sure who she was, but she had an invitation and she was quite the hit.

As she smiled and flirted with all the male attendees, her hypnotic instructions from Professor Fabricantfille swirled through her mind. Make friends with all the men, ma petite. We may never know when one of them will be of use to us. But keep a special eye out for Menerov; reserve your special abilities for him!

As had been the case ever since her transformation, such flirtatious, teasing behavior aroused Belinda, making her nipples hard and her pussy-cock engorged. That arousal only increased her desire to find Menerov and begin his enslavement and feminization. She searched the crowd of people holding their drinks and gossiping about the latest scandals in the Alkzakhstan government. Then she saw him...and her pussy-cock twitched in anticipation of what she was about to do!

She idled her way to him, hips swaying, hair swinging, lips curving into an intriguing smile. She stopped just outside his circle of conversation but within his eyesight. When he looked her way, she smiled again, licking her lips sensuously. She saw him lean over to his aide and whisper. A moment later, he was by her side.

"Mamselle Belinda," he began, "what an honor to meet you."

"The honor is mine, Mr. Prime Minister," she responded. She looked him deep in the eyes and her special abilities came into play. To the politician's eyes, her gaze seemed to take on a violet glow, a glow that matched the color of her mistress's hypnotic jewel. He could not take his eyes off hers. "Mr. Menerov," she whispered, "you are mine! Follow me!"

Without a word to anyone else at the affair, waving off protests from his aides, Menerov followed the bewitching Belinda to her car. There, she removed a pair of satin panties from her purse and handed them to him. "Put these on. From this moment on, you will never wear anything except satin panties and you will find that your own pussy-cock is hard and hungry whenever you wear them!"

Stripping off his pants and underpants, Menerov obeyed as the car sped along toward an unknown destination. True to Belinda's hypnotic command, he found that his cock was indeed aroused the moment it touched the smooth satin of the panties. He couldn't resist touching it through them.

"That's it, my little Lexi," Belinda commended him, using a feminine form of his name. "Yes, play with your pussy-cock as I continue your transformation." She felt her own arousal growing as his feminization commenced. Mistress was right, she thought, there is no thrill like making a beautiful woman out of a powerful man!

She removed his tie and opened his the collar of his shirt. Then she produced a heavy golden collar. She placed it carefully around his neck. "This is the symbol of your feminization, little Lexi. When you wear it, you are female and under my control. Only I can remove it. Go ahead, try."

Menerov reached up and found the clasp of the collar...but he couldn't make it work. Belinda's hypnotic control prevented him from understanding the simple mechanism. He bowed his head in defeat. "I am yours, Mistress Belinda--your sissy slave," he admitted.

"Of course you are, dearest," she answered, smiling, feeling her own pussy-cock twitch once again at this acknowledgement of her power over him. She raised her hand and passed it over his eyes. "Now sleep, darling." He fell into a deep trance.

"Awake, Lexi love."

His mistress's voice brought him out of the trance, but he couldn't find her in the darkened room. He still wore the panties and felt his cock harden again at that realization...but the all-important collar had been removed. He was male again...for the moment.

Then a spotlight snapped on and another vision of feminine loveliness appeared before him. He recognized her immediately from security briefings. Professor Fabricantfille wore a black satin gown with a scoop neck, spaghetti straps and a long slit up the right side. She towered over him in her black platform sandals with the seven-inch heels. And then a second light caught the gleam of her violet pendant...and Menerov's eyes glazed over, once again entranced as Belinda had entranced him.

"Well done, Belinda," the professor praised her protege. Now she turned to her new victim. "Lexi, ma petite, it is time to complete your transformation." Two assistants entered the room. "Please follow these lovelies." Menerov stood and followed with unseeing eyes.

A few hours later, a new vision of loveliness returned to the room. Her hair, still short, had been teased into a slightly punk spiky 'do; her body had otherwise had every bit of hair removed. Her smooth, satiny skin was revealed at the arms and one shoulder by the shiny mini-dress she wore, with its diagonal cut hemline revealing her long, smooth, slender legs perched on the six-inch heels of her open-toed, ankle-strap shoes.

"Awake, Lexi love," came the command, and Menerov awoke...but without the all-important collar, he was still male in psyche and stumbled in the unfamiliar heels.

"What is this? What do you want of me?" he asked.

Professor Fabricantfille and Belinda stepped into the light. "Soon it will be more 'what do you want of us', my dear," the professor began. "You see, your mind has been altered, so that--once you are fully female in mind--you will crave the sensations of your false femininity. Once that happens, you will respond eagerly to any request we make of you, so that you can again experience these erotic feelings. We at Garcon commes Filles will control your government through you."

She gestured to Belinda, who picked up the collar and snapped it around the transformed prime minister's neck.

Instantly, the tall slender figure took on a completely girlish demeanor. She shuddered with her orgasmic reaction to her new feminine wiles. "What is your first wish, mistresses?"

And with that question, Belinda too felt her arousal reach its peak and climax. She had successfully transformed her first sissy-slave. She turned to the professor, the spy who had "dragged" her.

"When is my next assignment?"



For a variety of reasons--family obligations, holidays, work--I haven't dressed (not even so much as a pair of panties) in two weeks...and I find myself jonesing for the chance to do so!

After three decades of not dressing, I never thought I would again feel the need so urgently. It's not quite sexual, per se...more a desire to fill an inner emptiness. Unfortunately, it'll be at least another week before I get the chance again--and then probably another two weeks (kids home for Christmas break) before the opportunity arises again.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthday for My Boobs

One year ago today, I posted the following:

Knockers Up!

There was a follow-up post filled with pictures, but they were all links to my album that don't work any longer.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dani in Bondage, Part Three

Last one. Here are the base images:

And the result:

Usual work on adjusting the facial tones to get a better match. I was fortunate that the lighting matched and I didn't need to create additional shadows.

Much bigger boobs, with added very prominent nipples. And a very prominent bulge in those tight panties. When I see and manipulate shots like this one, I like to imagine those hands behind her are holding a big vibrator she is forced to insert into her ass-pussy before she's bound.

Thoughts? Comments?

Dani in Bondage, Part Two

Here's another one. First the two base images:

And the completed result:

Lot of additional work here: After getting the face in position and in the right color balance, I decided I wanted to preserve something of the expression in the original. So, I changed the angle of the eyebrows and enlarged the eyes to make them wide and staring, then moved the pupils to stare into the "camera".

I also improved the figure, giving it larger breasts with prominent nipples and sculpted the waist a bit.

Thoughts? Comments?

Dani in Bondage, Part One

Every once in a while, I like to test my digital editing skills by trying something really difficult. Since I occasionally like to imagine myself as a bondage sissy, for this set of images, I worked at inserting myself into some sexy tie-ups.

Here are the two "base" images, of the original bondage model and my own feminized portrait:

And here's the result of the merger:

Here's a little of what I did: After pasting my face in a new layer, I adjusted it to the angle of the original, and fixed the skintones to be closer. Then I put the ball-gagged mouth on a separate layer and moved it into position on my face, adjusting the color of the lips to my own bright red. Then I also fixed it so the hair fell properly, including a moderate change in the line of the brow.

Satisfied with the face, I enlarged the boobs a little and adjusted the ropes to match. Finally, I added the cock cream leaking from around the ball-gag, a fave touch of my own.

Thoughts? Comments? More to come.

Monday, November 24, 2008

53% Female

According to this site--Gender Analyzer--enTRANSed is "written by a woman (53%), however it's quite gender neutral."

Most be all those references to clothes, huh?

Hat tip to Barb Talbot for the link.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Spy Who Dragged Me, Chapter Two

Over the next month, Belinda grew more accustomed to her new self...but still worried over what plans Professor Fabricantfille and her mysterious organization had for her. Whatever they were, if they included using any of her male self's skills and abilities, she would find them unaltered.

She remained a master linguist, fluent in nearly all the languages of Europe, as well as several Asian tongues. Her fighting abilities, though reduced somewhat by the weight-loss program she'd been made to undergo, were still phenomenal. And she was still a crack shot, with handgun, rifle, crossbow or any other form of firearm.

In fact, other than her physical appearance, the only change seemed to be in her favored style of dress, as well as her attitude toward women. Bellows had been considered something of a "cocksman," dominating the women he deigned to spend time with, dumping them quickly if they became too attached. But Belinda was completely submissive to nearly any woman she met and had developed a hopeless crush on the professor...a crush the professor used to control her, granting her access only when some new concession was needed.

And her clothes! Belinda felt absolutely awful in anything except the shortest of skirts, the highest of heels! She quickly learned how to handle herself in both social and professional circumstances in the tight-fitting outfits the professor gave her to wear. More over, the professor seemed to delight in amorous public displays, displays that invariably resulted in Belinda's pussy-cock (the term she had been taught to use) becoming inescapably noticeable. Even worse, the very humiliation of these displays only aroused Belinda more. She began to seek them out, which only heightened her attachment to her transformer!

Belinda had begun to think she had merely been created to be Professor Fabricant's own little plaything. Then, one evening, she was summoned to the professor's laboratory. It was empty, but the professor's voice seemed to radiate from the very walls.

"Bon soir, ma petite! The time has come for your first mission. Direct your attention to the screen on your right." Belinda turned as a large flat-screen TV came to life, showing a picture of a handsome middle-aged man. "This is Alexei Menerov, the prime minister of Alkzakhstan, one of the tiny central Asian republics created when the Soviet Union collapsed. Garcons comme Filles has been hired to make him more, shall we say, amenable to certain entreaties being made to his government.

"Our job--your job--will be to capture and remake Mr. Menerov as you have been remade...but with somewhat more subtlety. He will be feminized, but only in private; he will be submissive to our control, but only when we trigger his submission."

Despite the overwhelming desire she had to please the woman she had come to know as her mistress, Belinda turned away from the screen. "I could never do that!" she cried.

The screen and the room went dark. Belinda heard a door open and then a spotlight flashed on, a spotlight that focused her attention on the professor. Professor Fabricant wore a black latex gown, cut to reveal her glamorous legs on their six-inch heels, with a keyhole cut out over her massive breasts...where the all-important violet stone rested once more.

Belinda could no longer turn away. "Ma petite jeunne fille," said the professor, and Belinda fell once more into trance. "It is time for new instructions. Being feminine yourself is no longer sufficient for your sexual happiness. You now wish to transform others like you, ma petite. Seeing another male made into a feminized plaything of women arouses you as nothing else could. You will eagerly accept any assignment that permits you to feminize a male under my direction." She covered the jewel...and Belinda awoke from her trance.

"Oh, professor," the once-male spy sighed. "Mr. Menerov will make a beautiful sissy for us to play with!"

More to come

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Year Ago

Exactly one year ago, I bought my first pair of high heels in about 25 years, and posted about it:

Five-Inch Heels

and a follow-up:

Five-Inch Heels, Follow-Up

More "anniversary" posts to come.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Album Notice

I'm in the midst of re-arranging my albums on Photobucket, so many of the links to there in older posts will no longer work. Sorry for inconvenience...but I really needed to have the thing make more sense.

A Missed Anniversary

I just realized that I missed an anniversary last week. It was November 13, 2007 that I bought and wore panties for the first time in nearly 30 years and posted this:

Wearing Panties

and this:

Wearing Panties, Part Two

A second anniversary in my return to dressing occurs tomorrow. More on that then.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Spy Who Dragged Me, Chapter One

Bellows had fallen into a trap that the greenest rookie straight out of Langley should have seen coming. He had no one but himself to blame.

The beautiful blonde in the low-cut lounging suit had been coming on to him all night. He should have smelled something about her interest, but his masculine pride wouldn't let him admit that it was anything except his own personality that attracted her. It was only when she drew his attention to the large violet stone on her pendant that alarms went off in his head...but by then it was too late.

"Very good, ma aimee," she purred as he realized he couldn't tear his eyes away from the glow of the jewel, nestled in her ample cleavage. "Now, let the jewel fill your mind as it has filled your eyes, let it bring you rest and relaxation and sleep." Her voice grew firmer. "Sleep now, my little one."

Now Bellows found himself bound to a surprisingly comfortable chair in what was clearly a woman's boudoir--her boudoir. He knew who she was now--the notorious Professor Fabricantfille, chief counter-agent operative for the organization he was supposed to be infiltrating, Garcons comme Filles. The international agency, based in Paris, had been replacing low-level, but influential, government officials throughout Europe with its own gender-bent members. His assignment was to find out how they did it...and now he feared he was going to find out, the hard way.

She strode confidently, but sexily, into his view. "Ahh, you're awake now, ma petite fille?" Already she spoke of him in the feminine. "You don't like that term of affection, eh?" she asked in her French-accented but otherwise impeccable English. "But it fits you so well--or it will soon," she laughed.

From a pocket she pulled out the fateful pendant. "Remember this?" She waved it carelessly before him. Bellows tried to look away, but found his head was secured so that he could only look straight forward. He tried to close his eyes...but still the glow of the jewel seemed to penetrate. He gave up trying as the professor came closer, her perfume filling his nostrils, the violet jewel filling his vision.

"Ma petite jeunne fille," she said...and Bellows felt a tremendous change go through him. Professor Fabricantfille smiled. "Belinda, you are with us now, non?" Bellows nodded. Belinda was his name? Yes, it felt right. "But you are dressed so strangely, ma aimee," she continued. "Let us get you into your proper garments!"

She released her captive from his bonds, and stripped him naked. From a dresser, she pulled out a bra, filling it with realistic falsies; a matching set of panties and garter belt; sheer stockings.

She sat him on the bench of the vanity and made up his face, highlighting his bright blue eyes (now somewhat glazed in his trance state), bringing out his high cheekbones and giving his lips a sleek shine of dark pink. It was all topped off with an ebony wig of shoulder-length curls.

Then came the outer clothes--a shockingly short dress in white leather with a high collar, and silver sling-back heels. "Stand, my sexy one. Réveiller-vous!" Belinda came out of her trance, staring at her transformed self in the mirror. Even in her feminized state, she knew how revealing her extremely short hem was and attempted to tug it lower. "Non, ma petite!" the professor exclaimed. "Let everyone see the beauty of your legs, your body!"

Belinda obeyed. Deep within her, Bellows knew who he was and what had happened to him, but he could do nothing. She's remade I know how Garcons comme Filles succeeds! Their agents aren't new officials--they are the original ones feminized and controlled by the I am now controlled! What plans do they have for me?

More to come

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Realign the Dilithium Crystals..."

Sorry, my inner Trekkie was coming through...but it was the first thing that came to mind with this new top. These are the last of the photos from Thursday's dressing session.

A few more pics are here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 14

"...the fair Miss Frigidaire..." Frank Sinatra (and Cole Porter) once called her in song, but can anyone deny the cool passion she displays in the seduction scene (with fireworks) in To Catch a Thief? It's that range, combined with her classic beauty, and the gorgeous clothes she always wore, that makes Grace Kelly a woman we'd love to be.

Shiny Blue

This is a blue knit top with horizontal stripes shot through with silver thread. It's actually shinier in person than it shows in these pics. I've paired it with my fave black straight short skirt and a wide white belt.

And I don't know what it is about that blonde wig--but everytime I put it on, the sexpot comes out in me.

Didn't mention it before, but you'll note I finally found something that works as an ankle bracelet for me. It's actually a faux pearl bracelet--one of the ones with an elastic string--that I can make fit over my ankles. I think ankle bracelets--especially big ones--are incredibly sexy.

More pics of this outfit are here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paint the Town Red

Here's the red party dress. The ruffles don't show in the photos much, but they make it look very festive in person...and I love how it floats around my thighs and knees!

On the one below, I was trying for an Elvgren-like pinup pose. Don't know if I quite achieved it.

More pics of this outfit are here.


I found a party dress at, of all places, Wal-Mart! It's not shiny...but it's ruffly and flirty and I think it'll look great on me!

Pics later today!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Such Luck...

See, here's the problem--I don't want to look like the "mother of the bride".

I couldn't find a single pretty party dress that wasn't obviously designed for a matron. Apparently, designers and manufacturers think only women who can fit in junior sizes want to look cute and flirty.

So, I've got the two sort of sparkly tops I got on Kmart yesterday and I'll combine them with existing skirts for my "party" look.

Sissies-In-Law, part three


It ended with Oliver.

"He can't keep his eyes off anything with a C cup or bigger," Dolores complained to her sisters. "Is there anything Miss Prim can do for me?"

"Of course there is," Dorothy assured her. "We've all known of Ollie's breast fixation for years. I'm surprised it's taken you this long to mention it."

"Well, I thought there was nothing I could really do about it," Dolores answered. "But now that I've seen Stephen and Alexander--"

"You mean Stephanie and Sandy," Deborah corrected.

Dolores laughed. "Of course...and I can't wait to meet Olivia."

So it was that two days later, a drugged Oliver found himself slowly
awakening at Miss Prim's salon. He knew what had happened to his brothers-in-law at this place and he was scared to death of what the three feminizing sisters might have in mind for him. "Dolores, you can't mean to do this," he pleaded.

"Oh, but I do, Ollie love," his wife replied, smiling. Miss Prim already had the transformation candidate strapped securely to her special chair, and was preparing the tape with the instructions and changes that Dolores had supplied.

Still in a light stupor, Oliver's attention was caught by the images on the TV screen placed before him and by the words that flooded his mind through the headphones Miss Prim put over his head. Look at the beautiful busty women, the voice began. They are your feminine ideal...they are what you most want...and what you most want to be!

The tape continued in that vein for over an hour, as the images changed from buxom females to men transformed into D-cup bimbos. All the while, one of the women would keep Oliver erect, so that the images and words were tightly tied to his sexual arousal.

When the tape ended, with Oliver still deep in trance, they dressed him in a black satin cocktail dress, complete with sheer stockings and sling-back pumps with five-inch heels. They made up his face with all manner of cosmetics--mascara, eyeshadow, rouge, lipstick--but left his bust flat and his hair masculine.

"Jiggle those jugs, Olivia!" Dolores commanded, and her new sex-slave husband awoke from his trance.

He looked at himself in the mirror and spoke in that familiar breathy contralto trained into his former brothers-in-law. "Mistress, must I remain so male in appearance? Can't I even have a padded bra?"

"Oh, don't worry, Olivia my love," Dolores replied, as she toyed with his neckline. "We have an appointment with Dr. Carter. Next step for you is a big pair of tits, darling!"

With that, she rubbed her one hand over his erect nipples, while the other caressed his already hard cock...and he came at the thought of having enormous boobs to display!


The three became famous in their community as the "sissies-in-law". Many of their wives' friends sought advice on transforming their own husbands, boyfriends and even sons into equally beautiful female images.

Stephanie was used as the example for the lover who could play many parts, from little girl to sophisticate. Sandy was the perfect bondage slave, always ready to serve as long as she was shackled. And Olivia became the humiliated bimbo--despite her new 38D tits, she was never permitted to look entirely feminine, so that all would know she was being punished for past transgressions in her masculine life!

Miss Prim had to close the salon and concentrate solely on making men into the women they ought to be!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching Up...

I realize I haven't posted much about myself on this blog in a few weeks, and there are reasons for that:

1. I haven't been doing much in the TV/CD vein lately. I last dressed at all two weeks ago. Last week, I was completely bogged down in work and volunteering. Election day I spent at the polls as a minority inspector; Saturday I was at my church's diocesan convention.

2. Late last week, the flash drive I keep all my TV/CD active files on got corrupted. (Don't ask me how.) So I've spent a lot of time in the past few days trying to reconstruct what I can. It means I have to reshoot a bunch of head shots and edit them into femme looks in the near future.

On the other hand, I got to thinking about some new shopping trips over the weekend, and this week gives me the opportunity for it. I've decided I need some "party" looks...something shiny and dressy. This morning, I made an early trip to Kmart and came up with a black knit top with big crystals around the scoop neck, and a shiny blue knit top with horizontal stripes.

Tomorrow, I'm making a more extensive trip, probably to Target, Kohl's, and Burlington Coat. If I get out that way, I may try the local Boscov's, too. I'd love to find a really pretty party dress.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sissies-in-Law, part two


It continued with Alexander.

Deborah was so taken with what Miss Prim and her sister Dorothy had achieved with Stephanie that she immediately approached the dominant beautician for advice about her own husband.

"And what would you say are Alexander's faults?" Miss Prim asked.

"He has 'wandering hands'," Deborah answered, frankly. "He doesn't stray far, but he's always stroking and petting and caressing other women, usually in my presence."

"Hmmmm...that has possibilities," Miss Prim considered. "Come to my shop next Monday, bring him along, and we'll get started."

A few days later, Deborah asked Alexander to drive her to Miss Prim's salon. "I'll only be a few minutes," she advised him. "Why don't you just sit in the waiting area?" Reluctantly, he agreed.

Just moments after Deborah disappeared into the back of the shop, one of the assistants arrived with a cup of coffee. "Compliments of the management," she cooed. "Your wife should be just a few more minutes."

Alexander took the coffee and sipped. Odd taste, he thought. Touch of cinnamon and...something else.... His thoughts drifted off as the mild sedative in the drink took effect. His head lolled and dropped to his chest just as Miss Prim and Deborah returned.

"Out like a light," Miss Prim noted. "Very good." She sat beside Alexander and began to speak in a soft whisper. "Open your mind to me, Alexander," she said. "I am speaking directly to your subconscious, your inner self, directing it, controlling it. Stand up." He stood. "Follow me."

Half-an-hour later, Alexander was all but gone. In the beautician's confident hands, he was transformed into a lovely woman, with a short, pixie-ish haircut, wide dark eyes, and full red lips. Renamed "Sandy," he was dressed in an extremely short miniskirt and a ruffled blouse.

"All the details we discussed have been included," Miss Prim told Deborah. She turned to the transformed husband. "Bound for glory," she said and "Sandy" awoke from her trance.

"Thank you, Miss Prim," the once-male said, breathily, and then turned expectantly to her wife-mistress.

"Very nice, Sandy," Deborah complimented her. "Time to go." Sandy minced off behind her, teetering a bit in her five-inch heels.

That very night, Deborah prepared Sandy for her formal presentation to the family. She began by locking a pair of cuffs connected by chain to Sandy's ankles, careful not to tear the fishnet stockings. She noted with interest that Sandy's cock swelled a little as she did so.

Being bound by your wife arouses you. You want nothing more than to be dressed as sexily as possible and restricted by cuffs and chains.

Now Deborah took a similar pair of restraints and locked them around Sandy's thighs. Again her cock rose a bit more and twitched with excitement.

Finally, she turned Sandy toward the mirror. "Watch as we complete your outfit for the evening, darling." She locked a pair of cuffs around Sandy's upper arms and saw the bulge under the miniskirt grow once more. Finally, she put a very tight pair around his wrists. "Must keep those hands away from your sissy-cock!" Deborah exclaimed. And away from all those other women!

A few short hours later, Sandy took her short, restrained steps carefully into her sister-in-law Dolores's home. As carefully programmed, the continued experience of the bondage had left her with a raging hard-on...and no way to relieve it, at least not yet.

Deborah introduced her new sissy-husband to her sisters and turned to Dolores. "I want you to assist me in one final part of his training, sister dear." She whispered instructions.

Dolores approached her femininely bound brother-in-law...and, using a technique he had often used on her, began to softly stroke the back of his neck, slowly allowing her hands to stray across his nipples at times and then down to his bulging crotch. Sandy's excitement became impossible to hide or control.

Deborah watched it all in fascination and delight. She spoke aloud to her bound boy-girl. "Bound to happen!" she called.

And Sandy filled her panties with come.

More to come

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sissies-In-Law, part one


It all started with Stephen.

He and his wife Dorothy arrived at a family party after a long "vacation" and everyone gasped. Stephen was dressed in a pink satin shirt with little pearl buttons, and high-waisted black silk slacks with wide flaring cuffs, encircled by a wide patent leather belt with a rhinestone buckle. When his pant cuffs moved, they could see his shoes--patent leather flats with a grosgrain ribbon on the instep.

His face was lightly touched with cosmetics--a bit of rouge, mascara, light eyeshadow and a glistening pink lipgloss. His nails were filed to ovals, with a clear shiny polish.

And he hovered about Dorothy, answering her every comment, question and request with an unwavering "Yes, darling," in a breathy contralto.

The men avoided him; the women stared...and late in the party gathered around Dorothy to learn the secret of her husband's startling transformation. She was discreet, giving no information to anyone except her two sisters, Dolores and Deborah. "Come to my home tomorrow for all the details," she invited them. "If you think my little hubby is fascinating now...well, just wait until you see him then!"

The three sisters met again the next afternoon. Once they were settled in the living room, Dorothy called, "Stephanie!" Into the room minced her once-husband, now dressed in a frilly pink little girl's dress, white stockings and pink patent pumps with four-inch heels. His hair was done in tight ringlets, his face made up even more completely than the night before.

Dolores and Deborah gasped! "How lovely!" Dolores exclaimed. "But however did you accomplish this?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"Absolutely," Deborah insisted. "You've given me some ideas for my own Alexander."

"Very well," Dorothy agreed. "Stephanie's due for a little reinforcement anyway." She turned to the transformed man. "Stephanie, get ready for a trip to Miss Prim's."

Miss Prim's turned out to be a little out-of-the-way beauty salon. The three sisters were greeted warmly by the proprietor, while Stephanie was hustled out of her clothes, into a plastic cape and quickly seated in the beautician's chair. Miss Prim dimmed the lights in the little cubicle and focused a strange blue light in the boy-girl's eyes, while saying, "Stephanie wants to be pretty."

The uninitiated sisters watched in fascination as their brother-in-law's eyes seemed to glaze over, while Miss Prim gestured for her staff to begin the latest stage of his makeover. "Yes, Stephanie is so much easier to transform when she's entranced!"

"What just happened?" Deborah asked.

"When I first began Stephanie's reformation," Dolores explained, "Miss Prim told me of her ability to hypnotize a man and make him think, act, and look like a beautiful woman. I was thrilled the first time she entranced the poor dear and remade him in the image I desired. Stephanie wants to be pretty is a trigger that returns her to that hypnotic state.

"Each time she is so entranced, Miss Prim can create a new personality for her," Dolores continued, as the beauticians continued their work on her husband. "Last night, you saw Stephen's only remaining 'male' persona--a simpering sissified man who dotes on me. This morning you saw Stephanie the frilly missy." She turned to Miss Prim. "What's in store for my darling today?"

"You asked for something particularly humiliating, yet not too cliched," Miss Prim replied. "How about the flirty society girl? She'll bat her eyes and wiggle her body at anybody you point her towards...but always reserve her real affections for you."

"Lovely!" Dolores cried. She turned back to her sisters. "Deborah, I believe you said you were interested in something similar for Alexander?"

More to come