Monday, March 31, 2008

Reluctant Cheerleader, Part One

A sequel to "Reluctant Prom Queen"

Leading the Way

Cheerleaders lead in dumbness

"What the hell!?" cried cheerleading captain Audrey Michaels as she saw the headline in the Ridley High newspaper. The rest of the piece--an opinion column by the editor, Bob Leonard--read like every "blonde joke" ever devised...with "cheerleader" substituted for "blonde".

Audrey and Bob had been a couple until a few months ago, when he complained that her schedule of practices, games and competitions was interfering too much with their ability to go out. This was clearly his revenge for her decision that cheerleading came first.

"I'll kill him," she swore under her breath, "I'll absolutely kill him!"

"Oh, don't do anything that drastic." Audrey turned to find the new student teacher, Margaret Wilson, smiling behind her. "In fact, I have a really great way you can do something much more embarrassing to him!"

"Miss Wilson!" Audrey gasped. "I didn't mean..."

"Sure you did, Audrey," Margaret insisted. "Come to my house tonight and I'll explain." She handed the girl her address.

At 7:30 that evening, a tall brunette beauty in a maid's uniform opened the door and escorted Audrey to the living room. Margaret sat on the couch, while another woman who seemed to be her twin, was in a chair in the corner. Audrey recognized the third person as a senior named Connie, well known as a flirt around the school.

"Hello, Audrey," Margaret greeted her. "These are my sisters, Samantha and Connie. You met the maid, Belinda. Unfortunately, my mom is away on business."

"Miss Wilson, what has all this to do with my needing revenge on Bob Leonard?" Audrey asked.

"Let me tell you a story...or perhaps you already know some of it," Margaret began. "Have you heard the tale of the 'mystery prom queen'?"

"Sure the whole school knows that one--it was about six years ago, wasn't it?"

"That's right," Margaret said. "And Samantha here was the mystery...of course, back then she was better known as my brother, Sam. And Connie was Kenny. And Belinda was my father, Bill."

Audrey was shocked. "You mean you turned them all into girls?"

Margaret smiled again and told her the full story--of how she had hypnotized her twin brother first, then, with her mother's concurrence, had entranced and transformed her younger brother and her father, creating an all female household...with only the real women in control.

The light dawned in Audrey's eyes. "You mean we could do the same to Bob Leonard?" Margaret grinned. "Of course--turn him into exactly the stereotypical image of the cheerleader he derided in that column...and make him love it. More than love it, actually--we can make him crave it." Audrey nodded enthusiastically as the student teacher outlined her plan.

More to come

Friday, March 28, 2008

Early poll thoughts

The list for this week's poll presents some interesting comparisons: Dolly Parton or Raquel Welch? Lee Remick or Susan Sarandon? I always try to have the list include one or two older icons or images of sexuality from the past. I'm intrigued to see how this one will play out.

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 8

Those lips, those eyes, those boobs...those are the things I believe we all envy on Jessica Alba. In leather as Dark Angel, in next to nothing in Sin City, in blue spandex as The Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four (fortunately, not invisible very often), she epitomizes a combination of sexuality and pert innocence.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poll thoughts

Jessica Alba and Lynda Carter began the week neck and neck, but now Jess has more than twice as many votes. This continues a trend that surprises me--when I polled for the demographics of my readership, most were in their 40s and 50s, yet the women they want to be are not the sex icons of their youth, but the ones of today (assuming roughly the same people are voting).

I'm equally surprised that Drew Barrymore isn't polling more strongly...cute can't compete against sexy?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Pantsed

Did something today I never thought I'd do. I bought two pair of ladies' pants. I've always been a "skirt girl" but I've realized lots of modern pants are very attractive and feminine...especially on a "girl" my size.

Even more surprising, I actually tried them on in the store (Burlington Coat Factory). Just walked with the items from the ladies department into men's and straight into the fitting room. No one glanced, no one even noticed, I think.

They look good with the high-heeled mary-janes. I also bought two blouses and a belt. I'll have pictures next week, I hope.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 7

Tall, leggy, looks good in leather--what isn't there to love to be in Famke Janssen? I first noticed her as Kamala in the Star Trek:TNG episode, "The Perfect Mate" and then as Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye. Her role as Jean Grey in the X-Men trilogy has brought her greater acclaim.

She combines sex appeal and a certain foreign intrigue to create an image that those of us who'd love to be female would love to emulate.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Altered Outfits, part four

Here's the last of the outfits, and my personal fave. I love the way the belt on this one actually defines my otherwise nearly non-existent waist. (Gotta get more belts!) The waist on this was taken in and the hem taken up about five inches.

I'm wearing it with black hose and the red peep-toe pumps. I stayed in this outfit most of the morning, changing only when I needed to run errands. And then, I left on all my lingerie (including putting my camisole on under a shirt) and wore the girls' moccasins out. More of this one can be seen here.

Returning home, I switched the mocs for the black patents with the kitten heel. I wanted to feel especially femme today, and the "tap-tap-tap" of those heels on the floor added to it, not to mention looking down to see their shiny, pointed toes peeking out from my jeans.

Speaking of shoes and things I need/want to get--I've been looking for an attractive pair of white shoes for a month now. I realize white is traditionally for spring, but Easter is less than a week away and I haven't found a thing in my usual places (Payless, Target, etc.) Lots of neutrals (bone seems to be "in") and white in flats or low, chunky heels, but nothing elegantly high and feminine. Maybe as we get closer to Memorial Day.

I'm also looking for attractive blouses to mix and match with my skirts. And, as noted, belts...preferably wide ones with big buckles to accentuate the waist.

Altered Outfits, part three

Actually, this outfit wasn't altered at all; the skirt was already a good fit in the waist and the hemline--because of the double layer and "handkerchief" effect--couldn't really be raised.

But I wanted a complete record here of all the things I've bought since I started dressing again.

This is worn with white hose and the black pumps with little bows on the instep.

More of this outfit can be seen in this album.

Altered Outfits, part two

Here's the blue suit dress. On this one, the skirt waist was taken in and hemline raised five inches. If you compare the news pics to the old ones in the album, you can see how much better it looks now.

I'm wearing it with the black fishnet hose and the black patent pumps.

Altered Outfits, part one

As noted in a previous post, I had the skirts on most of my outfits altered recently, generally tightening the waistlines and raising the hemlines.

On the grey suit seen here, the waistline was all that was altered. (The pleats made raising the hemline difficult, if not impossible.) But that was enough to keep the skirt where I wanted it, making my legs look better.

It's worn here with my pink blouse, nude hose and the black mary-janes.

For more images of this outfit (both before and after alterations), check out this album.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 6

Since she first walked on the screen, proving a cyborg could give us a hard-on, to her current role as the sexiest lawyer on TV, Jeri Ryan has combined bombshell and class act. And who among us doesn't want to both sexy and classy in our female persona?

Note: Jeri Ryan edged out Charlize Theron at the very last moment...we were this close to having a tie. Oh, and Emma Watson polled a respectable 13 percent...seems a significant number of us do want to relive our teen years.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teen Trance, Part One

[I first wrote this story as a chance to use pictures of a long-time crush.

Timothy was decidedly not happy as he left the cab in front of his aunt's house. No, not my aunt, he thought. Not really. Aunt Lil, as everyone insisted he call her, was his stepmother's sister. His father had married Lil's sister, Mary, nine months ago...and the marriage had survived only six months. His father died in a plane crash three months ago.

Mary was either unprepared or unwilling to deal with a 15-year-old boy, so when Aunt Lil had offered to bring Timothy under her wing, Mary shipped him off within a week.

So here he was, in a new town, a new home...and living with someone he didn't even consider as family. On the other hand, Aunt Lil was an intriguing character. She was in her early 40s, but had the body and outlook of a woman ten years younger...and she dressed for the way she looked and felt.

She'd go out dancing in lacy, sequined pantsuits, visit the clubs in latex and leather. Even her business suits were tailored to show off her well-curved legs and firm breasts.

Now she stood in the doorway of her home, smiling in greeting to her new nephew. "Timothy, darling, how lovely to see you again!" she called. She eyed him up and down. "How marvelously slim and fit you look!" she commented, as she sensuously ran her hands down his sides.

The whole thing made Timothy nervous, uncomfortable and vaguely horny. Something weird is going on here, he mused.


That feeling passed, however, as he settled into his school life. He even made some friends--the three closest being Mark, Rob, and Carl. Together the quartet, called the Fantastic Four by their peers, gained a reputation for practical jokes and pranks at the local high school.

This reputation did not go unnoticed by Aunt fact, it fit directly into her plans, plans that went unknown to Timothy until one fateful Friday evening.

Aunt Lil had left for a meeting. Timothy wandered around the empty house...and was surprised to find his aunt's private office unlocked. Gee, she must have been in a hurry! he thought. She never leaves this place open when she's not around! Even more surprising, Aunt Lil had left her computer on and running. Timothy sat down at her desk and decided to take a look at what his aunt was so secretive about.

But the moment he moved the mouse, the screen image changed...and sound began to come from the computer's speakers. Tim couldn't describe the image or the sound, but he knew they made him feel sleepy and restful. Within moments, he stared, half-lidded, at the monitor, completely entranced.

Now, a soft, soothing voice--Lil's voice--came from the speakers:

This is the end of your life as Timothy. In a moment, I shall begin a set of instructions, commands and suggestions for you. Even after you awake, you will remember them...and when I repeat certain phrases to you, you will immediately follow those instructions, commands and suggestions.

Welcome to your new life, Tiffany!

And Timothy sank even deeper into his trance, absorbing his new life's instructions.

"Here you are, darling." Aunt Lil's words and her soft touch on his shoulders woke Timothy from his mesmeric state.

"Aunt Lil!" he exclaimed. "Oh, gosh--I'm sorry. I know I'm not supposed to be in here. It'll never hap--"

"Calm down, darling," his aunt admonished him. "It's all right. I'm at fault for leaving the office open. Boyish curiousity simply got the better of you." She walked to a cabinet on the far wall. "Still, I'd have thought you'd be far more interested in these--" She flung open the cabinet doors--"you sexy thing!"

That trigger phrase, combined with the sight of the cabinet contents, filled Timothy's mind with the words that had been planted during his trance. The cabinet was filled with the sexiest of female clothing, all designed for the hot young teen: cropped tops, halter tops, extremely tight, short skirts, tight tiny shorts, shoes and sandals with four- and five-inch heels.

And Timothy wanted to wear them all! Or, rather, Tiffany wanted to wear them all! But he couldn't move until Aunt Lil permitted it.

The desire, the passion in his eyes was obvious, and Aunt Lil smiled mischievously when she saw it. "Of course, you may try them on, Tiffany love. Be my guest."

In less than hour, it was if Timothy had never existed. In his place was the sensuous, teasing Tiffany. Her smooth bare legs looked sexy atop the spike heels as they rose up to the tight curves of her hips encased in the short-shorts. Her bare midriff exposed a cute navel below more-than-budding breasts.

Her face was carefully feminized with cosmetics, her hair softly curling to her shoulders.


The weekend continued in that vein, as Aunt Lil used the hypnotic control supplied by the software package she had bought to completely enthrall Tiffany.

But deep within, Timothy was still there--and increasingly concerned by the way he was reacting to his aunt's scheme. I ought to be horrified by all this, he found himself thinking, as he again changed into a revealing outfit for a trip to the mall. But I'm not! Instead, I'm excited--I can feel my cock straining against my panties, feel the need to be sexy and feminine at all times.

And it wasn't just the hypnotic suggestions, he knew. All of this had revealed something about himself.

The trip to the mall did little to make the hidden Timothy more
comfortable. He discovered that Tiffany was just as appealing to teen-aged boys as he feared she would be. Tiffany attracted attention throughout the shopping trip. And the worst happened when she and Aunt Lil ran into the other three members of the Fantastic Four.

"This is Timothy's sister, Tiffany," Aunt Lil explained. "Didn't he ever tell you boys about her? I suppose he was afraid...he's very protective of her!"

The three boys came on to and fawned over this sexy newcomer. Tiffany drank it all in as her due...and Timothy cringed that the transformation was so complete that even his closest friends didn't recognize him. Then came the worst.

"Tiffany, invite them to the party," his aunt suggested.

Party? What party? Timothy wondered. But, following those hypnotic triggers, Tiffany merely giggled and said, "Why, of course, Aunt Lil! We're having a little get-together tonight to get to know more of the kids in town," she told the boys. "Come over about eight!"


That evening, about half-an-hour before the boys were to arrive, Tiffany was again using Aunt Lil's computer. She was merely browsing around when she came across a program called "Transform-her". She opened it, and began to look at some of the files her aunt had already created.

She gasped. Here were images labeled "Marcie," "Roberta" and "Carol"--all sexy young things like herself...and all clearly feminized looks at his former comrades.

"Yes, you will be expected to assist in their transformations," said Aunt Lil. Tiffany looked up and saw her aunt framed in the office door. Behind her stood Mark, Rob's and Carl's mothers. "When I explained my plans for you to these lovely women, they agreed it was the perfect way to control their own rambunctious ones.

"You won't be the only one in a teen trance for long, Tiffany love."

The End

Monday, March 10, 2008

Poll thoughts

I'm beginning to be able to guess which celeb will win in each round of this little "contest" I'm not surprised that Jeri Ryan and Charlize Theron are running neck-and-neck. (If the week ends up with less than a two-vote spread between them, I may declare a tie.)

I am surprised by how strongly young Emma Watson is polling. Either we have a lot of Harry Potter fans, or a lot of us would like to relive our teen years as a bright and beautiful young lady!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Women We'd Love to Be, Week 5

Possibly the most famous ex-Mouseketeer since Annette, Christina Aguilera has proven that sex appeal and talent are not necessarily diametrically opposed. Starting as a quintessential teen tease and now playing the part of blonde bombshell, she represents a kind of woman men love (or would love to be).

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More with Fishnets

I have long thought that one of the sexiest combinations is fishnets, white ankle socks, and heels...especially something that looks like a fetishy pair of Mary-Janes.

So I decided some pics of that look were in order. I combined it with my new black bra (Just My Size and incredibly comfortable...I recommend it) and a man's business shirt (another sex combo, IMO).

Here are some samples...and more can be seen here.

In addition, I did some manipulation, creating a set of "don't I just wish" images:

And an aside: I have discovered that just four or five hours a day, one or two times a week, has greatly improved my comfort in walking in heels. When I first bought the shoes in these pictures, a few months ago, I was very stiff and cautious--almost stumbling--in them. Today, I walk in them with ease. And that's after two decades of not wearing heels!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fishnets and more

Did a little more shopping today. Originally, I went to Kmart just to pick up a bra and panties in black...but looking over the hosiery, I discovered Vasarette had a pair of black fishnet thigh-highs...I couldn't resist. (Vasarette also apparently has a "mix-and-match" line of garter belts and stockings; I'll have to explore that.)

Here are some shots of the fishnets, worn with the black patent pumps (couldn't think of anything more appropriate to go with them). More pics are here.

I also took three skirts into a local tailor to be altered. They needed to be taken in at the waist (buying a set to fit my "top" usually means it's too big at the bottom...especially with the waist-cincher I wear en femme. I also asked for two of them to be taken up quite a bit--six inches--at the hem. (The skirt of the grey suit has that little pleat row at the bottom...six inches would eliminate it entirely and I didn't want to do that, so it's staying as is.) I like my legs and, as I noted earlier, I want to show them off more.

I'll be picking them up next week, so we'll see how it all worked.