Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Who's That T-Girl?

Hannah McKnight has some interesting thoughts on living a double life:

They say clothes make the man. I agree. Clothes also can make the t-girl.

When I step into my pink stilettos, or a leather mini-dress, or a cute skirt, I become who I am.

But I don’t think this person is “the real me”. She’s part of me, literally my other half. High heels and dresses make me who I am just as much as a t-shirt with my favorite band on it in male mode. My clothes, in either gender, represent who I am. There is no denying that clothes transform us. Not only in how we look, but how we feel about ourselves. I don’t think I am alone in feeling absolutely beautiful when I am en femme. But I also feel brave. I feel confident. In a world that doesn’t understand us, strutting into the mall in a skirt and pumps is one of the most courageous things we can do.

Hannah doesn’t do anything that I wouldn’t do when I present as male. This is not a Jekyll and Hyde thing, after all. I enjoy art, but I don’t spend afternoons at a museum. However, Hannah does. For one reason, it’s just simply more fun to do thing en femme. It can be something as simple as waiting for a coffee, walking down the street or wandering around a department store. Life in these moments has slowed down and I am spending time just… being. I think it’s good for me.

In male mode I tend to be a little more introverted and prefer to spend time at home. Hannah is chatty, more social, and friendlier. She has more friends than I do. Although these characteristics are not ones she shares with the male side of me, they are not in conflict with each other. I do like chatting with people, but I am usually in too much of a rush to do so. Time moves slower en femme.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dani: Teen Fantasy, Part Two

Early September 1968

Dani...dressed as Daniel...took the list Mistress Lola had given him and went to the discount department store near home. The first thing on the list was matching bra and panty sets--three of them. He had a rough idea of his sizes, having surreptitiously tried on his sister's things over the past years. He nervously moved through the lingerie department, trying not to draw attention--unsuccessfully, as it turned out. "Hello, young man," an attractive older woman said as she approached. "Do you need help finding something?"

Daniel gulped and said, in a small voice, "Yes, ma'am, I need three sets of matching bra and my size..."

"Speak up, darling," the clerk advised, smiling. "Come with me...bra and panty sets in your size are right over here." She guided him to a different section of the department. She picked up a set in pastel pink. "I think this will go nicely with your coloring, sweetie," she said, holding them against him. "Oh, and this lovely floral print is nice and girly, isn't it?" She thrust another set into his hands. Then she picked up a set in black satin. "And every girl--or sissy--should have a sexy set of black undies, don't you agree?" Daniel could only nod silently. "Come to my register and we'll ring you right up. I suppose that will be cash?" She packaged his purchases and then said, "Now, will there be anything else?"

"I...I need some pantyhose..." he whispered.

"Pantyhose?" the clerk repeated, loudly. "Millie, will you help this young man pick out some pantyhose?" she called.  A pretty clerk...perhaps only a few years older than Daniel joined them.

"Of course, Harriet," she said, as she took Daniel by the hand and led him to her department. "Now, what shade do you want? I suggest suntan, it always makes a girl's legs look better, I think." She handed him three pair in that color, having judged his size.

"Yes, suntan will...will be fine," Daniel stammered, looking at his list.

Millie grabbed the list from his hands. "Let's see, what else do you have on this list? Oh, two pretty mini-dresses! I know just the thing--come with me." She took him by the hand and led him across the store to the juniors department. "Here, we go...these are what all the high school girls are wearing now." Daniel knew that...he had admired his feminine classmates in similar attire. Now it will be mine, he thought. I want it...but it seems so strange that I do....

Millie picked a few dresses from the rack and brought him to the fitting room, coming in with him. "Now, why don't we get you into one of your pretty undie sets, so these dresses will fit properly?" She all but tore his shirt and pants off him, and laughed when she saw how aroused he was. "My, you are excited to be out shopping for girly clothes, aren't you? Now, don't be embarrassed--I've seen my little brother naked; you won't be any different!"  She pulled down his briefs, leaving him naked.

Millie assisted him in putting on the bra and panties, stuffing the bra (for now) with his socks. Her first choice was a baby blue minidress with a lacy collar and a skirt that ended five inches above his knees. "Oh, such nice legs, dear! You're going to be the envy of every girl in your school!" Daniel blushed. I always knew I had girlish everyone will see them! "Yes, that's a definite keeper!"

She tried on two more dresses, before finding a second one she thought he should buy. "This one is a bit tighter than the other...but you have a pretty nice figure--considering--and you will look so sexy in it!" Daniel looked in the mirror. Yes, I do look sexy--maybe too sexy! He felt his cock grow larger in his panties. Millie saw the bulge appear in the tight skirt. "Oh, dear...can't have that ruining the lines of this dress!"

She pushed him onto the bench in the dressing room, reached under the skirt and pulled off his panties. Then she began stroking his cock. "We used to do this to my brother all the time...Momma called it 'milking'. She said it helped to keep him docile and compliant." In a very short time, Daniel's cock spurted its cream onto Millie's hands. She thrust her sticky fingers into his mouth. "Lick it all off, dear...that's what Momma always made little brother do."

His cock now thoroughly deflated, Millie pulled Daniel's panties back on. "Well, now that we have your dresses, what else do we need?" She consulted the list. "Shoes! Of course! Follow me!"

"Like this?" Daniel exclaimed! "I'm wearing a dress!"

"Of course you are,'re a sissy, aren't you?" Millie laughed. "Now, don't be silly...come along!" The shoe department was on another floor, and Daniel had to follow her up the escalator in his tiny, tight dress. He found, even still in male shoes, it required him to walk in a mincing motion. When they reached the women's shoe department, Millie took a moment to confer with the clerk there.

"I have to go back to my own department," she told Daniel. "But Suzie will help you find just the right shoes!" Suzie walked up to him and looked him up and down. "You're cute," she said. "But you'll be even cuter soon! Have a seat and take off those terrible sneakers!"

She perused the shoes on display, checked the information on a few of them, then disappeared into the stock room. Daniel nervously looked around. Is anybody looking at me? Is anyone paying me any attention at all? It seemed not...but could he really be sure? A moment later, Suzie returned with four shoe boxes. "I think I got your size right...but I brought two sizes of each of these, just in case."

She opened the top box and brought out a pair of black patent mary-janes with a blocky two-inch heel. They look a lot like ones my sister wears, Daniel thought. Suzie knelt and slipped them on his feet, carefully buckling the straps. "Stand up and walk a bit, dear," she said. Daniel did as instructed and found he wobbled a bit, even on these comparatively low heels. "First pair of heels, sweetie? That's okay, every girl totters a bit her first time," Suzie teased. "How do they feel?"

"A bit tight," Daniel whispered.

"Speak up, honey," Suzie said, smiling. "I couldn't hear you."

"They're a bit tight," Daniel repeated, a little louder, still watching to see if anyone was looking.

"Those are 10s," Suzie said. "Let's try the 10-1/2." She sat him back down, took the shoes off and put him in another pair of the same style. "There, try those." Daniel stood and walked around a little. He paused in front of the mirror angled to let him see his feet and ankles. They looked amazingly feminine. "These are better," he admitted.

"Good...then 10-1/2 is your size. Come back and let's try this other pair." Daniel sat again and she switched him to a pair of pink pumps. The heel was still only two inches, but it was narrower. "You may find these a little harder to balance in," Suzie advised. Daniel stood and carefully took a few steps. "That's right, honey, just mince in short steps." He already moves like a girl in them, she noted.

Daniel sat down and began to remove the shoes. "Oh no, dear. Millie said you wanted to wear  them home!" Suzie laughed and put his male sneakers in the box instead. She rung up all his purchases and then walked him to the store's concierge desk. "Will you call Daniel a cab? I'm afraid he will get in trouble if he walks home." While they waited for the concierge to make the call, Suzie pulled out her purse.

"Pucker up, darling," she said as she produced a deep pink lipgloss. She made his lips look wet and luscious. Then she brought out her mascara. "Just a little bit, to make those eyes look a bit more girlish," she said. She turned Daniel to look in a mirror. He gasped. I could be a girl! Then as Mistress Lola's conditioning took effect. I am a girl!

The cab ride home was uneventful...and no one else was home when he arrived. He went directly to his room and picked up the extension phone there. He dialed the number Mistress Lola had given him: 1-800-555-SISSY. It was time.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Attention and Erection

A Surprise Induction

Mistress Lola and I were simply chatting on line this week, when she decided to give me an impromptu hypno-session. It was very exciting and successful. The Trance-Script is here.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Look at Me; Ignore Me

Hannah's thoughts on going out in public:

When I am out en femme, I scan every store I walk into. I am not only checking to make sure I am not going to see anyone that I know, but I am also sizing up the people that I will be shopping with. Being obviously trans, I know the world isn’t as safe or as friendly as we would like it to be, and being aware of your surroundings is an absolute must.

For the most part, my adventures have been either incredibly affirming or remarkably boring. Of course, there has been the occasional negative experience, but those have been (thankfully) few and far between. People do stare, people do look over their shoulders, people do double-takes. And really, that’s okay. I stand out, not only as a t-girl, but also because I am over six feet tall, wearing high heels and a super cute dress. I am waaaay overdressed for Target.

Yesterday’s errands brought a new perspective to all this. As I wandered around the store, I noticed a t-girl doing her shopping as well. She was tall (aren’t we all), had amazing eye makeup, and a cute outfit. I noticed her because of her outfit and makeup, but also, to be honest, she is trans.

I noticed her in the same way you might notice someone who is wearing a t-shirt of your favorite band on it. We had something in common, but she had no idea that we did.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Dani: Teen Fantasy, Part One

August 1968

Daniel stood before the magazine rack, ostensibly scanning the comic books for the titles he wanted to buy this week. He picked out X-Men, Green Lantern, and Adventure Comics (with the Legion of Super-Heroes)...but his eyes kept moving to the right, where the fashion magazines were. He was captivated by the cover images...especially on the titles aimed at girls his own age, such as Seventeen and Glamour. It was his secret...he longed to be able to dress in girls' clothes. The desire had begun four years ago, he thought, when he was 12...and he saw his older sister in a cute little mini-dress. But was it actually even earlier than that--when he saw that Mighty Mouse cartoon--the one where the cat hypnotized the mouse and dressed him up and put him in makeup and a wig? Was that why being hypnotized always seemed to be part of his cross-dressing fantasy?

He sighed, slipped the two fashion mags in among his comics, and paid for them at the counter. When he arrived home, he put the comics with the others he still had yet to read, and hid the fashion mags in his dresser. He lay on the bed and began leafing through one of the comics...and he spotted a new ad among the offers of x-ray specs and party gags.

The ad showed a beautiful woman, with lightning bolts coming from her eyes. Miss Lola Venus, the ad read. Hypno-mistress. Specializing in submissive males, cross-dressers, and fetishists. It ended with an address.

Daniel was surprised--he could not remember ever seeing such an advertisement in a comic book before. Was it a mistake? He picked up another title from the same month. No, there was the exact same ad. It was if someone had read his mind. He got up and went to his desk and began to type a letter:

Dear Miss Lola Venus,

My name is Daniel, I am 16 years old and I have had a desire to dress as a girl for several years. I am also intrigued by hypnosis. Can you tell me more about your service?

Daniel O

The next day, he slipped the letter into an envelope and mailed it. He was anxious for a week...was Miss Lola Venus real? Or just a come-on? Would she respond to someone so young?

At the end of seven days, a letter came for Daniel. There was nothing special about it--except that he recognized the return address as Miss Lola Venus's post office box. He took the letter to his room and opened it.

Dear Daniel,

I must admit I have never worked with anyone as young as you before...but it would be an interesting experiment to mold such a youthful mind and body. Therefore, there will be no charge to you. But we need to explore more of your desires. Tell me about the kind of clothes you like, about the girls you find attractive, about the kind of girl you would like to be.

And from now on, you will address me as Mistress Lola.

Your hypno-mistress,
Lola Venus

Daniel felt his cock twitch as he read the short missive...and again when he thought about actually having a dominant mistress. He went to his typewriter immediately:

Dearest Mistress,

Thank you for replying so quickly! I am quite eager to begin my submission to you! I find the clothes worn by fashionable girls my own age most attractive...the short skirts, the pretty blouses. I like girls with shoulder-length hair and slender bodies, long legs. I like girls who wear makeup, but don't look like tarts. I want to be that kind of girl. I enclose a few pictures to show what I mean.

Daniel O

The reply came within two days.

Dear Dani (that is your name from now on),

You are such a good girl to answer so soon...and the pictures you sent are quite informative! In your next letter, I want you to send me a picture of I can see what material I have to work with. In the meantime, I want you to practice going into trance. Choose a picture you like, stare at it and repeat these words, "This is me" over and over. Do it just before bedtime and you will dream all night of being that girl.

Your hypno-mistress,
Lola Venus

Dani followed the instructions for two weeks before writing again to his Mistress.

Dearest Mistress,

I now dream every night of being the girl I want to be. I even dream of it during the day sometimes. I see a girl dressed as I want to be dressed and I see my face. I have enclosed a photo of myself. I fear I am not very feminine. I await further instructions.


Mistress Lola was quick to reply.

Dear Dani,

Never are quite feminine enough for my intentions. I will remake you into the epitome of a submissive sissy...a girl-boy. But first you need to acquire the proper clothes. Here is a list of things to buy.

Your hypno-mistress,
Lola Venus

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

October Dressing--New Wig 2

I suppose--given the outfit--this could be subtitled "Sexy Grandma"...

The lace v-neck floral t-shirt is from Kmart's Basic Editions line in February 2015; the black faux leather skirt is from Target's Xhilaration line in October 2013; the shoes are Isaac Mizrahi black mary-janes from Target in November 2007. Other accessories are a yellow bow, black-and-white jewelry, skinny belts, and natural hose.

Without the glasses, the look is far prettier:

Next dressing sometime next month.


Stana presents an essay about how people react to a cross-dresser:

Generally my interactions with others when I am presenting in my feminine persona are extremely positive. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had an ugly encounter. People appear to accept my presentation and quite often, they actually reinforce that acceptance with verbal approval.

Take a recent shopping trip as an example. I was in a downtown department store searching for a skirt when a sales associate approached to ask if she could assist me. I told her I was looking for a very specific style of denim skirt. She was only too happy to assist me in my search and then, while we were together, she told me I was beautiful and that she loved my hair. Who wouldn’t be flattered?

What was she thinking though, as she made small talk with me? Obviously, she recognized right away that I wasn't a genetic female, but did she think of me as a man dressed in woman’s clothing or did she consider me a transwoman? Was it actually possible that she recognized me the way I think of myself, a part-time woman?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October Dressing--New Wig 1

When I used my own hair last month, Mistress Lola complimented it, calling it a "sexy senior" look...that gave m the idea of finding a wig with a more mature look.

The blue rectangle print dress is from Fashion Bug in October 2012; the shoes are Mossimo "Valonia" blue patent pumps from Target in March 2009. Other accessories are a floral headband, silver jewelry, blue hose, and glasses.

I decided to wear the glasses to add to the more mature look...but Mistress Lola and I agree they make me look a bit too much like Dame Edna Everage.

Another outfit, without the glasses, tomorrow.

Guiding Gwen, the Conclusion

Lola and Dani

Hello, Madame Lola
Hello, Madame Dani, my Sister Domme 
Have you been having fun with Sissy Gwen?

Oh yes, Lola. That sweet little plaything has been a consistent source of amusement.
Did you hear what happened in Club Lesbos?

Yes, I read your post about it. It sounds like everyone had such a good time. I just wish I’d been there to see it myself.

Maybe next time
So, what can I do for you, Lola?
Need help sorting out a sissy? Want me to give you some tips? 

Oh my, tips from the expert? What an honour

Well I am the mighty Madame Dani, after all. Perhaps I could suggest some humiliating tasks for them to perform.

That would be delightful
But actually I asked to see you for a different reason
I just wanted to help you feel

It seemed strange to the dominant Dani, but for some reason she knew she had to repeat that nice let that lovely word influence her and relax she began typing


until she fell into trance. On the other side of the conversation, Mistress Lola beamed with joy. There were few things more fun than hypnotizing a sissy, but one of them was hypnotizing a dominant personality. Now it was time to hit the reset button on the so-called ‘Madame Dani’.

Your time as a dominatrix is coming to an end
You will no longer feel the need
to be demanding
in command
You will no longer want to be
in control
taking charge
leading the way
You will no longer be
Madame Dani
a strict, disciplinary dominatrix
All those thoughts
those desires
to be Madame Dani
will be put into a box
deep within your mind
Picture that box
An old, dusty wooden chest
Picture those thoughts being put into that chest
and locked away
Picture chains wrapping round that chest
and see the lock in those chains
The key turning
Both keys being placed in my hand
so that only I may unlock that chest
And of course
With all those thoughts locked safely away
Normality can return
You will return to 
being Pretty Sissy Dani
You will dress as Sissy Dani
act like Sissy Dani
Be Sissy Dani
You are once again 
my Sissified Sweetheart
my darling little puppet
my lovely plaything
Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress Lola
Madame Dani is gone
I am just Pretty Sissy Dani

Good girl!
But you will not be
just my plaything
and my puppet
When you next meet Gwen,
you will obey her
as you do me
It is Gwen's turn
to be in charge
to be in command
The obedience you feel towards me
You will also feel towards her
She will be your superior
Your owner
Your Mistress
She who must be obeyed
And you will obey her
There will be no choice
No hesitation
Just pure obedience
Is that clear?

Yes, Mistress,
Gwen will in charge

Good girl!
Now, when I count
to three, 
you will awaken,
not consciously remembering
this trance, 
but ready to comply with
all that I have told

Dani awoke, her head feeling a lot lighter than it had done for some time. It was as if a heavy curtain had been pulled back within her mind, allowing the sun to shine in once more. She felt sweet, giggly...even more girly than before. Then she noticed the words on the screen

Welcome back, my Sissified Sweetheart

Oh, I really back to being Sissy Dani?
This feels so nice…

With the way she was feeling, she was tempted to just chant that special word and surrender to the trance. Mistress Lola quickly brought her back though

Yes dear, everything’s back to normal
I am the Mistress, and you are the sissy
Just as it should be.

Not quite, Mistress
This just isn’t right for me to wear it
I must change into something more appropriate
Especially if I am to see Madame Gwen later

Mistress Lola grinned her wicked, seductive smile. The suggestible sissy had taken to the new power dynamic so easily.

Yes, you must, darling
and I know just the right look for your return to Gwen... 

Lola and Gwen

You asked to see me, Mistress Lola?

Yes, Gwen
I understand that Madame Dani has been having such fun with you lately
But I believe strongly
that every submissive sissy like you
should have the chance to experience life from the other side
and your opportunity has arrived 
to make others

and Gwen repeated her magic word


until she fell into trance. “Time for the turnabout,” Mistress Lola said aloud, as she began programming Gwen with her new personality:

and entranced
Ready to Obey
Ready to serve
in a very special way
for we both know
that there’s another side to you, Gwen
A powerful, dominant, commanding side
One normally kept under lock and key
As a good sissy should
But today we’re going to learn
when it’s appropriate to let such feelings loose
So from now on
when you are with Dani
and only when you are with Dani
You will let those repressed feelings
of dominance
of control
of power over others
to overcome you.
You will be demanding
in command
in control
She is no longer Madame Dani
In fact, the idea she was ever in control of you
is the most ridiculous thing you can imagine
She is a weak little sissy
and you are the all-powerful
Madame Gwen
Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress Lola...I am in command of Dani now

Good girl!
But I am your Mistress no longer
I am your Sister Domme
In this form
And only in this form
You may think of us as equals
You may address me as Madame Lola
just as I shall address you as Madame Gwen
And even though
at the back of your mind
in your subconscious
you will still recognise me as your Mistress
and still follow my suggestions and commands when required
your conscious mind will see me as your Sister Domme
Is that understood?

Yes, Madame Lola,
my Sister Domme

Good girl!
Now, on the count of three,
awaken with no memory of being hypnotized
but ready to be Dani's dominatrix
How do you feel, Madame Gwen?

I feel good, Madame Lola
No, better than good
I feel powerful
I feel naughty
I feel wicked
I feel like whipping some sissy ass into shape

Excellent, dear sister
And I think we both know which sissy you want first

Oh, but I can’t take control dressed  in such sissy-ish attire!

Of course not, Sister Gwen,
and I know exactly what you should wear when you meet her again....

Gwen and Dani

Once more, Dani stood on Gwen's doorstep and knocked, but this time she was dressed far differently than in her past visits. If anything, she looked like June Cleaver, the epitome of the classic 1950s housewife. Her dress was a floral print with a bouffant skirt, made all the more so by the two layers of petticoats it floated over. Her shoes were white kid pumps with five-inch heels. Around her neck was a single strand of pearls and she wore wrist-length white gloves. From within, she heard a voice call, "Enter."

She opened the door and gasped at the image before her. Gwen...Madame Gwen...stood in the foyer, clad in a classic 1950s-style navy-blue suit, the fitted jacket clinging to her 40-inch bosom and her 28-inch waist. The skirt hugged her legs to below her knees and she posed confidently on six-inch black patent heels. She raised her hand to her lips and puffed on a slim feminine cigarette, pursing her lips as she blew smoke into the air. She pointed to the floor with her black-gloved hand and said, "On your knees, Sissy Dani!" Without pause, Dani fell to a kneeling position before her new dominating mistress. "Now, crawl behind me to the's time for you to experience some truly erotic bondage...


Madame Gwen lounged on the couch, as Sissy Dani, her arms bound behind her, knelt and kissed the smooth patent leather of the domme's shoes. The doorbell rang and Gwen called, "Enter."

Moments later, a vision appeared before them both...a vision in black leather, her deep auburn locks contrasting with the ebony of her clothing. She smiled. "What an entrancing tableau," she said, in he British accent. "Had I known what I would find, I would have visited much sooner."

"Mistress Lola!" Dani said, surprised.

"Madame Lola!" Gwen said, equally astonished.

"Yes, it is I, the mesmerising Mistress Lola Venus. You’ve been having such fun playing with each other, but I think it’s time I took control of both of you." She walked forward, the heels of her boots clicking on the floor as she said in a sing-song voice. “Now won’t it be just obey...obey...obey…”

And the two cross-dressers each began to repeat their respective words, falling deeper under Mistress Lola's spell with each syllable:

"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey
"nice      obey"

until finally they were deeply docile, compliant, and obedient. "Now," Mistress Lola asked herself, "which of you shall I use as my hypnoslut first?"