Friday, May 21, 2021

Hypno Session: Perfect Sissy Transformation

 Wednesday, I had my most recent session with Mistress Lola in which, at my request, she took me mentally from male to pretty sissy. This will, unfortunately, be my last session with Mistress Lola for a while, as personal stuff requires me to forego such pleasures. It may be at least a month, possibly more, before we can meet again in this way. But we will continue our correspondence, so look for some fun things inspired by my hypno-dommw in the interim.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

For Us, Beauty is a Choice

Once again, Hannah McKnight provides some insight into the differences between clothing choices for women and cross-dressers.

I feel comfortable, calm, happy, and like myself (or more accurately, a part of myself) when I am wearing stockings, heels, and makeup. Some look forward to taking their bra off, I count the days until I dress and I check the mail obsessively when I am waiting for the new bra and panty set I ordered to arrive. I LOVE wearing clothes that others can’t wait to take off. BUT! I do know that my wife and I wear bras for different reasons. I do know that women are “expected” to wear heels and dresses. Being “required” to wear something, whether it’s because of your anatomy or because of arcane and antiquated and unfair social expectations, takes away from the joy, the fun, the CHOICE of wearing anything. I do understand that, promise.

When I came out to my wife when we dated she had a hard time understanding why anyone would choose to wear a bra and stockings. Why wear panties that weren’t designed for someone with my anatomy? After we married and I started to wear dresses and makeup, she “got” it. She understood this side of me, or us, as well as anyone could. She said that sometimes I wanted to look and feel beautiful. Who couldn’t relate to wanting that? She went from having no idea why I wanted, why I wore lingerie to a starting place and her understanding, her experience, grew from there.

Of course, [the people we come out to] may also think that this side of us is just, well, weird. Not weird in the sense of “why would a boy want to wear a bra?” but “why would ANYONE want to wear a bra?”.

And on the surface level, yes, I suppose it is a little weird. Last time I was out en femme I wore a tight corset and a skirt that I was paranoid was too short and showing off my stocking tops. Was I comfortable? Yes, of course. My corset was cinched perfectly, my gaff held everything where it needed to be held, my bra was adjusted for my body, my heels clicked merrily on the pavement. I was about as comfortable as one could be in wearing such restrictive clothes. If your corset is seasoned and everything you’re wearing is the right size and you are tucked properly you don’t really FEEL what you’re wearing. Until you have to get out of a car or or walk up a flight of stairs or something, of course.

But I don’t wear what I wear because it’s more physically comfortable. If that was my guiding star then I would wear leggings 24/7. No. I wear what I wear (at least en femme) because clothes are how I express myself, or more specifically, Hannah. Hannah has a look, and I love her look. Usually overdressed in heels and a cute dress and false eyelashes for anything and everything. I wear what I wear because of how it makes me feel emotionally. I FEEL beautiful, and I hope I look beautiful. And yes on one hand this is all very shallow, but it is what it is.

While it may be weird that one chooses to wear a tightly laced corset, it’s understandable to choose to wear something, whatever it is, that makes one feel beautiful. Who couldn’t relate to that?

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hypno-Session: How Deep Can I Go?

This one is more for the hypno-fetishists in my audience, although there is some feminization as well. I asked Mistress Lola to try bringing me in and out of trance repeatedly, with each new trance an attempt to go deeper than the last. I think it was quite successful...though, should we try this again in the future, it might be interesting to have the "up-and-down" occur more rapidly.

The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The First Time

Our friend Hannah McKnight talks about her early experiences in public:

The first time I went out en femme I went to The Townhouse (now named The Black Heart). The Townhouse is/was the oldest LGBTQ+ bar in the Twin Cities and is almost a rite of passage for a girl like me. It’s usually the first place someone like us goes to. Although it was the first time I left the house dressed, I don’t really think of it as the first time out as I went from my home to the parking lot to the drag show to back home. No one batted a false eyelash at a girl like me. It was about as safe as it gets. And thank God for that. When you go out for the first time it’s helpful to go someplace like that.

The first time I went out during the day and went somewhere that wasn’t an LGBTQ+ bar was when I had a dress altered. ...This was also a fairly safe adventure as I only went to one place and interacted with one other person.

It took a few more months to work up the courage to take the next baby steps. But in retrospect they weren’t baby steps, they were huge, huge strides and struts forward. Why did I want to go out? I was tired of being in my living room. I wanted to experience life en femme. I wanted to stop for heels while wearing heels. It was nothing more (or less) than that. Once I decided to have this experience, I needed a plan. Where would I go? Eventually I decided on getting coffee in Uptown [a neighborhood in Minneapolis where twenty years ago was a lot hipper, a lot cooler, a lot more independent than it is now...the gay friendliest part of the Twin Cities].

No one cared. No one looked at me. Well, sure, they looked at me similar to how you look up when you notice someone is near you, but it’s not as if people were gawking or staring at me. Just a girl out for coffee.

I opened the door to the coffee shop and the cashier greeted me, I ordered my coffee, gave her my name, and a few minutes later the barista called out for a vanilla latte for Hannah. I thanked her, she wished me a good day, and that was that. It was a new world, I had accomplished something small and mundane and life-changing. And it was easy. It wasn’t a big deal. I did it.

I learned a lot on my first time out, and when I went out for the second time, I realized how much more I learned than I had originally thought. The second time I went out was a few months later. I was encouraged and emboldened by my first adventure and I had naively assumed my second time out would be just as wonderful. It wasn’t. I went to the same mall as my first time and I had a lot more stares than I expected. I couldn’t figure it out but I realized it might have to do something with my outfit. I wore a tight bodycon dress with knee-high boots. I looked cute, but perhaps a little… spicy for the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Or maybe not, perhaps there was a store giving discounts to Rude People Who Stare At Transpeople that day. It’s impossible and pointless to speculate what people are thinking.

I learned that you need to dress for the occasion, for what you’re doing, for where you’ll be. This is not to say you can’t dress cute or wear heels but perhaps I was dressed for a nice dinner out or for cocktails, not for the mall. I drew less stares the first time out because I looked like a girl on her way to work. I learn something about, ah, something, almost every time I go out en femme. Most times I go out are wonderful or at least uneventful. Rude comments happen but they don’t happen often. No matter how many times I go out, there’s still apprehension, fear, and excitement.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Little Dani Dot

This is the last of these:
Sometimes, Mistress Lola makes me feel even younger, as a pretty pre-teen sissy, just learning how to be feminine and girly.