Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hypno-Session: Job Interview

On Tuesday, I had my latest hypnotic session with Mistress Lola, in which she guided me through a very unusual, very exciting job interview. The trance-script is here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Emotional Part of Clothes

Hannah McKnight talks about the cross-dresser's emotional attachment to clothes. It starts with a question from a reader:

I have listened to women from grade school to adulthood complaining about all these clothing items as well as makeup and long hair and shaving their legs while I sit there and wish I could be in any of their places. I have been wearing hose and panties every day, as well as a bra and breast forms whenever I can and have yet to find them intolerable and instead prefer to be in them.

So, Hannah, is it just my clothing fetish or do real girls really not appreciate the pleasures of being female?

T-Girls have a unique, and often personal and intimate relationship with clothes. Stilettos, bras, stockings, corsets, are thrilling for us. Slip on a pair of heels and I am walking on air… for a while.

I dress to the nines because I heart it. I underdress because I love lingerie and it helps me stay connected to my femme side. How I dress is my choice.

But not everyone has that choice. Speaking in very broad terms, society has expectations as to how a girl should look, how a girl should dress. Whether this is a real dress code or not, many people (mostly men if we are being honest) expect women to be in full makeup and wear heels. Of course, that’s easy for someone to say if they have never worn heels or an underwire bra before.

To paraphrase the common saying, the gender is always easier on the other side of the closet. Have you ever had a girl say to you (in male mode) how lucky men are? They don’t have to shave their legs, look a certain way, dress in a certain style, color their gray hair… society has different expectations of someone based on their gender presentation. It looks easier (and in my experience, it is) to present as male.

As for whether this is a fetish or not, only you can answer that.

Walking a mile in heels is not the same thing as walking a mile in every women’s shoes, if you follow me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Mistress Lola Speaks

More thoughts from my hypno-mistress:

1. When you see a woman (or a sissy) what most attracts you--hair, eyes, lips, tits, ass, legs? 

Hmm...a very good question. I'm not sure what I would be attracted to the most. Usually I don't tend to find an attraction to people until I get to know them better, once I've learnt their personality, but I suppose if I had to pick one thing for an initial would be their clothes. The way a person dresses really speaks volumes about their character, whether they are practical, professional, feminine, chavvy or whatever else they may display. Perhaps it's because I love clothes so much myself, but I think I would most be attracted to someone by their outfit upon first viewing. It's not the only thing that might make me look twice of course, but anything else would have to really stand out to get my attention.

2. What, from that list or anything else, do you think most attracts women (or sissies) to you? 

 I've had lots of compliments about my hair, but I think it has to be my eyes. I've been told I have very nice eyes, and that they light up when I smile. Of course, eyes have been a focus point for hypnotists for centuries, so it's a bit of a cliche to say they're enchanting, but I think that's probably the best word for them. I think if someone gives me real eye contact - not the everyday glance we give each other, but a proper stare into the windows of my soul - then they will fall for me. Would you agree, Dani dear?

I quite agree; Mistress Lola has captivating eyes--just look at that photo above!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Do Clothes Make the Girl?

Hannah McKnight muses on which came first--being trans and liking to wear girly things...or liking to wear girly things and being trans?

From time to time I wonder if I am transgender because I like to wear lipstick, stilettos, pencil skirts, and panties. I also wonder if I wear lingerie, eyeliner, dresses, and heels because I am transgender. Which came first? I don’t know. But I do think about clothes a lot. I love love love wearing “girl clothes”, even in boy mode. Working from home in a pair of leggings and a femme t-shirt? Amazing. Sleeping in a nightgown? Bliss. It’s times like this that I think that maybe, just maybe that this IS all about clothes. But then there’s also the side of me that loves being en femme. I love makeup, the hair, the skirts, everything. I love seeing HER in the mirror. She is me and I am she and that is that.

Yes, clothes make the girl, at least this girl. Wearing a cute dress in boy mode is not the same as wearing the same dress en femme not only visually but also just, well, you know what I mean.

As we are raised, we are given toys and books and clothes that match the societal perception of what we should wear and read and play with based on our genitals (which is REALLY messed up when you think about it). We are being taught that THIS is for boys and THAT is for girls.

We are taught PINK is for girls. We are taught MAKEUP and NAIL POLISH are for girls. And yes, we are taught that (deep breath) panties, bras, lingerie, nightgowns, stockings, dresses, gowns, skirts, blouses, bodysuits, stilettos, high heels, mary janes, ballet slides, wedges, heeled boots, jewelry, leggings, lace, mesh, blouses and a zillion other things are for girls. Therefore, these things are synonymous with girls. Or put another way, synonymous with not being a boy.

If boys are not supposed to wear panties, then I don’t want to be a boy. That’s not to say that I want to be a girl, I just want to be me. Panties, dresses, makeup represent my gender identity. When I see a cute skirt I am reminded (not that I need to be reminded) of who I am, or at least who half of me is. Pretty clothes, cute heels symbolize one of my genders. A side of me that makes me happy. I like who I am. I like my gender identities. I like being reminded of who I am and femme clothes do that. Clothes are a connection to what we love, what we want.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Friday, January 8, 2021

Hypno-Session: Blowing Bimbo Bubbles

Mistress Lola and I had our first on-line meeting of the New Year on Wednesday, and I spent some time as my bimbo counterpart--although, as usual, I didn't remember any of it until I read the trance-script, which you can find here.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Mistress Lola's Male Lesbian Lover

Last month, Mistress Lola requested that I take one of our hypno-sessions and transform it into an actual story. I chose our third time together, so here's the story.



Daniel Fitzpatrick was a crossdresser. He readily admitted that…at least to himself. He loved the feel of feminine attire…he loved making himself up to look pretty. But he knew he needed something more…something to make him feel feminine and womanly at all times.

He also knew he was not gay. He had no romantic or sexual interest in men. So, what was he, deep inside? He struggled to decide and could not come up with an answer. He devoured the available literature on transgender issues. Was he transgender? No—he had no desire to have his body altered to look like a woman. He was determinedly male in body…but somehow not entirely in mind. What was he?

His explorations finally led him to seek out more professional help…and an on-line ad attracted his attention:

Mistress Lola Venus

I specialize in assisting feminine men to find their true selves. Who are you? What are you? Let me lead you on the path to the you inside.

The ad included a local phone number. Intrigued, Daniel dialed it.

“Welcome to Mistress Lola Venus’s realm,” a recorded voice with a sexy British accent answered. “Leave a message describing your needs and I will return the call.”

Daniel gulped. He had never really put his “needs” in words. He hung up and thought about it. Pulling out a sheet of paper, he began writing:

“I am a thoroughly heterosexual male with an intense desire to dress and appear as a woman. I have no interest in attracting other males. All my romantic and sexual appetites are directed to women—particularly strong women with a commanding presence. I have no idea how to deal with these desires or bring them to fulfillment.”

Having completed the description, he phoned again. This time, when prompted, he read his little essay into the phone, ending with his name and phone number.

Thirty minutes later, the phone rang. Daniel picked it up, said “Hello,” and heard that same elegant voice:

“Hello, Daniel, this is your Mistress Lola. I understand you want assistance in becoming and understanding your true self. I am more than happy to assist you…..”

Daniel fumbled for a reply, finally asking, hesitantly. “Wha-what do you charge?”

The voice laughed. “There’s no charge, darling. I work completely pro bono. I enjoy helping people, especially people like you. Now, if you are truly interested, here’s my address,” and she gave him a location on the other side of town. “I’ll expect you at noon tomorrow.” She paused and added, sharply, “Don’t be late…and be dressed appropriately.” She hung up.

Daniel took a deep breath. Less than 24 hours to be ready—what did “appropriately” mean?

A few minutes before noon the next day, Daniel drove into the wide entrance of a big house on the “rich side” of town. The place looked like it had at least 20 rooms. Clearly Mistress Lola Venus was well off—perhaps that’s why she could afford to offer her “services” for free. He parked the car, got out, and carefully walked to the front door.

“Carefully”, because he was dressed in a man-tailored white blouse, tucked into a tight-fitting red pencil skirt that came to just above his knees. His stockinged legs were balanced on a pair of red patent-leather pumps with four-inch heels. He had done the best job with his makeup he could manage, and his hair, a bit long for a man, was combed into a pixie cut. He pulled himself to attention and rang the bell.

Moments later, a dazzling woman with rich auburn hair and the most remarkable eyes opened the door. She smiled and laughed. “I thought you would understand what ‘appropriately’ meant,” she said. She extended her hand. “I am Mistress Lola Venus.” As he took her hand gently, she asked, “And what shall I call you? ‘Daniel’ is obviously not quite correct.”

Daniel paused. He had never considered a feminine name before. Finally, in a breathy contralto, he replied. “Dani, I guess….”

“Spelled D-A-N-I, I suppose,” Mistress Lola said.

Daniel hung his head and whispered, “Yes, Ma’am….”

“Yes, Mistress,” she corrected him. “Remember that.”

“Yes, Mistress….”

Mistress Lola smiled. “That’s better. Now, follow me into my treatment room.” She turned and strode down the corridor, turning into a room at the end. Daniel minced behind her, his gaze rapt upon her undulating bottom, as she knew it would be. It was the beginning of his entrancement.

“Have a seat, dear,” she said, indicating an arm chair. She took a similar one opposite his. “Now, an explanation: My process centers on hypnosis, I will use trance to bring you to accept, indeed to revel, in your feminization. I will adjust your mind so that dressing and acting female will seem perfectly normal….”

Daniel was startled. “But wouldn’t that mean being attracted to men?”

“Oh, no, Dani,” Mistress Lola continued. “But I will leave that as a surprise.” She pulled her chair closer to his. “Now, are you ready?” She could tell he was; all his attention was focused on the alluring hypno-domme.

She was now so close he could feel her breath on his face, so close her amazing eyes filled his whole field of vision. “To start with”, she said, “we have to get you feeling nice. Every time I say nice, I want you to repeat it. Won’t that be nice?”

“Nice,” Daniel murmured, obediently.

“And the more you say it, the nicer you feel…nice…”


“Good, good, that’s nice….”


“Just keep saying it, Dani dear, nice, nice, nice….”

“Nice, nice, nice, nice….”

And he continued to repeat it, until he didn’t even remember why he was doing it.

“Nice and deep, so deep you are only aware of me….nice….

“Nice, nice, nice,” he went on, lost in her eyes and her voice.

“Now, Dani, it’s time to let me into your mind, to let me remake you, mold you into the person you truly want, you truly need to be. As I speak to you, your mind becomes soft and pliable, like clay. I can put my hands into your mind and reshape as I wish

My soft, supple fingers working inside your mind, rewriting your thoughts, reworking your personality, remaking you as I see fit. Feel yourself becoming more girly, more feminine.

“Feel your thoughts changing to those of a woman. Feel yourself thinking like a woman. the way you know women to think. You know you are a man in body and a woman in mind. Not just a woman, but a lesbian--male in body, lesbian in spirit.

“Realize how useless your penis is, how unnecessary, because you know that you can only make love as a woman does--with your tongue and your fingers. This is how you make love to a woman, isn't it, Dani?”

“Yes, Mistress, tongue, fingers,” Dani responded, in a soft, murmuring voice.

“Your penis cannot pleasure a woman--only your long thick tongue and sexy fingers
can please a woman. And you need to please women, don't you Dani?”

“Yes, Mistress...I need to please women,” he answered again. “I need to please you.”

“And you will please me, Dani,” Mistress Lola said. “Man in body, lesbian in mind.” She led him to her bedroom, and lay beside him. “Now, make love to me how a male lesbian makes love to me. And feel the sensation of being a woman loving another woman as she should be loved.”

Daniel began by softly kissing the Mistress’s lips while his hands roamed down the curves of her body. He kissed his way down her neck to her shoulders and then to her breasts. Mistress Lola moaned and her body writhed in response.

Dani kissed her breasts and took her left nipple into his mouth. At the same, his hand tweaked and tickled her right nipple, until both nipples were stiff, aroused and erect. “Excellent, Dani,” Mistress Lola murmured. Do you feel my body getting hotter?” Dani switched his mouth to her right nipple, his hand to the left one. “So very sexy, Dani,” Mistress commended. “Such a good male lesbian toy.”

Dani let his hands stray down to Mistress’s pussy, feeling it hot and wet. He alternately sucked her nipples as he plunged his fingers into her sex. He raised one hand to his face and smelled the aroma of her juices. Aroused by the smell, he mewled, “I must have more.”

“Yes,” Mistress Lola agreed. “You need the sweet nectar of your Mistress!”

Dani kissed his way down her tummy to her thighs, and kissed the inside of them, getting closer and closer to the nirvana of his Mistress’s sex. Finally, he placed his mouth directly over her pussy lips, sucking at them, tasting the juices.

“Good male lesbian,” Mistress Lola says. “Feel my juices in your mouth. They feel so good, so sexy, so right. You know you would never get this experience as a man. This is how you were meant to have sex--as a male lesbian. This is right. This is good. This is you.”

The taste is sweet, yet salty, thick and warm, Dani realized. Now he let his tongue find Mistress Lola’s clit. He must give her the pleasure, the extreme thrill of an orgasm. He flicked his tongue back and forth over her clit,  feeling it grow larger and stiffer. He felt the Mistress’s body tense as she moved toward her climax. "Play with my nipples," he pleaded, "let me feel the sensations of a woman!"

Mistress Lola tweaked Dani’s nipples, teasing, playing. Her thighs clenched against his head, holding it tight against her pussy, as she felt the first wave of orgasm pass though her. Dani was even more aroused now, more eager to bring her pleasure. He worked harder on her clit, knowing he can bring her to climax again.

“Stop, Dani!”

Dani was startled out of his ardent activity. “Yes, Mistress...have I displeased you?”

“Not at all,” Mistress Lola answered. “And one day, you will have the pleasure of making me orgasm again. But until you have earned that, you will simply learn to associate this wonderful feeling, this amazing sensation, this powerful memory with that phrase ‘male lesbian.’

“And any time you use that phrase ‘male lesbian’ or hear or see that phrase ‘male lesbian,’” she continued, “these sensations will return to your mind and remind you of what you are--a male lesbian. My male lesbian slave. What are you?”

“I am Dani, your male lesbian slave,” he replied.

“Good girl, Dani,” she commended him, “my male lesbian slave. And anytime I call you a ‘good girl,’ you will feel an instantaneous thrill of arousal, pleased to have pleased your Mistress!

“And now. when I count to three, you're going to wake up and be able to think and act clearly, remembering everything I've taught you.
In 1

Dani awoke from his trance, staring with enamored attention at his Mistress. “I'm awake, Mistress,” he said.

“Good girl,” she said, smiling. “How do you feel?”

Dani felt a frisson of sexual arousal through his body. He smiled and answered, “Aroused, sexy, still very feminine….”

“Well, you are my male lesbian,” Mistress Lola chuckled. “The thing about a male lesbian is that silly thing you call a penis is only really for show, isn't it Dani?”

Hearing again the fateful words, ‘male lesbian,’ Dani again found himself longing, yearning to bring pleasure to his Mistress, and aroused by the very thought. “Yes, Mistress...but it gets hard when I know what I really am, even so,” he explained.

“Of course, dear, that silly thing is a toy, my toy, to amuse myself with. But when I tell you to make love to me or any woman I expect you to remember what you are--my male lesbian slave,” she reminded him.

“Yes, Mistress...I am a male lesbian slave,” Dani admitted. “I want to use my mouth and my fingers to please you!”

“Good girl,” she complimented him again, and another passionate wave went through him. “My good little toy. But now I think it is time for you to leave.”

Dani sighed, “Really, Mistress, may I not stay and be your live-in male lesbian lover?” Just saying those words caused his cock to twitch in delight.

“No, darling, but rest assured I will call you soon,” Mistress Lola replied. “But I have some instructions for you. Be a good girl and find some suitable clothing to wear when we go to the hottest spot for lesbians in town—Club Lesbos. You will be my beautiful submissive male lesbian date very soon.” She escorted him to the door and, reaching under his skirt to caress her ‘toy,’ kissed him passionately.

Dani nearly fainted as he stepped out of the door and heard it close behind him. His new life was just beginning.